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Campaign – Qadira Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Overview of the Qadira Faction

The Qadira faction within the Pathfinder Society represented Qadiran satrapy of the Keleshite Empire, particularly its trade interests in the Inner Sea region.

  • Leader: Pasha Muhlia al’Jakri
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: No Life without Trade

Ranks of the Qadira Faction


  • Expert Entrepreneur (Fame +5)
  • Master of Trade (Fame +10)
  • Pasha (Fame +20)
  • Trade Prince (Fame +10)
  • Validated Appraiser (Fame +1)

Background of the Qadira Faction

The westernmost satrap of the Padishah of Kelesh, Qadira is a kingdom with the power of the sprawling Casmaron empire at its back. Qadira is Kelesh’s doorway to Avistan, and is perhaps the single most valuable piece of real estate on Golarion. Rivers of spice and gold flow through its capital of Katheer, and Xerbystes II, the Satrap of Qadira, boasts correctly that his kingdom holds the wealth of any other three on the Inner Sea.

Qadira has long been a power to be reckoned with. Taldor has felt the bite of their scimitars and nearly lost their entire empire in the struggle. Osirion bowed before them for over three thousand years. The war drums of Katheer have been silent for an age, but they never stopped waging their wars. Gold is their weapon now, spices are their shield, and their incredible trading power is their armour.

Qadirans value wealth above all else and they seek to make their fortunes abroad. The wealth of Absalom, and more importantly the trading opportunities proffered by control of the great city, has long drawn the gaze of the satrap’s most powerful merchant princes. Many Qadirans are ready to leave their deserts behind for the promise of lustrous Absalom gold.

Faction Goal – No Life without Trade

The world is small and gets smaller everyday. The key to power is trade. Qadira couldn’t care less who sits on the Grand Council of Absalom, so long as the Qadiran trade fleet dominates the harbour. Qadira plans to rule the Inner Sea’s trade and then bleed their enemies’ coffers dry. Collecting debts and supplying the demands of other nations’ peoples is how Qadira plans to rule. If their kingdoms slave to send gold east, the satrapy remains contented.

Methodology – All that Glitters is Power

The Qadiran faction seeks trade and economic advantage above all else. They seek to break their enemies’ monopolies and enforce their own. They offer wares and goods no one else can supply and destroy competition with a ruthlessness that put the devil-bowing Chelish to shame. Qadiran missions involve a greater plan, usually embarrassing or defaming an economic rival, or ruining the business of another nation’s trade companies follow.

Spending Organisation Renown


  • 2+ pts – Gain the Feat: You gain the new feat. (cost below)
    • (2) Godless Healing (lo-wg56)


  • 1+ pts – New Item: You gain a new item (cost below).
    • (1) Jellyfish Lamp (lowg68)
    • (1) Pesh (Refined) (lowg52)
    • (1) Swim Fins (lowg69)


  • 4+ Language Training:
    • (4) Common Languages: Common, Halfling
    • (8) Uncommon Languages: Kelish and Vudrani
  • 20 pts – Absalom Runegate: Access to the Pathfinder Lodge Runes in Absalom via your wayfinder.


  • 2+ pts – Bard Multiclass Training (core 222)
  • 2+ pts – Rogue Multiclass Training (core 229)
  • 2+ pts – Sorcerer Multiclass Training (core 230)
  • 2+ pts – Wizard Multiclass Training (core 231)


  • 5 pts – Validated Appraiser: You can work as an appraiser for the faction (Only members of the faction can take this role), using downtime to validate the prices of items for the society.
  • 10 pts – Expert Entrepreneur: When using downtime to buy or sell items, you have advantage on social rolls.
  • 20 pts – Master of Trade: Once per game week, you can purchase one item at 10% the cost price without needing to make a check.
  • 20 pts – Trade Prince: You are well aware of the cost of items and services, and when making a check you double your expertise bonus to your proficiency.
  • 40 pts – Pasha: You have gain a military title in Qadira, and earned the title of Pasha. When dealing with Keleshite or natives of Qadira you have advantage on social checks.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Qadira Faction

There are countless ways to earn a fortune, and the Qadira faction rewards Pathfinders for any number of them. Common methods of moving up within the organisation include negotiating trade agreements, spying on competitors, using travel as an opportunity to scout out new markets or resources, or even smuggling goods in or out of unfriendly ports as part of faction members’ everyday adventuring for the Pathfinder Society. Not all of Qadira’s dealings are legal or necessarily honourable, however, and more than one agent with a strong moral compass has found himself at odds with the faction when asked to support the trading of slaves or subvert local or regional authorities.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Qadira Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Qadira Faction

Losing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Qadira Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Qadira Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – 1 renown – using half-price purchase for gear to then sell or give to another character. (per item bought)
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Most Honored Pathfinder,

As an agent of the Decemvirate, your travels will take you throughout the world, and you will have access to wonders and treasures beyond your imagination. The potential for profit along the way is even more unbelievable. As you go about your duties, I—on behalf of the satrap of Qadira and the Padishah Empire of Kelesh—may ask some favors of you to increase our and your mercantile dominance within the Inner Sea. Do these tasks, and I will see that you earn a sizable bounty for your efforts. Together we can fill our coffers with enough wealth to ensure our dominance in all things.

For profit,
Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam

Characters also gain half-price on goods they wish to purchase for themselves and not for the rest of their party.

#2 – The City of Strangers

Faithful Servant of the Satrap,

Once more the Society sends you away from us—but once more the Society sends you somewhere where we can expand our business opportunities. This man Collgardie is known to use – his business in Kaer Maga is strong, but we also know he deals in much more than simply cloth. Take an inventory of his business while you’re there – you’ll likely need to invent a pretense under which you’re doing so. I’m curious what beyond cloth you’ll find.

The stories that I’ve heard of the place called Downmarket is Kaer maga lead me to conclude that the city needs a stronger Qadiran influence. Use gold and your sparkling personality to make three new contacts in the Downmarket for me. Bring me their names and terms, and I’ll start corresponding with them immediately on your return.

I’m looking into several other matters and will send along another message after you’re underway. It should arrive after you do.

Pasha Muhlia Al-Jakri

#3 – The City of Strangers

Servant of the Satrap,

It is my sincerest hope that this letter reaches you in Kaer Maga – otherwise I shall be disappointed with the expensive messenger I sent to deliver it. I’ve learned a great deal about Kaer maga in just the last few days. It seems that these rumours your Decemvirate keep quashing are actually true – there’s a rogue wing of the Society, tired of the Pathfinders controlling such power and doing nothing with it, and its the Shadow Lodge. I only known they are responsible because my contact in Oppara assures me that Taldor is selling weapons to them in order to arm their new lodges. Find me proof of this – it could prove very embarrassing for the elderly empire.

Additionally, you may encounter a Pathfinder named Guarin while you’re in Kaer Maga. While I would never suggest assassination as a method of acquiring something, I need you to get a map he’s purported to possess. It’s supposed to contain the locations of dozens of hidden treasure vaults throughout Varisia, all placed there by Chelliax. The problem is, these vaults contain valuables that belong to the Satrap. Find Guarin’s map and either copy it or take it outright – I care not. Just bring it to me.

Pasha Muhlia Al-Jakri

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