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PF2 Adv 4708 P2 Welcome to Riddleport

Pathfinder 2 – Adventures

Welcome to Riddleport

Thassilonian Resurgence
4708 P2 (Level 2)


I am using Second Darkness Book 1 – Shadow in the Sky for this storyline, taking from Part 1 – Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold, Part 2 – One the Job and the side quest St. Caspieren’s Salvation.

Part 1 – Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold – Characters new to riddleport join in on the special event at the Gold Goblin.

Part 2 – On the Job – After foiling the robbery they gain employment in the gold goblin.

Side Quest – St. Caspieren’s Salvation – A mission in Riddleport dedicated to feeding the poor, has a hidden agenda.

How did I modify it to my TRAP campaign?

This was modified greatly for the campaign, starting with the group being sent to the Gold Goblin as part of their cover as Pathfinders and to use the gaming establishment as their base of operations in the city. This time they arrive with a contingent of hellknights that helped provide a cover for their entrance into the city.

Their main task was to investigate the Blot in the Sky above Riddleport and report back to the Pathfinder Society their findings.

Once they established themselves as members of the Golden Goblin crew, they were tasked with security and a few errands on behalf of the owner Saul Vancaskerkin, one of the Sczanri Faction members of the Pathfinder Society providing an oversight of their activities due to their poor performance in the past.

A storyline was introduced about a gnome known as “Arm Breaker” who does not give her real name, and her father known as “The Bleached One” who might be the oldest Gnome in history. A trial of champions was formed and fought in the pits of the Golden Goblin with each of the contestants using a descriptor instead of their name with the victor gaining a quest from the loosing party as their reward.

How my players fared

The group did well and managed to create the side storyline of Challenge of Champions with some personal quests of their own to be undertaken. There were broken bones, family interactions and a lot of the experience of Riddleport, a horror based pirate town thrown in for them to interact with. At the end of this adventure I had them return to Magnimar for completion of the first game year and gaining a level.

Total time to complete

  • Group A (Wednesday) – 13 sessions

Concluding Thoughts

Introducing some high level characters for interaction at low level was good for the story with their actual identities left vague on purpose so I can introduce them into the story formally at a later time.

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