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Campaign – Sczarni Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Overview of the Sczarni Faction

The Sczarni faction within the Pathfinder Society represented Sczarni crimelord Guaril Karela and the rest of the Varisian crime organization.

  • Leader: Guari Karela
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: Personal Gain

Ranks of the Sczarni Faction

Ranks: Firebrand (lo-cg-74, Fame +10), Lastwall Sentry (lo-wg-47, Fame +10), Pathfinder Agent (lo-wg-24, Fame +10), Runescarred (lo-wg-120, Fame +10), Scrollmaster (lo-cg-113, Fame +10)

Background of the Sczarni Faction

A loose affiliation of Varisian swindlers, thieves, and smugglers, the Sczarni don’t have much in common with the average Pathfinder. But to many, there’s little distinction between someone who robs the grave of an ancestor and someone who cons one out of her night’s dinner. Thus, when Sczarni and Pathfinders come to town, both are often lumped into the same category by suspicious natives and watchful legal authorities —troublesome people to watch out for. Though not officially allied, many Pathfinders work with local Sczarni throughout the region to aid one another in surviving, hopefully gaining a leg up in their own endeavours in the process.

Faction Goal – Personal Gain

Sczarni-affiliated Pathfinders seek wealth and information for their own gain when taking missions from the Society.

Spending Scarni Organisation Renown

Associated Regions with the Eye of Dread (lo-wg-37), Saga Lands (lo-wg-109) and the Organisations Esotoric Order of the Palatine Eye (lo-wg-46), Firebrands (lo-cg-75), Magaambya (lo-wg-90), Sczarni (lo-wg) and Whispering Way ()


You gain a new item (cost below, Uncommon level x2, Rare level x4).

  • New Spell – Access to a new spell. (Base Cost twice spell level, Cantrips 1)
    • (2) Snowball (Spell 1, lo-wg-112)


  • Language training – Choice of Speak or Read/Write reduced depending on faction. It the same again to learn as Expert. It costs twice as much for Master, and three times for Legendary.
    • (1) Common language – Common, Dwarven, Elvish, Goblin, Gnomish, Jotun, Orcish, Varisian
    • (2) Uncommon language – Hallit, Necril, Shoanti, Skald, and Tien
    • (8) Rare language – Thassilonian (Read-Only)
  • 4 pts – Greased Palms: You can use a social check to avoid being persecuted for a crime in a settlement of at least 5,000 people. (Sczarni faction members only)
  • 5 pts – Magnimar Runegate: Access to the Pathfinder Lodge Runes in Magnimar via your Wayfinder.


  • (8) Firebrand Braggart (U Feat 4, lo-cg-75) You gain the Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat and gain the title Firebrand and access to Firebrand options.
    • (3) Snapleaf (Item 3, lo-cg-73),
    • (4) Backup Disguise (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71), Cloak of Repute (Item 4, lo-cg-73), Sow Rumour (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71)
    • (6) Insistent Door Knocker (Item 6, lo-cg-73),
    • (7) Unmemorable Mantle (Item 7, lo-cg-74),
    • (9) Greater Cloak of Repute (Item 9, lo-cg-73), Greater Unmemorable Mantle (Item 9, lo-cg-74),
    • (11) Greater Insistent Door Knocker (Item 11, lo-cg-73),
    • (12) Boaster’s Challenge (Feat 6, lo-cg-75), Daring Act (Feat 6, lo-cg-75)
    • (14) Entourage (R Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 7, lo-cg-72)
    • (16) Bravo’s Determination (Feat 8, lo-cg-76), Great Boaster (Feat 8, lo-cg-76)
    • (17) Major Cloak of Repute (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Insistent Door Knocker (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Unmemorable Mantle (Item 17, lo-cg-74),
    • (20) Daring Flourish (Feat 10, lo-cg-76), Demanding Challenge (Feat 10, lo-cg-76)
    • (24) Daredevil’s Gambit (Feat 12, lo-cg-76),
  • (4) Lastwall Sentry (U Feat 2, lo-wg-47) You gain the Lastwall Sentry Dedication feat and gain the title Lastwall Sentry and access to Lastwall options.
    • (0) Armoured Skirt (Armour Item 0, lo-cg-92), Fauchard (Weapon Item 0, lo-cg-93),
    • (1) Lastwall Soup (U Elixir Item 1, lo-cg-93),
    • (2) Everstand Stance (U Feat 1, Champion, Fighter, Stance, lo-cg-91),
    • (8) Everstand Strike (U Feat 4, Champion, Fighter, lo-cg-91), Eyes of Ozem (Feat 4, lo-wg-48), Light of Revelation (U Feat 4, Champion, lo-cg-91), Necromantic Resistance (Feat 4, lo-wg-48), Rescuer’s Press (R Feat 4, lo-leg-68), Sinister Knight (U Rune 8, lo-cg-92), Sun Blade (U Feat 4, Champion, lo-cg-91),
    • (9) Crimson Brand (U Weapon Item 9, lo-cg-93),
    • (10) Serrating (U Rune 10, lo-cg-93),
    • (12) Grave Sense (Feat 6, lo-wg-48),
    • (14) Glorious Plater (R Armour Item 14, lo-cg-93),
    • (15) Radiant Lance (U Weapon Item 15, lo-cg-93),
    • (16) Impassable Wall Stance (U Feat 8, Champion, Fighter, lo-cg-91), Necromantic Tenacity (Feat 8, lo-wg-48),
    • (20) Lastwall Warden (Feat 10, lo-wg-48),
  • (4) Pathfinder Agent (U Feat 2, lo-wg-24) You gain the pathfinder Archetype and feat Pathfinder Agent Dedication and the Title Pathfinder Agent.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (8) Careful Explorer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Deft Cooperation (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Thorough Reports (Skill, Feat 4, lo-wg p23), Wayfinder Resonance Tinkerer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23)
    • (12) Forced Entry (U Feat 6, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (16) Recognize Threat (U Feat 8, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (20) Everyone Duck! (U Feat 10, lo-cg-112),
    • (24) Educated Assessment (U Feat 12, lo-cg-112),
  • (4) Pathfinder Scroll Expert (Feat 2, rb-cr-220) You gain the pathfinder Archetype for a another class as selected below.
    • Alchemist Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Bard Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Investigator Dedication (rb-apg)
    • Monk Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Rogue Dedication (rb-cr)
  • (12) Pathfinder Scrollmaster (U Feat 6 – lo-cg-113) You gain the pathfinder Archetype and feat Scrollmaster Dedication and the title Scrollmaster.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (16) Lore Seeker (Feat 8, lo-cg-113), Unravel Mysteries (Feat 8, lo-cg-113)
    • (20) Font of Knowledge (Feat 10, lo-cg-113)
  • (4) Runescarred (Feat 2, lo-wg-120) You gain a new feat Runescarred Dedication and gain the title Runescarred.
    • (8) Language – Thassilonian (Speak), Spell Runes (Feat 4, lo-wg-120)
    • (12) Living Rune (Feat 6, lo-wg-120), Warding Rune (Feat 6, lo-wg-120)
    • (16) Greater Spell Rune (Feat 8, lo-wg-120)


  • 10+ pts – Caravan Traveller: You gain Lore for a city visited by the Scarzi. If you are upgrading the lore this way it costs and extra 10 points for each level of expertise it already has.
  • 20 pts – Fence Contact: You can a contact in a specific city that will get you an additional 10% of the resale sale price of an item. This can be used once per week.
  • 40 pts – Front: The sczarni help you set up a business which they use as a front for their activities earning you additional income based on the size of the settlement.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Sczarni Faction

Pathfinders working in tandem with the Sczarni often earn reputations within the insular organisation by delivering or retrieving messages from other operatives in the field, transporting stolen goods while on otherwise standard Pathfinder business, and sometimes stealing from or conning innocents along the way. Few Sczarni admit they belong to the loose affiliation, and even fewer Pathfinders boast of their association with the ill-reputed crooks. While Pathfinder agents who can operate without catching the notice of their friends and allies are a great asset to the Sczarni, conversely, some Sczarni prefer to be seen in the company of acclaimed and well respected adventurers such as ostentatious Pathfinders, hoping the latter group’s more positive reputation will rub off on their own oft-maligned brethren. But sometimes more virtuous Pathfinders are simply sent on Sczarni missions to allow the criminals to keep good company while doing something less than honourable behind the Pathfinders’ backs.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Sczarni Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Sczarni Faction

Losing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Sczarni Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Sczarni Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders (acceptance into the Sczarni Faction)

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Trusted Friend,

While I may not have official ties to the Pathfinder Society, I have many friends in the organisation, and I hope you will be among them. The oft-maligned affiliation of Varisian entrepreneurs to which I belong can be of great assistance to an agent like yourself, who is working to earn a living while travelling the world. If, from time to time, I ask you to do some favours for me, I will ensure that the resources of our world-spanning brotherhood are at your disposal. As long as you’re fine with bending the rules here and there to ensure our mutual benefit, I believe we have a bright future together. Our lines of work overlap more than you may anticipate—expect word from me soon, and let me know how we Sczarni can assist you and the Society.

To reciprocated favours,
Guaril Karela

Characters can receive the physical sign on bonus from any of the other factions.

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