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Campaign – Grand Lodge Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Intro to the Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge faction within the Pathfinder Society represents its ruling Decemvirate and the organization’s larger philosophical and pragmatic goals.

  • Leader: Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Headquarters: Grand Lodge, Absalom
  • Goals: Loyalty to the Decemvirate above all

Ranks of the Grand Lodge Faction


  • Aspis Hunter (Fame +10)
  • Pathfinder Agent (lowg23 and locg112) (Fame +10)
  • Scrollmaster (locg113) (Fame +10)
  • Spellmaster (locg114) (Fame +10)
  • Swordmaster (locg116) (Fame +10)

Background of the Grand Lodge Faction

Regardless of a Pathfinder’s nation of origin, all members of the Society consider the Grand Lodge in Absalom a second home. It is in this vast complex of sprawling towers, libraries, and reliquaries that so many Pathfinders receive their training, and within the Grand Lodge’s walls, the masked leaders of the Society secretly guide the organisation from their chambers at the peak of Skyreach’s central tower. While many Pathfinders find their loyalty to the Society but one of several alliances to outside political or religious factions, most Pathfinders hold the strongest allegiance to the will of the Ten and the Pathfinder Society itself. Those who do not taint their dedication with distractions from other superiors are the pride of the Grand Lodge, and are rewarded for always putting the orders of the Decemvirate before their own personal wants and desires.

Faction Goal – Loyalty to the Decemvirate

Grand Lodge Pathfinders are often curious adventurers who believe the Pathfinder Society’s tenets and Decemvirate’s orders are their best guides to exploring the world, securing powerful magical items, and finding new adventures.

Spending Organisation Renown



  • 2+ pts – New Item: You gain a new item (cost below).
    • (2) Wayfinder (crb617)
    • (4) Obtaining an Archaic Wayfinder (lowg17)
    • (4) Pathfinder’s Coin (locg110)
    • (6) Pathfinder Chronicle (locg110)
    • (8) Fortifying Pebble (locg110)
    • (8) Scroll Case of Simplicity (locg111)
    • (8) Shining Wayfinder (locg111)
    • (10) Vanishing Wayfinder (locg112)
    • (12) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (locg110)
    • (12) Pathfinder’s Pouch (locg111)


  • 2 pts – Bonding a Wayfinder: This makes the wayfinder your key to the pathfinder society. In your hands you have access to any pathfinder lodge and can use it to display your standing within the various societies. You can be bonded to only one wayfinder at a time. You can trade in an existing wayfinder to reduce the cost, and if already bonded they will transfer the bond.
  • 4+ Language Training:
    • (4) Common Languages: Common, Elven
    • (8) Uncommon Languages: Hallit, Kelish
  • 5 pts – Lore of Ages: gain access to a dedicated librarian of the society to do research for you. They research one topic for you.
  • 10 pts – Wealth of Knowledge: Gain a new lore skill. Available only to members of the Grand Lodge.


  • 2+ pts – Bard Multiclass Training (core 222)
  • 2+ pts – Druid Multiclass Training (core 225)
  • 2+ pts – Ranger Multiclass Training (core 228)
  • 2+ pts – Wizard Multiclass Training (core 231)
  • 2+ pts – Pathfinder Agent Training (lowg23 and locg112): You gain a new feat from the Pathfinder Agent and gain the title Pathfinder Agent.
  • 12+ pts – Scrollmaster Training (locg113): You gain a new feat from the Scrollmaster and gain the title Scrollmaster.
  • 12+ pts – Spellmaster Training (locg114): You gain a new feat from the Spellmaster and gain the title Spellmaster.
  • 12+ pts – Swordmaster Training (locg116): You gain a new feat from the Swordmaster and gain the title Swordmaster.


  • 20 pts – Aspis Hunter: You learn the secrets to take down the societies greatest rivals the Aspis Consortium, and have advantage on rolls against them.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Grand Lodge Faction

Pathfinders loyal first and foremost to the Grand Lodge and the Decemvirate find themselves well rewarded for carrying out the will of the Ten no matter where it takes them or what the task. Those Pathfinders who put the wellbeing of the Society above their own and who embody the values of exploration, cooperation, and accountability rise quickly in the ranks of the Grand Lodge. Often, the acquisition of lost knowledge or forgotten treasures directly benefits the discovering Pathfinder; thus, those dedicated to the Decemvirate take their orders as advice on how to maximise their own success.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Grand Lodge Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Grand Lodge Faction

Loosing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Grand Lodge Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Grand Lodge Objective in an accepted quest.
  • -half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Loyal Pathfinder,

I see hundreds of new agents rise from mediocrity to find their names scribed upon the very pages of the Pathfinder Chronicles, and I expect you to be among them. Your dedication to the ideals of our esteemed organization and your obedience of the word of the Decemvirate are laudable. In the course of your long and illustrious career, I may ask certain favors of you above and beyond those of your fellow agents. Do these tasks and you will earn not only my favor and that of my fellow venture-captains, but even the notice of the Ten themselves. You will be well rewarded for your allegiance to the Pathfinder Society above all else.

By the will of the Ten,
Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Characters also gain 5 weeks worth of rations.

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