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Campaign – Silver Crusade Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Overview of the Silver Crusade Faction

The Silver Crusade faction within the Pathfinder Society represents Pathfinders who want to apply the Society’s resources toward making the world a better place.

  • Leader: Ollysta Zadrian
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Headquarters: Temple of the Shining Star, Absalom
  • Goals: Use the Society for Good

Ranks of the Silver Crusade Faction


  • Knight Reclaimant (lo-cg95) (Fame +10)
  • Knight Vigilant (lo-cg94) (Fame +10)
  • Lastwall Sentry (lo-wg47) (Fame +5)
  • Silver Crusader (Fame +20)

Background of the Silver Crusade Faction

When the existence of so many factions within the Pathfinder Society began to become apparent, many were dismayed, especially those who took umbrage at the Society’s resources being used for ethically questionable purposes or personal gain. Unable to eliminate such elements as the Shadow Lodge from the ranks of the organisation, an influential group of Pathfinder clerics, paladins, and servants of good-aligned deities banded together to form their own faction—the Silver Crusade—as an answer to these undesirable offshoots of the Society.

Faction Goal – Use the Society for Good

While a crusade in name only, the Silver Crusade models itself after the staunchly good silver dragon, making a valiant effort to use the Society’s influence, reach, and resources to do good throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond. Crusaders strive to push the Society toward destroying the forces of evil and defending the weak, in part by identifying and removing elements of greed and abusive power from the Society itself.

Spending Organisation Renown


  • 2+ pts – Gain the Feat: You gain the new feat. (cost below)
    • (2+) Lastwall Knight Feats (locg90)


  • 1+ pts – New Item: You gain a new item (cost below).
    • (1) Armoured Skirt (locg91)
    • (1) Fauchard (locg92)
    • (2) Lastwall Soup (locg92)
    • (16) Sinister Knight Rune (locg92)
    • (18) Crimson Brand (locg92)
    • (20) Serating Rune (locg93)
    • (30) Radiant Lance (locg92)
    • (56) Glorious Plate (locg93)


  • 4+ Language Training:
    • (4) Common Languages: Common, Goblin, Orcish
    • (8) Uncommon Languages: Gnoll, Mwangi
  • 5 pts – Beacon of Good: You are given a Shining Wayfinder emblazoned with a silver dragon. (Only for members of the faction)
  • 10 pts – The Cost of Beneficence: The Silver Crusade half the cost for magical healing items you give away.


  • 2+ pts – Champion Multiclass Training (core 223)
  • 2+ pts – Cleric Multiclass Training (core 224)
  • 2+ pts – Fighter Multiclass Training (core 226)
  • 2+ pts – Ranger Multiclass Training (core 228)
  • 4+ pts – Lastwall Sentry Training (lowg47): You gain a new feat from the Lastwall Sentry and gain the title Lastwall Sentry.
  • 12+ pts – Knight Reclaimant Training (locg95): You gain a new feat from the Knight Reclaimant and gain the title Knight Reclaimant.
  • 12+ pts – Knight Vigilant Training (locg94): You gain a new feat from the Knight Vigilant and gain the title Knight Vigilant.


  • 40 pts – Silver Crusader: You are known as a silver crusader gaining advantage on social checks against clerics and champions.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Silver Crusade Faction

Just as there are countless interpretations of what doing good entails, there are an equal number of variations in how the Shining Crusade asks its agents to spread its message throughout Golarion with each mission. Whether delivering much-needed medicine to victims of a rampant plague, ridding an oppressed village of a tyrannical local villain, or aiding an established organisation of like-minded humanitarians like the Cult of the Dawnflower, the Knights of Ozem, or the Mendev Crusaders, agents who take every opportunity during the course of their normal Pathfinder duties to leave the indelible mark of good upon the world are valued, and they tend to move up swiftly among the inner ranks of the Shining Crusade.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Silver Crusade Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Silver Crusade Faction

Loosing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Silver Crusade Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Silver Crusade Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Bastion of Good,

With so many sects of Pathfinders working around the world, it is hard to understand how so few use the resources at their disposal to uplift the downtrodden, heal the sick, and spread the teachings of all who preach goodness and light to the darkest and most depraved corners of Golarion. We at the Silver Crusade work to do just that, however, and your help will be vital in seeing our mission through. For your vigilance, selflessness, and commitment, we promise to reward you as best we can before your ultimate reward in the next life. Until then, use your travels, contacts, and resources to do good always, and our silent war against evil will know true victory.

For love, peace, and goodness,
Ollysta Zadrian

Characters also receive a Silver Holy Symbol of a deity of their choice.

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