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pf1-rotr-pg- Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition – Players Guide

Palin’s Cover Overview

Here the clear waters of the Falcon River turn brown and black as the factories of Palin’s Cove, Korvosa’s industrial center, vent waste material into its current. A relatively recent development, the factories have drawn great animosity and even violence from druids, Gozreh worshipers, and even ordinary smiths and artisans, but none can deny that the quality of the goods turned out by these workhouses provides a huge boost to the Korvosan economy.

  • Nation Varisia
  • Size Large Town
  • Population 1,100
  • Demographics ?
  • Government ?
  • Alignment ?
  • Leader ?

Named for the Keyra Palin, naval heroine of early Korvosa, Palin’s Cove is one of the most important holdings of the city-state’s realm. Originally a military outpost, Palin’s Cove played a vital role in early Chelaxian victories over the Shoanti. Located approximately 80 miles northwest of Korvosa at the mouth of the Falcon River, Palin’s Cover served as a naval garrison until 4485 AR, when it became an official settlement of the city. Over the years, a number of extensive Shoanti sieges were laid on the town, but it never fell, and was rewarded by Korvosa with a strong industrial presence. Modern day Palin’s Cove can be identified for miles around by the cloud of thick black smoke which rises from its many factories. The pollution caused by the industrial epicentre of the town have caused great animosity and even violence from druids, Gozreh worshipers, and even ordinary smiths and craftsmen pushed out of their niche in the market by the overwhelming workhouses. Not only do the catapults, ballistae and trebuchets it produces serve as major exports both for the town and Korvosa, but they remain ever ready for another attack, a remnant of the town’s military origins. Despite these defences, Palin’s Cove has long been plagued by the red dragon Glarataxus, who has periodically tormented the town, dating back to his first attack in 4571 AR.

Campaign Events as Reported to the People

  • 4485 AR
    • Palin’s Cover becomes an official settlement of Korvosa.
  • 4571 AR
    • Red Dragon Glarataxus starts periodic attacks on the settlement.
  • 4708 AR
    • Red clocked servants of the Hell Knights have come to the town in numbers to purchase arms and equipment.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-16 – Update to layout and menu, with additional events.
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