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Campaign – Osirion Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Intro to the Osirion Faction

The Osirion faction within the Pathfinder Society represented the interests of the Ruby Prince in Osirion’s attempts to reclaim past glory through the recovery of ancient artefacts of power.

  • Leader: Amenpheus, the Sapphire Sage
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: Power through Knowledge

Ranks of the Osirion Faction


  • Halcyon Speaker (locg104) (Fame +10)
  • Living Monolith (lowg59) (Fame +5)
  • Magaambyan Attendant (locg101) (Fame +5)
  • Magic Warrior (lowg95) (Fame +5)
  • The Constant (Fame +20)
  • Risen Guard (Fame +10)

Background of the Osirion Faction

Osirion was once the most glorious empire of Golarion. Pharaohs ruled as gods on earth, their monuments towered over even Thassilon’s mightiest, and their armies could churn a kingdom to mud and blot out the sun on wings of death. Now, Osirion ages from millennia of foreign rule under the rulership of the youthful Ruby Prince Khemet III, who hearkens back to the ancient days of Osirion’s glory. One year ago, Khemet opened the vast deserts of Osirion – long closed by the Keleshite overlords who held the nation as a satrapy of Qadira – to foreign exploration. Today the great treasures and arcane formulas of the living gods of ancient Osirion are unearthed for the entire world to see, and the ascendancy of the Land of Pharaohs is at hand. Most Inner Sea nations view Osirion as a relic from a bygone age. In truth, Osirion is a slumbering giant that, when awakened, could wash away all fledgling challengers with the power of its traditions. The Osiriani are wise people who look deep into the past for answers to present troubles. Their sense of history gives them a unique perspective on the ebb and flow of power in the political landscape of the modern Inner Sea. Many folk of Osirion are of old Garundi blood, bronze-skinned, and gifted with the noble bearing of the ancient pharaohs. It would take a special brand of fool to ignore this semblance of power and dismiss the Osirion faction as less of a threat than any of the other factions clamouring for control of Absalom.

Faction Goal – Power through Knowledge

In bygone ages, the pharaohs of Ancient Osirion created wonders beyond reason. They concocted potent arcane plagues to decimate their enemies and erected mighty monuments capable of entrapping the souls of deities. Let the other factions jockey for meagre political fancy or table scraps like favourable economic sanctions. Osirion is interested in rediscovering the powerful artefacts of its heritage and preventing their theft by aggressive powers such as Cheliax. Once these powers are returned to their rightful hands, no one shall dare breach Osirion’s borders again.

Methodology – Hide Your Power, Lest the Enemy Seek to Take It from You

For centuries now, the other powers of the Inner Sea have regarded Osirion as an impotent nation of conquered people. Osirion wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the Ruby Prince ascended the ancestral throne a few decades past, Osirion has been gathering its power and preparing to make a bid for supremacy on the Inner Sea. Most of the Osirion faction’s missions involve quietly undermining the power of their enemies. Osirion agents in Absalom plant the seeds of dissolution with a whisper or a poisonous draught, never with a naked blade, and never with a witness. Just as most of the Great Emerald Sphinx is buried beneath the sands of Osirion’s deserts, so is the nation’s power carefully hidden in secret brotherhoods and spies loyal to the pharaonic throne. When Absalom sits firmly in Osirion’s grasp, then Khemet III shall declare himself Pharaoh in the tradition of his ancestors and Osirion’s Second Golden Age shall follow.

Spending Organisation Renown


  • 4+ pts – Gain the Feat: You gain the new feat. (cost below)
    • (4) Eye of the Arclords (lowg81)


  • 1+ pts – New Item: You gain a new item (cost below).
    • (1) Pesh (Refined) (lowg52)
    • (2) Scrollstaff (locg100)
    • (8) Blessed Tattoo (lowg92)
    • (24) Black Pearl Aeon Stone (lowg63)
    • (80) Sun Orchid Elixir (lowg55)


  • 4+ Language Training:
    • (4) Common Languages: Common, Draconic, Sylvan
    • (8) Uncommon Languages: Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Necril, Osirion, Terran
  • 20 pts – Know the Sands: You have advantage in navigation and survival checks when in the deserts.


  • 2+ pts – Alchemist Multiclass Training (core 220)
  • 2+ pts – Cleric Multiclass Training (core 224)
  • 2+ pts – Monk Multiclass Training (core 227)
  • 2+ pts – Wizard Multiclass Training (core 231)
  • 2+ pts – Magic Warrior (lowg95): You gain a new feat from the Magic Warrior and gain the title Magic Warrior.
  • 4+ pts – Living Monolith Training (lowg59): You gain a new feat from the Living Monolith and gain the title Living Monolith.
  • 4+ pts – Magaambyan Attendant Training (locg101): You gain a new feat from the Magaambyan Attendant and gain the title Magaambyan Attendant.
  • 12+ pts – Halcyon Speaker Training (locg104): You gain a new feat from the Halcyon Speaker and gain the title Halcyon Speaker.


  • 20 pts – Risen Guard: You have advantage against death affects, but you have been killed and brought back by the Ruby Prince.
  • 40 pts – The Constant: You have advantage with social interactions with people from Osirion.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Osirion Faction

The most valuable asset to the Osirion faction is knowledge, and Pathfinders willing and able to procure ancient relics for study, copy secret documents, and decipher long-dead languages find themselves well rewarded for carrying out Amenopheus’s requests. Many of the faction’s goals involve delving into haunted, cursed crypts, and Pathfinders with resistances or dominance over the undead are particularly useful.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Osirion Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Osirion Faction

Loosing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Osirion Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Osirion Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Seeker of Knowledge and Truth,

As representative to the Pathfinder Society of the Ruby Prince of Osirion, it is my distinct honour of asking you to join our time-honoured cause. The work of a Pathfinder is intertwined with the exploration of lost ruins and the uncovering of ancient secrets. While most of these will likely not be Osirian in nature, they nevertheless increase our power. The more we learn from those who came before, and the more of our strength we keep hidden from those who oppose us, the more strongly and swiftly we can strike while their guard is down. Along your travels, I may ask you to procure information or relics for the Ruby Prince. In return, the nation of Osirion will ensure that you never go wanting. I hope you see the benefit of this arrangement to both of us.

In Service to Lore,
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Characters also receive an Ornate Scrollcase with the symbology of Osirion on it.

#2 – The City of Strangers

Loyal Servant of the Ruby Prince,

This letter’s introduction couldn’t be more truthful – you truly are one of the Ruby Prince’s most trusted servants and because of that he asks you to accomplish several very important tasks while you’re away in Kaer Maga.

Attached is a letter from the Ruby Prince to the golem-creating Ardoc family in the City of Strangers. It’s important that only someone with the last name of “Ardoc” receives the letter – it cannot be given to a slave, servant, or employee of the family. An Ardoc must break the seal.

Further, one of the Ruby Prince’s best bodyguards left his service several years ago and is believed to have traveled to Kaer Maga to join the city’s prestigious Duskwardens. His name is Gahiji, and he’s likely the only Garundi working for the Duskwardens. You must use your considerable charm to convince him to return to Sothis – should he do so, the Ruby Prince has agreed to make him one of the Risen Guard, an honor I hope he doesn’t decline.

In Service to Lore,
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

#3 – The City of Strangers

Honored Servant of the Ruby Prince,

I hope this message reaches you in Kaer Maga – I missed you at the dock and have had to send this missive chasing after you. If it does, there’s a coded message included with this one. Find a man in Kaer Maga named Krazel – he’ll know what to do with it.

I am most interested in these troll augurs in Kaer Maga. I’ve never seen them, but I hear they cut themselves open, tear out their own entrails, and read the future from them. Fascinating. Go to the Augur Temple and pay for an audience with one of their sages. Once you’re alone and he’s about to read your future, instead explain to him that you work for a powerful arcanist in Sothis who is most interested in augury and would like to trade letters with an augur. Naturally, I will pay the augur with each letter sent

For our Ancestors,
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

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