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PF2 Adv 4708 P1 Welcome to Kaer Maga

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City of Strangers – Welcome to Kaer Maga

Thassilonian Resurgence
4708 P1 (Level 1)

pf1-pso-s01-51 - City of Strangers Part 1 - The Shadow Gambit
pf1-pso-s01-51 – City of Strangers Part 1 – The Shadow Gambit


The premise of this adventure was the players were to investigate the murder of a friend of the society who they are sent to check on in Kaer Maga as their first assignment out of graduation into the Pathfinder Society

How did I modify it to my TRAP campaign?

This adventure was modified removing the Shadow Lodge as an opponent and making them an asset to the adventure instead of the main opponent.

As part of this storyline, players learn that the Shadow Lodge has set up shop in Kaer Maga as their first lodge outside of the city of Absalom. They are trying to recruit the Goblins to the city as part of rumours of the rising gods of Sin.

How my players fared

The group was caught up in trying to see every event in the city and interact with it while splitting the party and not paying attention to the details. After being absent from the city for the three years of training being a pathfinder requires, the characters from the city did not integrate back into the settlement well, touted their influence as Pathfinders, their connections to various groups of the city and inability to complete side quests.

Things they discovered, the arch that usually puts people to sleep was acting differently and caused the character to use it to become runecursed. The trolls conducting their divinations of the future on church grounds was a breach of protocol and gave the option of a different foretelling. Goblins were infiltrating the depths and working for the Shadow Lodge. The Duskwardens were disbanded due to the actions of the party. The nobility of the city does not have to identify itself in their district, and can accuse people of crimes against them quite successfully. Subtly worked better for party members than the kicking in doors approach. The pathfinder society was banished from the city.

Total time to complete

  • Group B (Friday) – 6 sessions

Concluding Thoughts

Was a learning experience that not everything can be done and solved in a single session. I had set out a storyline to show pacing, events outside the players control as well as a narrative to interact with. Most of that has been put aside for the following year returning to conclude the storyline.

This storyline was considered a party failure by the pathfinder society and they were reprimanded for their actions. This concluded the first six months of gameplay for Group B and they gained a level and advanced time to mid year.

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