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Campaign – Lantern Lodge Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Intro to the Lantern Lodge Faction

The Lantern Lodge faction within the Pathfinder Society represented the interests of Venture-Captain Amara Li and the Dragon Empires of Tian Xia.

  • Leader: Amara Li
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: Spread the Wisdom of Tian Xia in the Inner Sea

Ranks of the Lantern Lodge Faction


  • Diplomat of Tian (Fame +20)
  • Honorific of Tian (Fame +5)
  • Master of Tian (Fame +20)
  • Student of Perfection (lowg83) (Fame +5)

Background of the Lantern Lodge Faction

While the Pathfinder Society makes its home in the Grand Lodge of Absalom, its membership comes from and travels to all corners of the known world. Outside the Inner Sea region, one of the highest concentrations of Pathfinders is on the continent of Tian Xia, and specifically in the metropolitan city of Goka. Most Tian Pathfinders operate independently of their brethren in Absalom, but occasionally agents cross the Crown of the World, make the treacherous naval voyage south around Casmaron, or simply teleport between the two hubs of activity.

Faction Goal – Spread the Wisdom of Tian Xia in the Inner Sea

The Lantern Lodge represents Tian interests in the Inner Sea region, ensuring that Pathfinder Society agents far to the east of the Decemvirate’s direct view are considered in organization-wide affairs. It also seeks to expand the Dragon Empires’ cultural reach and acquire, trade, or return artefacts.

Spending Organisation Renown


  • 5 pts – Familiar Weapons: You gain proficiency in Kama, Nunchaku, Sai, Shuriken, Siangham, and Spiked Chain.



  • 2 pts – Home Runegate: Access to your background teleport runes via your own Wayfinder
  • 4+ Language Training:
    • (4) Common Languages: Common, Elven
    • (8) Uncommon Languages: Tien


  • 2+ pts – Bard Multiclass Training (core 222)
  • 2+ pts – Cleric Multiclass Training (core 224)
  • 2+ pts – Druid Multiclass Training (core 225)
  • 2+ pts – Monk Multiclass Training (core 227)
  • 4+ pts – Student of Perfection Training (lowg83): You gain a new feat from the Student of Perfection and gain the title Student of Perfection.


  • 10 pts – Honorific of Tian: You gain the titles of Brother or Sister and you can double your expertise bonus when dealing with people of Tien.
  • 40 pts – Diplomat of Tian: You gain advantage on all social checks made with members of the Tian nations.
  • 40 pts – Master of Tian: You gain advantage of initiative checks.
  • 40 pts – Tales of the East: You have studied the tales of Tian and have advantage on Lore checks relating to Tian, its history, culture and nobility.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Lantern Lodge Faction

While Lantern Lodge Pathfinders participate in normal missions throughout the Inner Sea region—seemingly without ties to Tian Xia at all—Venture-Captain Li frequently finds tasks for them to carry out while engaging in other activities. These include diplomatic missions to allies of her cause throughout the Inner Sea region, retrieval of long-lost Tian artifacts she hopes to see return to Goka for study or display, or the elimination of enemies who hamper the Lantern Lodge’s efforts in one way or another. Lantern Lodge Pathfinders are Pathfinders first and foremost, but Amara Li rewards them significantly for dedication to her and her lodge while they carry out the will of the Ten.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Lantern Lodge Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Lantern Lodge Faction

Loosing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Lantern Lodge Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Lantern Lodge Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Most Esteemed Pathfinder,

Though I know that not all Pathfinders may share my homeland or even plan to travel beyond the Wall of Heaven Mountains to the continent beyond, I recognize a kindred spirit when I see one. While you work within our organization as explorer and chronicler, please consider the concerns of those of us who belong to the Lantern Lodge. Ensure our interests are represented in the Inner Sea, and strengthen the tie between Pathfinders on both sides of the world. For these efforts you will be rewarded as much as I and others within the Lodge can afford. Most of all, you will earn our respect and increase your honor—such rewards can not be measured in any amount of wealth.

For the east and all it holds,
Venture-Captain Amara Li

Characters also receive a silk Kimono with the Lantern Lodge symbols on it.

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