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Taldor Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Overview of the Taldor Faction

The Taldor faction within the Pathfinder Society represented the interests of Taldor as it struggled to solidify its standing in the Inner Sea region.

  • Leader: Baron Jacquo Dalsine
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: Get Back in the Game

Ranks of the Taldor Faction

Ranks: Aldori Duelist (lo-wg-35, Fame +10), Firebrand (lo-cg-74, Fame +10), Lion Blade (lo-wg-131, Fame +10), Pathfinder Agent (lo-wg-24, Fame +10), Red Mantis Assassin (lo-wg-72, Fame +10), Swordmaster (lo-cg-116, Fame +10),

  • Noble Title (Fame +10)
  • Ulfen Guard (Fame +10)

Background of the Taldor Faction

Old Taldor once ruled the entire northern coast of the Inner Sea, from gold gilded Oppara to the wild frontier of Varisia. Now it’s reduced to a quarter of its former glory. As Old Taldor’s gaze turned ever inward, its vassals and conquered colonies slowly slipped away without a fight. Andoran and Cheliax broke off hundreds of years ago, and few in Taldor had either the desire or the motivation to go to war to stop it. Why bother dealing with petty trifles in the countryside when your own political destruction is taking place in the limelight of Taldan high society?

It’s easy to forget Taldor’s former glory and dismiss the entire country as a band of narcissistic fools who spend more time preening their wigs than they do defending their borders or quelling the unrest roiling within their great cities. Little do most know that while the majority of Taldor’s upper crust are more concerned with this season’s fashions than the wellbeing of their collapsing empire, a few of the world’s most dangerous operatives are honed in the constant battleground of Oppara’s feuds. Old enmities between ancient houses have engulfed the Gilded City in shadowy violence and assassinations for hundreds of years, and more than a fair share of skilled adventurers have come up surviving the feuds, either as hired muscle or scions of noble houses mixed up in these simmering cauldrons of bloodshed.

Taldans are decadent bon vivants, favouring rich foods, ornate attire, and jewelled accoutrements for even the most minor of casual affairs. To a Taldan, appearance is an expression of power, and a keen sense of fashion represents a keen mind. Their appreciation for the arts extends beyond fashion and painting, dabbling in sorcery, duelling, and the murky strategies of politics and war. A Taldan mind, when raised to ire, is a dangerous thing, and the rest of the Inner Sea is about to receive a painful reminder of this timeless fact.

Faction Goal – Get Back in the Game

Petty differences and ancient feuds have slowly ground Taldor down from a great polished stone to a whittled nub. The key to restoring the empire’s sense of purpose lies in finding an enemy to galvanise Taldor’s splintered factions, an endeavour worthy of rediscovering the nation’s august past glory. Seizing the political reins of Absalom is the perfect medicine for the wasting disease deep in Taldor’s bones.

Methodology – Wolf and Tiger

Taldor’s strategy for seizing control of Absalom lies in turning its enemies against one another. Misdirection and psychological warfare are the orders of the day. Taldan missions involve sparking old enmities between Qadira and Osirion, driving Cheliax and Andoran to rekindle their old war. “Sick the wolf on the tiger and the hunter’s work is done” is an old Taldan saying, and the mantra by which Taldor’s agents create havoc around the Inner Sea.

Spending Taldor Organisation Renown

Associated Regions with the Broken Lands (lo-wg-25), High Seas (lo-wg-61), Shining Kingdoms (lo-wg-121) and the Organisations Aldori Duellist (lo-wg-36), Eagle Knights (lo-wg-123), Firebrands (lo-cg-75), Free Captains (lo-wg-68), Lion Blades (lo-wg-130), Prophecies of Kalistrade (lo-wg-124), Razmir (lo-wg-25), and Red Mantis (rb-cr-21)

You gain a new item (cost below, Uncommon level x2, Rare level x4).

  • (0) Jellyfish Lamp (Item 0, lo-wg-68), Swim Fins (Item 0, lo-wg-69)
  • (6) Golden Legion Epaulet (U Worn Item 3, lo-wg-124),
  • (24) Aeon Stone – Black Pearl (U Item 12, lo-wg-64)
  • (60) Final Blade (R Artefact Item 20, lo-wg-127)


  • Language training – Choice of Speak or Read/Write reduced depending on faction. It the same again to learn as Expert. It costs twice as much for Master, and three times for Legendary.
    • (1) Common language – Common, Draconic, Elven
    • (2) Uncommon language – Abyssal, Hallit, Infernal, Mwangi, Skald and Varisian
    • (8) Rare language – Azlanti (Read-Only)
  • 10 pts – Riddleport Runegate: Access to the Runes in Riddleport via your Wayfinder.
  • 20 pts – Height of Fashion: You are always ready to impress, gaining advantage on Social rolls with your race.


  • (4) Aldori Duellist (U Feat 2, lo-wg-36) You gain the Aldori Duelist Dedication feat and gain the title Aldori Duelist.
    • (1) Aldori Dueling Sword (U Item 1, lo-wg-29)
    • (8) Aldori Parry (Feat 4, lo-wg-36), Duelist’s Edge (Feat 4, lo-wg-36)
    • (12) Aldori Riposte (Feat 6, lo-wg-36), Unnerving Prowess (Feat 6, lo-wg-36)
    • (20) Saving Slash (Feat 10, lo-wg-36)
  • (8) Firebrand Braggart (U Feat 4, lo-cg-75) You gain the Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat and gain the title Firebrand and access to Firebrand options.
    • (3) Snapleaf (Item 3, lo-cg-73),
    • (4) Backup Disguise (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71), Cloak of Repute (Item 4, lo-cg-73), Sow Rumour (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71)
    • (6) Insistent Door Knocker (Item 6, lo-cg-73),
    • (7) Unmemorable Mantle (Item 7, lo-cg-74),
    • (9) Greater Cloak of Repute (Item 9, lo-cg-73), Greater Unmemorable Mantle (Item 9, lo-cg-74),
    • (11) Greater Insistent Door Knocker (Item 11, lo-cg-73),
    • (12) Boaster’s Challenge (Feat 6, lo-cg-75), Daring Act (Feat 6, lo-cg-75)
    • (14) Entourage (R Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 7, lo-cg-72)
    • (16) Bravo’s Determination (Feat 8, lo-cg-76), Great Boaster (Feat 8, lo-cg-76)
    • (17) Major Cloak of Repute (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Insistent Door Knocker (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Unmemorable Mantle (Item 17, lo-cg-74),
    • (20) Daring Flourish (Feat 10, lo-cg-76), Demanding Challenge (Feat 10, lo-cg-76)
    • (24) Daredevil’s Gambit (Feat 12, lo-cg-76),
  • (2) Lion Blade (U Feat 2, lo-wg-132) You gain the Lion Blade Dedication feat and gain the title Lion Blade.
    • (8) Lost in the Crowd (Feat 4, lo-wg-132)
    • (12) Crowd Mastery (Feat 6, lo-wg-132), Expeditious Advance (Feat 6, lo-wg-132)
    • (20) Spy’s Countermeasures (Feat 10, lo-wg-132),
    • (24) Flicker (Feat 12, lo-wg-132)
  • (4) Pathfinder Agent (U Feat 2, lo-wg-24) You gain the pathfinder Archetype and feat Pathfinder Agent Dedication and the Title Pathfinder Agent.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (8) Careful Explorer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Deft Cooperation (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Thorough Reports (Skill, Feat 4, lo-wg p23), Wayfinder Resonance Tinkerer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23)
    • (12) Forced Entry (U Feat 6, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (16) Recognize Threat (U Feat 8, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (20) Everyone Duck! (U Feat 10, lo-cg-112),
    • (24) Educated Assessment (U Feat 12, lo-cg-112),
  • (4) Pathfinder Sword Expert (Feat 2, rb-cr-220) You gain the pathfinder Archetype for a another class as selected below.
    • Barbarian Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Champion Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Fighter Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Ranger Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Swashbuckler Dedication (rb-apg)
  • (12) Pathfinder Swordmaster (U Feat 6, lo-cg-115) You gain the Feat Swordmaster Dedication and gain the title Swordmaster.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (20) Harrying Strike (Feat 10, lo-cg-115)
    • (24) Shoulder Catastrophe (Feat 12, lo-cg-115)
    • (28) Death’s Door (Feat 14, lo-cg-115)
  • (4) Red Mantis Assassin (U Feat 2, lo-wg-72) You gain the Red Mantis Assassin Dedication feat and gain the title Red Mantis Assassin.
    • (8) Basic Red Mantis Magic (Feat 4, lo-wg-72),
    • (12) Advanced Red Mantis Magic (Feat 6, lo-wg-72), Crimson Shroud (Feat 6, lo-wg-72)
    • (16) Achaekek’s Grip (R Feat 8, lo-leg-58), Mantis Form (Feat 8, lo-wg-71)
    • (20) Fading (R Feat 10, lo-leg-58)
    • (24) Vernai Training (R Feat 12, lo-leg-58)
    • (28) Prayer Attack (Feat 14, lo-leg-58)


  • 20 pts – Noble Title: You gain a noble title of Taldor, its legitimate but holds nothing more. You have advantage over society checks with those who have less fame than yourself.
  • 20 pts – Ulfen Guard: You become a member of the Ulfen Guard, gaining the title “huscarl” if ulfen or “leidang” if not and have advantage on social checks in Taldor or with taldor citizens.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Taldor Faction

While her predecessor often sent Pathfinders on missions to recover opulent art to decorate his many palaces and manors, Lady Gloriana knows that Taldor must reclaim its position as the bastion of humanity through constant vigilance. Pathfinders in her employ should be skilled at the arts of deception, misdirection, and stealth, while also knowing how to navigate Absalom’s complex aristocratic landscape. Those with the ability to speak honeyed words to a rival noble while simultaneously pilfering damning documents from his satchel will go far.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Taldor Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Taldor Faction

Loosing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Taldor Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Taldor Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Noble Pathfinder,

You know of Taldor’s glory and the influence we have had on the history of the world. You are also likely aware of the losses we’ve suffered in the scope of our Empire. No longer can we be satisfied with past— and long abandoned—laurels while we allow even more of our destined greatness to slip away. Through your efforts, Taldor can once again reach its former glory and reclaim the Empire that civilized the Inner Sea after the Age of Darkness! Your assistance will be greatly rewarded, both monetarily and socially. I can get you into the greatest soirees from Absalom to Yanmass and even have the ear of the Grand Prince on important matters of state. Together we can ensure Taldor is not merely a name read in history books but a force to be reckoned with in the ages to come.

To reclaimed destiny,
Lady Gloriana Morilla

Characters receive a set of blank Journals with the Taldor symbol on them.

#2 – The City of Strangers

Glorious and Loyal Scion of the Emperor!

Have I got a mission for you! When I first heard that you were being sent to distant Kaer Maga by the Society, I must admit I didn’t believe it. After recovering from my initial shock, I spent hours thinking of how best to use you there, and then the answer came to me—I need you to take a beating. Not just any beating, though! I need the man called Dakar, the leader of that cleverly secretive Commerce League, to be so offended by your presence that he orders his men to stomp some sense into you. As they beat you, you must say, “I do this for Taldor!” Hopefully he gets the message, even if you don’t.

Moreover, I’ve long had a spy in that city named Krazel. That temptress Zarta Dralneen thinks the young boy is loyal to her, but he’s in fact my paid informant. His background linking him to a prominent family in Egorian is entirely a fabrication—I want you to deliver the attached letter telling him that he’s doing an excellent job keeping Zarta’s attention there. Trouble is, I only know his name— you’ll need to find him.

I have further instructions to send along, but they’ll leave on a ship after you do. Look for them.

With Sincerest Gratitude,
Baron Jacquo Dalsine

#3 – The City of Strangers

Humbled Servant of Stavian III,

I do hope you enjoyed my last set of missions for you. I know I did.

Speaking of Dakar, I want you to pass him another coded message while you’re there. If you meet with him again—and I have no doubt you’re eager to do so—say the following in front of your companions and Dakar’s bodyguards: “I’ve been told that Qadira is a den of serpents.” Dakar should reply, “You are incorrect. The serpents live in Absalom.” If he says anything else to you, my advice is to run.

I have one final request and I admit that it’s likely going to be a difficult one: I want a live goblin. I know they infest the hills, cliffs, and dungeons around Kaer Maga and I want one for my collection. Whatever it takes, capture one and bring him back to me in Absalom in good condition.

With Sincerest Gratitude,
Baron Jacquo Dalsine

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