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Campaign – Varisia

Thassilonian Resurgence

Only recently settled by colonists from the Chelaxian Empire, the wild frontier of Varisia (pronounced vah-RHIS-ee-ah) is composed of rural communities, independent city-states, cyclopean ruins, and uncharted wilderness.

Rise of the Runelords Players Guide
rotr – Rise of the Runelords – Players Guide


This is the core region of the campaign and will be updated to reflect what is happening in the storyline.

Dotted with the monolithic relics of an empire long since crumbled, Varisia is a rough but majestic land, its misty forests and rolling plains bordered by sharp peaks and bountiful seas. Its people, recently released from colonialism, are hardy frontier folk and newmoney nobles, all eager to carve names for themselves from Varisia’s stern landscape. Yet beyond their village borders, beasts and giants unused to civilization’s encroachment stalk the hills and woods, making short work of both the unwary and the bold.

While much of this rugged land remains unexplored, what little is known tempts the daring and holds the potential for untold adventure. For fortune hunters, Varisia is a land of limitless opportunity, its ancient monuments reminding them just how far the truly driven can rise.

Locations of Varisia

Character know where to find all locations that have a dot, they have heard rumours about all locations that have a diamond.

  • Magnimar, City of Monuments (population 16,428 – Large City) The location of the Varisian Pathfinder Lodge, and centre of the campaign.
  • Korvosa, Little Cheliax (population 18,486 – Large City)
    • Abken (population 298 – Small Town)
    • Baslwief (population 405 – Small Town)
    • Biston (population 286 – Small Town)
    • Harse (population 828 – Small Town)
    • Melfesh (population 955 – Small Town)
    • Palin’s Cove (population 2,150 – Large Town)
    • Sirathu (settlement)
    • Veldraine, The Gateway to Korvosa (settlement)
  • Other Locations:
    • Janderhoff (population 10,230 – Large City)
    • Kaer Maga, The Asylum Stone, City on the Cliff, The Hex, City of Strangers (population 8,000 – Small City) Site of investigation, don’t go here without reason.
    • Urglin, Shattered City, Second Home (population 5,800 – Small City)
Pathfinder Map

Campaign Notes

  • AR 4708
    • Aspirant Pathfinders – Taking on the trials of the Pathfinder Society after three gruelling years of training.
    • Doomsday Dawn (The Lost Star) – Investigation into vault robberies within Magnimar.
    • The City of Strangers (Part One) Investigation into accusations of the Pathfinder Society setting up a lodge in Kaer Maga.
    • Murder’s Mark – Investigation into a murder at Ilsurian.
    • Burnt Offering – Delivery of the Desnian Star and the dedication of the new Sandpoint Cathedral.
    • Shards of Sin – Relics in Magnimar start showing up.
    • Shadow in the Shy – Investigation of a shadow of the sky above Riddleport.

Encounters in Varisia

Yondabakari River
  • 01-17 (CR 1) – Vampire Bat Swarm (1)
  • 18-30 (CR 4) – Bandits/Goblin Warrior (2d6)
  • 31-40 (CR 4) – Giant Bat (1d6)
  • 41-49 (CR 5) – Ball Pythons (1d6)
  • 50-58 (CR 5) – Wasp Swarm (1d6)
  • 59-64 (CR 6) – Hydra (1d4)
  • 65-71 (CR 6) – Shambler (1d4)
  • 72-82 (CR 7) – Boggard Warrior (2d6)
  • 83-89 (CR 8) – Giant Anaconda (1d4)
  • 90-94 (CR 8) – Stone Giant (1)
  • 95-00 (CR 9) – Megalodon (1)

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-05 – Updating the title.
  • 2020-11-08 – Layout cleanup and linking.
  • 2020-07-03 – Added details from the RotR players guide.
TRAP Campaign

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Characters: Feats (Location, Social (RotR), Social (JR))

Main Settlements: Absalom, Korvosa, Magnimar, Riddleport

Other Settlements: Abken, Baslwief, Biston, Galduria, Harse, Ilsurian, Janderhoff, Kaer Maga, Melfesh, Nybor, Palin’s Cove, Ravenmoor, Roderic’s Cove, Sandpoint, Sirathu, Turtleback Ferry, Urglin, Velderaine, Wartle, Whistledown, Windsong Abbey, Wolf’s Ear

Other Locations: Ashwood, Bloodsworn Vale, Brinewall, Calphiak Mountains, Celwynvian, Chorak’s Tomb, Churlwood, Cinderlands, Crystalrock, Crystilan, Curchain Hills, Ember Lake, Fenwall Mountains, Fogscar Mountains, Gnashers, Gruankus, Guiltspur, Hollow Mountain, Hook Mountain, Iron Peaks, Kodar Mountains, Lady’s Light, Lurkwood, Malgorian Mountains, Mierani Forest, Minderhal’s Anvil, Mindspin Mountains, Mobhad Leigh, Mundatei, Mushfelns, Nolands, Red Mountains, Rift of Niltak, Rimeskull, Sanos Forest, Shimmerglens, Skotha Lake, Skull’s Crossing, Spindlehorn, Spire of Lemriss, Stormunder Lake, Stony Mountains, Storval Deep, Storval Plateau, Storval Stairs, Sunken Queen, Syrantula Lake, Varisian Gulf, Velashu River, Velashu Uplands, Viperwall, Wormwood Hall, Wyvern Mountains, Yondabakari River

Organisations: Hellknights, Pathfinder Society

PFS Factions: Andoran, Cheliax, Grand Lodge, Lantern Lodge, Osirion, Qadira, Sczarni, Shadow Lodge, Silver Crusade, Taldor


Level 1: Aspirant Pathfinders, The Lost Star, Ilsundal Carnival, Pharasma’s Quest, Welcome to Kaer Maga

Level 2: Sandpoint Festival, Shard of Pride, Welcome to Korvosa, Welcome to Riddleport

Level 3: Korvosa Gone Mad, Missing people in Sandpoint, Rescue of Ameiko, Shard of Greed

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