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Thassilonian Resurgence

Town of Ilsurian

In the years immediately following the crumbling of the Chelish Empire, Korvosa was embroiled in turmoil, with various noble houses and government officials squabbling over where the colony’s allegiance would fall. While many loyal to the old empire eventually left Korvosa and relocated to Magnimar, theirs was not the only faction to desert the quarreling city. Ilsur, formerly a First Sword among the Knights of Aroden, advocated shaking off noble rule altogether and restructuring Korvosa as an efficient, military meritocracy. He campaigned for years but conceded failure in AR 4631 with the foundation of the Korvosan royal house. Ilsur led his troops to the coast of Lake Syrantula, where they settled in a small fishing village and dug in to await their chance to return and put the new aristocracy to the sword. Although Ilsur is long dead and his descendants are more woodsmen and fishmongers than soldiers, the village remains fiercely independent—ceding to neither Korvosan nor Magnimarian rule—and all townsfolk are required to maintain a sharp sword and train against the day when they might have to defend their freedom from tyrants.

Ilsurian is a small agricultural and fishing town situated on the northern banks of Lake Syrantula at the mouth of the Skull River. The town is on the Yondabakari Road, 64 miles northeast of Whistledown (and a total of 359 miles east of the city of Magnimar). The Yondabakari Road continues towards the town of Biston, 45 miles to the east.

Nation Varisia
Size Small town
Population 790
Demographics 712 Chelaxians, 47 Varisians, 23 other humans, 3 half-elves, 5 other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral
Leader Council Leader Irriley Braeton (Died 4708-03-05)

Ilsurian Town Locations

  • Braeton Docks (15): the prime docks of Ilsurian. The Braeton Docks are the busiest docks in the town of Ilsurian in Varisia. The docks are positioned next to the warehouses on the north shore of Lake Syrantula and operate from dawn to dusk, and sometimes with night shifts when they have to handle an important shipment. They are owned wholly by Arhaneem Braeton who draws exceptional profits. He has struck agreements with several local businesses. His rivals, especially Borvius Monchello of Ilsurian Storage & Hauling, claim that Braeton’s business has attained unearned privileges and demand the docks be opened up for public use. They also complain that councilor Irriley Braeton schemes with her brother to bend the law in his favor.
  • Braeton Manor (2): the largest estate in town. Braeton Manor is the largest estate in the small town of Ilsurian in Varisia. The mansion is not enormous but for the people of the small fishing town it is like a palace. It is a two-story building, located at the crest of the hill and surrounded by trees. A private road leads to the manor. Its owner, Arhaneem Braeton, is a successful river merchant. He and his wife, Canalee Braeton, live in the mansion along with their son Martim and their daughter Summer. The Braetons frequently invite other traders and merchants to the manor for private dinners and such guests are usually impressed and a little intimidated by the accommodation.
  • The Locked Box (3): moneylender and pawn shop, owned by Archivin Walder (Died 4708-03-04). The Locked Box is the first class moneylender and pawn shop in the small town of Ilsurian in Varisia. The old Archivin Walder is the owner of the shop. He usually works on the books in the shop’s back while his wife, Agnes Walder, deals with the customers. The building boasts a large showroom, filled with cases displaying jewelry, antiques, and ornate weapons. A number of traps protect the building against intruders.
  • Semere Arms (1): a smithy that forges quality weapons. The Semere Arms is a weapon shop that forges quality weapons in the town of Ilsurian. It is owned by Vea Semere, who came in town in 4708 AR and is one of the few half-elves in Ilsurian. She is an expert weaponsmith and enjoys creating every weapon as a unique work of art. She frequently gets orders for masterwork weapons from the wealthiest citizens, and sometimes has the chance to collaborate on magic weapons. The townsfolk consider weaponry a part of their tradition. Armor is not in demand in Ilsurian and is usually imported.
  • Shiver Den (5): a rotting shack for poor people addicted to shiver. The Shiver Den is a rotting shack in the town of Ilsurian that holds people who are heavily addicted to the narcotic shiver. Most of them were fishermen and some of them were river traders from out of town who became addicted and never went back. All that they can do is to try to stay unnoticed and during the night steal docked boats and unlocked houses for minor items to trade for shiver. Filton Legg (Died 4708-03-04) is one of these poor people and he wanders about the town most of the day. He used to be a beloved fisherman and most people take pity on him since they remember him fondly. Shut down 4708-03-06.
  • Statue of Ilsur (9): a large stone statue of Ilsur, standing in the center of the town
  • Temple of Erastil (14): led by Sister Esrelda Woodmere (Died 4708-03-05). The Temple of Erastil in the Varisian town of Ilsurian is a wooden building close to the shore of the Skull River, decorated with wooden sculptures of various beasts that are common to the forests and rivers in the area. The building and the sculptures are weathered and mossy. The trees surrounding the temple shade an open courtyard and the small garden inside. Sister Esrelda Woodmere maintains the temple. She holds services only a few times per year, at the major holidays of Erastil’s faith. The rest of the time Esrelda usually socializes with the people of the town and helps them with their work. Closed 4708-03-05.
  • Town Jail (6): located near the center of the town. The Town Jail of Ilsurian is located near the center of the small Varisian town. The jail is the base of operations of the town guard, overseen by Sheriff Kyra Feldane (Missing since 4708-03-06). Usually only a few people are in the cells of the jail, brought in for disturbing the peace. The jailer Toma Driphus (Missing since 4708-03-06) is a close friend of Sheriff Feldane.
  • Two Waters Tavern (13): the most popular tavern in town. Two Waters Tavern is a popular tavern in the town of Ilsurian in Varisia. Every day, many ships put in at the town just for the chance to stop in at Two Water Tavern. The owner of the tavern, Noria Arephion, keeps a welcoming atmosphere, and serves anyone who can pay. She doesn’t like some racist natives who grumble about Varisians or shiver addicts coming in. The troublemakers get dealt by Noria’s regulars, usually Willik Brandeboyd or Vesperia Corsicare. Some people whisper that they used to all be members of the same river pirate crew before seeing to settle in Ilsurian.
  • The Gilded Hands: the thieves’ guild run by Borvius and Robella Monchello destroyed 4708-03-06.
  • Ilsurian Storage & Hauling: A cartage company that ships and stores goods. Closed 4708-03-06.

Selected locations might change as they were educated guesses.

Ilsurian Town History

Ilsurian was founded in 4631 AR by Ilsur, a former First Sword of the Knights of Aroden, and his followers, all of whom were dissatisfied with the direction Korvosa took following the collapse of the Chelish Empire. The original plan was to await the right time to return to Korvosa and overthrow the new aristocracy, replacing the monarchy with a military meritocracy. That time never came, and the citizens of Ilsurian have contented themselves with their lives as fishermen and woodsmen. That said, they are still required to maintain a sharp sword and train for defending against an invasion, as their sense of independence and freedom has not dwindled in the last century. The town has recently become a stopping place for the Umbra Carnival.

Isurian Town Governments

Ilsurian is ruled by a six-person council democratically elected every two years. The council adjudicates laws and settles disputes in the town. The residents take great pride in their civic duties and almost every citizen participates in the elections. Being a meritocracy, the citizens are instructed to vote based more on the quality and experience of the candidates than their stances on issues. In its meritocratic system, only former council members can nominate new candidates. The council heads, too, are chosen by the rest of the council, and serve for two years. The laws do not allow council heads to be voted in for successive 2-year terms, except in rare emergency situations.

Isurian Town Inhabitants

Most of the inhabitants of the town are Chelaxian in appearance with pale skin, dark hair, and strong features. Most of them harbor a resentment or prejudice against the native Varisians, considering them thieves and vagrants.

The sheriff is a human named Kyra Feldane.

Isuruan Campaign Events as Reported to the People

  • AR 4631
    • Founding of Ilsuarian by Ilsur, a former First Sword of the Knights of Aroden.
  • AR 4708-02-25
    • Arrival of Vea Semere (Elven Half-Human) who opens the Semere Arms, a quality forge that opens to the public a month after she arrives in town.
  • AR 4708-03-04
    • Opening of the Umbral Circus
    • Murder at the Fair, with three hushed up murders in the moneylenders vault.Varisian carnival folk appear to be at fault.
  • AR 4708-03-05
    • Murder at the Fair, local priest killed, murder in town, local drunk hung, deaths point to varisian carnival.
  • AR 4703-03-06
    • Korvosa takes control of the town, helping them through the troubling times and expelling the criminal elements responsible for the recent town deaths and bring Law and Order back to the settlement. Over 100 people from town have left reducing the population.
  • AR 4708-03-24
    • Planned Opening of Semere Arms by Vea Semere (Elven Half-Human)

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