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pf1-rotr-pg Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Players Guide
pf1-rotr-pg- Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition – Players Guide

Urglin Overview – Shattered City, Second Home 

The broken towers of Urglin rise like a sore from the blasted plain of the Cinderlands. It was once the site of an ancient city, but orcs from the Hold of Belkzen have plundered and ruined anything of value through decades of squatting and abuse, building over the ruined foundations with ramshackle ghettos of scavenged rock, iron, and bone. Outcast Shoanti, giants, half-breeds, and other monstrosities roam the treacherous streets where strength is the only law. Through the center of the city flows the sluggish Ooze, a stream that once gave life to the city but is now polluted to the consistency of pudding by the city’s waste.

The predominantly orc city of Urglin is the only population centre of any sort in the Cinderlands of Varisia’s Storval plateau.

  • Nation Varisia, Cinderlands, Storval Plateau
  • Size Small City
  • Population 5,800
  • Demographics Orcs, Half-Orcs, Shoanti, Giants
  • Government Anarchy
  • Alignment Chaotic Evil
  • Leader None

Built in the ruins of an ancient city, Urglin is the only stopping point to and from the Hold of Belkzen to the east. Located in the middle of nowhere on the fire-blasted plains of the Cinderlands, it is a cesspool of savage villainy. Although orcs and half-orcs predominate, the city is also home to outcast Shoanti, giants and half-breeds of all kinds. It covers about 300 acres of land on the banks of the Ooze River and is divided into five distinct neighbourhoods: Scabtown, Pinkskin, Bonerattle, Warmouth, and Oozefront.

  • Bonerattle: Over the western bridge from Oozefront lies Bonerattle, Urglin’s religious center. Here, priests of Rovagug reign supreme. Their cathedral has been built to resemble an arachnid with a spider’s mouth as the temple’s entrance. Leathery palisades framed with bones from aurochs, other megafauna, and the occasional, unlucky humanoid form the majority of the structure here. The priests are known as “Bonecarvers,” and they serve as Urglin’s guards though formal request has been made to do so.
  • Oozefront: Oozefront extends from east to west across all of Urglin, separating Warmouth from the other districts. It serves as the city’s primary bazaar, though, a acrid stench permeates this part of the city, emanating from the foul-smelling, sludge-like Ooze, the river granting the district its name. Shoppers don’t seem to be too worried about the smell as it hasn’t affected business in the marketplace. The river, Ooze, cuts the section in two, and Urglinites use the channel to dispose of their waste, adding to the waterway’s consistency and stench. The only drinkable liquid from this “river” lies along the western wall, where the river enters the city; to the east, the river stagnates outside the city in Pussbubble Lake. A bridge on the western side of Oozefront leads to Bonerattle, while the eastern one leads directly to the lake’s shore.
  • Pinkskin: Pinkskin is the district of the Varisian city of Urglin that is most hospitable to non-orcs. It is the smallest of the five neighborhoods (the others being Warmouth, Bonerattle, Oozefront, and Scabtown), and is largely composed of tents and yurts. Most of the humans who live here are exiled Shoanti, desperate mercenaries, and other rough folk who truly have nowhere else to go. Compared to the other districts, Pinkskin is the friendliest to outsiders of the city, but discrimination is still heavily prevalent.
  • Scabtown: Noise from the Bloodworks arena, a massive structure some 300 feet long, can be heard throughout this section of the city. This district is filled with taverns and gambling houses, all made of leather stretched over the bones of the local megafauna, but the arena is by far the district’s greatest attraction.
  • Warmouth: The largest neighborhood, Warmouth is nestled at the city’s southern entrance, so any travelers that enter the city must experience its orc-ish atmosphere upon entering Urglin. This district, comprising a large section of the city, houses Urglin’s “nobility” and government buildings: the Gray Donjon, which is comprised of a jail and military barracks, all seven of the Warlord Keeps, the War Tower, and the Rally Fields.

Campaign Events as Reported to the People

  • AR 4708
    • Duzhar, member of the City, has accepted the hopeless quest. “Slay the Sandpoint Devil” before being able to return to the tribes. Bets for his longevity have already been placed once the ritual was completed.
    • The Bleached One has called. Champions of the city left for Riddleport. Rumour has it they left within the hour of being notified.

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  • 2021-08-15 – Updates to layout, menu and adding in events.
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