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PF2 Adv 4709 P1 Welcome to Roderic’s Cove

Pathfinder 2 – Adventures

Welcome to Roderic’s Cove

Thassilonian Resurgence
4709 P1 (Level 3)


This uses events from Return of the Runelords Book 1 Secret’s of Roderic’s Cove. The settlement of Roderic’s Cove is having a trouble and is home to one .

Using content from: Part 4 – A Legacy of Wrath

Part 1 – Bubbling Tensions – While the heroes are relaxing in Roderic’s Cove, a brawl breaks out between rival gangs. As the PCs learn more about the town, it seems that there’s tension brewing behind every door

Part 2 – Roderic’s Wreck – The PCs visit the crumbling remains of the home that belonged to the founder of Roderic’s Cove to see if they can put his spirit to rest.

Part 3 – Into the Churlwood – The PCs investigate a kidnapping and find evidence of an ancient Thassilonian vault caught in a cold war between two opposing sides.

Part 4 – Humbling Pride – After learning that the eccentric sage Corstela Rostrata is behind some of the town’s troubles, the PCs explore Peacock Manor to get to the bottom of things.

Part 5 – Calming Wrath – The discovery of a gang’s secret hideout beneath Roderic’s Cove leads the PCs to a confrontation with a monster from ancient Thassilon and the discovery that the runelords are awakening!

How did I modify it to my TRAP campaign?

This was not modified much from selecting a few pathfinder 2 replacements for creatures and items found inside. I have changed a few of the NPC’s to link them into the ongoing storyline, instead of just being disposable set pieces. I have included more links into the Pathfinder Society and that the group are actually being given some guidance to help them in their tasks.

How my players fared

Returning home as a goblin, when all the others have left to go to Thistletop has drawn some notice, and the morosle elf was well received by the party including her preoccupation with death, the many generations of Roderic’s Cove and that she had personally buried everyone who has died their since its founding.

They have been quested to help put the Ghost of Roderic to rest, and to do so they need to end three gangs plaguing the settlement, The Roadkeepers, The Order of Resplendence and the Horned Fangs.

Trying to take on the Horned Fangs they found themselves outclassed and forced to retreat.

Total time to complete

  • Group B (Friday) – 11 sessions

Concluding Thoughts

Having been recalled to Magnimar after failing to take out the Horned Fangs, they will be tasked with another more urgent matter while the Hellknights see to it that things stay simmering for some time as they make their presence felt in the region. This gives the characters a chance to level up and gained some expertise before taking on the three gangs and helping the ghost achieve peace.

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