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PF2 Item Weapon Kusarigama

Pathfinder 2 – Item

Weapons – Kusarigama

Source: PF Ultimate Combat (pf-uc)

Here is another item I have converted over to Pathfinder 2. This is based on the armour provided in game and is not part of the actual adventure path. Most new items or weapons will be created at level 1, and this one being an advanced weapon gains an extra bump up in level. so they require a formula to make, and not just found in the generic formula book.

PF Ultimate Combat
pf-uc Ultimate Combat
Kusarigama – Uncommon Item 3


  • Advanced Weapon
  • Price: 12 gp (exotic weapon so I left it as an expensive price)
  • Damage: 1d6 S (Keeping it on par with other weapons)
  • Bulk: 1 Hands: 1 Group: Flail
  • Weapon Traits: Agile, Disarm, Finesse, Monk Reach, Trip, Versatile B

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