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DnD Immortals The Shining One

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara Immortals

The Shining One – Sphere of Energy

Kurtulmak, Prince of Kobolds

  • Clerics:
    • Favoured Weapon:
    • Domains: Fire, Light, Trickery, War
    • Symbol: A helmet of the Northern Reaches (complete with horns, a mask-like eye-guard, and a nose guard)
  • Warlocks:
  • Patron – Kobolds, Subterfuge, Traps, War.
  • Patron and Title KeywordsCorruptors (Deceit), Elements (Fire), Racial (Animalistic Races (Lizardfolk), Genasi (Fire)), Title (Sphere of Energy (Eternal))
    • Eternals pantheon onlySphere of Energy (Eternal)
    • Energy pantheon onlySphere of Energy (Eternal)

Racial Pantheons

  • Atruaghin (The Shining One) Due to Patron of Animalistic Races group (Lizardfolk)

Cultural Pantheons

  • Alphatian Empire (Prince of Kobolds) Due to Patron of Corruption group (Deceit) and Genasi group (Fire)
  • Norse (The Shining One)
  • Outcast (Kurtulmak)
  • Ylari (Kurtulmak) Due to Patron of Deceit

Elemental Pantheons

  • Fire (The Shining One) Due to Patron of Fire
  • Radiance (The Shining One) Due to Patron of Fire
  • Shadowlands (Kutul) Due to Patron of Lizardfolk.

Immortal Pantheons

  • Energy (The Shining One) Due to Member of Sphere of Energy.
  • Eternals (The Shining One) Due to Rank of Eternal.
  • Spheres (The Shining One) Due to Patron of Elements group (fire)

Special Pantheons

  • Assembly (The Shining One) Due to being an Immortal of Mystara
  • Savage Coast (Kutul) Due to Patron of Lizardfolk.

Appearance: a kobold of uncommon stature (about 1m), dressed in glowing white plate armour and a shining short sword on his belt.

Campaign Information

  • God of Kobolds…

Game Master Section

The Shining One – Eternal of Energy (29)
was Temporal of Energy (9)

  • Sourcebooks: Wrath of the Immortals Book One – Codex of the Immortals (wi-b1-41), Hollow World – Dungeon Masters Sourcebook (hw-dms115), Vaults of Pandius (vop)
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Portfolio: Kobolds and cayma (Gator lizardfolk), subterfuge, traps, guile, war, fire
  • Other Names: Kurtulmak, Kutul
  • Sponsor: Pharamond
  • Artefacts: Plate Armour of the Shining One, Shortsword of Light
  • Garal
  • Halav
  • Hircismus
  • Kagyar
Sponsorship Hierarchy – Energy
  • Sponsorship of the Energy Sphere
    • Ixion (36) Hierarch of Energy
      • Coberham (18) Celestial of Energy
      • Gorm (19) Empyreal of Energy moved to Thought (22)
      • Heimdall (30) Eternal of Energy
      • Ilsundal (34) Hierarch of Energy.
        • Lornasen (7) Temporal of Energy moved to Matter (10)
        • Mealiden (23) Empyreal of Energy.
          • Matin (19) Empyreal of Energy from Thought (7)
        • Zirchev (17) Celestial of Energy
      • Mahmatti (14) Celestial of Energy
      • Ninsun (35) Hierarch of Energy
      • Palartarkan (12) Temporal of Energy moved to Thought (11)
      • Patura (10) Temporal of Energy
      • Rathanos (28) Eternal of Energy
        • Eiryndul (20) Empyreal of Energy moved to Thought (20)
          • Iliric (8) Temporal of Energy
          • Kythria (2) Initiate of Energy moved to Entropy (2)
        • Pflarr (25) Eternal of Energy
      • Razud (31) Hierarch of Energy.
        • Alphatia (16) Celestial of Energy.
        • Pharamond (34) Hierarch of Energy moved to Entropy (32)
        • Marwdyn (6) Initiate of Energy moved to Entropy (4)
      • Saturnius (20) Empyreal of Energy
      • Tahkati (17) Celestial of Energy moved to Matter (17)
      • Tarastia (30) Eternal of Energy moved to Thought (30)
        • Raith (12) Temporal of Energy
      • The Korrigans (24) Empyreal of Energy moved to Matter (22)
      • Thor (29) Eternal of Energy. moved to Thought (29)
    • Thalia (36) Hierarch of Energy moved to Thought (31)
    • Usamigaras (27) Eternal of Energy moved to Thought (27)
    • Zugzul (32) Hierarch of Energy.
      • Slizzark (15) Celestial of Energy moved to Entropy (17)
  • Confirmed not to have a sponsor
    • Benekander (1) Initiate of Energy
    • Rad (22) Empyreal of Energy
    • Rafiel (21) Empyreal of Energy
      • Branden (11) Temporal of Energy moved from Matter (3)

History: Kurtulmak was a brilliant kobold leader, able strategist and given of great charisma and acumen. During his adventures he came across an ancient artefact, a glowing suit of armour able to blind his enemies and was therefore nicknamed by his followers “The Shining One”. After having guided the expedition against Rockhome together with Queen Ubdala in 493 BC, ending with the costly route of Sardal Pass, Kurtulmak resorted to lead a part of the kobold survivors through the caverns under the dwarven territory, emerging in the Northern Reaches. After having caused the destruction and the dispersion of the gnomish community that lived in the Falun caverns, in Soderfjord, Kurtulmak founded a small kobold kingdom and therefore begin the long rise to the path of Immortality, succeeding to enter into the Sphere of Energy at the end of the V century BC. After his disappearance the kingdom fell victim to the rivalry among his followers and only a part of the kobolds of Soderfjord now worship him as protector.

Personality: Kurtulmak is the patron of the kobolds and embodies the classic values: guile, quickness, subterfuge, rigour and tactics. To his followers he has handed down clever stratagems and the deadly ruses that have made the kobolds very insidious, and is a master in the study of tactics that allowed them to face the enemy without fighting them directly, but using the characteristics of the surrounding nature or the enemy’s own strength against him, and his sacred element is fire (as unpredictable and dangerous as him). He is the sworn enemy of Garal and Kagyar for having destroyed or annoyed gnomish and dwarven colonies in the underground, struggle with Hircismus for being recognised as the sole patron of the kobolds of Soderfjord, and is on the blacklist of Halav only for being a humanoid.

Info on The Shining One to be discovered by Groups

Classic D&D (BECMI) Stats
  • Followers Alignment: any; clerics must be Chaotic or Neutral
  • Favoured weapon: short sword (allowed all bludgeoning weapons, nets and daggers)
  • Clerics skills and powers: power of emitting a flash of light once per day, that dazzles all present (ST vs. Paralysis at –2), excluding the followers of Kurtulmak, imposing a penalty of –4 to all attack rolls for 1d6 round; the power is only effective in a partially or totally dark area; free underground orientation skill
  • Avengers skills and powers: thief ability hide in shadows as a thief of equal level
D&D 3.5 Stats
  • Domains: Energy, Chaos, War, Fire
  • Preferred weapon: short sword
Design Changes

Patron of Cayma refers to Patron of Lizardfolk as Cayma is a subspecies of them associated with Gators found in the Savage Coast. Moved up from Rank 7/9 (Temporal) to Rank 29 (Eternal) to help with the balance of gods. Changed Guile to Deceit.

The Shining One – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Deceit (patron) added to Ylari pantheon.
  • Deceit (patron) added to Corruptors patron group.
  • Fire (patron) added to the Fire and Radiance pantheons.
  • Fire (patron) added to the Elements and Genasi patron groups.
  • Lizardfolk (patron) added to the Savage Coast and Shadowlands pantheon.
  • Lizardfolk (patron) added to the Animalistic Races patron group.
  • Animalistic Races (patron group) added to the Atruaghin pantheon.
  • Corruptors and Genasi (patron group) added to the Alphatian Empire pantheon
  • Elements (patron group) added to the Spheres pantheon.
  • Eternal (rank) added to the Eternals pantheon.
  • Sphere of Energy (rank group) added to Energy pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-27 – Gained Rank 29 and Title Eternal.
  • 2021-09-17 – Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon.
  • 2021-08-05 – Updating the allies and enemies, campaign information.
D&D Gods

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GM Section: Immortality Overview, Path Conqueror, Path Dragon, Path Dynast, Path Epic Hero, Path Paragon, Path Polymath, Quest Petition, Quest Meeting

Wellsprings: Fire, Magic

Energy/Fire (31): Alphatia (16), Bartziluth (24), Bemarris (3), Benekander (1), Branden 11), Coberham (18), Fire Elemaster (33), Guidarezzo (15), Heimdall (30), Iliric (8), Ilsundal (34), Ixion (36), Madarua (26), Mazikeen (27), Mahmatti (14), Matin (19), Mealiden (23), Minroth (13), Ninsun (35), Patura (10), Pflarr (25), Rad (22), Rafiel (21), Raith (12), Rathanos (28), Razud (31), Saturnius (20), The Shaper (7), The Shining One (29), Zirchev (17), Zugzul (32)

Entropy/Darkness (35): Alphaks (20), Aracne Prime (6), Arik (18), Atzanteotl (31), Bachraeus (19), Bagni (24), Brissard (10), Danel (14), Demogorgon (29), Harrow (11), Hel (36), Hircismus (12), Idris (15), Jammudaru (5), Kallala (22), Kiranjo (7), Kythria (2), Loki (30), Loup (9), Macroblan (27), Marwdyn (4), Masauwu (28), Nyx (33), Orcus (26), Ouranos (34), Pharamond (32), Qywattz (21), Ranivorus (16), Ruaidhri (3), Saasskas (23), Slizzark (17), Stodos (6), Talitha (25), Thanatos (35), Yagrai (13)

Matter/Earth (34): Atruaghin (32), Buglore (9), Chiron (6), Diamond (21), Djaea (34), Earth Elemaster (33), Faunus (11), Forsetta (7), Garl (13), Ground (19), Hattani (15), Ilmarinen (20), Infaust (16), Ka (35), Kagyar (28), Land (27), Lokena (2), Lornasen (10), Maat (30), N’grath (29), Opal (18), Paarkum (8), Polunius (25), Pearl (12), Tahkati (17), Terra (36), The Eternal General (14), The Great One (26), The Korrigans (24), The Twelve Watches (4), Utnapishtim (23), Valerias (31), Wayland (24), Wogar (5)

Thought/Air (36): Air Elemaster (32), Arnelee (8), Asterius (28), Clebard (2), Cochere (12), Cretia (16), Diulanna (18), Eiryndul (20), Frey (13), Freyja (13), Gorm (22), Halav (17), Karaash (5), Kersy (21), Korotiku (32), Koryis (10), Malinois (15), Ninfangle (27), Nob Nar (5), Noumena (34), Odin (36), Orisis (19), Palartarkan (11), Palson (4), Pax (35), Ralon (9), Sinbad (25), Soubrette (24), Ssu-Ma (23), Tarastia (30), Taroyas (6), Thalia (31), Thor (29), Turmis (1), Urtson (7), Usamigaras (27)

Time/Water (33): Al-Kalim (3), Ahmanni (14), Bastet (22), Brindorhin (14), Calitha (18), Carnelian (11), Chardastes (24), Crakkak (10), Finidel (7), Fugit (30), Gorrziok (25), Hymir (13), Khoronus (36), Liena (1), Luca (12), Malafor (15), Oleyan (6), Ordana (31), Petra (17), Protius (29), Raven (21), Sharpcrest (19), Simurgh (19), Skuld (34), Tiresias (9), Tourlain (8), Tyche (28), Urd (32), Vanya (23), Vethandi (35), Water Elemaster (33), Yav (20), Zalaj (27)

D&D Pantheons

The Pantheons, The Immortals, The Divine Features

Racial Pantheons: Atruaghin, Dragonkin, Dwarven and Gnome, Elven, Ethengarian, Giantkin, Halfling, Traladaran

Cultural Pantheons: Alphatian Empire, Land Guilds, Makai, Norse, Ocean Guilds, Outcast, Thyatian Empire, Ylari

Elemental Pantheons: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Forest, Ocean, Radiance, Shadowlands, Sky, Water

Immortal Pantheons: Celestials, Elemental Rulers, Empyreals, Energy, Entropy, Eternals, Hierarchs, Initiates, Matter, Spheres, Temporals, Thought, Time

Special Pantheons: Ancient Ones, Assembly, Azcan, Davania, Hollow World, Myoshima, Nithian, Norwold, Old Ones, Olympian, Savage Coast

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B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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