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Pearl – Sphere of Matter

Player Section – Pearl

Lady of Chromatic Dragonkind, The Moon Dragon

  • Clerics:
    • Favoured Weapon: Natural weapons (Bite or claw)
    • Domains: Arcana, Dragon, Forge, Hunt, Moon
    • Symbol: A crown sculpted to resemble a snake swallowing its tail, with a huge, round pearl set in the top of the snake’s head.
  • Warlocks:
  • Patron – Hunting, Instincts, Lizardfolk, Power.
  • Patron and Title KeywordsCorruptors (Greed), Racial (Dragonkind), Title (Sphere of Matter (Temporal))
    • Temporals pantheon onlySphere of Matter (Temporal)
    • Thought pantheon onlySphere of Matter (Temporal)

Racial Pantheons

  • Dragonkin (The Moon Dragon) Due to Patron of Dragonkin and Greed.
  • Elven (Moon Spirit)

Cultural Pantheons

  • Alphatian Empire (Lady of Chromatic Dragonkind) Due to Patron of Corruptors group (Greed)

Immortal Pantheons

  • Temporals (Pearl) Due to Rank of Temporal.
  • Matter (Pearl) Due to Member of Sphere of Matter.

Special Pantheons

  • Assembly (Pearl) Due to being an Immortal of Mystara.

Appearance: a huge dragon with scales of mother-pearl hues, whose shape is slightly but constantly shifting.

Pearl’s Campaign Information

Game Master Section – Pearl

Pearl – Temporal of Matter (12)

  • Sourcebooks: Wrath of the Immortals Book One – Codex of the Immortals (wi-b1-31), Vault of Pandius (vop)
  • Portfolio: Chaotic (Chromatic) Dragons and lizardkin, instincts, hunting, greed, power
  • Other Names: The Moon Dragon, Lady of Chromatic Dragonkind, Moon Spirit
  • Sponsor: The Great One
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Artefact: Crown of Water, Scale of Pearl
Allies of Pearl

Assists (can also be assisted by)

Enemies of Pearl

Opposes (can also be opposed by)

Opposed by

  • Idris (15) Celestial of Entropy
Sponsorship Hierarchy – Matter

History: During her mortal life on Mystara Pearl was a particularly dangerous and sly red dragon, talented in the magical arts and so powerful and cunning that no mortal adventurer ever defeated her. The Great One had already sponsored the rise to immortality of a Lawful and a Neutral dragon, and in order to maintain the universal balance he chose Pearl, the most powerful and merciless among all dragons of Skothar, to become the Moon Dragon. After slaughtering hundreds of rakastas and humans and piling up an immense treasure, the Great One’s proposal filled Pearl’s greedy heart with joy and glee. She thought that her fierceness and voracity had finally be reckoned and this was the Great One’s gift for following her natural instincts to the limit. Ever since she became immortal (a century ago), Pearl is acting as protector of all Chaotic dragons and lizardkin, teaching her followers to be sly and merciless predators as much as she was in life.

Personality: Pearl is a cunning, cruel and treacherous immortal. She adores the power she gained with her new position and has transformed her home plane in a draconic hunting paradise, where adventurers, knights and thieves are the amusing and delicious pastimes to play with. Pearl loves to spend her days hunting the mortals and increasing the rich treasure she accumulated in all these years. The Great One hopes that after a couple of centuries of this life Pearl understands what are her true duties as Moon Dragon; the other immortal dragons have serious doubts about this.

Note: the draconic immortals (Sun, Moon and Star Dragon and the Great One) are replaced by other candidates when the previous ones die, so that position in the draconic pantheon is never vacant (otherwise the universal balance could be altered).

Info on Pearl to be discovered by Groups

Unfinished Pantheon:

  • Sky (Pearl)

Design Details – Pearl

Classic D&D (BECMI) Stats
  • Followers Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic; Clerics must be Chaotic
  • Favourite weapon: Natural weapons (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and any dagger)
  • Clerics skills and powers: permanent infravision within 60′, draconic language (free)
  • Avengers skills and powers: -1 bonus to the natural AC
D&D 3.5 Stats
  • Domains: Matter, Chaos, Evil, Dragons
  • Preferred weapon: Natural weapons (Bite or claw)
Design Changes

Rank increase from 10 to 12.

Pearl – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Dragonkind and Greed (patron) linked to the Dragonkin pantheon.
  • Greed (patron) linked to the Corruptors patron group.
  • Corruptors (patron group) linked to the Alphatian Empire pantheon.
  • Temporal (rank) added to the Temporals pantheon.
  • Sphere of Matter (rank group) added to Matter pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-26 – Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon. Rank increase to 12.
  • 2021-08-19 – Update to layout, menu, tags and links.
  • 2021-08-15 – Update to allies and enemies section.
  • 2021-02-22 – Layout updates and adding in new artefact crown.
D&D Gods

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Time/Water (33): Al-Kalim (3), Ahmanni (14), Bastet (22), Brindorhin (14), Calitha (18), Carnelian (11), Chardastes (24), Crakkak (10), Finidel (7), Fugit (30), Gorrziok (25), Hymir (13), Khoronus (36), Liena (1), Luca (12), Malafor (15), Oleyan (6), Ordana (31), Petra (17), Protius (29), Raven (21), Sharpcrest (19), Simurgh (19), Skuld (34), Tiresias (9), Tourlain (8), Tyche (28), Urd (32), Vanya (23), Vethandi (35), Water Elemaster (33), Yav (20), Zalaj (27)

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