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Pantheons – Ethengarian

Ethengarian Pantheon Overview

Pantheons are one of the options players can use to get access to class features, as well as secret crafts and elemental aspects.

Ethengarian Racial Pantheon

Guiding PrincipleThe culture of Horses, Nature, Travel and War
Associated NationsEthengar
Single Element OrganisationsEntropy – The Dark, Thought – The Wind
Dual Element OrganisationsEntropy/Thought – The Howling Hatred
Core Immortals

  • Primary Patrons
    • Entropy – VirtuesBravery (5)
    • Thought – InspirationBravery (5)
    • Dual Entropy/Thought – Inspectional VirtuesBravery (5)
  • The Howling Hatred or the Orzhov Syndicate, The Elements of Air and Darkness, Spheres of Entropy and Thought
  • The Dark, The Element of Darkness, Sphere of Entropy, Basic Symbol for an Immortal of Entropy
  • The Wind, The Element of Air, Sphere of Thought, Basic Symbol for an Immortal of Thought
  • Immortals of Energy (1) – Bartziluth (Empyreal 24, as Lord of War, Bravery),
  • Immortals of Thought (4) – Frey (Celestial 13, as Fredar, Bravery), Ninfangle (Eternal 26, Protector of Nomads, Bravery), Thor (Eternal 29, as The Thunderer, Bravery), Turmis (Initiate 1, as Master of Bravery and Guile, Bravery),
  • Secondary Barbarian PathsStorm Herald – Mountain (Agriculture) / Sea (Agriculture),
  • Secondary Cleric DomainsAir (Agriculture), Earth (Agriculture), Knowledge (Aesirs), Nature (Agriculture), Prophecy (Astrology), Tempest (Agriculture), Travel (Adventure), War (Aesirs),
  • Secondary Monk WaysElements – Air (Agriculture) / Earth (Agriculture),
  • Secondary Paladin OathsThunder (Agriculture),
  • Secondary Sorcerer OriginsDraconic Bloodline – Air (Agriculture) / Earth (Agriculture), Elemental Essence – Air (Agriculture) / Earth (Agriculture), Storm Sorcery (Agriculture),
  • Secondary Warlock PactsGenie Lord – Air (Agriculture) / Earth (Agriculture),
  • Secondary Wizard TraditionsElementalist – Air (Agriculture) / Earth (Agriculture),
  • Secondary Feats – Elemental Adept (ph166, Agriculture), Negotiator (Agriculture), Survivor (Agriculture),
  • Immortals of Energy (1) – Bartziluth (Empyreal 24, as Lord of War, Bravery),
  • Immortals of Thought (4) – Frey (Celestial 13, as Fredar, Aesirs, Agriculture, Bravery), Ninfangle (Eternal 26, Protector of Nomads, Adventure, Bravery), Thor (Eternal 29, as The Thunderer, Aesirs, Bravery), Turmis (Initiate 1, as Master of Bravery and Guile, Adventure, Bravery),
  • Immortals of Time (1) – Tiresias (Temporal 9, as Dallbard, Astrology),
  • Locations: Darokin, Ethengar, Ylaruam
  • Patron and Title Keywords: Bravery, Dreams, Ferocity, Civilisation (Communication), Racial (Monstrous Races (Centaurs)), Virtues (Honour), Warfare (Cavalry)

Used in the nation of Ethengar and by the Humans who come from their and still cling to their heritage.

Note: This is considered an unbalanced Pantheon due to it only having Immortals from Energy, Matter and Thought and due to that it struggles with the concepts of Time and Entropy as important to the religion.

This religion is mostly concerned with: Knowledge, Tactics and War. This is based on the immortal pantheons patronage which also covers the rest as aspects of the belief structure. I have highlighted anything shared between at least two of the immortal patrons.

Patrons – Arts (1), Balance (1), Battle (1), Birth (1), Bravery (1), Centaurs (1), Chaos (1), Conquest (1), Creation (1), Cruelty (1), Earth (1), Energy (1), Farmers (1), Fertility (1), Fire (1), Fury in Battle (1), Goblins (1), Healing (1), Heroism (1), Honour (1), Jokes (1), Knowledge (2), Life (1), Light (1), Nature (1), Orcs (1), Power (1), Predators (1), Prosperity (1), Protection (1), Shepherds (1), Stealth (1), the Sun (1), Tactics (2), War (4), Warriors (1), Werewolves (1), Wisdom (1), Wolves (1)

Ethengarian Pantheon Character Options

  • Character Options – Ethengarian Pantheon
    • Races: Humans

Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals

Due to the fairly balanced nature of the spheres, it really suits as an organisation among the Followers of the Magma, due to their aversion to supporting fire as an element by itself.

  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals (confirmed)
  • Patron and Title Keywords (important)
    • Bravery (5), Dreams (2), Ferocity (2)
    • Civilisation (1, Communication (1))
    • Racial (1, Monstrous Races (Centaurs (1)))
    • Virtues (5, Honour (5))
    • Warfare (1, Cavalry (1))
  • Patron and Title Keywords (related)
    • Adventure (2), Boldness (1), Cleverness (1), Defiance (1), Epic Deeds (1), Femininity (1)
    • Artists (1, the Arts (1))
    • Corruptors (2, Deceit (2))
    • Living (3, Birth (1), Death (1), Fertility (1))
    • Magical (2, Astrology (1), Bards (1))
    • Racial (4, Animalistic Races (Catfolk (1)), Forest Races (1), Humanoid Races (Bugbears (1)), Planar Races (Diaboli (1)))
    • Science (1, Agriculture (1))
    • Virtues (7, Faithfulness (3), Friendship (1), Good (1), Honesty (2))
    • Warfare (7, Battle (4), Berserker (2), Conquest (1))

Immortal Names – The immortals of the Ethengarian Pantheon are named after the the aspects the Immortal wants the pantheon to follow, or fit the existing themes of the other immortals of the pantheon.

  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Energy/Fire (Confirmed)
    • Lord of War (see Barziluth) (e24) Domains Tempest, War. Patron – Strength, Warfare. Bravery. Racial (Humanoid Races (Bugbears)), Warfare (Battle, Berserker)
    • The Avenging Angel (see Raith) (T12) Domains Balance, Hunting, Justice. Patron – Plots, Revenge, Truth. PatronVirtues (Honour)
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Energy/Fire
    • Tubak the Lawgiver (see Ixion) (H36) DomainsFire, Knowledge, Light, War. Patron – Knowledge, Light, Power, the Sun, War. PatronElements (Balance, Energy, Fire), Racial (Genasi (Fire)), Virtues (Heroism)
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Entropy/Darkness (Confirmed)
    • Keeper of the Dead (see Loup) (T9) DomainsDarkness, Death, Grave, Repose. Patron – Lupins, Night, Nomads, Winter. PatronFerocity, Living (Death), Virtues (Faithfulness)
    • Lord of Illusions (see Harrow) (T11) Domains Arcana, Labyrinth, Madness, Trickery. Patron – Illusion, Nightmares. PatronDreams, Corruptors (Deceit), Racial (Planar Races (Diaboli))
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Matter/Earth (confirmed)
    • The Horse Lord (see Tahkati) (C17) DomainsHunting, Tempest, Travel, War. Patron – Horses, Revenge. PatronFerocity, Warfare (Battle, Cavalry)
    • The Justicar (see Maat) (E30) Domain Justice, Knowledge. Patron – Justice, Integrity, Order, Purity, Redemption, Virtue. PatronVirtues (Faithfulness, Honesty, Honour).
    • Turlock (see Chiron) (I6) DomainsCreation, Knowledge, Life, Nature. Patron – Healing, Knowledge, Sylvan Races, Wisdom. PatronArtists (The Arts), Racial (Forest Races, Monstrous Races (Centaurs))
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Matter/Earth
    • The Wolf Lord (see Wogar) (I5) DomainsHunt, Nature, Travel, Tyranny, War. Patron – Orcs, Predators, Tactics, War, Werewolves, Wolves. PatronCorruptors (Cruelty), Racial (Humanoids (Goblins)), Warfare (Conquest)
    • Yamuga the Yurt Dweller (see Terra) (H36) Domains Creation, Earth, Life, Nature, Repose. Patron – Life, Nature, Prosperity, Protection, Shepherds. PatronElements (Creation, Earth), Living (Birth, Fertility), Racial (Earth Races, Genasi (Earth)), Science (Agriculture)
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Thought/Air (confirmed)
    • Fredar (see Frey) (C13) DomainsAir, Nature, Life, War. Patron – Intelligent Warfare, Kogolor, Strength, Tactics, Virility. PatronBravery, Living (Fertility), Science (Agriculture), Virtues (Faithfulness, Friendship)
    • Lord of Battle and Honour (see Thor) (E29) DomainsForge, Tempest, War. Patron – War, Warriors. PatronBravery. Virtues (Honour), Warfare (Battle, Berserker)
    • Master of Bravery and Guile (see Turmis) (i1) Domains Knowledge, Travel, Trickery. Patron – Legends, Thieves. Patron – Adventure, Boldness, Bravery, Defiance, Corruptors (Deceit)
    • The Merchant (see Asterius) (E28) Domains Life, Moon, Travel, Trickery. Patron – Healing, Merchants, Money, Profit, Thieves, Trade, Travel. Patron – Cleverness, Civilisation (Communication).
    • White Claw (see Ninfangle) (E26) DomainsCats, Hunt, Travel, War. Patron – Hunting, Travel. Patron – Adventure, Bravery, Epic Deeds, Racial (Animalistic Races (Catfolk)), Warfare (Battle)
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Thought/Air
  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals of Time/Water (Confirmed)
    • Dallbard (see Tiresias) (T9) DomainsBeauty, Knowledge, Prophecy, Travel. Patron – Legends, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, Secrets, Seers, Visions. PatronDreams, Magical (Astrology, Bards)
    • The Inquisitor (see Vanya) (e23) DomainsLife, Speed, Tyranny, War. PatronHeldannic Knights, Kubbits, Pride, Strength, Victory, War. Patron – Femininity, Living (Birth), Virtues (Honour), Warfare (Conquest)
    • The Peacemaker (see Al-Kalim) (i3) Domains Knowledge, Life, Time, Water. Patron – Justice, Law, Prosperity, Tactics, War, Wisdom, Ylaruam. PatronVirtues (Good, Honesty, Honour)

Ethengarian Pantheon Divine Features

  • Protected by the Gods (Ethengarian Pantheon): You can make death saving throws when reduced to zero hit points and can be brought back from the dead.
  • Spell Affinity (Ethengarian): You have a racial pantheon affinity and your spells have a Dice roll and DC modifier of +1 when used against that race or in regions controlled by the race.
  • Base Anathema (Ethengarian): Destroying the sustainability of the race.

Ethengarian Pantheon Clerical Domains

Trying something different, not using statistics, just base number of gods supporting domains. There are 6 gods in the Ethengarian Pantheon.

Ethengarian Pantheon Artefacts

Artefacts part of the Pantheon:

  • Flaming Wheel of Ixion – Tubak the Lawgiver (see Ixion)

Associated Artefacts (Can be appropriated by pantheon)

Design Changes

  • Ethengarian Pantheon Immortals – old version
    • Spheres of Power – Energy (2/75), Matter (3/47), Thought (1/16), Time (0/0)
    • Immortals
    • DomainsAir (1), Creation (2), Earth (1), Fire (1), Forge (1), Hunt (1), Knowledge (2), Life (2), Light (1), Nature (3), Repose (1), Tempest (2), Travel (1), Trickery (1), Tyranny (1), War (4)
    • Patrons – Earth (1), Energy (1), Farmers (1), Fertility (1), Fire (1), Fury in Battle (1), Goblins (1), Healing (1), Heroism (1), Honour (1), Jokes (1), Knowledge (2), Life (1), Light (1), Nature (1), Orcs (1), Power (1), Predators (1), Prosperity (1), Protection (1), Shepherds (1), Stealth (1), the Sun (1), Tactics (2), War (4), Warriors (1), Werewolves (1), Wisdom (1), Wolves (1)

This was an attempt at doing a random domain based on mathematics, the powers behind the gods, and number of gods providing it. Worked ok until changes needed to be made and everything needed recalculating. So I have left the previous work here as a reference to what I had fone.

01-97% Common

98-00% Uncommon

no Rare

Ethengarian – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Bravery (patron) linked to the Ethengarian pantheon. (Bartziluth, Frey, Ninglange, Thor, Turmis)
  • Cavalry (patron) linked to the Ethengarian pantheon (Tahkati)
  • Communication (patron) linked to the Ethengarian, Dwarven and Gnome pantheons (Asterius)
  • Dreams (Patron) linke dot the Atruaghin and Ethengarian pantheon (Harrow, Tiresias)
  • Centaurs (patron) linked to the Atruaghin, Ethengarian and Forest pantheons (Chiron)
  • Ferocity (patron) linked to the Atruaghin and Ethengarian pantheons. (Loup, Tahkati)
  • Honour (patron) linked to the Ethengarian, Norse and Ylari pantheons (Al-Kalim, Maat, Raith, Thor, Vayna)

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-10 – Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon
  • 2021-08-05 – Updated the menu.
  • 2021-05-16 – Adding in some more information and linked in the Immortals, while cleaning up the layout with an added menu.
  • 2021-02-24 – Cleaned up and expanded the domains list.
  • 2021-01-16 – Added in Thor.
  • 2020-04-16 – Split from Ethengar.

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