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Traladaran Pantheon Overview

Pantheons are one of the options players can use to get access to class features, as well as secret crafts and elemental aspects.

Traladaran Racial Pantheon

Guiding PrincipleThe culture of curses, superstition.
Associated LocationsDarokin, Karameikos
Core ImmortalsHalav (Thought 17), Zirchev (Energy 17),

The Flame, The Element of Fire, Sphere of Energy, Basic Symbol for an Immortal of Energy
The Flame, The Element of Fire, Sphere of Energy, Basic Symbol for an Immortal of Energy
  • Immortals of Energy () –
  • Immortals of Thought (1) – Palartarkan (Temporal 11, as The Lofty One, Astrology),
  • Immortals of Time (1) – Tiresias (Temporal 9, as Tiresias, Astrology),
  • Primary DomainsProphecy (Astrology),
  • Immortals of Energy (3) – Heimdall (Eternal 30, as Shining God, Aesirs), Mealiden (Empyreal 23, as Starwatcher, Adventure, Alfheim), Zirchev (Celestial 17, as The Huntsman, Animals),
  • Immortals of Thought (2) – Halav (Celestial 17, as Halav, Armourer), Palartarkan (Temporal 11, as The Lofty One, Air, Alphatian Empire, Ar, Astrology, Astronomy), Sinbad (Eternal 25, as The Celestial Traveller, Adventure),
  • Immortals of Time (1) – Tiresias (Temporal 9, as Tiresias, Astrology),
  • Locations: Darokin, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Minrothad
  • Keywords: Explorers, Fates (Chance, Destiny, Desire, Fate, Future), Magical (Astrology, Charms, Divination)

The native religion of the Traladarans, practiced wherever they travel to. Not the main religion of their nation, which is a branch of the Thyatian Pantheon.

This religion is mostly concerned with: Animals, Astrology, Destruction, Forest Races, Magic, Music, Poetry, Strategy, Sylvan Races, Tactics, Traldara, Violence. This is based on the immortal pantheons patronage which also covers the rest as aspects of the belief structure. I have highlighted anything shared between at least two of the immortal patrons.

Patrons – Air (1), Animals (2), Armours (1), Astrology (2), Astronomy (1), Bards (1), Cannibalism (1), Cities (1), Courage (1), Cunning (1), Defence (1), Destruction (2), Dreams (1), Drunkenness (1), Enigmas (1), Flight (1), Forest Races (2), Games (1), Hedonism (1), Humanoids (1), Hunting (1), Instincts (1), Investigation (1), Knowledge (1), Legends (1), Logic (1), Lycanthropes (1), Magic (3), Magical Research (1), Memory (1), Music (2), Mysteries (1), Nature (1), Outcasts (1), Pain (1), Patriotism (1), Poetry (2), Prophecy (1), Puzzles (1), Resistance (1), Revelry (1), Sacrifice (1), Sadism (1), Secrets (1), Seers (1), Settlements (1), Sexuality (1), Strategy (2), Strength (1), Survival (1), Sylvan Races (2), Tactics (2), Traladaran (1), Traldara (2), Tolerance (1), Torture (1), Undeath (1), Violence (2), Virtue (1), Visions (1), War (1), Warriors (1), Weaponsmiths (1), Willpower (1).

Traladaran Pantheon Character Options

Traladaran Pantheon Immortal Patrons

Due to the balance of the spheres this group is mostly influenced by the Followers of the Wind and Followers of the Howling Hatred. They do manage to still fit into the Followers of the Spheres with the remaining spheres of Energy, Time and Matter being fairly balanced.

  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals (confirmed)
  • Patron and Title Keywords (important)
    • Explorers (2)
    • Fates (10, Chance (1), Destiny (2), Desire (2), Fate (4), Future (1))
    • Magical (5, Astrology (2), Charms (1), Divination (2))
  • Patron and Title Keywords (related)
    • Adventure (2), Beauty (1), Boldness (1), Discovery (1), Dreams (1), Guardians (2)
    • Artists (1, the Arts (1))
    • Corruptors (1, Egotism (1))
    • Element (2, Air (1), Balance (1))
    • Living (3, Birth (1), Death (1), Fertility (1))
    • Magical (1, Bards (1))
    • Racial (2, Demi-Humans (Elven (1)), Genasi (Air (1))
    • Virtues (2, Charity (1), Faithfulness (1))
    • Science (2, Astronomy (1), Flight (1))

Immortal Names – The immortals of the Traladaran Pantheon are named after the the aspects the Immortal wants the pantheon to follow, or fit the existing themes of the other immortals of the pantheon.

  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Energy/Fire (confirmed)
    • Lady of Passion (see Kythria) (I2) DomainsBeauty, Lust. Patron – Ierendi, Lust, Passion, Seduction, Sexuality. Beauty, Fates (Desire).
    • Shining God (see Heimdall) E30) Domains Patron – Instinct, Protection, Portals, Security. Patron – Guardians, Fates (Destiny)
    • Starwatcher (see Mealiden) (e23) DomainsArcana, Hunting, Nature, Travel, War. Patron – Protection, War. PatronAdventure, Explorers, Guardians, Racial (Demi-Human (Elven)), Virtues (Faithfulness).
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Energy/Fire
    • Zirchev (C17) DomainsArcana, Hunting, Nature, War. Patron – Hunting, Magic, Nature, Outcasts, Survival, Sylvan Races, Tolerance. PatronLiving (Animals), Racial (Forest Races)
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Matter/Earth (confirmed)
    • Lady of Charity (see Valerias) (H31) DomainsBeauty, Hunger, Lust, Madness, Nature. Patron – Love, Passion, Protection, Romance, Sensuality. Patron – Beauty, Artists (the Arts), Fates (Desire), Living (Fertility), Virtues (Charity)
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Matter/Earth
    • Innuus (see Faunus) (T11) DomainsBeer, Lust, Madness, Moon, Nature. Patron – Instincts, Music, Poetry, Revelry, Sexuality, Sylvan Races. Patron – Drunkenness, Fun, Living (Animals), Racial (Forest Races)
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Thought/Air (confirmed)
    • Kersy (e21) DomainsArcana, Life, Lust, Repose. Patrons – Life, Magic, Witchcraft. PatronsCorruptors (Egotism), Magical (Charms).
    • Lord of the Air (see Palartarkan) (T11) DomainsAir, Arcana, Light, Travel. Patron – Magic, Magical Research. PatronElement (Air), Magical (Astrology), Racial (Genasi (Air)), Science (Astronomy, Flight)
    • The Celestial Traveller (see Sinbad) (E25) DomainsJustice, Knowledge, Ocean, Travel. Patron – Travel. PatronAdventure, Boldness, Discovery, Explorers.
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Thought/Air
    • Halav (C17) – Forge, Tempest, War. Patron – Kendach, Sacrifice, Strategy, Strength, Tactics, Traldara, War, Weaponsmiths, Willpower. Craft (Armourer)
    • Noumena (H34) Domains Arcana, Clockwork, Knowledge, Labyrinth. Patron – Investigation, Knowledge, Logic, Magic, Memory, Mysteries, Puzzles, Strategy, Tactics. Patron – Enigmas, Fun, Corruptors (Cunning)
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Time/Water (confirmed)
    • Keeper of the Future (see Skuld) (H34) DomainsArcana, Death, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Visions. PatronFates (Fate, Future), Living (Death), Magical (Divination)
    • The Advisor (see Yav) (e20) DomainsLife, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Prophecy, Seers, Yavdlom. PatronMagical (Divination)
    • The Maiden (see Urd) (H32) DomainsLife, Prophecy, Time. Patron – History, Memory, Past, Wisdom. PatronFates (Fate), Living (Birth)
    • The Mother (see Vethandi) (H35) Domains Balance, Knowledge, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Knowledge, Present, Preservation, Time. PatronElements (Balance), Fates (Fate)
    • Tiresias (T9) Domains Beauty, Knowledge, Prophecy, Travel. Patron – Legends, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, Secrets, Seers, Visions. Patron – Dreams, Magical (Astrology, Bards)
  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals of Time/Water
    • Petra (C17) DomainsCreation, Speed, War. Patron – Milenian, Patriotism, Resistance, Settlements, Traladaran, Traldara, Virtue, Warriors. Patron – Courage, Civilisation (Cities, Defence).

Traladaran Pantheon Divine Features

Followers of this faith gain the following divine features.

  • Protected by the Gods (Traladaran Panthon): You can make death saving throws when reduced to zero hit points and can be brought back from the dead.
  • Spell Affinity (Traladaran): You have a racial pantheon affinity and your spells have a Dice roll and DC modifier of +1 when used against that race or in regions controlled by the race.
  • Base Anathema (Traladaran): Destroying the sustainability of the race.

Traladaran Pantheon Clerical Domains

Traladaran Pantheon Artefacts

Zirchev: Bow of Zirchev

Church of Traladara

(GAZ1 p24)

  • Darokin, Glantri (secret), Ierendi, Karameikos

Known Clergy:

  • Patriarch Aleksyev Nikelnevich​ (Specularum, Karameikis)
  • Lord Vlad Lutescu (Rugalov, Karameikos)
Church Of Traladara
gaz1 Church Of Traladara

Approximately 70% of the population of Karameikos belongs to the Church of Traladara.​

Church of Traladara
Leader/PatriarchAleksyev Nikelnevich (Specularum, M55, Clr13)

Splinter Cult of Halav
Leader/PatriarchSergyev (Specularum, M?, Clr11)

Clerics of the Faith

​The role of the Traldaran priest is to provide advice for younger people, based on his own experiences and the examples of behaviour given in “The Song of King Halav”. Traladaran priests advise the young, perform marriages and officiate at other ceremonies, preach the church philosophies, and promote goodwill. They also fight – to save live or to defeat evils.​

Formal Clerical Robes: For formal occasions, clerics may dress in full clerical gear. ​Full dress consists of a full-sleeved, knee-length surcoat dyed a particular hue of brown associated with the Church. Clerics carry a gnarled, wooden staff, also referred to as a sceptre, designating their clerical profession.​

Faiths and Beliefs

These are the beliefs of the Church of Traladara.​

  1. That the acts of assault, abuse, murder, theft and lying are sins, brought on by weakness or the intrusion of bad-will from evil or animal spirits.​
  2. That the sins described above should be punished, in the manner that parents punish children: Physical punishment, imprisonment, and the withholding of rights (even death, in the case of extreme sinners who endanger others).​
  3. That the role of the individual in the afterlife will be determined by the individual’s state of wisdom, strength of character, and good-will at the time of his death.​
  4. That the relationship of a man to a woman is a personal matter, not involving the philosophies of the Church unless one of the above sins is involved.​
  5. That common magic ritual such as the use of lucky charms, tea-reading, palm-reading, card-reading and so forth are all declarations of a man’s curiosity about the world and determination to preserve himself from evil, and are often rewarded by the Immortals with the gleaming of facts about the future or nature of the world.​
  6. That the events of “The Song of king Halav” are absolutely true; that King Halav, Queen Petra and Zirchev are now Immortals guiding the righteous and punishing the wicked in Traladara/Karameikos; and that the Golden Age of the Traladara will one day return to this land.​

The basic philosophy of the Church of Traladara is that people should not harm one another, and that when they do the community should punish the wrongdoer in proportion to the degree of the sin. There isn’t much more to their philosophy than that, and so the Church is ideally suited to the cheerful and whimsical Traladarans.​

Design Changes

  • Traladaran Pantheon Immortals – old version
    • Spheres of Power – Thought (3/60), Entropy (2/38), Energy (2/29), Time (1/17), Matter (1/11)
    • Immortals
    • DomainsAir (1), Apocalypse (1), Arcana (3), Beauty (1), Beer (1), Blood (2), Clockwork (1), Corruption (2), Creation (1), Forge (1), Grave (1), Hunger (1), Hunting (1), Knowledge (2), Labyrinth (1), Light (1), Lust (1), Madness (1), Moon (1), Nature (2), Prophecy (1), Speed (1), Tempest (1), Travel (2), Tyranny (1), War (3)
    • Patrons – Dreams (1), Drunkenness (1), Enigmas (1), Flight (1), Forest Races (2), Games (1), Hedonism (1), Humanoids (1), Hunting (1), Instincts (1), Investigation (1), Knowledge (1), Legends (1), Logic (1), Lycanthropes (1), Magic (3), Magical Research (1), Memory (1), Music (2), Mysteries (1), Nature (1), Outcasts (1), Pain (1), Patriotism (1), Poetry (2), Prophecy (1), Puzzles (1), Resistance (1), Revelry (1), Sacrifice (1), Sadism (1), Secrets (1), Seers (1), Settlements (1), Sexuality (1), Strategy (2), Strength (1), Survival (1), Sylvan Races (2), Tactics (2), Traladaran (1), Traldara (2), Tolerance (1), Torture (1), Undeath (1), Violence (2), Virtue (1), Visions (1), War (1), Warriors (1), Weaponsmiths (1), Willpower (1).

I have moved this out due to it being impossible to keep updated if I make any changes to the pantheon. For a random domain, roll % twice, first to see rarity of domain and second to see which domain in selected.

01-82% – Common

83-00% – Uncommon

No Rare

Traladaran – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Astrology (patron) linked to the Traladaran pantheon (Palartarkan, Tiresias).
  • Charms (patron) linked to the Traladaran pantheon (Kersy)
  • Divination (patron) linked to the Traladran pantheon (Yav)
  • Explorers (patron) linked to Makai and Traladran pantheons (Mealiden, Sinbad)
  • Fates (patron group) linked to the Traladaran pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-04 – Added the Patron of Astrology which brought Palartarkan to the pantheon.
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  • 2021-08-05 – Update the menu.
  • 2021-02-27 – Domain cleanup, just needs to be linked.
  • 2021-01-27 – Added in Hircismus.
  • 2021-01-25 – Added in Petra.
  • 2021-01-23 – Added in Noumena, Tiresias.
  • 2021-01-20 – Added in Halav.
  • 2020-10-16 – Added in details from Realm Works files.
  • 2020-04-24 – Migrated content from my google site.
  • 2020-03-28 – Split from Karameikos.
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