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Tradition Elementalist Overview

You focus your arcane studies on the power inherent to one of the Elemental Planes. Elementalists believe in the superiority of their chosen element above all others, and they aren’t shy about making that fact known. Elementalists are sometimes secluded researchers, but more often they’re adventurous types who sign on with groups that can appreciate their singular talents.

Note: When you select this class option, you select one element from: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire and Water. That becomes the focus of what spells and abilities you have access to in the class. (substitution from secret craft will be done for changes where appropriate). If you lean multiple elemental secret crafts you can access more elements with this class. See Elementologist on how to learn more than one element.

There are five disciplines of Elementalist: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire and Water.

Except as noted below, elementalists function as wizards and use the wizard spell list.

Wizard Tradition of Elementalist

Tradition Features

(2nd) Elemental Savant

Beginning when you select this tradition at 2nd level, choose one element from the table below. That element becomes the focus of your study. You can speak, read, and write the language associated with your focus, and the associated damage type is used by other features as noted.

Some spells resonate with your focus element. They might deal the associated damage type, manipulate the element in question, or otherwise embody an elemental theme. Work with your GM to determine whether a given spell resonates with your focus. The gold and time you must spend to copy a spell resonant with your chosen element into your spellbook is halved.

Elemental Focus Table

ElementLangaugeDamage Type
AirAuranLightning or Thunder

When you gain a level, one of the two spells you learn for gaining a level can be an elemental magic spell, even if you’ve never encountered the spell before. Similarly, when you learn a new cantrip, it can be an elemental magic cantrip even if you’ve never previously encountered it.

(2nd) Elemental Mastery

Starting at 2nd level, you learn techniques called masteries to channel elemental magic into your being and spells.

Masteries. You learn two masteries of your choice, which are detailed under “Masteries” below. You learn one additional mastery of your choice at 6th, 10th, and 14th levels. Each time you learn a new mastery, you can also replace one mastery you know with a different one.

Saving Throws. Some of your masteries require your target to make saving throws to resist the mastery’s effects. When you use such an effect from this class, the DC equals your wizard spell save DC.

(6th) Substitute Elements

Beginning at 6th level, you can funnel elemental essence through your damage-dealing spells. When you cast a spell that does damage, you can change the damage to the type associated with your elemental focus.

(10th) Absorb Elements

Starting at 10th level, when you would take damage of the type associated with your elemental focus, you can use a reaction to take no damage and regain a number of hit points equal to half the damage you would have taken. You can use this ability even if you have resistance or immunity to that damage type from another source. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1), and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

(14th) Irresistible Strike

At 14th level, your elemental damage spells are unstoppable. Your spells that deal damage of the type associated with your elemental focus ignore immunity to that damage type. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1), and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.


Masteries are specialized techniques you can use to augment your spellcasting. Unless noted otherwise, you can use only one mastery on a given spell. The masteries are presented in level order.

  • 2nd Level Required (starting)
    • Elemental Command – As an action, you can charm an elemental creature for as long as you maintain concentration as if concentrating on a spell, for up to 1 hour. If you or your companions damage the charmed elemental or take any harmful action against it, the charmed condition ends immediately. Once this ability ends for a given elemental, it is immune to being charmed by you for 24 hours.
    • Intensified Element – Your spells that deal the damage type associated with your elemental focus ignore any resistance the target has to that damage type.
  • 2nd Level Required with selected Element only (starting)
    • (Air) Wind Blast – When you cast a spell of 1st level or higher, you can use a bonus action to create a line of wind that is 20 feet long and 5 feet wide. Each creature in the line must make a Strength saving throw or take 1d6 slashing damage and be pushed 10 feet away from you in the direction of the line
    • (Earth) Stony Refuge – When you cast a spell of 1st level or higher, you can use a bonus action to create a hovering slab of stone that interposes itself between you and one creature of your choice. Until the end of your next turn, the slab provides half cover to you against attacks from the chosen creature
    • (Fire) Ignite – When you deal fire damage to a target with a spell of 1st level or higher, you can use a bonus action to cause the target to catch fire. At the start of its next turn, the creature takes half as much fire damage as it originally took from the spell, and the flames go out. This damage can be prevented if an ally within 5 feet uses an action to put out the flames. If you damage more than one target with the spell, choose just one to catch fire.
    • (Water) Sweeping Swell – When you cast a spell of 1st level or higher, you can use a bonus action to create a sweeping wave of water to push a target you can see within 20 feet. The creature must succeed on a Strength saving throw or be pushed 5 feet in the direction of your choice.
  • 6th Level Required
    • Elemental Bulwark – You gain resistance to the damage type associated with your elemental focus, and you have advantage on Constitution saving throws made to maintain concentration on spells that resonate with your elemental focus.
  • 10th Level Required
    • Elemental Binding – You add planar binding to your spellbook if you don’t already have it, and you can cast it once with this mastery without expending a spell slot. When you cast the spell in this way, you must target an elemental creature associated with your elemental focus. If the elemental fails its saving throw, it gains temporary hit points equal to your wizard level. You regain the ability to cast planar binding with this mastery when you finish a long rest.
    • Elemental Erosion – After you damage a target with a spell that deals the damage type associated with your elemental focus, the target becomes vulnerable to that damage type until the end of your next turn. You can use this ability twice. You regain all expended uses when you finish a short or long rest.
  • 14th Level Required
    • Elemental Adaptation – You add plane shift to your spellbook if you don’t already have it, and you can cast it once with this mastery without expending a spell slot. You can only travel to the elemental plane associated with your elemental focus, or to the material plane. While on that elemental plane, you aren’t harmed by the normal conditions of the plane, you can breathe normally, and you can use your speed to move in a manner appropriate to the plane (flying for air, burrowing for earth, and swimming for water). You regain the ability to cast plane shift with this mastery when you finish a long rest.
    • Overwhelming Onslaught – When you damage a target with a spell of 1st level or higher that deals the damage type associated with your elemental focus, you can weave a lingering aura of elemental energy around it. At the start of its turn, the creature must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 4d6 damage of the type dealt by the spell and is stunned until the start of its next turn, or half as much damage and the effect ends on a successful one. You can use this ability twice. You regain all expended uses when you finish a short or long rest.

Tradition Elementalism – GM Section

  • Secret Crafts: Airologist, Darkologist, Earthologist, Fireologist, Waterologist
  • Locations: Anywhere with elemental aspected races, usually in or bordering the desert areas.
  • Races: Anywhere with Elemetal aspected races, usually in or bordering the desert areas.

Design Decisions

I had these as a type of generic sorcerer option for the known world region.

Locations: Alphatia, Atruaghin, Darokin, Ethengar, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Minrothad, Northern Reaches, Norwold Region, Thyatis, Ylaruam

Races: Human (Alasiyan, Atruaghin, Ethengar, Hattian, Heldannic, Kerendan, Makai, Makistani, Nithian, Nuari, Thothian, Thyatian and Traladaran)

Content Updates

  • 2022-05-19 – Added in link to patrons
Mystara 5E Classes

Overview, Downtime for Gaining Level

Artificer: Alchemist, Armourer, Artillerist, Battle Smith, Bombardier, Engineer, Stitcher

Barbarian: Amber’s Enlightened, Ancestors, Ancestral Guardian, Battlerager, Beast, Beast Slayer, Bearsarker, Berserker, Carcharodon, Dreadnought, Fractured, Fungal Hulk, Harrier, Herculean, Juggernaut, Primal Spirit, Primordial Predator, Rager, Storm Herald, Tempest, Totem Warrior, Ulfhander, Wild Magic, Wizard Slayer, Zealot

Bard: Adventurers, Ancients, Creation, Eloquence, Entropy, Epic Poetry, Fey Magic, Glamour, Grace, Greenleaf, the Jester, Lore, Loremaster, Minstrel, Mirthful Mariarchi, Mountebank, Requiems, Singer of the Deeps, Spirits, Swords, Troubadour, Valour, Virtue, Warchanter, Whispers, Wyrdsingers

Cleric: Aberrance, Alhool Keener, Air, Ambition, Apocalypse, Arcana, Balance, Beauty, Beer, Blood, Cats, Chaos, City, Clockwork, Corruption, Crafts, Creation, Darkness, Death, Dragon, Earth, Eldritch, Enigma, Fire, Force, Forge, Grave, Healer, Hunger, Hunt, Hunting, Inquisition, Justice, Knowledge, Labyrinth, Law, Life, Light, Luck, Lust, Madness, Messiah of Ashes, Moon, Mountain, Mushroom, Naraneus, Nature, Nobility, Oceans, Oracle, Order, Peace, Prophecy, Repose, Sharing, Sickness, Solidarity, Speed, Strength, Sun Priest, Tempest, Time, Travel, Trickery, Twilight, Tyranny, Undeath, Void, War, Warpriest, Water, Winter, Zeal

Druid: Ancestors, Blood, Dreams, Feyfriend, the Forest Kingdom, Guardian, the Land, the Moon, Mushrooms, Mutation, Oaks, Owls, Roses, Sacrifice, the Shapeless and Prime Terror, the Shepherd, Skinchanger, Spirits, Stars, the Stones, the Tree of Life, Treespeaker, Wildfire

Fighter: Arcane Archer, Banneret, Battle Master, Bladebonded, Blind Duelist, Boarder, Brute, Bulwark Warrior, Captain, Cavalier, Champion, Clacking Mercenary, Duelist, Echo Knight, Edjet, Eldritch Knight, Fortune’s Smith, Gholaad’s Translation, Ghost Knight, Gladiator, Griffon Knight, Hoplite Soldier, Hospitaller, Knight, Knight Surgeon, Living Crucible, Living Vampire, Prescient Knight, Psi Warrior, Rune Knight, Samurai, Sapper, Sharpshooter, Shield Bearer, Smithkin, Sword Dancer, Thug, Weapons Master, Woodlands Cavalier

Marshal: Crusader, Gambling General, Guerrilla, Kingpin, Mindbender, Noble, Path (Master, Night, Reaper), Rallier, Reaver, Redeemer, Revolutionary, Strategist, Swift Strategist, Tactician, Talented Tactician, Tyrant, Warbringer

Monk: the Ascendant Dragon, the Astral Self, the Bo’faquan, the Crystal Cannonade, Brawler, the Cobalt Soul, the Drunken Master, the Elements, the Exalted Athlete, Iron, the Kensai, the Leaden Crown, the Long Death, Mercy, the Open Hand, Pain, Pride, Reaving Vortex, Shadow, the Shield, the Sun Soul, the Warrior Monk

Paladin: the Ancients, the Annihilator, the Ascetic, Battle, Conquest, the Crown, Despair, Destruction, Devotion, the Dragonlord, the Eagle, Elimination, the Errant, the Giving Grave, Glory, Green Knight, Holy Champion, Inquisitor, Mercy, Pearl, Pestilence, Perfection, the Radiance, the Raven, Redemption, Spear Maiden, Thunder, Vengeance, the Watchers, Zeal. SpecialOathbreaker

Ranger: Beast Master, Explorer, Fey Hunter, Fey Wanderer, Gloom Stalker, Green Reaper, Hidden Guardian, Horizon Walker, Horse Nomad, Hoyrall Shredder, Hunter, Monster Slayer, Netherworld, Explorer, Privateer, Swarmkeeper, Underminer, Unicorn Charger, Urban Shadow, Vampire Slayer, Vermin Lord, Warden, Wildborn, Zobecker Scout

Rogue: Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Burglar, Cutthroat, Duelist, Fixer, Highway Rider, Hitman, Infernal Talismancer, Inquisitive, Investigator, Mastermind, Misfortune Bringer, Odyssean, Phantom, Poisoner of Minds, Scout, Soulknife, Spy, Svirf Scientist, Swashbuckler, Thief, Trapsmith, Whisper

Scholar: Alchemy, Mind-Delving

Sorcerer: Aberrant Mind, Aristocratic, Ascendant, Bloodlines (Boreal, Draconic, Dryad, Enigma, Lycanthrope, Mazeborn, Nerid, Norn, Nymph, Satyr, Serophage, Shadow, Wretched), Clockwork Soul, Cunning Woman, Divine Inspiration, Divine Soul,, Draconist Elemental Essence, Facets (Flawless Caster, Gemblade), Farseer, Haunted, Psychic Magic, Pyromancer, Runechild, Shadow Magic, Soul Burner, Spore-cerer, Storm Sorcery, Traveler, Wild Magic

Underterror: Hel Savant, Slaver of the Damned, Underworld Monstrocity

Warlock: Alienist, Archfey, Archfiend, Black Woods, Celestial, Colloid, Diabolist, Fates, Fathomless, Fiend, First Vampire, Fragment Channeler of Zagnexis, Frozen One, the Genie, Genie Lord, Grand Void, Great Machine, Great Old One, Hexblade, Light Eater, Oracle, Parasite, Primeval One, Sargasso Siren, Sibyl, Spellbound, Undead, Undying, Voices of the Ancestors

Wizard: Academy Philosopher, Alkemancer, Angelic Scribe, Aquanaught, Arcane Specialist, Arcanist, Bladesinger, Blood Mage, Castellan, Chronury Magic, Demonologist, Disenchanter, Doom Croaker, Dragon Masks, Elementalist, Entropist, Geomancy, Graviturgy Magic, Illuminator, Mage, Master of Fiends, Mystifier, Necrophagy, Order of Scribes, Plague Doctor, Ring Warden, Rune Caller, Sangromancer, Schools (Abjuration, Artifice, Blood Magic, Clockwork, Conjuration, Divination, Elven High Magic, Enchantment, Entropy, Evocation, Illumination, Illusion, Necromancy, Pyromancer, Transmutation, Void Magic), Ship Mage, Timekeeper, Transgnomamist, War Mage, White Necromancer

D&D 5E in Mystara

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WRATH: Campaign, Design

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Class Builds
Artificer – Bombardier (Tinkerkin),
Barbarian – Totem Warrior (Plamin, Camdu),
Bard – College of Valour (Sunfey),
Druid – Circle of Dreams (Woodfey), Circle of the Tree of Life (Seasonfey),
Fighter – Battlemaster (Seashire), Eldritch Knight (Kerendan), Weapons Master (Lani), Weapons Master (Stonebound),
Monk – Way of the Elements (Tidal),
Paladin – Oath of Radiance (Sunfey), Oath of Vengeance (Firechild),
Sorcerer – Wild Magic (Shadowfey),
Warlock – Celestial (Llewell),
Wizard – Bladesinger (Nerye),
Dragon – White (Calcryx).
Multiclass – Cleric/Wizard (Xhall), Rogue/Cleric (Dracnomir), Rogue/Sorcerer (Yodrey), Wizard/Rogue (Traladaran)


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