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Aztanteotl – Sphere of Entropy

Player Information – Atzanteotl

The Corruptor

Atziann, Menlil, The Feathered Viper

  • Clerics:
  • Warlocks: Pact of the Archfey, Pact of the Fiend
  • Patron – Treachery, Vengeance. Corruptors (Corruption, Deceit), Elements (Destruction)
    • Azcan pantheon onlyNationality (Hollow World (Azcan))
    • Entropy pantheon onlySphere of Entropy (Hierarch)
    • Hierarchs pantheon onlySphere of Entropy (Hierarch)
    • Hollow World pantheon onlyNationality (Hollow World (Azcan))

Racial Pantheons

  • Atruaghin (Atzanteotl) – focused on the degeneration of society into bestial natures.
  • Elven (Menlil) – focused on the corruption of the lesser races in service of the elves.

Cultural Pantheons

  • Alphatian Empire (Prince of Corruption) Due to Patron of Corruptors group (Corruption and Deceit)
  • Land Guilds (The Corruptor)
  • Outcast (Atziann) – Associated with the longsword of Atzanteotl,
  • Thyatian Empire (The Corruptor) Due to Patron of Corruption
  • Ylari (The Corruptor) Due to Patron of Deceit.

Elemental Pantheon

  • Darkness (The Corruptor) Due to Patron of Destruction.
  • Shadowlands (Ivaldi) – focused on the distrust of those who live in the light.

Immortal Pantheons

  • Entropy (Atzanteotl) Due to Member of Sphere of Entropy.
  • Hierarchs (Atzanteotl) Due to Rank of Hierarch.
  • Spheres (Atzanteotl) Due to patron of Elements group (Destruction)

Special Pantheons

  • Azcan (Atzanteotl) – Due to Patron of Azcan. focused on the sacrifice of life for the betterment of society.
  • Hollow World (Aztanteolt) – Due to Patron of Hollow World (Azcan)


  • A charming elven adventurer with a shady outlook (pale complexion and sly smile) donning black clothes.
  • His second manifestation form is that of a jet-black feathered viper with elf’s face and with two arms he conceals under the wings.

Atzanteotl’s Campaign Information

Phase One – Introductions

Phase TwoRhederrian Investigation Bureau:

Game Master Section – Atzanteotl

Atzanteotl – Hierarch of Entropy (31)

  • Sourcebooks: Mystara Players Handbook (mph91), Wrath of the Immortal Book One – Codex of the Immortals (wi-b1-16), wi16, Hollow World Book One – Dungeon Masters Sourcebook (hw-dms98), Vaults of Pandius (vop)
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Portfolio: The process of corruption, corruption (physical and moral), deceit, treachery, vengeance, destruction of life on the outer world, Azcans, humanoids.
  • Other Names: Atziann, Ivaldi, Menlil, Skorpios, The Corruptor
  • Sponsor: Thanatos
  • Artefact: Longsword of Atzanteotl
Allies of Atzanteotl

Assists (can also be assisted by)

  • Idris (15) Celestial of Entropy.

Assisted by

  • Danel (14) Celestial of Entropy
  • Hel (36) Hierarch of Entropy.
  • Loki (30) Eternal of Entropy.
Enemies of Atzanteotl

Opposes (can also be opposed by)

  • Atruaghin (32) Hierarch of Matter.
  • Djaea (34) Hierarch of Matter.
  • Ilsundal (33) Hierarch of Energy.
  • Ixion (36) Hierarch of Energy.
  • Ka (35) Hierarch of Matter.
  • Rafiel (21) Empyreal of Energy.

Opposed by

Sponsorship Hierarchy – Entropy
  • Sponsorship of the Entropy Sphere
    • Hel (36) Hierarch of Entropy.
    • Thanatos (35) Hierarch of Entropy.
      • Alphaks (20) Empyreal of Entropy
      • Arik (18) Celestial of Entropy
        • Harrow (11) Temporal of Entropy moved from Thought (11)
      • Atzanteotl (31) Hierarch of Entropy.
        • Danel (14) Celestial of Entropy
        • Kythria (2) Initiate of Entropy moved from Energy (2)
        • Macroblan (27) Eternal of Matter moved from Matter (13)
      • Bachraeus (19) Empyreal of Entropy
      • Demogorgon (30) Eternal of Entropy.
        • Saasskas (23) Empyreal of Entropy.
          • Slizzark (15) Celestial of Entropy moved from Energy (17)
      • Loki (30) Hierarch of Entropy.
      • Orcus (26) Eternal of Entropy
      • Ouranos (34) Hierarch of Entropy moved from Energy (35)
      • Pharamond (32) Hierarch of Entropy moved from Energy
      • Qywattz (21) Empyreal of Entropy moved from Thought (20)
      • Ranivorus (16) Celestial of Entropy
        • Loup (9) Temporal of Entropy moved from Thought (9)
      • Talitha (25) Eternal of Entropy
        • Kallala (22) Empyreal of Entropy moved from Time (14)
        • Ruaidhri (3) Initiate of Entropy from Thought (3)

History: during his mortal life them, Atziann was the clanmaster of an elven clan settled in the region south of the Glantrian Highlands. In 1700 BC some elves found an ancient Blackmoorian artifact in that region, and they caused its explosion when they tinkered with it. The resulting radioactive rain and the nuclear winter that devastated the whole region turned it into the current Broken Lands, and the so-called Glantrian Catastrophe affected even the farthest reaches of the nearby Ethengar Steppes forming the Land of the Black Sand. The elven survivors dug underground to flee the disease and the destruction and they split. Atziann was the sole survivor of his clan, probably because they were responsible for finding the artifact and triggering its destruction, thus enduring the most losses.

After years spent wandering underground, an embittered and vengeful Atziann emerged in BC 1650 in the Azcan Lands and began to live under the Red Sun disguised by his magics. He became slowly fascinated with the Azcan culture, and after years passed living among the Azcans and building his net of conspiracy, Atziann finally left Azca when he made contact with one of Thanatos’s Burrowers, who revealed him the path towards immortality in the Sphere of Entropy. When he returned in Azca after his travels brought him all around the Hollow World, he used his extensive net of spies, thieves and conspirators to usurp the priests’ and Emperor’s power and to create a new religion that would have helped him ascend to the top of the Azcan pantheon once he became immortal. Thanks to his lies the cult of the new god, Atzanteotl, established a sense of unrest and rebellion among the lower castes and later got hold also of the hearts and souls of the more corrupted priests, who organised a true upheaval against the established rulers and forced the rightful ruler, Atruatzin, to flee from the capital city. This event marked the peak of Atziann’s power of corruption as a mortal and guaranteed his ascension to immortality in BC 1500. He immediately took the role he had tailored for himself, and under the identity of Atzanteotl he began to spread his words of hatred and strife in the world. But Atzanteotl had not forgotten his old enemy Atruatzin, and he tried to corrupt him with promises of eternal life and power. When the wise old emperor refused to side with him preferring to defend the ways of the old gods, Atzanteotl sentenced him to death for his insolence. So he sent his lackeys to Atruatzin’s fortress of Quauhnauhac to capture him, and they massacred all the resistant forces trying to capture Atruatzin, who however managed to flee below the ground. Atzanteotl’s priests silenced all those who dared speak against the new order and crowned a new puppet emperor in the name of their god. They also rewrote the historical records of the Azcans, thus obscuring the importance of the old gods in favour of the new one. Atzanteotl became the only true sun of the new Azcan era characterised by human sacrifices and brutal rituals.

However, when Atzanteotl found out that Atruatzin was still alive together with a bunch of allies, and that they had found shelter in the ruins of Aengmor (now renamed Mictlan by Atruaghin, the city of the dead), the former capital of Atzanteotl’s elven kingdom in the outer world, he went mad with rage. He contacted a group of underground elves and led the unsuspecting refugees through the caves leading to the Hollow World, with the promise of a new homeland. The Schattenalf clan found Mictlan and they assaulted the citadel, killing all the humans living in the sacred temple of their new god, Atzanteotl. However, once again Atruatzin was able to flee and found refuge in Xochiquetzal’s court, thus hidden from Atzanteotl’s watchful gaze. Atzanteotl ordered the Schattenalfen to rebuild the city, and when they ended their task, he caused great earthquakes that killed many of his followers, forcing the survivors to move away from the city and find another place to settle. He then moved the city towards the surface of Mystara without destroying it, and placed it floating on a lava pool beneath the Broken Lands, where it was later discovered and inhabited by humanoids, who renamed it Oenkmar and converted to Atzanteotl’s cult. Meanwhile the fleeing Schattenalfen emerged first in the caves of the Kogolor dwarves, beginning a vicious war against them. When Denwarf the golem was sent to help the dwarves and the elves were outnumbered, Atzanteotl guided the survivors to the grottos near the southern border with the Empire of Azca, beginning the eternal rivalry that turned into a perpetual state of war between the Schattenalfen and the Azcans, worshippers of the same immortal (something Atzanteotl enjoys beyond belief).

Atzanteotl was later the sole responsible for the bloody feud between the Sohktari (manscorpions) and the Enduks (winged minotaurs) of Nimmur, and he managed to convince the sohktari clerics to strike the old Enduk allies in their back, in order to drive them away from Nimmur and conquer the land for themselves. The Sohktari betrayed the Enduks and established Menlil (Atzanteotl’s name in Nimmur) as leader of the new Nimmurian pantheon, thus earning Idu (Ixion)’s terrible curse that forces them to avoid direct sunlight or be burned to death.

Now Atzanteotl’s master plan is the corruption of the whole Shadow Elves‘ and humanoid races. He wants to create a schism among Rafiel’s followers and thus increase his influence among the inhabitants of the underground of Mystara, hoping that one day all the outcasts living underground will emerge unite under his banner to bring utter destruction to the creatures living above ground.

Personality: Atzanteotl is fascinated by the process of corruption and he especially loves to see how any kind-hearted person can fall into the abyss of Evil and regret thanks to his machinations, only to lose interest in that project immediately after and start looking for new ways to spread evil. His final goal is the complete annihilation of life on the outer world, and especially the destruction of all elves.

Info on Atzanteotl to be discovered by Groups

Unfinished Pantheon:

  • Savage Coast (Skorpios) – focused on the use of the red steel.

Immortal Pantheon:

  • Brotherhood of Shadow (Atzanteotl)

Design Details of Atzanteotl

Classic D&D (BECMI) Stats – Atzanteotl
  • Followers Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic; clerics must be Chaotic
  • Favoured weapon: short sword (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and the blowgun)
  • Clerics skills and powers: clerics can Cause Light Wounds three times to the day (similar to 1st level clerical spell of same name), +2 bonus to ST vs Poison, +2 bonus to anyone general skill (not free) to choose among the following: Toxicology, Herbalism, Handling Snakes Avengers’ skills and powers: can Create Poison once a week (similar to the clerical spell of same name), +1 bonus to ST vs Poison.
D&D 3.5 Stats – Atzanteotl
  • Domains: Entropy, Evil, Deceit, Destruction, Corruption
  • Preferred weapon: short sword
Design Changes

Atzanteotl – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Azcan (patron) added to the Azcan pantheon.
  • Azcan (paton) added to the Hollow World patron group.
  • Corruption (patron) added to the Thyatian Empire pantheon.
  • Corruption and Deceit (patron) added to the Corruptors patron group.
  • Deceit (patron) added to the Ylari pantheon.
  • Destruction (patron) added to the Darkness pantheon.
  • Destruction (patron) added to the Elements patron group.
  • Corruptors (patron group) added to the Alphatian Empire pantheon.
  • Elements (patron group) added to the Spheres pantheon.
  • Hollow World (patron group) added to the Hollow World pantheon.
  • Hierarch (rank) added to the Hierarchs pantheon.
  • Sphere of Entropy (rank group) added to Entropy pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-15 – Fixed reference to Energy to be Entropy. Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon. Added new names, “The Corruptor” and “Prince of Corruption”.
  • 2021-08-27 – Update to enemies.
  • 2021-08-24 – Updated the campaign event links.
  • 2021-08-20 – Added in Ahmanni to enemies.
  • 2021-08-19 – Added new ally Danel.
  • 2021-08-15 – Added new enemies Mahmatti, Tahkati.
  • 2021-08-10 – Updated tags.
  • 2021-08-05 – Updating the layout and menu.
  • 2021-01-28 – Added in Land Guilds pantheon.
  • 2020-06-23 – Added Allies, Enemies, History, Personality and Other system stats.
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The Gods: The Immortals Overview,

GM Section: Immortality Overview, Path Conqueror, Path Dragon, Path Dynast, Path Epic Hero, Path Paragon, Path Polymath, Quest Petition, Quest Meeting

Wellsprings: Fire, Magic

Energy/Fire (31): Alphatia (16), Bartziluth (24), Bemarris (3), Benekander (1), Branden 11), Coberham (18), Fire Elemaster (33), Guidarezzo (15), Heimdall (30), Iliric (8), Ilsundal (34), Ixion (36), Madarua (26), Mazikeen (27), Mahmatti (14), Matin (19), Mealiden (23), Minroth (13), Ninsun (35), Patura (10), Pflarr (25), Rad (22), Rafiel (21), Raith (12), Rathanos (28), Razud (31), Saturnius (20), The Shaper (7), The Shining One (29), Zirchev (17), Zugzul (32)

Entropy/Darkness (35): Alphaks (20), Aracne Prime (6), Arik (18), Atzanteotl (31), Bachraeus (19), Bagni (24), Brissard (10), Danel (14), Demogorgon (29), Harrow (11), Hel (36), Hircismus (12), Idris (15), Jammudaru (5), Kallala (22), Kiranjo (7), Kythria (2), Loki (30), Loup (9), Macroblan (27), Marwdyn (4), Masauwu (28), Nyx (33), Orcus (26), Ouranos (34), Pharamond (32), Qywattz (21), Ranivorus (16), Ruaidhri (3), Saasskas (23), Slizzark (17), Stodos (6), Talitha (25), Thanatos (35), Yagrai (13)

Matter/Earth (34): Atruaghin (32), Buglore (9), Chiron (6), Diamond (21), Djaea (34), Earth Elemaster (33), Faunus (11), Forsetta (7), Garl (13), Ground (19), Hattani (15), Ilmarinen (20), Infaust (16), Ka (35), Kagyar (28), Land (27), Lokena (2), Lornasen (10), Maat (30), N’grath (29), Opal (18), Paarkum (8), Polunius (25), Pearl (12), Tahkati (17), Terra (36), The Eternal General (14), The Great One (26), The Korrigans (24), The Twelve Watches (4), Utnapishtim (23), Valerias (31), Wayland (24), Wogar (5)

Thought/Air (36): Air Elemaster (32), Arnelee (8), Asterius (28), Clebard (2), Cochere (12), Cretia (16), Diulanna (18), Eiryndul (20), Frey (13), Freyja (13), Gorm (22), Halav (17), Karaash (5), Kersy (21), Korotiku (32), Koryis (10), Malinois (15), Ninfangle (27), Nob Nar (5), Noumena (34), Odin (36), Orisis (19), Palartarkan (11), Palson (4), Pax (35), Ralon (9), Sinbad (25), Soubrette (24), Ssu-Ma (23), Tarastia (30), Taroyas (6), Thalia (31), Thor (29), Turmis (1), Urtson (7), Usamigaras (27)

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Racial Pantheons: Atruaghin, Dragonkin, Dwarven and Gnome, Elven, Ethengarian, Giantkin, Halfling, Traladaran

Cultural Pantheons: Alphatian Empire, Land Guilds, Makai, Norse, Ocean Guilds, Outcast, Thyatian Empire, Ylari

Elemental Pantheons: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Forest, Ocean, Radiance, Shadowlands, Sky, Water

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