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Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara Immortals

Arik – Sphere of Entropy

The One Hundred Eyes

Lord of Madness and Nightmares

  • Clerics:
  • Warlocks:
  • Patron – Madness, Massacres, Nightmares. PatronElements (Chaos), Racial (Planar Races (Beholders))
    • Celestials pantheon onlySphere of Entropy (Celestial)
    • Entropy pantheon onlySphere of Entropy (Celestial)

Racial Pantheons

Cultural Pantheons

  • Alphatian Empire (Lord of Madness and Nightmares) Due to Patron of the Planar Races group (Beholders)
  • Outcast (The One Hundred Eyes) Due to Patron of Chaos.
  • Thyatian Empire (The One Hundred Eyes)

Elemental Pantheons

  • Shadowlands (The One Hundred Eyes) Due to Patron of Beholders.

Immortal Pantheons

  • Celestials (Arik) Due to Rank of Celestial.
  • Entropy (Arik) Due to Member of Sphere of Entropy.
  • Spheres (Arik) Due to Patron of Elements group (Chaos)

Appearance: unknown

Game Master Section

Arik – Celestial of Entropy (18)

  • Sourcebooks: Wrath of the Immortals Book One – Codex of the Immortals (wi-b1-39), Vaults of Pandius (vop)
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Portfolio: madness, chaos, nightmares, massacres, beholders
  • Other Names: The One Hundred Eyes, Lord of Madness and Nightmares
  • Sponsor: Thanatos
  • Artefacts: Eye of Arik
Sponsorship Hierarchy – Entropy
  • Sponsorship of the Entropy Sphere
    • Hel (36) Hierarch of Entropy.
    • Thanatos (35) Hierarch of Entropy.
      • Alphaks (20) Empyreal of Entropy
      • Arik (18) Celestial of Entropy
        • Harrow (11) Temporal of Entropy moved from Thought (11)
      • Atzanteotl (31) Hierarch of Entropy.
        • Danel (14) Celestial of Entropy
        • Kythria (2) Initiate of Entropy moved from Energy (2)
        • Macroblan (27) Eternal of Matter moved from Matter (13)
      • Bachraeus (19) Empyreal of Entropy
      • Demogorgon (30) Eternal of Entropy.
        • Saasskas (23) Empyreal of Entropy.
          • Slizzark (15) Celestial of Entropy moved from Energy (17)
      • Loki (30) Hierarch of Entropy.
      • Orcus (26) Eternal of Entropy
      • Ouranos (34) Hierarch of Entropy moved from Energy (35)
      • Pharamond (32) Hierarch of Entropy moved from Energy
      • Qywattz (21) Empyreal of Entropy moved from Thought (20)
      • Ranivorus (16) Celestial of Entropy
        • Loup (9) Temporal of Entropy moved from Thought (9)
      • Talitha (25) Eternal of Entropy
        • Kallala (22) Empyreal of Entropy moved from Time (14)
        • Ruaidhri (3) Initiate of Entropy from Thought (3)

History: Arik is an mysterious immortal whose past is lost in the mists of time and looking for information on him is difficult, some would say dangerous even for Immortals. What little is known of him is that he was imprisoned in an faraway pocket dimension long ago by other Immortals, who expelled him from the Multiverse. The reason of this extreme measure is unknown, but there are rumours. Some say Arik got imprisoned because he had gone too far in cooperating with the alien entities known as Outer Beings (creatures whose powers and goals remain unknown and who are caged inside the Vortex Dimension) and this brought him to ultimate madness. Others say that Arik offended some of the Hierarchs of the Spheres with a blasphemous act of challenge and got punished this way before he could risk the Multiverse stability. The truth is yet to be revealed.

Arik could be the creator of Zargon, the demi-immortal creature that caused Cynidicea’s collapse and that now sleeps under that city waiting for the time to be free again.

Personality: The cult of Arik has almost disappeared from the Multiverse, and now only some beholders (who are presumed to be his spawn) and some evil mad cultists (among which those living in the lost city of Cynidicea) still honour him.

However Arik has always tried to come back to the Multiverse to get his vengeance and drive his enemies insane. Currently his efforts are focused on retrieving the Eye of Arik, a powerful artefact he left on Mystara that could be used in a special ritual to break the chains holding him in prison. His immediate goal is to get new followers and thus new fresh power to escape his prison dimension and maybe take with him the Outer Beings, bringing the Multiverse into a new order made of chaos and folly.

Info on Arik to be discovered by Groups

Unfinished Pantheon:

  • Traldar (Arik)
Classic D&D (BECMI) Stats
  • Followers Alignment: Chaotic
  • Favoured weapon: none (allowed all piercing weapons)
  • Clerics skills and powers: clerics can cast freely “Fear” spell thrice per day, +1 bonus to ST vs Spells affecting Mind, +2 bonus to skills related to beholder civilisation and outer planes clerics can cast freely “Cause Light Wounds” spell thrice per day, bonus “Fighting Frenzy” skill
  • Avengers skills and powers: cast freely “Cause Light Wounds” spell thrice per day, bonus “Fighting Frenzy” skill
  • Spells: feign death (2), pain (3°), confusion (4), desperation (4), mass madness (6), mindshatter (6), demonic metamorphosis (7), eyes of the beholder (7).
D&D 3.5 Stats
  • Domains: Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Madness, Dreams
  • Preferred weapon: longspear
Design Changes

Arik – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Beholders (patron) added to the Shadowlands pantheon.
  • Beholders (patron) added to the Planar Races patron group.
  • Chaos (patron) added to the Outcast pantheon.
  • Chaos (panton) added to the Elements patron group.
  • Elements (patron group) added to the Spheres pantheon.
  • Planar Races (patron group) added to the Alphatian Empire pantheon.
  • Celestial (rank) added to the Celestials pantheon.
  • Sphere of Entropy (rank group) added to Entropy pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-10 – Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon.
D&D Gods

The Gods: The Immortals Overview,

GM Section: Immortality Overview, Path Conqueror, Path Dragon, Path Dynast, Path Epic Hero, Path Paragon, Path Polymath, Quest Petition, Quest Meeting

Wellsprings: Fire, Magic

Energy/Fire (31): Alphatia (16), Bartziluth (24), Bemarris (3), Benekander (1), Branden 11), Coberham (18), Fire Elemaster (33), Guidarezzo (15), Heimdall (30), Iliric (8), Ilsundal (34), Ixion (36), Madarua (26), Mazikeen (27), Mahmatti (14), Matin (19), Mealiden (23), Minroth (13), Ninsun (35), Patura (10), Pflarr (25), Rad (22), Rafiel (21), Raith (12), Rathanos (28), Razud (31), Saturnius (20), The Shaper (7), The Shining One (29), Zirchev (17), Zugzul (32)

Entropy/Darkness (35): Alphaks (20), Aracne Prime (6), Arik (18), Atzanteotl (31), Bachraeus (19), Bagni (24), Brissard (10), Danel (14), Demogorgon (29), Harrow (11), Hel (36), Hircismus (12), Idris (15), Jammudaru (5), Kallala (22), Kiranjo (7), Kythria (2), Loki (30), Loup (9), Macroblan (27), Marwdyn (4), Masauwu (28), Nyx (33), Orcus (26), Ouranos (34), Pharamond (32), Qywattz (21), Ranivorus (16), Ruaidhri (3), Saasskas (23), Slizzark (17), Stodos (6), Talitha (25), Thanatos (35), Yagrai (13)

Matter/Earth (34): Atruaghin (32), Buglore (9), Chiron (6), Diamond (21), Djaea (34), Earth Elemaster (33), Faunus (11), Forsetta (7), Garl (13), Ground (19), Hattani (15), Ilmarinen (20), Infaust (16), Ka (35), Kagyar (28), Land (27), Lokena (2), Lornasen (10), Maat (30), N’grath (29), Opal (18), Paarkum (8), Polunius (25), Pearl (12), Tahkati (17), Terra (36), The Eternal General (14), The Great One (26), The Korrigans (24), The Twelve Watches (4), Utnapishtim (23), Valerias (31), Wayland (24), Wogar (5)

Thought/Air (36): Air Elemaster (32), Arnelee (8), Asterius (28), Clebard (2), Cochere (12), Cretia (16), Diulanna (18), Eiryndul (20), Frey (13), Freyja (13), Gorm (22), Halav (17), Karaash (5), Kersy (21), Korotiku (32), Koryis (10), Malinois (15), Ninfangle (27), Nob Nar (5), Noumena (34), Odin (36), Orisis (19), Palartarkan (11), Palson (4), Pax (35), Ralon (9), Sinbad (25), Soubrette (24), Ssu-Ma (23), Tarastia (30), Taroyas (6), Thalia (31), Thor (29), Turmis (1), Urtson (7), Usamigaras (27)

Time/Water (33): Al-Kalim (3), Ahmanni (14), Bastet (22), Brindorhin (14), Calitha (18), Carnelian (11), Chardastes (24), Crakkak (10), Finidel (7), Fugit (30), Gorrziok (25), Hymir (13), Khoronus (36), Liena (1), Luca (12), Malafor (15), Oleyan (6), Ordana (31), Petra (17), Protius (29), Raven (21), Sharpcrest (19), Simurgh (19), Skuld (34), Tiresias (9), Tourlain (8), Tyche (28), Urd (32), Vanya (23), Vethandi (35), Water Elemaster (33), Yav (20), Zalaj (27)

D&D Pantheons

The Pantheons, The Immortals, The Divine Features

Racial Pantheons: Atruaghin, Dragonkin, Dwarven and Gnome, Elven, Ethengarian, Giantkin, Halfling, Traladaran

Cultural Pantheons: Alphatian Empire, Land Guilds, Makai, Norse, Ocean Guilds, Outcast, Thyatian Empire, Ylari

Elemental Pantheons: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Forest, Ocean, Radiance, Shadowlands, Sky, Water

Immortal Pantheons: Celestials, Elemental Rulers, Empyreals, Energy, Entropy, Eternals, Hierarchs, Initiates, Matter, Spheres, Temporals, Thought, Time

Special Pantheons: Ancient Ones, Assembly, Azcan, Davania, Hollow World, Myoshima, Nithian, Norwold, Old Ones, Olympian, Savage Coast

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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