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DnD Adv P2 1006 Mystery in Radlebb Woods

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Adventures in Phase Two – AC 1006 – Mystery in Radlebb Woods

B1 – In Search of the Unknown

  • 0e-adv-b1 In Search of the Unknown Adventure
  • 0e-adv-b19 B1-9 In Search of Adventure
  • 5e-gmg-oar1 Into the Borderlands by Goodman Games

AC 1006 – Mystery in Radlebb Woods – Overview

This adventure was originally part of the Basic edition of Dungeon and Dragon and being B1 was usually the first adventure most of us who played in Mystara would have used. It featured as a map only in the compilation B1-9 but did not have any details but was converted to 5th edition as part of Into the Borderlands by Goodman Games and was a wonderful storyline to explore, even at 7th level.

This features in the following sections:

AC 1006 – Mystery in Radlebb Woods – Timeline

TimelineAC 1004Karameikos

Attack of the Hill Giants – A settlement in the Karameikos called Goldenfields is attacked by Hill Giants. (Storm King’s Thunder)

Black Eagle – Escape. Forced to escape from a deadly situation by the Black Eagle Barony.

Explore – Karameikos. Enter into unexplored regions of the nation and return with journals, maps and stories.

Mystery of the Great Gnome Caravan – Departing early in spring from Highforge to reach Specularum with a mysterious cargo that never reached the destination and ended the annual pilgrimage. Soldiers have taken the remains of the caravan to Kelvin for further investigation.

Mystery of the Magic Mirror – The heroes of Verge recover a mirror Artefact believed to be associated with the Warlord Skarda and the mirror found in Ylaruam. (X12 – Skarda’s Mirror – Levels 5-8)

Rumour Only
Mystery in Radlebb Woods
 – The sanctuary of Traldar heroes has been discovered, and heroes have been sent to investigate. This is the first year its been requested. A party of dwarven heroes wanting the kings favour head off to explore the site.
Mystery of the Duke’s Road Massacres – Spring (Thaumont) The Great Gnome Caravan goes missing, the usual suspect is implicated.

Still to be Edited
<-> (X1) The Isle of Dread – A map of the coastline is discovered with rumours of a city of gold in the heart.
(mdt) Sepulcher of the Witching Hour’s Sage – Ancient sage able to answer questions lost to history.

TimelineAC 1005Karameikos

Black Eagle – Escape. Forced to escape from a deadly situation by the Black Eagle Barony.

Explore – Karameikos. Enter into unexplored regions of the nation and return with journals, maps and stories.

Mystery in Radlebb Woods – The sanctuary of Traldar heroes has been discovered, and heroes have been sent to investigate. This is the second year its been requested. A group lead by three Wizardly Gnomish brothers heads off to find out what happened to the dwarves and if they can fare better.

Mystery of the Duke’s Road Massacres. Spring (Thaumont) In Thaumont (3rd Month), an outpost near the Krakatos ruins is massacred. Investigation has tracks leading into the river, with a team from Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau looking into it and finding nothing.

Mystery of the Great Gnome Caravan – The Gnome Caravan has been missing for a year and all news leads to the city of Kelvin in Karameikos.

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsThe Dragon’s Cart. A mysterious cart, with a mysterious Dragonborn known as Drazzle.

Mystery of the Magic Mirror – A mirror artefact of unknown power has taken two heroes of Karameikos believed to be associated with the warlord Skarda and Verge. A call had been put out for experts to solve the mystery. (X12 – Skarda’s Mirror – Levels 5-8) Tue Group

Skirmish at Castallan Keep. Each year recruits are brought to the keep to push back the tide of goblinoids and orcs.

Still to be Edited
(B2) The Keep on the Borderlands – Joining the Army up near the border of Karameikos and Ylaruam.

TimelineAC 1006Karameikos

Black Eagle – Escape. Forced to escape from a deadly situation by the Black Eagle Barony.

Explore – Karameikos. Enter into unexplored regions of the nation and return with journals, maps and stories.

Mystery in Radlebb Woods – The sanctuary of Traldar heroes has been discovered, and heroes have been sent to investigate. This is the third year its been requested.

Mystery in Wendar – the elven nation of Wendar has put out a call to save their kingdom and the Callarii have answered with local heroes.

Mystery of the Duke’s Road Massacres. Spring (Thaumont) A few giants were found on the Dukes Road having died mysteriously, officials choose not to investigate further.

Mystery of the Great Gnome Caravan – After repairing their Caravans, the gnomes are ready to travel again. The Gnomes are travelling from Highforge to Specularum and back again. They need protection from thieves and other dangers on the roads. Cargo full of mechanical toys for the markets of Specularum.

Mystery of the Magic Mirror – Afteraffects of destroying the mirror plane. (X12 – Skarda’s Mirror – Levels 5-8) Tue Group

Relic Hunter – Blackrazor, Wave and Whelm – There is a chance to recover three missing relics from the Church of Karameikos. (meant for AC 1007)

Skirmish at Castallan Keep. Each year recruits are brought to the keep to push back the tide of goblinoids and orcs.

AC 1006 – Mystery in Radlebb Woods – The Concept

The characters have be asked to conduct investigations into the mysterious home of Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown. While this has been asked from the ruler of Karamekos (Duke Stefan) it falls in line with the investigation enquiries requested by their benefactor Rheddrian from Darokin City, who they are currently working for.

AC 1006 – Mystery in Radlebb Woods – The Reveal

Main Level
  • Area 1
    • Belt Pouch with 5 gp
    • Purse with 2 gp and moldy garlic buds
    • Damage Dwarven Clan Helm
    • Ornate Leather Belt
  • Area 4
    • Marble Statue worth 5,000 gp
  • Area 6
    • Book Historical in Traldar writings about civilization within 100 miles of the stronghold.
    • Book in elvish is an encyclopedia of various plants.
    • Book Journal of Zelligar written in code talking about plans to investigate something.
    • Book in Traldar writing about the weather, with notes about using it with magic in code.
    • Book in Gnomish called “Outdoor Survival” about a ranger called Aulfors.
  • Area 8
    • Hoth-gar’s Spellbook
    • Wand of Wonder (Traladaran Satunainen Wand) – writing in draconic “satunainen”, damage with 10% cumulative change of breaking causes 3d6 force damage to wielder.
    • Various Jars (as discovered) up to 40 containers.
      – Jar with Cat in large clear bottle.
  • Area 9
    • 3 more containers from area 8
    • 2 kegs from area 10
  • Area 10
    • 20 different types of barrels with 60 in total
  • Area 11
    • Coil of heavy rope, 200 ft in length
    • Box of 50 iron spikes
    • Box of 100 metal nails
    • Pile of 10 ft 6×6 beams (80)
    • Sack of building mortar, mostly empty
    • Stack of stone block, 6x6x12 (400)
    • Six wooden doors
    • Box of hardware (locks, hinges, claps, hasps, door handles, bolts, etc)
    • Dried glue
  • Area 12
    • Roth-gar’s Spellbook
    • Zelligar’s diary in Traldar
  • Area 13
    • Box of wooden pegs
    • Coil of light rope, 50 ft long
    • Coil of heavy chain, 70 ft long
    • Coil of fine copper wire, 20 ft long
    • Mining picks (32), Chisels (15), Shovels (13)
    • Empty barrels (11), Mallets (8)
    • Iron Bars (29) 1 inch by 8 ft
    • An iron vise (12 inch jaws)
    • Mining Jacks (2), Crosscut saws – two man (2), Hacksaws (4)
    • Masons toolbox, Cobblers toolbox
    • Barrel of non-fletched arrows (60)
    • Empty wooden bench, 10 ft long
  • Area 20
    • Jade playing pieces (15 gp each)
  • Area 21
    • Sack with 11 sp, 5 gp
    • 3x Purple quartz worth 25 gp each
    • Silver pin with three emeralds 115 gp
  • Area 22
    • Different fungal effects
  • Area 24
    • Silver comb 5 gp
    • Strange gold coin
    • Old tapestry 160 gp
  • Area 25
    • 4x Old tapestry 100 gp each
  • Area 26
    • Bronze dragonskin
    • Petrified Basilisk
    • Dwarf Skeleton
    • Set of giant Elk antlers
    • Four Bronze Dragon claws
    • Stuffed Cockatrice worth 75 gp
    • A Huge size black shield
    • A pair of Rams horns
    • A Greatsword +1 (not found)
    • A bearskin worth 125 gp
    • A door bearing runes to a shine to orcus
    • A set of three flags from Northern Reaches clans
  • Area 27
    • Box 187 sp, 41 gp, red garnet 75 gp
  • Area 29
    • 5 gp
    • Plaque with silver engraving worth 25 gp
  • Area 31
    • Set of magical pools
  • Area 33
    • Battered shield, empty canteen, 20 ft chain, old longsword, bearskin
  • Area 34
    • Shields, body armour, bows, quivers, swords, spears, hand axes, flail, greatsword, and daggers for about 30 troops.
  • Area 35
    • Shield +1 (not found)
    • Kobold haul 265 sp, 31 ep, 87 gp, 4 pp
Lower Level
  • Area 42
    • Pink Amethyst worth 100 gp
  • Area 44
    • Scattered Coins 11 sp, 8 gp
    • Copper lantern worth 35 gp
  • Area 45
    • The mystical stone
  • Area 46
    • 3x small yellow topaz worth 100 gp
  • Area 50
    • Ivory Tube worth 125 gp
  • Area 52
    • Pewter belt buckle with ruby worth 15 gp
    • Silver Cup worth 45 gp
    • necklace of crude smooth shiny obsidian worth 225 gp
    • chunk of pyrite
  • Area 54
    • 22 gp on the floor
    • Chest with 1,222 cp and 886 sp
    • Chest with three sacks each holding 150 gp
    • Chest with gold Crown set with emeralds (425 gp), red silk pillow with gold thread (40 gp), a gold scepter set with malachite (175 gp) stolen from the duchy of Karendan, Thyatis.
    • Zelligar’s Z Ring (Ring of Mind Shielding) added to room
  • Area 56
    • leather sack with 103 gp, electrum fish with sapphires (220 gp), a silver candelabra (63 gp), and three black dragon scales.
The Lonely Tower
  • Area 3
    • Portal to above the entrance
    • Portal to another plane in chimney
    • Metal box with 123 cp, 44 ep, three zircon gemstones (50 gp), bold bracelet with onyx (235 gp)
Zelligar’s Sanctuary
  • Area 2
    – random potions
    – Brazier with fanciful designs of demons conducting despicable acts on brass (75 gp)
    – three small rubies (250 gp)
  • Area 4
    • Zelligar’s Staff (Staff of Stone)
    • Magic Dagger of teleportation (not found)
  • Area 5
    • 75 Golden Tiles (50 gp)
Rogahn’s Tomb
  • Area 2
    • 10x gems (50 gp)
  • Area 4
    • Longsword +1 Enhancement (Weapon +1 Enhancement)
    • Silver shortsword with Ruby in Pommel (475 gp) turned into Shortsword of the Moon (Weapon of Skill)
    • Halberd of the Guard (Weapon of Skill)
    • Dark ash longbow with silver filigree (245 gp) turned into Longbow of the Dark (Weapon of Skill)
    • Wooden Sword set with serrated shark teeth (65 gp)
    • Curbed ceremonial dagger in an ivory and leather scabbard (mysteriously missing) – Turned into Artefact
    • War Pick with Golden Head (symbol of the dwarven arcanist clans on it) – Turned into Artefact

AC 1006 – Mystery in Radlebb Woods – The Outcome

The characters have completed this adventure, and have found the following information:

  • Zelligar is petrified with his statues in his sanctuary
  • Rogahn is not in his tomb, a mysterious skeleton possibly his wife, was discovered at this tomb, but her spirit was destroyed and the only information gathered was a dagger found wedged in her bodies spine.
  • Why the Three Gnome tripplets were investigating the complex remains unknown, or even why they hated each other.
  • That the previous groups consisted of a group of dwarves, a mixed group of adventures and a group of Gnomes.

One of the characters (Dmitri) has a request to the Duke to take ownership of the ruins in the name of Karameikos and start his own dominion within the Duke’s borders. This will no be granted for at least one game year due to the need to show he can hold the lands, and other factors to be discussed with the player.

Concluding Thoughts

This was a fun adventure to run, though players did loose the reason they were here after being in the tunnels too long, and missed their opportunity to discover the details surrounding Rogahns history. I recommend this adventure as a good suppliment to a 5E campaign, and it helped expanded the storyline of one of my current groups.

The group still has four outstanding issues to deal with before they will be given a tick for completing this investigation.

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