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DnD Adv P1 1004 Cult of the Sacred Stone

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Adventures in Phase One – AC 1004 – Cult of the Sacred Stone

Princes of the Apocalypse – Sacred Stone Monastery

5e-wiz-pota Princes of the Apocalypse
5e-wiz-pota – Princes of the Apocalypse

AC 1004 – Cult of the Sacred Stone – Overview

This is an adventure taken from Princes of the Apocalypse and adapted to the Mystara setting..

This features in the following sections:

AC 1004 – Cult of the Sacred Stone – Timeline

  • TimelineAC 1003Northern Reaches
    • Mystery of the Iceshield Orcs – They are leaving their home mountains of Makkres Mountains located in Vestland (Northern Reaches) in a mass migration, but no one knows why. Investigators are sent to find our why.
    • Mystery of the Travelling Dragonborn – Part 1 – Travelling from Darokin City in three caravans. On headed North, though Ethengar and into the Heldannic Territories. One Headed South, into the Five Shires, through Karameikos, then Thyatis and up the coast of Ylaruam and the Northern Reaches before reaching the Norwold Region. The Last caravan headed east into Ylaruam, then up into Rockhome and out into the Northern Reaches before making it unto the Norwold Region.
  • Still to be Edited
    • Giant Migration – The giants are migrating to the eastern end of Darokin, southern and eastern Rockhome, western Northern Reaches, eastern Karameikos, and western Ylaruam. (rumour)
    • <-> (GAZ7) The Defence of Oktel’s Stead – Trolls are attacking in force, and they need a coordinated defence or they will fall.
    • (mdt) The Spirit Bottle – Investigate a tavern.
    • (mdt) Carrionholme – Issues with hags in a swamp.
    • (mdt) Temple of the Secret Power – rumours of great power in a hidden temple.
  • TimelineAC 1004Northern Reaches
    • Attack of the Fire Giants – A settlement in the borders of Vestland and the Soderfjord Jarldoms called Triboar is attacked by Fire Giants.
    • Attack of the Frost Giants – A settlement in the Soderfjord Jarldoms called Bryn Shander is attacked by Frost Giants.
    • Cult of the Riverguard Keep – A group of mercenaries stationed at Riverguard Keep, are stabilising the countryside around their keep and look to becoming another Jarl of the region.
    • Cult of the Sacred Stone – A group of monks known as the Monks of the Sacred Stone are seen in the region. They have taken up location at a mysterious haunted keep located somewhere in the Northern Reaches.
    • Cult of the Scarlet Moon – A group of druids known as the Circle of the Scarlet Moon are seen in the region.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ7) The Hospitality of Hearth – Heroes learning the way of the jarls and leaders of the north.
    • (mdt) Torment at Torni Tower – Trouble near the swamps.
  • TimelineAC 1005Northern Reaches
    • Cult of the Howling Hatred – A mysterious cult springing up in the known world seems to have originated in the Northern Reaches.
    • Cult of the Riverguard Keep – A group of mercenaries stationed at Riverguard Keep have established themselves as a new Jarldom in Vestland.
    • Cult of the Sacred Stone – A group of monks known as the Monks of the Sacred Stone are active in the region. They are taking on new students at the Sacred Stone Monastery located in Vestland.
    • Cult of the Scarlet Moon – A group of druids known as the Circle of the Scarlet Moon performing the Rite of the Wicker Giant. And a mysterious haunted keep located somewhere in the Northern Reaches.
    • Mystery of the Fire Witches – A mysterious cult of fire worshippers is plaguing the edge of Vestland and threatening to spill into the Ethengarian grasslands..
  • Still to be Edited
    • (X3) Curse of Xanathon – the town of Rhoona on the border of Rockhome faces a curse from Ethengar which may cause the town to collapse and ruin the best beer in the region.

AC 1004 – Cult of the Sacred Stone – The Concept

This Village of Red Larch is located in Vestland, north of Trollheim in hex (Vestland+13-6). This represents 17 hexes to the north and 6 hexes to the southwest. This is in the hex in Vestland adjacent to Ethengar and Heldannic Territories. Other the the change in location, nothing needs to be changed to make this adventure work. This used the Sacred Stone Monastery adventure.

Characters have been asked to look into a group of monks called the Sacred Stone Order.

AC 1004 – Cult of the Sacred Stone – The Reveal

AC 1002 – Monks of the Sacred Stone have entered the region, and have begun searching for something unknown.

AC 1003 – The monks have found an old ruin where they have concentrated their search, and started to make it livable again.

AC 1004 – The monks have named the ruins the Sacred Stone Monastery, and continue to explore the region surrounding it.

AC 1005 – The monastery now complete is accepting new students.

AC 1004 – Cult of the Sacred Stone – The Outcome

This adventure has not been run but the following has been discovered.

  • The monks belong to a cult of elemental earth practitioners who teach the art style known as the Sacred Stone.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-23 – Was called “Mystery at the Sacred Stone Monastery” and is changed to “Cult of the Sacred Stone” in fitting with the campaign ideals.
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AC 1004 (Year 5) – (2/11) – Cult (of the Sacred Stone), Mystery (in the Silver Sierras), School Assignment (Lupins or Werewolves)

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(Tier 2 – Investigation 16/50)

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