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DnD Adv Ann Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Adventures set Annually – Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons

Game Master Created

This is a storyline written for the Wrath of the Immortals..

In teh Company of Dragons
D&D 5E In the Company of Dragons

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons – The Overview

This features in the following sections:

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons – The Timeline

  • TimelineAC 1000Karameikos
  • Still to be Edited
    • <-> (B9) Castle Caldwell and Beyond. A local businessman has inherited a castle and needs adventures to clear out the current occupants.
    • (B11) Kings Festival. A festival is organised by the Duke.
    • (B12) Queens Harvest. After the King’s Festival another one is organised by the Duchess.
    • (dmt) The Goblin Warren – A goblin warband is growing in power.
    • (dmt) Pit Your Wits – Strange stories coming from the goblin forest.
    • Beneath the Keep (GG) Intro to keep on the borderlands.
  • TimelineAC 1000Ylaruam
  • Still to be Edited
    • The Jade Hare. A group of goblins have stolen a holy relic and the village has put out a contract to have it returned.
  • TimelineAC 1001Norwold Region
  • Still to be Edited
    • Visitors from another land – people from a word where the sun revolves around them, and not the other way around venture into the realm with screaming birds of prey – the signature flying machine of the Heldannic Knights.
  • TimelineAC 1001Ylaruam
  • Still to be Edited
    • <-> Battle for the Ridge – an outpost on the edge of the escarpment needs to be retaken.
    • (dmt) The Dreamer’s Shrine – A lost shrine is rediscovered.
    • (dmt) The Broken River – A mighty river once crossed Ylaruam, its source appears to have been discovered.
    • (dmt) Buried Council Chambers – New ruins uncovered.
  • TimelineAC 1002Norwold Region
  • Still to be Edited
    • The Gnomes are Conquered – The Heldannic Knights take over the lands of the Gnomes, they don’t change any of their culture or identity, but use them to provide a base of operations in the Hollow World.
    • Rime of the Frostmaiden – Ten Towns
  • TimelineAC 1003Norwold Region
    • Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of Dragons – Dragonborn variations. First sightings of different types of dragonborn.
    • Mystery of the Iceshield Orcs – They are leaving their home mountains of Makkres Mountains located in Vestland (Northern Reaches) in a mass migration, but no one knows why. Investigators are sent to find our why.
    • Mystery of the Travelling Dragonborn – Part 1 – Travelling from Darokin City in three caravans. On headed North, though Ethengar and into the Heldannic Territories. One Headed South, into the Five Shires, through Karameikos, then Thyatis and up the coast of Ylaruam and the Northern Reaches before reaching the Norwold Region. The Last caravan headed east into Ylaruam, then up into Rockhome and out into the Northern Reaches before making it unto the Norwold Region.
  • Still to be Edited
    • Knights Above – The Heldannic Knights explore the Hollow World.
    • Rime of the Frostmaiden – Icewind Dale
  • TimelineAC 1004Ylaruam
  • Still to be Edited
    • (mdt) Nekh-ta-Nebi’s Tomb – A map to a pyramid in the desert.
    • (mdt) The Burning Temple – A site of fire worshippers is discovered.
    • (mdt) Throne of the Dwellers in Dreams – Another ancient vault discovered.
    • Grimalkin (kp)
    • Tome of Beasts II Lairs – Fight for Horseshoe Rock Oasis
  • TimelineAC 1005Darokin
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The start of this Tier of play, and how the characters can choose to take part in it. A new company hiring heroes to investigate the world situated at the Knight’s Rivett Inn on the North Side of Darokin City is Completed
    • Council of Darokin – Part 1 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for investigations.
    • Mystery in Aegos – A gathering of heroes under a new benefactor seeks to understand the madness gripping the world.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Arcane Chambers under Darokin City.
    • Mystery of the Giant Hunter – A Giant hunter friendly with Merchant princes of Selenica.
    • Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsThe Dragon’s Cart. A mysterious cart, with a mysterious Dragonborn known as Drazzle.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ11) Works of Art – The Craftsman of Darokin celebrate the discovery a sculptor of amazing quality.
    • (B2) The Keep on the Borderlands – Joining the Army up near the border of Darokin and the Broken Lands.
    • (dmt) Chrome Devils from the Swamp – something is drying up the swamp.
    • (dmt) Home Fires  – A Castle has been offered to the new heroes.
    • Eldritch Lairs – Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth
  • TimelineAC 1005Glantri
    • School Assignment – Beggars Court. While on assignment from the Great School of Magic your tasked with finding a nobles son and an artefact he stole lost in Beggars Court.
    • Test of High Sorcery. Do the characters have what it takes to be declared a Glantrian Wizard, or will they simply be a hedge wizard or dabbler in the arts.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC4) Bringing in the Herd – The herd animals in the region are in low supply, so more needs to be obtained to keep the populace safe on the nights of a full moon.
  • TimelineAC 1005Karameikos
    • Black Eagle – Escape. Forced to escape from a deadly situation by the Black Eagle Barony.
    • Explore – Karameikos. Enter into unexplored regions of the nation and return with journals, maps and stories.
    • Mystery in Radlebb Woods – The sanctuary of Traldar heroes has been discovered, and heroes have been sent to investigate. This is the second year its been requested. A group lead by three Wizardly Gnomish brothers heads off to find out what happened to the dwarves and if they can fare better.
    • Mystery of the Duke’s Road Massacres. Spring (Thaumont) In Thaumont (3rd Month), an outpost near the Krakatos ruins is massacred. Investigation has tracks leading into the river, with a team from Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau looking into it and finding nothing.
    • Mystery of the Great Gnome Caravan – The Gnome Caravan has been missing for a year and all news leads to the city of Kelvin in Karameikos.
    • Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsThe Dragon’s Cart. A mysterious cart, with a mysterious Dragonborn known as Drazzle.
    • Mystery of the Magic Mirror – A mirror artefact of unknown power has taken two heroes of Karameikos believed to be associated with the warlord Skarda and Verge. A call had been put out for experts to solve the mystery.
    • Skirmish at Castallan Keep. Each year recruits are brought to the keep to push back the tide of goblinoids and orcs.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (B2) The Keep on the Borderlands – Joining the Army up near the border of Karameikos and Ylaruam.
  • TimelineAC 1006Alphatian Empire
    • Mystery in Aegos – Reports on massive loss of life, a catastrophe and a volcanic eruption damaging the infrastructure of the island.
    • Mystery of the Dual Memories – Summer with the case of the dual memories coming to a climax in Sundsvall, Alphatia.
    • Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsGoing Backwards. A group of adventurer take the plunge and enter through the strange gate at the back of The Dragon’s Cart that appears to be a black door to nothingness described only as “Going Backwards”.
    • Time Travel – Castle Amber – After going backwards a group finds themselves in past of Glantri.
    • Still to be Edited
      • Wrath of the Immortals – Thyatis Intrudes – Thyatis warns Alphatia to stay out of the region. (Event I – Fall 1004)
      • (GAZB) Shaek in the Night – Travel to Blackheart to find a rogue mage and return with him alive.
      • Eldritch Lairs – Palace of the Wind Lords

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons – The Concept

What are the dragons up to?

They start the introduction section of the campaign (Phase One) withdrawing from most of their lairs and are seen in numbers heading to Norworld but not away from it.

Then the Dragonborn are a strange introduction to the region as they have no visible way to reproduce, yet are appearing in various places of the Known World. Then variations of them start to appear.

That they have hidden cities are revealed at the end of Phase One.

Phase Two includes a mysterious cart only known as The Dragon’s Cart. During this phase it becomes clear that the owner of the Cart travels through time, and has multiple variations. These variations have been identified as the following:

  • Paster Drazzle – Friend of Tidal and known for his bronze colouration and access to clerical magic, with authority over other dragonborn. Known to be about 6 ft tall. (Cleric Drazzle)
  • Storyteller Dr. Azzle – Friend of Lani and writer of tales, and has produced a number of books with one about Tidal being quite famous. Known to be about 6.5 ft tall. (Bard Drazzle)
  • Captain Razzle – Heavily armoured, wielder of the twin axes of Flame and Frost and rarely seen far from battle. Known to use anything as a lethal weapon. Known to be 7 ft tall. (Paladin Drazzle)
  • Magus Draz – Scarred gemstone encrusted dragonborn at least 8 ft tall with access to magic and draconic support unheard of. (Wizard Drazzle)
  • DR – Pair of floating draconic eyes assessing from the shadows, always hidden under robes or in shadows. (Rogue Drazzle)

This phase also has each of these incarnations, and a fifth unidentified one appearing throughout the time stream making changes and ripples through reality.

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons – The Reveal

  • AC 1000 – Dragonborn Arrive – The first glimpses of Dragonborn on records are near the Wrymsteeth mountains, Atruaghin Clans, Karameikos and Ylaruam. At first they were believed to be the mythical half-dragons.
    • Atruaghin Clans – Oldest known Dragonborn on record is aged 5, named Drazzle and currently in the Atruaghin Clans region.
    • Karameikos – a wandering dragonborn with no memory where he came from showed up in the river near Verge.
    • Norwold Region – Chromatic and Metallic dragonborn are witnessed in large numbers appearing to patrol the mountain ranges.
    • Ylaruam – A squad of blue dragonborn is conducting war games in the Ylari deserts.
  • AC 1001Dragonborn Militia. Large numbers of Dragonbown acting as militia and protecting various areas of the world start to get noticed.
    • Norwold Region – The upper reaches of the Wyrmsteeth mountains have become closed to all but dragons and their kin.
    • Ylaruam – an outpost on the edge of the escarpment needs to be retaken from bandits and Dragonborn intercede.
  • AC 1002 – Dragon Migration. Dragons are seen flying towards the North and the Wrymsteeth Mountains.
    • Norwold Region – Dragons everywhere – dragons are seen everywhere over the Wyrmsteeth mountains, and few elsewhere in the world.
  • AC 1003Dragonborn variations. First sightings of different types of dragonborn.
    • Norwold Region – Dragonborn variations – A rumour spreads of dragonborn without tails and those with wings make their way from the Wyrmsteeth Mountains.
  • AC 1004Dragon Settlements. First sightings of Hidden Dragon Settlements.
    • Atruaghin Clans – Following Drazzle to his home clutch in the Bay of Whales, the group find them training a new generation of Dragonborn. Tidal leaves some tokens for his daughter to pick up if she visits.
    • Ylaruam – As part of desert maneuvers, characters are invited into the hidden desert cities of dragons.
  • AC 1005The Dragon’s Cart. A mysterious cart, with a mysterious Dragonborn known as Drazzle.
    • Darokin – A strange meeting in Selenica has a group of hooded Dragonborn present a strange cart referred to as The Dragon’s Cart to a Bronze dragonborn they called Paster Drazzle.
    • Glantri – Sightings of the Magus Draz and The Dragon’s Cart.
    • Karameikos – Soldiers are lost investigating The Dragon’s Cart.
  • AC 1006 – Going Backwards. A group of adventurer take the plunge and enter through the strange gate at the back of The Dragon’s Cart that appears to be a black door to nothingness described only as “Going Backwards”.
    • Alphatia – A nexus of Drazzles were visible in the incident leading up the to the imprisonment of the emissaries from Glantri. People who go “Backwards” have to complete a quest as part of the transition, with success of the quest impacting their person timestream.

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons – The Outcome

This is a story point that has not been explored and will continue in the background.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-22 – Update to the layout, timeline and content.
D&D Adventures

By Country (3/3) – Glantri, Karameikos, Ylaruam

Introduction: (13/13) – Alfheim, Atruaghin Clans, Broken Lands, Darokin, Ethengar, Five Shires, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Minrothad, Northern Reaches, Rockhome, Ylaruam

Annual: (6/11) – Atruaghin Clans Ascension, Ethengar Totems, Land of Black Sands, Mystery (of the Duke’s Road Massacres, of the Forgotten Dungeon, of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons)

Phase 1
(Tier 1 – Introduction 11/46)

AC 1000 (Year 1) – (2/8) – Lord of Lance Rock, Relic Hunter (Dragon Hatchery)

AC 1001 (Year 2) – (1/8) – Relic Hunter (Tomb of Moving Stones)

AC 1002 (Year 3) – (3/9) – Business (Bargewright Inn), Cult (of the Feathergale Knights), Mystery (of the Missing Delegation)

AC 1003 (Year 4) – (3/10) Cult (of the Riverguard Keep), Mystery (in Atruaghin’s Palace, of the Iceshield Orcs)

AC 1004 (Year 5) – (2/11) – Cult (of the Sacred Stone), Mystery (in the Silver Sierras), School Assignment (Lupins or Werewolves)

Phase 2
(Tier 2 – Investigation 16/50)

AC 1005 (Year 6) – (12/19) – Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau, Cult (of the Scarlet Moon, of the Valley of Death), Mystery (in Aegos, in Sundsvall, in Thyatis City, of the Alphatian Duellers, of the Dead Elf, of the Great Gnome Caravan, of the Magic Mirror, of the Missing Pilgrims), Relic Hunter (Dinosaurs)

1006 AC (Year 7) – (6/12) – Mystery (Dinner Assassins, in Radlebb Woods, in Ringrise, in Wendar, of the Dual Memories), Time Travel Castle Amber

1007 AC (Year 8) – (5/16) – Thanatos and the Azcans, Thanatos and the Milenians, Thanatos and the Nithians, Thanatos and the Shahjapurs, The Day Magic Died

Year 9 – 6, Year 10 – 5

Phase 3 (Tier 3 – War 28), Year 11 – 10, Year 12 – 5, Year 13 – 4, Year 14 – 4, Year 15 – 4

Phase 4 (Tier 4 – Conclusion 7) Year 16 – 3, Year 17 – 2, Year 18 – 1, Year 19 – 1, Year 20

Phase 5 (Tier 5 – tba)

Phase 6 (Tier 6 – tba)

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