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Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Adventures – Introduction to Kamameikos

Source: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (0e-gaz-01)

This is a storyline is used as an introduction adventures for the Wrath of the Immortals based in the Grand Ducy of Karameikos.

  • GAZ1 – The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (5th Edition)
  • Group: Wednesday (D&D Week)
  • Session 1 to 32 (32 sessions)
  • 14th January 2015 to 18th May 2016
  • Players: David B – Boris (31), Annette – River (28), Jeremy – Dmitros (27), Jeff – Van Halen (27), Shannan – Daimos (1) / Buliwwf (6) / Saurian (22), Mel – Umbra (3) / Penelope (15), Mitchel – Sordren (5), Stuart C – Sherman (3), Joshua – Morgran (1)

This features in the following sections:

5e-wiz-ph DnD Players Handbook
5e-wiz-ph – D&D 5E Players Handbook
0e-gaz-01 Karameikos
0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
  • Gazetteer – Karameikos
  • Timeline
    • AC 1000-01-01 – Introduction to Karameikos – The mini campaign introducing Karameikos and its locations.
  • Session Recordings
    • AC 1000-01-01 (W) – Introduction to Karameikos – Audio Only Rocordings

Notes of the Karameikos Mini Campaign

The sessions involved in this post ran from the 14th of January 2015 to the 18th of May 2016; a total of 32 sessions.

The setup

Six players, each having backgrounds that fitted into the setting or changing the setting slightly to allow for the backgrounds to work.

  • Language: When assigning Common to the character sheet, this becomes Thyatian (as Alphatian is not spoken here).
  • Starting location: Threshold, spent last year training to become a hero of the town reaching 1st level at the start of AC 1000.

In addition to running from the gazetteer, I also had a book of adventures called B1-9 In Search of Adventure. This was an amalgamation of 9 of the Basic level adventures (levels 1-5). The basic level adventures fall into Tier 1 level play quite nicely and I have taking this as an adaptation going forward with the Gazetteer series of the base power level I am expecting from the adventure.

I first ran this book in 1989 amongst a group of friends in my first year of high school when I was 12 years old. Was bought by one of the group and traded around till it found me and like most other books at the time I traded, or bought it from the previous owner so I could learn its secrets and run it better.

There is a story progression in the book, and I tried following XP advancement, with downtime activities required for levelling up and after 32 sessions in the one Gazetteer 1 I realised I had gone a little to far in one setting. Characters made it to level 6 and had done two of the modules from the Expert Rules set.

Notable changes to the setting during the story:

  • Dragonborn – Black in the Blight Swamp, Red in the Wufwolde Hills, White in the Altan Tepes Mountains, Bronze along the cliffs of the Eastern Road.
  • Goblins, Grey – In the Altan Tepes Mountains north of Castellian Keep is a tribe of advanced goblins using Brilliant Energy weapons.
  • A Elder Red Dragon claims the Wufwolde Hills region as his own and demands payment and supplication from groups passing through the area.
  • Cult of Halav is run by both Hel and Odin opposing each other with reincarnation.
  • Church of Karameikos is the mainstream religion, and offshoot of the Church of Thyatis. Each has a similar pantheon of gods.
  • Church of Traldar is the backward religion focusing on the last king of Traldar Halav, his queen Petra and their friend Zirchev.
  • Order of the Griffon is a group of people serving the Church of Karameikos as griffon riders and knights of the realm.

Content Updates

  • 2021-05-09 – Moved the mini campaign from the sourcebook to its own post with extra information.
D&D Adventures

By Country (3/3) – Glantri, Karameikos, Ylaruam

Introduction: (13/13) – Alfheim, Atruaghin Clans, Broken Lands, Darokin, Ethengar, Five Shires, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Minrothad, Northern Reaches, Rockhome, Ylaruam

Annual: (6/11) – Atruaghin Clans Ascension, Ethengar Totems, Land of Black Sands, Mystery (of the Duke’s Road Massacres, of the Forgotten Dungeon, of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons)

Phase 1
(Tier 1 – Introduction 11/46)

AC 1000 (Year 1) – (2/8) – Lord of Lance Rock, Relic Hunter (Dragon Hatchery)

AC 1001 (Year 2) – (1/8) – Relic Hunter (Tomb of Moving Stones)

AC 1002 (Year 3) – (3/9) – Business (Bargewright Inn), Cult (of the Feathergale Knights), Mystery (of the Missing Delegation)

AC 1003 (Year 4) – (3/10) Cult (of the Riverguard Keep), Mystery (in Atruaghin’s Palace, of the Iceshield Orcs)

AC 1004 (Year 5) – (2/11) – Cult (of the Sacred Stone), Mystery (in the Silver Sierras), School Assignment (Lupins or Werewolves)

Phase 2
(Tier 2 – Investigation 16/50)

AC 1005 (Year 6) – (12/19) – Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau, Cult (of the Scarlet Moon, of the Valley of Death), Mystery (in Aegos, in Sundsvall, in Thyatis City, of the Alphatian Duellers, of the Dead Elf, of the Great Gnome Caravan, of the Magic Mirror, of the Missing Pilgrims), Relic Hunter (Dinosaurs)

1006 AC (Year 7) – (6/12) – Mystery (Dinner Assassins, in Radlebb Woods, in Ringrise, in Wendar, of the Dual Memories), Time Travel Castle Amber

1007 AC (Year 8) – (5/16) – Thanatos and the Azcans, Thanatos and the Milenians, Thanatos and the Nithians, Thanatos and the Shahjapurs, The Day Magic Died

Year 9 – 6, Year 10 – 5

Phase 3 (Tier 3 – War 28), Year 11 – 10, Year 12 – 5, Year 13 – 4, Year 14 – 4, Year 15 – 4

Phase 4 (Tier 4 – Conclusion 7) Year 16 – 3, Year 17 – 2, Year 18 – 1, Year 19 – 1, Year 20

Phase 5 (Tier 5 – tba)

Phase 6 (Tier 6 – tba)

WRATH Campaign

Campaign References: Books,

Base Calendar (Darokin, Ethengar, Five Shires, Glantri, Karameikos, Minrothad, Rockhome), Personalities,

Transports (Airships, Ground, Ships)

Patrons: Abundance, Adventure, Aerial Races, Agriculture, Air, Alchemy, Amazons, Ambition, Anarchy, Ancient, Animals, Aquatic Races, Aranea, Architecture, Arctic, Armourer, the Arts, Astrology, Astronomy, Audacity, Authority, Avianfolk, Avidity, Balance, Battle, Bards, Beauty, Beholders, Berserkers, Betrayal, Birth, Blackflame, Boldness, Books, Bravery, Brute-men, Bugbears, Building, Cannibalism, Catfolk, Cats, Cavalry, Centaurs, Chance, Chaos, Charity, Charms, Cheating, Children, Circumvention, Cities,

Immortal Titles: Aesirs, Ancient, Celestial,

National Patrons: Alfheim, Alphatian Empire, Aquarendi, Ar, Azcan, Blackheart, Brasolia, Children of Atruaghin,

D&D 5E in Mystara

D&D MenuAdventures, Artefacts, Backgrounds, Classes, Dominions, Downtime, Feats, Gazetteers, Gods, Magical Items, Monsters, Organisations, Pantheons, Races, Ranks & Titles, Rune Magic, Secret Crafts, Settlements, Spells, Timeline, Weapons Mastery

WRATH: Campaign, Design

Game ManagementAnnotated Stat Block, Character Creation, Choosing a New Campaign, Gaming over Skype, GM’s Luck Roll, Tracking Experience

Class Builds – Artificer – Bombardier (Tinkerkin), Barbarian – Totem Warrior (Ethegnarian), Totem Warrior (Heldannic), Bard – College of Valour (Sunfey), Druid – Circle of Dreams (Woodfey), Circle of the Tree of Life (Seasonfey), Fighter – Battlemaster (Seashire), Eldritch Knight (Kerendan), Weapons Master (Makai), Weapons Master (Stonebound), Monk – Way of the Elements (Waterchild), Paladin – Oath of Radiance (Sunfey), Oath of Vengeance (Firechild), Sorcerer – Wild Magic (Shadowfey), Warlock – Celestial (Sunfey), Wizard – Bladesinger (Seasonfey), Dragon – White. Multiclass – Cleric/Wizard (Ethengarian), Rogue/Cleric (Atruaghin), Rogue/Sorcerer (Seashire), Wizard/Rogue (Traladaran)


Session Recordings – Campaign Journals

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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