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DnD Floorplans Thyatian

Dungeons and Dragons – Floorplans

Thyatian Style Floorplans

0e-gaz-box Dawn of the Emperors Thyatis and Alphatia
0e-gaz-box Dawn of the Emperors Thyatis and Alphatia


  • 12×20 5 ft squares
Thyatian Manor
gaz1 Thyatian Manor
Typical Thyatian Manor Upper
gaz1 Typical Thyatian Manor Upper

Tavern, Large

  • 16×12 5 ft squares

​The large tavern is the type you find in large cities – The Black-Heart Lily of Specularum is such a tavern.​

Thyatian Large Tavern
gaz1 Thyatian Large Tavern

Tavern, Small

  • 9×12 5 ft squares

The small tavern is found in both cities and in countryside.​

Thyatian Small Tavern
gaz1 Thyatian Small Tavern
Thyatian Small Tavern Uppdar
gaz1 Thyatian Small Tavern Upper

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