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DnD Adv P2 1005 Mystery in Thyatis City

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Adventures in Phase Two – AC 1005 – Mystery in Thyatis City

Spring AC 1005 – Thyatis’s Revolt

0e-wi-bs2 WRATH
0e-wi-bs2 – Wrath of the Immortals – The Immortals Fury

AC 1005 – Mystery in Thyatis City – Overview

Wrath of the Immortals – Event E01

This is one of the events that happen in the campaign that character can be part of. This is Event E01 of Wrath of the Immortals. This E01 is the First of the Events as part of the Wrath of the Immortals campaign that was originally set in the year AC 1004.

This features in the following sections:

AC 1005 – Mystery in Thyatis City – Timeline

  • Timeline – AC 1001Thyatian Empire
    • Mystery in Thyatis City – New ships are under construction, with more work being done than the nations shipyards can handle.
    • Still to be Edited
      • Tomb of AnnihilationPort Nyanzaru – Set in West Portage, Isle of Dawn, calling for adventurers to explore the unknown.
      • Baldur’s Gate – Descent into Avernus – Dungeon of the Dead Three – A chance encounter with cultists of the dragon.
      • Recruitment Drive – The national guard is hiring.
  • Timeline – AC 1002Thyatian Empire
    • Mystery in Thyatis City – New fortifications have been ordered for the nations shipyards.
    • Mystery of Missing Delegation – An group of delegates from the Heldannic Freeholds were moving south into Vestland (Northern Reaches) and have disappeared. (Order of the Gauntlet and Zhentarim)
    • Still to be Edited
      • (DDA2) Legions of Thyatis – Senator Helenites Osteropolus invites a group of heroes to help with the mistreatment of the gladiators in Thyatis.
      • Bulder’s Gate – Descent into Avernus – The Low Lantern – A son of a lord can be met at the Low Lantern.
      • Bulder’s Gate – Descent into Avernus – Vanthampur Villa – Another noble son, another puzzle.
      • (dwt) Neotomas’ Paradise – Disappearances have led to monsters in the sewers.
  • Timeline – AC 1003Thyatian Empire
    • Mystery in Thyatis City – Recruitment for the national guard units and orders to military supplies have caught the interest of other nations.
    • Mystery of the Travelling Dragonborn – Part 1 – Travelling from Darokin City in three caravans. On headed North, though Ethengar and into the Heldannic Territories. One Headed South, into the Five Shires, through Karameikos, then Thyatis and up the coast of Ylaruam and the Northern Reaches before reaching the Norwold Region. The Last caravan headed east into Ylaruam, then up into Rockhome and out into the Northern Reaches before making it unto the Norwold Region.
    • Still to be Edited
      • (GAZB) Escape from Borydos – A group of heroes are trapped on the Devil’s Island of Thyatis.
      • Tomb of Annihilation: Land of Chult – Journey into the reaches of the Isle of Dawn where very few have returned.
      • Bulder’s Gate – Descent into Avernus – Under the Villa (Thyatis AC 1003) – A quest to find the Shield of the Hidden Lord.
      • Bulder’s Gate – Descent into Avernus – Candlekeep – gather all the components needed to go to Hell.
      • (dwt) Thelamos – Another venture into the sewer system.
  • Timeline – AC 1005Thyatian Empire
    • Mystery in the Baizzan Hills – A tower in the hills of the Barony of Biazzan bordering the Imperial Territories is rumoured to have been destroyed by Hill Giants.
    • Mystery in Thyatis City – Spring with an issues with soldier, sailors and bread has developed in Thyatis City.
    • Still to be Edited
      • (X8) Drums of Fire Mountain – Rollo Bargmann has a quest to investigate an Island within the Thyatian naval waters.
      • Tomb of Annihilation: Dwellers of the Forbidden City – rumours spread of a city in the middle of the wilderness of the Isle of Dawn.

AC 1005 – Mystery in Thyatis City – The Concept

Set in Spring (Months 3 to 5) in AC 1004. I have moved the event to AC 1005 to make it part of Phase Two of the storyline.

Things have been busy in Thyatis lately. In recent months, the soldiers and sailors of the Thyatian army and navy, who are normally pushy and arrogant, have been outdoing themselves. On the Isle of Dawn, half of which is controlled by the Thyatian Empire and half by the Alphatian Empire is an uncomfortable state.

At the same time, Thyatian warships have been very confrontational towards ships of non-allied nations and have been accused of piracy against trade-ships from Norwold and other Alphatian territories.

Meanwhile, in Thyatis City, the gladiatorial festivities are more lavish than ever, the parties and festivals are being thrown more often and with wilder abandon, all in all, it’s a very entertaining place to be… until one spring day when everything goes wrong.

AC 1005 – Mystery in Thyatis City – The Reveal

AC 1001 – This is early staging for the military build up, as building enough ships to fight a war takes time, and the current fleet is not in the best shape. Funds are diverted from public works to build more ships.

AC 1002 – Due to the overloaded shipyards, they are expanded to cater for the extra workload needed and have their defences upgraded to better protect them. Funds are diverted from public works to expand the shipyards.

AC 1003 – To outfit an army, you need to have equipment and supplies, and places to store them. Orders are places with surrounding nations, new warehouses are being built, and stocks of food, armour and weapons are being amassed. Funds are diverted from public works, and the introduction of the zzonga fruit to the officers and officials of the capital begins.

AC 1004 – Recruitment of the expanded army begins, though it is unfocused and the best soldiers are being sent to shore up the surrounding cities leaving Thyatis City to be protected by the new recruits. The free bread rations of the city are halved to cut costs.

AC 1005 – Lack of training and discipline have hit the troops protecting Thyatis City, their gear is substandard, and the diversion of public funds has dropped the sanitation and medical needs of the city to breaking point. Then the free bread that feeds the populace as a staple is contaminated causing the breaking point and starting the riots.

AC 1005 – Mystery in Thyatis City – The Outcome

On that date, an enormous riot takes place in the Thyatis City. The lower classes have for months seen a steady decline in the quality of the free bread passed out every morning in the city, bread which sustains the life of thousands of poorer Thyatians. While the size of a typical loaf of bread has shrunk in half, the loaves handed out have been only half-cooked and usually swimming in maggots. Finally the city’s lower classes revolt, storming the Coliseum during one of the gladiatorial games.

Significantly, the Thyatian legions inside the city are poorly-trained and badly-led, they are unable to put down the rebellion. Far too many legions from other Thyatian cities have to be brought in to quell the insurrection, but quell it they finally do.

Over the next few weeks, the scandal continues to worsen as it is discovered that funds which were to be spent on the free bread were bring diverted to fund several senators nightly festivities, notoriously decadent affairs. Additionally, many Thyatian officers are charged with dereliction of duty or with incompetence, especially those who appear to be addicted to the dangerous zzonga fruit, they are executed.

Many of those convicted for embezzlement, bribery, and corruption break out of jail and leave for foreign parts, often in the company of their paramours, men and women of foreign nationality. Subsequent investigations of the Thyatian prisons reveal that they are rife with corruption, dozens of jailers and military officers involved with the prison system are exectuded.

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  • 2021-08-23 – Updates to layout, menu and added more information and background.
D&D Adventures

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AC 1004 (Year 5) – (2/11) – Cult (of the Sacred Stone), Mystery (in the Silver Sierras)

Phase 2
(Tier 2 – Investigation 16/50)

AC 1005 (Year 6) – (10/17) – Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau, Cult (of the Scarlet Moon), Mystery (in Aegos, in Sundsvall, in Thyatis City, of the Alphatian Duellers, of the Dead Elf, of the Great Gnome Caravan, of the Magic Mirror, of the Missing Pilgrims)

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