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Campaign – Personalities

This contains all the personalities over the Wrath of the Immortals campaigns that the characters have interacted with in the storylines. If I have missed some, please let me know.

This will also provide a naming convention for all the races based on what is used in setting.

All known Personalities

All Racial Links
Celestial, Dragon, Dwarven, Elementals, Elven, Fey, Fiend, Genasi, Giants, Gnome, Halfling, Undead – Humans (Alasiyan, Ethengarian, Hattian, Heldannic, Karendan, Makai, Makistani, Nithian, Nuari, Thyatian, Traladaran)

AAbdullah Hazarken (see Alasiyan), Abdullah ibn Hamid (see Alasiyan), Adriana Karameikos (see Kerendan), al Babrak (Nizam (see Alasiyan)), Aladan Voll (see Makai), Aleena Halaran (see Thyatian), Aleksander Torenescu (see Traladaran), Aleksyev Nikelnevich (see Traladaran), Alexius Korrigan (see Kerendan), Alfric Oderbry (see Hattian), Alki (see Elven), Alya (see Traladaran), Anton Radu (see Traladaran), Antonic (Halia (see Thyatian), Retameron (see Thyatian)), Antonito Radu (see Traladaran), Arkayz (Lindrium (see Nithian)), Arloen Treelife (see Elven), Arteris Penhaligan (see Thyatian), Arthol (see Kerendan), Arturus Penhaligan (see Thyatian)

BBaik Telor (see Makistani), Baragustas (see Ethengarian), Bargle the Infamous (see Hattian), Bartran Cordelius (see Thyatian), Beasthunter (see Elven), Beerthumb (Boris (see Traladaran)), Belak (see Thyatian), Benji Frankfoot (see Halfling), Bolto Nordenshield (see Dwarven), Boris Beerthumb (see Traladaran), Boris Torenescu (see Traladaran), Braford (see Thyatian), Brendian Erendyl (see Elven), Brightsword (see Elven),

CCalcryx (see Dragon), Caldwell (Clifton (see Kerendan)), Carlisan (see Elven), Carmina de Belcadiz (see Elven), Carnelia de Belcadiz (see Elven), Cartha Radu (see Traladran), Christopher Torenescu (see Traladaran), Clifton Caldwell (see Kerendan), Coolhands (see Elven), Cordelius (Bartran (see Thyatian)), Cornel Osteric (see Hattian), Ctenmiir (see Undead), Cyanwrath (Langderosa (see Dragon)),

DDaisy of Desnae (see Elven), Daood (see Thyatian), Dasa Zotz (see Elemental), de Belcadiz (Carmina (see Elven), Carnelia (see Elven), Ilona (see Elven)), de Leon y Valdex (Marianita Lucia (see Elven)), Demon Ball (see Undead), Desmond II Kelvin (see Kerendan), Dmitrios Torenescu (see Traladaran), Dominicus Greybeard (see Hattian), Dorfus Hilltopper (see Gnome), Doriath Erendyl (see Elven), Dorran Finehammer (see Dwarven), Drazzle (see Dragon), Draugin Smallhammer (see Elven), Dromilov (Lev (see Traladaran)), Durifern Widefarer (see Elven), Durnan (see Neathar), Durnn (see Goblin), Dyradyl Feadiel (see Elven),

EEdoard of Threshold (see Thyatian), Edrecort (see Genasi), Emil Radu (see Traladaran), Elisabeth Hobnobby (see Nuari), Emilio The Great (see Thyatian), Emmit Kelso (see Thyatian), Erendyl (Brendian (see Elven), Doriath (see Elven)), Erky Timbers (see Gnome), Erlanthar (Leosin (see Elven)), Estella Whitehall (see Thyatian),

FFeadiel (Dyradyl (see Elven)), Finehammer (Dorran (see Dwarven)), Flameflicker (see Traladaran), Flintfoot (Jenkin (see Halfling)), Frankfoot (Benji (see Halfling)), Frulam Mondath (see Heldannic),

GGunter Schonberg (see Nuari), Greybeard (Dominicus (see Hattian)), Grygori Vorloi (see Thyatian)

HHabib ibn Ruhollah (see Alasiyan), Hakeem (see Alasiyan), Halaran (Aleena (see Thyatian), Merrik (see Thyatian), Sherlane (see Thyatian)), Halia Antonic (see Thyatan), Hasan (see Elven), Hazarken (Abdullah (see Alasiyan)), Hilltopper (Dorfus (see Gnome)), Hobnobby (Elisabeth (see Nuari)), Hucrele (Sharwyn (see Thyatian)), Hyraksos (Katriana (see Traladaran), Lucius (see Nuari)),

Iibn Hamid (Abdullah (see Alasiyan)), ibn Ravi (Khamil (see Alasiyan)), ibn Ruhollah (Habib (see Alasiyan)), Ilona de Belcadiz (see Elven),

JJenkin Flintfoot (see Halfling), Jenlar Temlin (see Traladaran), Jot (see Fiend), Jowett (Oliver (see Hattian)), Justin Karameikos (see Kerendan),

KKalka-Kylla (see Celestial), Karameikos (Adriana (see Kerendan), Justin (see Kerendan), Olivia (see Hattian), Stefan III (see Kerendan), Valen (see Kerendan)), Karelena (see Fey), Katrina Hyraksos (see Traladaran), Keslo (Emmit (see Thyatian)), Kelvin (Desmond II (see Kerendan)), Khamil ibn Ravi (see Alasiyan), Korrigan (Alexius (see Kerendan)), Kukulkan (see Celestial),

LLangderosa Cyanwrath (see Dragon), Lennithon (see Dragon), Leosin Erlanthar (see Elven), Lev Dromilov (see Traladaran), Lindrium Arkayz (see Nithian), Lucan Tormandros (see Traladaran), Lucius Hyraksos (see Nuari), Ludwig von Hendriks (see Kerendan), Lutescu (Vlad (see Traladaran)), Luthier Sforza (see Traladaran), Lynnwyll (see Elven),

MMagda Marilenev (see Traladaran), Magdel (see Hattian), Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdex (see Elven), Marianna Vorloi (see Thyatian), Marilenev (Magda (see Traladaran)), Mealidan (see Elven), Merdiz (see Thyatian), Merrik Halaran (see Thyatian), Merisa (see Elven), Miryala (see Elven), Mondath (Frulam (see Heldannic)), Moorkroft (see Thyatian),

NNightscale (see Dragon), Nikelnevich (Aleksyev (see Traladaran)), Nizam al Babrak (see Alasiyan), Nordenshield (Bolto (see Dwarven)),

OOderbry (Alfric (see Hattian)), Oliver Jowett (see Hattian), Olivia Karameikos (see Hattian), Olivia Prothemain (see Hattian), Oreioth (see Ethengarian), Osteric (Cornel (see Hattian)),

PPenhaligan (Arteris (see Thyatian), Arturus (see Thyatian)), Phillip Vorloi (see Thyatian), Pieter Radu (see Traladaran), Platterman (Stubbs (see Halflings)), Prestelle (see Elven), Prothemain (Olivia (see Hattian)),

RRadu (Anton (see Traladaran), Antonito (see Traladaran), Cartha (see Traladaran), Emil (see Traladaran), Pieter (see Traladaran), Theodosius (see Traladaran), Zweis (see Traladaran)), Rahasia (see Elven), Rahib (see Alasiyan), Redsword Truetalker (see Elven), Retameron Antonic (see Traladaran),

SSascia (see Traladaran), Schonberg (Gunter (see Nuari)), Sergyev (see Traladaran), Sforza (Luthier (see Traladaran)), Shalander (see Elven), Sharwyn Hucrele (see Thyatian), Sherlane Halaran (see Thyatian), Sindar (see Elven), Smallhammer (Draugin (see Elven)), Solorena (see Fey), Stefan Karameikos III (see Kerendan), Stubbs Plattermann (see Halflings), Sulescu (Zemiros (see Traladaran)), Sylva (see Elven),

TTecuziztecatl (see Celestial), Telor (Baik (see Makistani)), Temlin (Jenlar (see Traladaran)), Teldon (see Genasi), The Barber (see Thyatian), Theodosius Radu (see Traladaran), Timbers (Erky (see Gnome)), Tisza (Vadlo (see Traladaran)), Tloques-Popolocas (see Undead), Torenescu (Aleksander (see Traladaran), Boris (see Traladaran), Christopher (see Traladaran), Dmitrios (see Traladaran)), Tormandros (Lucan (see Traladaran)), Treelife (Arloen (see Elven)), Trilena (see Fey), Truetalker (Redsword (see Elven)),

UUlar-Taman (see Celestial),

VValdo Tisza (see Traladaran), Valen Karameikos (see Kerendan), Vlad Lutescu (see Traladaran), Voll (Aladan (see Makai)), von Hendriks (Ludwig (see Kerendan)), Vorloi (Grygori (see Thyatian), Marianna (see Thyatian), Phillip (see Thyatian)),

WWhitehall (Estella (see Thyatian)), Widefarer (Durifern (see Elven)),

XXipe (see Giant),

YYarol (Zorgrev (see Traladaran)), Yolanda (see Traladaran)

ZZemiros Sulescu (see Traladaran), Zorgrev Yarol (see Traladaran), Zotz (Dasa (see Elemental)), Zweis Radu (see Traladaran),

Dragon or Dragonkin

Dragonkin Personalities (AC 1010) – Calcryx (F Young White), Drazzle (M), Langderosa Cyanwrath (Died), Lennithon (M Adult Blue), Nightscale (F Young Black)

Calcryx (Female Wyrmling White)
1000-07-21 – Rescued in Jhyrrad, Rockhome (3 months old).
1000-07-26 – Leave Xhall for Wyrmsteeth Mountains.
1004-03-21 – Finds Xhall in Glantri.
1005-05-11 – Becomes a Young Adult.
1101-05-11 – Becomes an Adult.
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel

Drazzle (Blue Metallic Dragonbown)
Title: Pastor of Bay of Whales Clutch
1000-01-01 – Met in Deer Tribe, Elk Clan, Atruaghin Clans
Source – GM NPC

Langderosa Cyanwrath (Half-Dragon Champion 6)
1000-06-14 – Killed in Dragon excavation site, Darokin
Source – Tyranny of Dragons

Lennithon (Male Adult Blue)
1000-01-15 – Attacking Fort Marny, Darokin
Source – Tyranny of Dragons

Nightscale (Female Young Black)
1000-07-25 – Met with group under Jhyrrad, Rockhome
1000-07-26 – Headed north to Wyrmsteeth Mountains
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Forge of Fury

Dwarven or Dwarvenkind

Dwarven Personalities (AC 1010) – Bolto Nordenshield (M130 Ftr13), Dorran Finehammer (M, Ftr13),

Dwarven Clans – Torkrest
NordenshieldBolto (Gemwright, Karameikos – Specularum, M130, Ftr13),

Dwarven Clans – Syrklist
FinehammerDorran (Gemwright, Alfheim, M, Ftr13),

Dwarven Names

Dwarves given names are a bit hard sounding and weighty. Family names tend to derive from wartime deeds or special abilities.​

​Given Name (Male): Boldar, Bolto, Dorran, Thoric​

​Given Name (Female): Brunna, Friya​

​Buhrodar Clan Names: Arnskull, Blackbaner, Watchever, Yund

​Everast Clan Names: Rockfist, Stoneshaft, Stoneshoulder, Worldthrone,

​Hurwarf Clan Names: Darkfell, Deepaxe, Deepdelve, Narlagh,

Skarrad Clan Names: Blackhammer, Jundeth, Sstar,

​Syrklist Clan Names: Finehammer, Horn, Ironboot, Quarrymaster, Trueforger,

​Torkrest Clan Names: Battlehammer, Foehammer, Ironshield, Nordenshield, Shieldcracker​, Stoneshield, Wyrmslayer,

​Wyrwarf Clan Names: Bucklebar, Eaglecleft, Gallowglar, Hillsafar, Orothiar,

Elven or Elvenkind

Elvenkind Personalities (AC 1010) – Alki (Died), Arloen Treelife (M Rgr14/Drd10), Beasthunter (M650, Brb13/Wiz10), Brendian Erendyl (F801, Brd9/Drd8), Brightsword (M450, Ftr9/Wiz9), Carlisan (M, Rog7/Wiz7), Carmina de Belcadiz (), Carnelia de Belcadiz (), Coolhands (F, Brd10/Wiz19), Daisy of Desnae (F, Pal8/Clr8), Doriath Erendyl (M, Ftr18/Brd10), Daugin Smallhammer ()M, Ftr11/Wiz10, Durifern Widefarer (M, Rgr10/Wiz9), Dyradyl Feadiel (M Ftr10/Drd15), Hasan (Died), Ilona de Belcadiz (F, Brd10/Wiz19), Leosin Erlanthar (), Lynnwyll (), Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdex (F Wiz19), Mealidan (), Merisa (Died), Miryala (Died), Prestelle (Ftr4), Rahasia (), Redsword Truetalker (), Shalander (M Pal8/Clr7), Sindar (), Sylva (Died)

Elven Clans – Alhambra
de BelcadizDona Ilona (Coolhands in Alfheim, F, Brd10/Wiz19)
de Leon y ValdexMarianita Lucia (F, Wiz19),

Elven Clans – ChossumCalisan (Counselor, M, Rog7/Wiz7), Daisy of Desnae (Alfheim Town, F, Pal8/Clr8), Shalander (Karameikos – Specularum, M120, Pal8/Clr7),

Elven Clans – FeadielDyradyl Feadiel (Clanmaster, Ftr10/Drd15),

Elven Clans – ErendylBrendian (Clanmaster, F801, Pal8/Clr7), Doriath (King, Ftr18/Brd10)
SmallhammerDraugin (Gemcutter Craftsmaster, M, Ftr11/Wiz10,

Elven Clans – GrunalfArloen Treelife (Alfheim – Representative, Rgr14/Drd10), Durifern Widefarer (Clanmaster, Rgr10/Wiz9),

Elven Clans – Long RunnerBeasthunter (Clanmaster, M650, Brb14/Wiz10), Coolhands (F, Brd10/Wiz19)

Elven Clans – Red ArrowBrightsword (Captain of the Guard, M455, Ftr9/Wiz9),

Alki (Eldritch Knight 2)
1003-02-17 – Found in the temple of Siswa, Alfheim and killed by adventuring party sent to save him.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Carmina de Belcadiz (Female Elf)
Title: Donna

Carnelia de Belcadiz (Elf)
Title: Princess of Belcadiz

Hasan (Arcane Archer 2)
1003-02-18 – rescued in temple of siswa, Alfheim, then killed by adventuring party as a witness to their massacre.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Leosin Erlanthar (Elf Monk)
1000-04-12 – Rescued from the Dig Site, Darokin
1001-02-01 – Relocated to Darokin City
Note – Master of Dragons (1st Circle)
Source – Tyranny of Dragons

Lynnwyll (Chossum Clanmaster)
Source – GAZ5

Mealidan (Mealidil Clanmaster)
Source – GAZ5

Merisa (Noble)
1003-02-20 – killed by heroes of Selenica.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Miryala (Noble)
1003-02-18 – slain by heroes of Selenica
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Prestelle (Arcane Archer 4)
Title: Chief Trader
AC 1000 – Chief trader at Rifllian (E3)
AC 1010 – Arcane Archer 4
Source – GAZ1 p39

Rahasia (Noble)
1003-02-16 – Met group of adventurers from Selenica in Alfheim
1003-02-20 – Leaves with the Rahib to escape the murderous heroes.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia)

Redsword Truetalker (Red Arrow Clanmaster)
Source – GAZ5

Sindar (Merchant)
1003-02-15 – Hires a group from the Darokin military to deliver a package to an elven village.
1003-03-15 – Puts a 2,000 gp bounty on the head of each of the military people hired.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia)

Sylva (Noble)
1003-02-20 – killed by heroes of Selenica.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Elven Names

Elvenkind tend only to have one name, something lyrical and unique.​

​Names: Alarrain, Alevar, Algorn, Alki, Allandaros, Amaranth, Anderswen, Andriana, Arloen, Azalarer, Beasthunter, Besathan, Brendian, Brightsword, Carlisan, Celedryl, Clain, Cylithera, Delandra, Deloran, Delsel, Doriath, Draugin, Duarlinga, Durfendor, Durifern, Dylen, Dyradyl, Elana, Eliara, Engledoc, Enoreth, Eronion, Ethrilord, Feadris, Feradar, Ferian, Fillindyl, Fionna, Galladin, Garanahil, Gilanthus, Gilfronden, Godidel, Halimath, Haranavel, Hassan, Jarsali, Jorodrin, Kanali, Kavva, Laranis, Larian, Leadyl, Leosin , Lynnwyl, Malissin, Mealidan, Mendaril, Merisa, Miridor, Miryala, Myris, Prestele, Qantir, Quillan, Rahasia, Semien, Serena, Shalander, Sharastra, Sharlikran, Shelingar, Shermakan, Shurengyla, Sindar, Stellara, Sythaddria, Sylva, Taragin, Telanith, Thalaric, Theriatis, Tuladin, Tulenil, Vanar, Vilana

Surnames: Ariesseu, Arnuanna, Callaril, Callirr, Erendyl, Erewan, Erlanthar, Feadiel, Grunalf, Jaralmus, Marathas, Mealidil, Pyreen, Smallhammer, Treelife, Widefarer, Vyalia

Belcadiz elves – have Spanish style names found in Glantri.

Name (Female) Carmina, Carnelia, Maianita Lucia

Clan Names: de Belcadiz, de Leon y Valdez

Elves, like Alphatians, prefer new names to traditional ones for their children; thus, the listing above is only a sampling of typical elven names. Surnames are optional, some well-known families adopt them, but they are the exceptions, not the rule. Also like Alphatians, elven names are not exclusive by sex. A few elven clans forgo typical elven names in favour of adventuring names similar to those used by the Atruaghins.

Genasi (Alphatian)

Genasi Personalities (AC 1010) – Edrecort (Wiz16), Teldon (M622 Wiz16),
Genasi Names

Genasi – AirTeldon (Specularum, M622, W16),

Genasi – FireEdrecort (Alfheim, W16),

Genasi Names

Names: Aasla, Aendyr, Alphas, Arbana, Ashari, Astriadan, Daricon, Driadne, Ecbashur, Edrecort, Eldrethila, Emeth, Edrecort, Eriadna, Ericall, Haldemar, Halzunthram, Jerbat, Karburan, Kerothar, Lathan, Lourina, Lysander, Mylertendal, Nabonidus, Quinlin, Raman, Ramissur, Rodomil, Serena, Solinari, Syndylus, Talasar, Tarias, Teldon, Terari, Thylera, Torenal, Traviata, Tredorian, Trintillia, Tylari, Tylion, Urbaal, Uthar, VoInay, Volospin, Xerdon, Zandor, Zurnrulim, Zyndryl.

Alphatians do not use family names, nor do they distinguish between male and female names.

The list above offers only sample names, as there are no traditional Alphatian names. Rather than naming children after a friend or relative, Alphatian parents simply invent a name to suit their image of what the child will grow up to be (the augury spell thus plays a large part in their naming customs). These names have no meaning; they are chosen by sound rather than sense-and parents will create a name that strikes them as suitably grand, elegant, or impressive. Male and female names cannot be distinguished by their form, as both are equally arbitrary. DM’s and players should feel free to create their own names for characters, using the ones given here as models.

Gnome and Gnomekind

Gnomekin Personalities (AC 1010) – Dorfus Hilltopper (M), Erky Timbers (M Clr5),

Dorfus Hilltopper (King)
1000-01-01 – King of Highforge
Dorfus is a typical Gnome. He isn’t too fond of humans – though not impolite, he avoids dealing with them whenever possible; the annual Gnome Caravan is enough for him, and he doesn’t even accompany it.
Source – GAZ1 p38

Erky Timbers (Gnome Cleric of Dwarves 5)
1000-07-22 – Rescued in Jhyrrad, Rockhome
Notes – Last seen with Calcryx
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel

Gnome Names

Name (Male): Dorfus, Erky

Clan Names: Hilltopper, Timbers


Halfling Personalities (AC 1010) – Benji Frankfoot (M, Ftr10/Rog8), Jenkin Flintfoot (M90, Ftr7/Rog6), Stubbs Plattermann ()

Halfling Clans – Highshire
FlintfootJenkins (Karameikos – Specularum, M90, Ftr7/Rog6),
FrankfootBenji (Alfheim – Alfheim Town, M, Ftr10/Rog8),

Stubbs Plattermann (Halfling)
Inkeeper of Silver Swan Inn at the Town of Rifllian in Karameikos
Source – GAZ1 p39

Halfling Names

Name (Male) Benji, Jenkin, Stubbs

Clan Names: Flintfoot, Frankfoot, Plattermann

Human – Alasiyan

Alasiyan Personalities (AC 1010) – Abdullah Hazarkan (M55, Clr10), Abdullah ibn Hamid (M Ftr13), Habib ibn Ruhollah (), Harkeem (), Khamil ibn Ravi (Clr8), Nizam al Babrak (Ftr10), Rahib (M Clr7),

Habib ibn Ruhollah (Alasiyan)
Source – GAZ2

Hakeem (Alasiyan Merchant)
1002-04-11 – Threshold
Source – In Search of Adventure – The Hall of Rock

Alasiyan Clans – ibn Hamid – Abdullah (Ftr13),

Khamil ibn Ravi (Alasiyan Ceric 8)
Title: Prayer Leader
AC 1000 – C6
AC 1005 – Clr7
AC 1010 – Clr8
Source – GAZ2

Nizam al Babrak (Alayisan Fighter 10)
AC 1000 – F8
AC 1005 – Ftr9
AC 1010 – Ftr10
Source – GAZ2

Rahib (Male Alasiyan Cleric of Ylaruam 7)
AC 1003 – C5
AC 1003-02-19 – fights of the party in the temple of the siswa, Alfheim
AC 1003-02-20 – leaves with Rahasia
AC 1005 – C6
AC 1010 – C7
Note – Helping to hunt down the murders of Rahasia’s cousins.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Alasiyan Names

Given Name (Male): Abdallah, Abdul, Abu, Ahmed, Ahmad, Aladdin, Ali, Aman, Amar, Amin, Anouar, Aziz, Baba, Badrak, Bechir, Buzurg, Chukri, Daood, Djamal, Farid, Farouk, Faysal, Fued, Habib, Hafez, Haroon, Hassan, Hosni, Hossein, Hussain, Ibrahim, Idris, Ismail, Jaffar, Karim, Khader, Khalid, Khamil, Mahmud, Mansour, Maroof, Mehmet, Modammed, Muhammed, Muammar, Mujibur, Muktar, Mussa, Mustafa, Nadir, Najib, Nasir, Nasser, Nazar, Nizam, Nuri, Omar, Omer, Rachid, Ramman, Ravi, Rezah, Ruhollah, Saddam, Said, Selim, Sheherazad, Sharif, Sherif, Sinbad, Suleiman, Tahir, Tarik, Urabi, Walid, Yasir, Yasser, Yusif, Zia.

Given Name (Female): Aicha, Alia, Amineh, Azeezeh, Besma, Dunya, Farah, Fatima, Jamilia, Jullana, Leilah, Mizra, Myriam, Naomi, Redija, Yasimina, Zurmurrud.

Tribal Name: Awaliq, Awamir, Abidah, Amalisah, Amarat, Anazah, Asir, Awmir, Awazin, Bal-Ubayd, Batahirah, Bayt Kathir, Bayt Yamani, Nami Atiyah, Bani Hajir, Bani Kab, Bani Sakhr, Bani Yas, Buqum, Dahm, Dawasir, Dayyin, Dhafir, Duru, Gani Kalid, Ghamid, Hamid, Harb, Harasis, Hazarkan, Humum, Hudhayl, Hutaym, Huwaytar, Ifar, Janabah, Juhaynah, Mahrah, Manahil, Manasir, Murrah, Muntafiq, Nu’aym, Qahran, Qara, Ruwalah, Rashayidah, Rashid, Shararat, Sulabah, Shammar, Subay, Shihuh, Suhul, Shahran, Sayar, Ujman, Utaybah, Voll, Yam, Yafi, Wahibah, Wayilah, Zahran

Note: People of the Ylari culture also use these names.

Human – Ethengarian

Ethengarian Personalities (AC 1010) – Baragustas (Died), Oreioth (Died)

Baragustas (Ethengarian Priest 5)
1000-02-16 – Killed in Tomb of moving stones, Red Larch
Notes – Avatar of Earth and Darkness (1st Circle), member of the Black Earth Cultists.
Source – Princes of the Apocalypse

Oreioth (Ethengarian Wizard 6)
1000-02-14 – Killed in Necromancer Cave, near Red Larch
Notes – Uncle to Xhall
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel

Human – Heldannic

Heldannic Personalities (AC 1010) – Frulam Mondath (Died)

Frulam Mondath (Human Cleric of Dragons 6)
1000-06-14 – Killed in Dragon excavation site, Darokin
Source – Tyranny of Dragons

Human – Hattian

Hattian Personalities (AC1010) – Alfric Oderbry (M50 Clr16), Arthol (M Ftr5), Bargle the Infamous (M40 Wiz17), Cornel Osteric (M55 Ftr9), Dominicus Greybeard (M, Clr16), Magdel (F25 Clr6), Oliver Jowett (M85 Clr20), Olivia Karameikos (F51 Rog11)

Arthol (Male Hattian Fighter 5)
Title: Sergeant of Threshold
AC 1000 – (F3)
AC 1005 – (Ftr4)
AC 1010 – (Ftr5)
Source – GAZ1

Hattian Clans – JowettOliver (M85, Clr20),

Hattian Clans – OderbryAlfric (M50, Clr16),

Thyatian Clans – OstericCornel (M55, Ftr9),

Hattian Clans – PromethianDuchess Olivia Karameikos (Wife of Stefan Karameikos, F51, Rog11)

Human – Kerendan

Kerendan Personalities (AC 1010) – Adriana Karameikos (F30 Ftr6), Alexius Korrigan (M48 Ftr8), Clifton Caldwell (M tba), Desmond Kelvin II (M40 Pal12), Justin Karameikos (M28 Ftr4), Ludwig von Hendriks (M59, Ftr14), Stefan Karameikos III (M62 Ftr17), Valen Karameikos (M24 Rog3)

Clifton Caldwell (Male Kerendan Merchant)
Note: Lord of Antilles, Karameikos and vassal of Threshold.
1000-02-14 – Hires heroes of Threshold to clear a castle
Source – In Search of Adventure – Caldwell Castle

Kerendan Clans – KarameikosDuke Stefan III (Leader, M62, Ftr17), Duchess Olivia (Wife of Stefan, F51, Rog11), Lady Adrianna (Daughter of Stefan and Olivia, F30, Ftr6), Lord Justin (Son of Stefan and Olivia, F28, Ftr4), Lord Vaven (Son of Stefan and Olivia, M24, Rog3)

Kerendan Clans – KelvinDesmond (M40, Pal12),

Kerendan Clans – KorriganAlexius (7th Child, M48, Ftr8),

Kerendan Clans – von HendriksLudwig (M59, Ftr14),

Human – Makai

Makai Personalities (AC 1010) – Aladan Voll (M84 Rog7),

Makai Clans – VollAladan (M84, Rog7),

Human – Makistani

Makistani Personalities (AC 1010) – Baik Telor (Died)

Baik Telor (Male Makistani Fighter 4)
1003-02-18 – Rescued in temple of siswa, Alfheim, subsequently killed by party to remove witnesses.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Human – Neathar

Neathar Personalities (AC 1010) – Durnan (?)

Durnan (Neathar Bard)
Notes: Proprietor of the Yawning Portal, Darokin City, does not appear to age or have an elemental affiliation.
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal

Human – Nithian

Nithian Personalities (AC 1010) – Lindrium Arkayz (?)

Lindrium Arkayz (Nithian Wizard)
1002-04-18 – The Manor, Forest of Carn, Karameikos
Source – In Search of Adventure – The Hall of Rock

Human – Nuari

Nuari Personalities (AC 1010) – Elisabeth Hobnobby (F, Rog8), Gunter Schonberg (M70 Brd13), Lucius Hyraksos (M69 Ftr14)

Nuari Clans – Hyraksos – Katrina (Wife of Lucius), Lucius (M69, Ftr14),

Nuari Clans – SchonbergGunter (M70, Brd13),

Human – Thyatian

Thyatian Personalities (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (F32 Pal14), Arteris Penhaligan (F39 Ftr11), Arturus Penhaligan (Died), Bartran Cordelius (M65), Belak (Died), Braford (Died), Daood the Wide (Clr12), Edoard of Threshold (M45),Emilio the Great (M60 Brd10), Emmit Keslo (M54 Ftr9), Estella Whitehall (F75), Grygori Vorloi (M), Halia Antonic (F36 Wiz9),Marianna Vorloi (F), Merdiz (Died), Merrik Halaran (Died), Moorcroft (M), Phillip Vorloi (M70 Ftr5), Retameron Antonic (M41 Ftr11), Sharwyn Hucrele (Died), Sherlane Halaran (M72 Clr16), The Barber (Wiz5)

Thyatian Clan – AntonicHalia (Wife of Retameron, F36, Wiz9), Retameron (Head M41, Ftr11),

Arteris Penhaligan (Thyatian Fighter 9)
Title: Lady of the Estate of Penhaligan
AC 971 – Born
AC 1000 – Age: 29 (F9) – Ruler of Penhaligon
Note: Brown hair and eyes
Source – GAZ1 p39

Arturus Penhaligan (Male Thyatian)
Ruler: Lord of the Estate of Penhaligan
AC 996 – Died
Source – GAZ1

Belak (Thyatian Druid 4)
1000-07-23 – Killed in Jhyrrad, Rockhome
Notes: Avatar of Earth and Darkness (1st Circle), member of the Black Earth Cultists. Has a giant frog companion.
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel

Braford (Thyatian Paladin of Ixion 3)
Title: Sir
1000-07-23 – Killed in Jhyrrad, Rockhome
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel

Thyatian Clans – CordeliusBartran (M65),

Daood (Thyatian Cleric 10)
Title: the Wide
AC 1000 – C10
AC 1005 – Clr11
AC 1010 – Clr12
Source – GAZ2

Grygori Vorloi (Male Traladaran Fighter 5)
Clan – Vorloi
Source – GAZ1 p53
Son of Phillip Vorloi and a hopeless idiot.

Thyatian Clans – HalaranAleena (Niece of Sherlane, F32, Pal14), Sherlane (M72, Clr16),

Marianna Vorloi (Male Traladaran Fighter 5)
Clan – Vorloi
Source – GAZ1 p53
Daughter of Phillip Vorloi and the pride and joy of the family.

Merdiz (Thyatian Wizard 4)
1003-02-18 – Slain by heroes of Selenica.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Merrik Halaran (Male Thyatian)
Source – GAZ1 p57
Father of Aleena Halaran

Moorcroft (Thyatian Wizard)
Source – GAZ6, Tree’s of Life

Sharwyn Hucrele (Thyatian Wizard 1)
AC 1000-07-23 – Killed in Jhyrrad, Rockhome
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel

The Barber (Thyatian Wizard 5)
AC 1000 – W3
AC 1005 – Wizard 4
AC 1010 – Wizard 5
Source – GAZ2

Thyatian Clan – Vorloi – Grygori (Son of Phillip), Halia Antonic (Cousin of Phillip, F36, Wiz9), Marianna (Daughter of Phillip), Phillip (Head, M70, Ftr5),

Thyatian Clans – WhitehallEstella (F75),

Thyatian Names

Characters of Thyatian origin tend to have given names which are reminiscent of ancient and classical Roman and Byzantine names. Other given names are appropriate fantasy names. Their surnames tend to be strong, majestic sounding monikers.​

​Male Names: Alexander, Alexius, Anastasius, Arthol, Arturus, Bartran, Claudius, Cornel, Desmond, Dominicus, Edoard, Emmit, Gunter, Justin, Lucas, Lucius, Ludwig, Olliver, Philip, Retameron, Sherlane, Stefan, Titius, Valen, Valerius, Varis, Volaoi​.

​Female Names: Adriana, Aleena, Alexandra, Anastasia, Arteris, Claudia, Elisabeth, Estella, Halia, Olivia, Titia, Valeria, Varia​.

​Family Names: Antonic, Cordelius, Greybeard, Halaran, Hobnobby, Hyrakos, Jowett, Karameikos, Kelso, Kelvin, Korrigan, Osteric, Penhaligon, Prothemain, Schonberg, Tormadros, von Hendriks, Vorloi​, Whitehall.

Note: These names are also used by the Hattian, Kerendan and Nuari people.

Human – Traladaran

Traladaran Personalities (AC 1010) – Aleksander Torenscu (M36 Ftr3), Aleksyev Nikelnevich (M55 Clr13), Alya (F35), Anton Radu (M73 Rog14), Antonito Radu (M), Boris Beerthumb (M45, Ftr8), Boris Torenescu (Rog5), Cartha Radu (M), Christopher Torenescu (Died 999), Dmitrios Torenescu (M36, Brd6), Emil Radu (M), Flameflicker (Rog20), Jenlar Temlin (Ftr9), Katrina Hyraksos (F), Lev Dromilov (M48 Ftr8), Lucan Tormandros (M46 Ftr6), Luthier Sforza (M33 Ftr7), Magda Marilenev (F60), Pieter Radu (M), Sascia (F37 Ftr14), Sergyev (Clr11), Theodosius Radu (M), Vadlo Tiszar (M50), Vlad Luterscu (M46 Clr8), Yolanda of Luln (F32 Brd10), Zemiros Sulescu (M Wiz11), Zogrev Yarol (M60 Ftr11), Zweis Radu (M),

Alya (Female Traladaran)
Title: Agent of Flameflicker, King of Thieves
Source – GAZ1 p52

AC 975 – Born in Karameikos
AC 1000 – Age 25
AC 1005 – Age 30
AC 1010 – Age 35

Overview – A Traladaran palm-reader and fortune teller operating on the Street of Dreams in Specularum.​

Appearance: Alya is in her mid-20s.​ She is a small, slight Traladaran woman – about 5′ and 100 lbs, with straight black hair and brown eyes.​ ​She is fascinatingly graceful and deft.​ she wears the gypsy-like garments of the Traladaran palm-reader.

Languages: Traladaran, Thyatian, Elvish (Callarii dialect), Minrothad.​

Notes – Years ago, when she was still in her teens, Alya became convinced that someone could achieve fortune and power simply by conducting a thieving enterprise in an intelligent and sane manner (not like the Veiled Society) …​

Personality: Alya loves money, comfort, and power; she also loves a challenging heist and the thrill of the chase.​ ​Though she’s fond of riches and fine goods, her home as Alya contains only what a Traladaran fortune-teller might have earned; under another name, in the Hill (the rich part of town), she has a small walled home where she keeps her personal goods.​

Antonito Radu (Male Traladaran)
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53, See Veiled Society.
Son of Anton Radu

Cartha Radu (Male Traladaran)
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53, See Veiled Society.
Brother of Anton Radu

Christopher Torenescu (Male Traladaran – Deceased)
AC 999 – Died prematurely. Father of Aleksander Torenescu.
Source – GAZ1

Emil Radu (Male Traladaran)
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53, See Veiled Society.
Grandson of Anton Radu

Flameflicker (Traladaran Rogue 20)
Title: King of Thieves, Leader of Kingdom of Thieves
Source – GAZ1 p52

AC 1000 – (T18) – Kingdom of Thieves
AC 1005 – (Rog19)
AC 1010 – (Rog20)

Agents: Alya

History – ​To the average person in Specularum, Flameflicker is just a name – the name of the “king of the thieves.” His face is not known, his deed are only hinted at, his crimes are theoretically without number. Recruiting from street-urchin friends, they formed a thieving gang dedicated to accomplishing jobs by brain-power and wit, performing no murders, stealing only from the wealthy.​ As the years passed, the Kingdom of the Thieves (as they called their society) grew large and experienced. At the summit was Flameflicker, who called themselves the Thief-King to throw off pursuers.​ ​The rest of the Royal Family, the Thief-Princes and Thief-Princesses, consisted of the original friends and recruits, and only they know who Flameflicker is.​ None of the other minions of the Kingdom know who is Flameflicker.​

Appearances: wears concealing garments of black and hides face and hair.

Gear: Leather Armour +2, Shortsword +1

GMing Notes: Flameflicker or her agents seldom goes on jobs anymore; they plans the more involved heists.​ ​A particularly difficult and challenging robbery could interest them enough to lead the thieving expedition personally.​

BECMI Combat Notes: 18th-level thief; AC 2 (leather armor +2, dexterity bonus); hp 31; MV 120′ (40′); if AT 1 (sword +1); D 1-8 (+1); Save T18; ML 7; AL N; S 9 I 18 W 10 D 18 Co 12 Ch 16. Languages: Traladaran, Alignment (Neutral), Thyatian, Elvish (Callarii dialect), Minrothad. General Skills: Knowledge of Specularum (I), Knowledge of Robbery Techniques (I), Knowledge of Specularum Society (I), Profession of Fortune-Teller (I), Knowledge of Specularum Sewers and Catacombs (I), Riding (D), Storytelling +1 (Ch + 1).

Jenlar Temlin (Male Traladaran Fighter 7)
AC 1002-04-18 – The Manor, Forest of Carn, Karameikos
AC 1005 – (Ftr8)
AC 1010 – (Ftr9)
Note: Member of good standing in Threshold
Source – In Search of Adventure – The Hall of Rock

Katrina Hyraksos (Female Traladaran)
Famous retired singer and wife of Admiral Lucius Hyraksos.
Source – GAZ1 p41

Lev Dromilov (Male Traladaran Fighter 8)
Title: Lord of the Estate of Dmitrov
AC 962 – Born in Traladara Lands before Stefan Karameikos.
AC 1000 – Age 38 (F6) – Lord of Dmitrov, Karameikos
AC 1005 – Age 43 (Ftr7)
AC 1010 – Age 48 (Ftr8)
Notes: Black hair and brown eyes.
Source – GAZ1 p38

Lucan Tormandros (Male Traladaran Fighter 6)
Titles: Lord, Townmaster of Specularum
AC 964 – Born in Traladara Lands before Stefan Karameikos
AC 1000: 36 (F4) 01-01 – Townmaster of Specularum, Karameikos.
AC 1005: 41 (Ftr5)
AC 1010: 46 (Ftr6)
AC 1015: 51
Appearance: Black hair and blue eyes
Source – GAZ1 p36

Traladaran Clans – MarilenevMagda (F60),

Traladaran Clans – NikelnevichAleksyev (M55, Clr13),

Traladaran Clans – RaduAnton (Specularum, M73, Rog14),

Traladaran Clans – TorenescuAleksander (Specularum – Head, M36, Ftr3), Boris (Specularum – Uncle, M46, Rog5), Christopher (Father – dead), Dmitrios (Specularum – Cousin, M36, Brd6)

Pieter Radu (Male Traladaran)
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53, See Veiled Society.
Grandson of Anton Radu

Theodosius Radu (Male Traladaran)
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53, See Veiled Society.
Grandson of Anton Radu

Traladaran Clans – TiszaValdo (M50),

Vlad Lutescu (Male Traladaran Cleric of Traladara 8)
Title: Lord of Estate of Ruglov
AC 964 – Born in Traladaran Lands before Stefan Karameikos
AC 970 – Founding of Ruglov
AC 1000 – Age 36 (C6) – Lord of Rugalov
AC 1005 – Age 41 (Clr7)
AC 1010 – Age 46 (Clr8)
Notes: Brown hair and eyes
Source – GAZ1 p39

Traladaran Clans – YarolZorgrev (M60, Ftr11),

Zemiros Sulescu (Male Traladaran Wizard 11)
Title: Lord of Estate of Sulescu
Unknown when he was born before AC 700.
AC 1000 – Age: ?? (M9) – Lord of Sulescu, age over 300 seen as an Immortal by the local population which is has the not so convincing lie of being the direct descendant of a line of Sulescu’s.
AC 1005 – (Wiz10)
AC 1010 – (Wiz11)
Source – GAZ1 p 39)

Zweis Radu (Male Traladaran)
Clan – Radu
Source – GAZ1 p53, See Veiled Society.
Son of Anton Radu

Traladaran Names

Characters of Traladaran origin have names with a strong Eastern and central European flavour. Family Names can be created by adding one of a number of suffixes to a given name.

​Male Names: Aleksander, Aleksyev , Anton, Antonito, Boris, Cartha, Davinos, Dmitri, Emil, Fyodor, Grygory, Halav, IIlya, Ivan, Lev, Luthier, Mikhail, Pieter, Pyotr, Sergei, Sergyev, Stephan, Theodosius, Valdo, Vlad, Yakov, Yuri, Zemiros, Zirchev​, Zorgrev, Zweis.

​Female Names: Anya, Darya, Ecatrina, Ilyana, Irena, Katarina, Kuzma, Magda, Magdel, Misha, Petra, Sascia, Sula, Zandra​.

​Family Names: Beerthumb, Dmitros, Dromilov, Ivanov, Lutescu, Marilenev, Nikelnevich, Radu, Sforza, Sulescu, Tisza, Torenescu​, Yarol.

In addition to the family names listed above, surnames are often made by adding any of the following suffixes to a given name: -os, -ov, -nov, -na, -eyena, -evich, and -escu.

Outcast – Giant

Giant Personalities (AC 1010) – Xipe (Oni)

Xipe (Oni)|
AC 1000-08-24 – Found and appeased in Atruaghin Palace
Note: Lord of the Flayed Skins
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan)

Outcast – Goblinoid

Goblinoid Personalities (AC 1010) – Durnn (Hobgoblin)

Durnn (Hobgoblin)
Title: Chief
AC 1000-07-21 – Left Jhyrrad, Rockhome with tribe
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel


Fey Personalities (AC 1010) – Karelena (Died), Solorena (Died), Trilena (Died)

Karelena (Hag)
1003-02-20 – killed by heroes of Selenica.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Solorena (Hag)
1003-02-20 – killed by heroes of Selenica.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Trilena (Hag)
1003-02-20 – killed by heroes of Selenica.
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Outsider – Celestial

Celestial Personalities (AC 1010) – Kalka-Kylla (Crab), Kukulkan (Couatl), Tecuziztecatl (Slug), Ular-Taman (Naga Clr4)

Kalka-Kylla (Hermit Crab)
AC 1000-08-22 – Discovered spirit beast of the Oltecs, Atruaghin Palace
Note: Lord of Crustaceans
Source – (Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan)

Kukulkan (Couatl)
AC 1000-08-26 – Freed from containment, Atruaghin’s Palace
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan)

Tecuziztecatl (Slug)
1000-08-24 – discovered spirit beast of Oltec.
Note: Lord of Snails
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan)

Ular-Taman (Naga Cleric 4)
AC 1003-02-19 – Discovered in temple of the siswa, Alfheim
Source – In Search of Adventure – Rahasia

Outsider – Elemental

Elemental Personalities (AC 1010) – Dasa Zotz (Nereid),

Dasa Zotz (Nereid)
AC 1000-08-23 – Discovered and befriended by Tidal Rift in Atruaghins Palace
AC 1001-02-01 – Travels to Athenos, Darokin
AC 1001-05-21 – has daughter to Tidal Rift
AC 1002-02-01 – Travels to Ierendi City, Ierendi island
AC 1003-02-01 – Travels to Minrothad City, Minroth
AC 1004-02-01 – Travels to Thyatis City, Thyatis
AC 1005-02-01 – Travels to Ylaruam
AC 1006-02-01 – Travels to Northern Reaches
Note: Has a pet lightning eel called Chac
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

Outsider – Fiend

Fiend Personalities (AC 1010) – Jot (Quasit)

Jot (Demon, Quasit)
AC 1000-07-22 – Voice of conscious M’drak
AC 1000-07-26 – Last heard.
Notes: Wandering the lands.
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Sunless Citadel


Undead Personalities (AC 1010) – Ctenmiir (Dead), Demon Ball (Will’o’Wisp), Tloques-Popolocas (Dead)

Ctenmiir (Dwarf Vampire)
AC 1005-11-16 – Destroyed in Karameikos
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – White Plume Mountain

Demon Ball (Will’o’Wisp)
AC 1000-08-24 – Discovered in Atruaghin’s Palace
Note: This creatures has yet to reappear
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

Tloques-Popolocas (Azcan Vampire Spawn)
AC 1000-08-23 – Destroyed in Atruaghin Palace
Source – Tales from the Yawning Portal – The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan)

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