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DnD Adv P2 1005 Mystery in Aegos

Dungeons and Dragon – Mystara

Adventures in Phase 2 – Wrath of the Immortals

AC 1005 – Mystery in Aegos

AC 1005 – Mystery in Aegos – Overview

On the 19th of September 2018 to 20th March 2019 (7 sessions) my Wednesday group attempted to do this storyline.

Continuing from the end of the last twelve campaigns, the story kicks it up a gear. Here the scope of the changes are being announced.

It is now Spring in 1005 AC and war has been declared with Alphatia vs the nations of Thyatis, Glantri and Heldann.

This was the foundation upon which the Wednesday night storyline is built around. Investigators summoned by Rheddrian to find out and explore mysteries of the world.

There are things that they were asked to do:

  • Investigate Changes in Behaviour and Policy of Nations, Religions and Beliefs.
  • Investigate new Immortals and Pantheons
  • Investigate Mysteries

And they were meant to report back to Rheddrian via his talking stick (Rheddrian’s Staff) to keep him updated on their progress.

This features in the following sections:

  • Gazetteer – Darokin, Alphatia and the Inner World – Location of the adventure.
  • Timeline AC 1005 – When the adventure takes place.
  • AC 1005-01-01 (W) – Mystery at Aego. WRATH W02 to W08 (Audio Only)

AC 1005 – Mystery in Aegos – The Timeline

TimelineAC 1000Alphatian Empire

Rumours Only
Mystery in Aegos
– Surveyors and other Geologist specialists are gathering in Sundsvall for a conference regarding Aegos.

Still to be Edited
(GAZB) The Thyatian Millennium. Agents are sent to Thyatis City to cause issues with the celebrations.
(mdt) The Soularium – A shelter in the temple district looks after the downtrodden.
Strixhaven – A Curriculum of Chaos – Campus Kerfuffle

TimelineAC 1001Alphatian Empire

Rumours Only
Mystery in Aegos
– A need for construction worker, equipment and earth focused spellcasters is made to travel to the Island of Aegos.
Mystery of the Dead Elf – The Empress assigns one of her spy’s Troikithus a task to infiltrate The Great School of Magic.

TimelineAC 1003Hollow World

Mystery in Aegos – Hollow World Incursion in the Neathar Lands, an Alphatian gnome digger pops out near the Azcan people.

Still to be Edited
Knights Above – The Heldannic Knights explore the Hollow World.
Candlekeep Mysteries – A Deep and Creeping Darkness – A book describing a mining disaster prompts adventurers to search for a missing town.
Candlekeep Mysteries – Shemshine’s Bedtime Rhyme – A catchy and contagious rhyme traces back to a sinister clockwork book.

TimelineAC 1004Alphatian Empire

Mystery in Aegos – The Alphatian Empire stages a Hollow World Incursion into the Neathar Lands, starting with numerous Alphatian gnome diggers popping out near the Azcan people. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase One)

Still to be Edited
Critical Role – Call of the Netherdeep – Bazzoxan
Eldritch Lairs – Under the Devils Thumb

TimelineAC 1004Hollow World

Mystery in Aegos – A Pile of Gnomes diggers enlarge a hole in the Neathar Lands and a small settlement starts to spring up around it. Mostly gnomes and dwarves. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase One)

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Price of Beauty – A book about beauty shows the way to a secluded temple where beauty is only skin deep.

TimelineAC 1005Alphatian Empire

Mystery in Aegos – A gathering of heroes under a new benefactor seeks to understand the madness gripping the world. A trio to the island of Aegos is arranged to investigate where the missing army of the region has gone. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Rumour Only
Mystery of the Alphatian Duellers
– Spring with an issues with magic duels and attitude from Alphatian wizards to Glantrian wizards. (Sprint Event – Wrath of the Immortals – B – Alphatia’s Pride)
Mystery of the Proclamation – Summer with an accusation from the Alphatian Empire directed at Glantri. (Spring Event – Wrath of the Immortals – D – Alphatian Proclamation)
Mystery in Sundsvall – Summer with Glantrian heroes travelling to Sundsvall, Capital of Alphatia to deliver a message from the Princes of Glantri. (Summer Event – Wrath of the Immortals – E – Death of Torenal)

Still to be Edited
Critical Role – Call of the Netherdeep – Bazzoxan – Betrayer’s Rise
Strixhaven – A Curriculum of Chaos – The Magister’s Masquerade

TimelineAC 1005Darokin

Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The start of this Tier of play, and how the characters can choose to take part in it. A new company hiring heroes to investigate the world situated at the Knight’s Rivett Inn on the North Side of Darokin City is Completed (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Council of Darokin – Part 1 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for investigations. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two, Storm Kings Thunder)

(X9) Exploration – Savage Coast – The Cartographer’s Guilds of Minrothad and Darokin have put together a join expedition for a new market and need seasoned explorers to visit this new region. (X9 – The Savage Coast – Levels 4-10)

Mystery in Aegos – A gathering of heroes under a new benefactor seeks to understand the madness gripping the world. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Arcane Chambers under Darokin City. (Waterdeeo – Dungeon of the Mad Mage)

Mystery of the Giant Hunter – A Giant hunter friendly with Merchant princes of Selenica. (Storm Kings Thunder)

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsThe Dragon’s Cart. A mysterious cart, with a mysterious Dragonborn known as Drazzle.

Rumours Only
The Master is Coming – Rumours coming out of Sind is that the Master is coming to conquer the desert nation of Sind, with many merchants moving out of the region. (X4 – Master of the Desert Nomads – Levels 6-9)

Still to be Edited
(GAZ11) Works of Art – The Craftsman of Darokin celebrate the discovery a sculptor of amazing quality.
(B2) The Keep on the Borderlands – Joining the Army up near the border of Darokin and the Broken Lands.
Acquisitions Incorporated – Showdown with the Six
(dmt) Chrome Devils from the Swamp – something is drying up the swamp.
(dmt) Home Fires  – A Castle has been offered to the new heroes.
Eldritch Lairs – Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth

TimelineAC 1005Hollow World

Mystery in Aegos – A town expands in the Neather Lands, under the control of the Alphatian Empire. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Book of Cylinders – Engraved cylinders contained within a book tell a gripping and portentous tale when rolled across wet clay.

TimelineAC 1006Alphatian Empire

Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsGoing Backwards. A group of adventurer take the plunge and enter through the strange gate at the back of The Dragon’s Cart that appears to be a black door to nothingness described only as “Going Backwards”.

Rumour Only
Mystery in Aegos – Reports on massive loss of life, a catastrophe and a volcanic eruption damaging the infrastructure of the island. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)
Mystery of the Dual Memories – Summer with the case of the dual memories coming to a climax in Sundsvall, Alphatia. (Summer Event – Wrath of the Immortals – G – “Assassins” Escape)
Thyatian Proclamation – Thyatis warns Alphatia to stay out of the region. (Fall Event – Wrath of the Immortals – I – Thyatis Intrudes)

Time Travel – Castle Amber – After going backwards a group finds themselves in past of Glantri and into World War 1 in Francia. (X2/OAR5 – Castle Amber – Levels 3-6) Tue Group

Still to be Edited
(GAZB) Shaek in the Night – Travel to Blackheart to find a rogue mage and return with him alive.
Critical Role – Call of the Netherdeep – The Jewel of Hope
Eldritch Lairs – Palace of the Wind Lords

TimelineAC 1006Hollow World

Rumour Only
Mystery in Aegos – The stranded Alphatian people are integrated into the lands around them after the loss of their town and way home. Most are killed when the town fell, the rest suffered from dinosaurs, azcan sacrifice and other dangers of the inner world. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Sarah of Yellowcrest Manor – A haunted book points a ghostly finger at the perpetrators of an unsolved mass killing in Darokin City.

AC 1005 – Mystery in Aegos – The Concept

Characters have been invited to the “Knight’s Rivet” inn on the edge of Darokin City in the Republic of Darokin. There are eleven previous campaign groups who have gained a chance at being a part of this meeting, and any character is able to be brought into this adventure that was not part of the GAZ10 or Part 1 of this campaign (from Wed Night) as they did not receive an invitation as part of the storyline.

Characters have to keep to the agreed upon rules at the start of the campaign to be a ongoing character, even though some of the characters created and allowed into the mini campaigns were not within the agreed rules (such as half races or unearthed arcana) and using any source beyond the players handbook required players to put forward an annotated stat block for their character.

This is one of the missions launched from Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau.

Historical lead up events

  • AC 1001 Construction workers and earth specialists are offered travel to Aegos for work.

AC 1005 – Mystery at Aegos – The Reveal

The characters have met with Rheddrian on the 1st of Nuwmont (Month 1) and have been provided with a task to investigate a missing army on the Isle of Akoros. They were asked to investigate new religions as well as note down how religions they come into contact are acting, and find out about the disappearance of the army on Aegos specifically. Due to the sensitive nature of the religions and nations appearing to act out of characters, the characters were asked if they could keep what they are investigating to themselves and not pass it onto their respective governments and churches until they finish the investigation. This way they would not compromise the integrity of the investigation or alert those who are acting against the world.

One of the characters flatly refused to commit to this, as she was a spy for one of the nations at war and would be unable to lie to anyone. Which considering the characters background was spy, meant a large chunk of information about who their sponsor Rheddrian was, and why he was asking their help was withheld. And the fine points of the mission was also left vague leaving future interactions of the group as a necessary evil.

They spent 3 days getting their affairs in order so they could travel, then 160 days travelling.

Reaching Aegopili on the Isle of Aegos on the 3rd of Klarmont (Month 6) they spend the night in town and follow the caravan overland into the interior of the island for twelve days arriving at Pittstown on the 10th of Klarmont (Month 6) and spend three days scoping the area before entering the shaft on the 12th Klarmont (Month 6) and spend two days in descent.

They reach midpoint in the new world on the 13th Klarmont (Month 6) and reach Haldemar on the 14th Klarmont (Month 6).

About have a year at sea

From Darokin to Aegos (2,880 miles or 160 days travel)

Investigating the New World, they then left the settlement and started exploring the lands for four days trying to stir up a revolt and witnessed the destruction of Haldemar from a distance on the 19th Klarmont (Month 6).

The least trustworthy members of the group did not survive the devastation (players did not enjoy the rules changes the new world introduced) and spent the next three months travelling northwards as they abandoned the quest in the new world. They were rescued by the Heldannic Knights on the 8th of Ambyrmont (Month 9) and obtained transportation to the Heldannic Territories taking another month arriving on the 6th Sviftmont (Month 10). They did this to abandon further investigations in the Hollow World they were in, even though they were ask to investigate by their sponsor.

Deciding to visit home after being told by Rheddrian that he would send others to finish what they started in the New World and they would not be needed for the moment, characters went their separate ways ending the storyline by reaching home on the 2nd Eirmont (Month 11). They have not received further instructions since then, but then they have not been sending in further reports. Characters will be reminded to discuss their finding with Rheddrian.

Notable changes to the setting:

  • Existence of the Inner World or Hollow World as the original name for the setting.
  • Update to the rules of the New World
  • Time tracking returned to the game and Spring/Summer lost in travel.

AC 1005 – Mystery at Aegos – The Outcome

The storyline was fun, except players had trouble getting into character, and dealing with rule changes due to storyline. I will go into detail about the changes in the new world in a later post discussing Hollow World and how I changed things to work with that setting in 5th Edition.

  • This ended with the destruction of the Alphatian settlement in Hollow World, other than that, nothing else is known about these events.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-23 – changed the “At Aegos” to “In Aegos” for the title to help group the mysteries together.
  • 2021-08-22 – Added in a timeline section.
  • 2021-08-15 – Update to content, linking into other adventures.
  • 2021-07-29 – Update the layout and links.
  • 2020-04-19 – Structure and content
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Introduction: (13/13) – Alfheim, Atruaghin Clans, Broken Lands, Darokin, Ethengar, Five Shires, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Minrothad, Northern Reaches, Rockhome, Ylaruam

Annual: (6/11) – Atruaghin Clans Ascension, Ethengar Totems, Land of Black Sands, Mystery (of the Duke’s Road Massacres, of the Forgotten Dungeon, of the Hidden Kingdoms of Dragons)

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Phase 2
(Tier 2 – Investigation 16/50)

AC 1005 (Year 6) – (12/19) – Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau, Cult (of the Scarlet Moon, of the Valley of Death), Mystery (in Aegos, in Sundsvall, in Thyatis City, of the Alphatian Duellers, of the Dead Elf, of the Great Gnome Caravan, of the Magic Mirror, of the Missing Pilgrims), Relic Hunter (Dinosaurs)

1006 AC (Year 7) – (6/12) – Mystery (Dinner Assassins, in Radlebb Woods, in Ringrise, in Wendar, of the Dual Memories), Time Travel Castle Amber

1007 AC (Year 8) – (6/17) – Mystery of the Dying Trees, Thanatos and the Azcans, Thanatos and the Milenians, Thanatos and the Nithians, Thanatos and the Shahjapurs, The Day Magic Died

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