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Gazetteer #11 – The Known World – The Republic of Darokin

Source: The Republic of Darokin (0e-gaz-11)

Darokin in a fairly tolerant nation based around the wealth of a character. As long as you have money you are considered to be someone of value, and the more you have the more valuable you become to the society.

Earning your own way in life is commended more than inheriting the wealth and title. The country is ruled by a group of merchant who sit on a council known as the Merchant Princes.

They are also known for their diplomacy and many members are sought out to broken deals between other nations.

​In Darokin, wealth is power. There is no place in this land for the unthinking brute who solves every problem with force. Darokin has survived by cleverness, by negotiation, and by guile, despite being surrounded by mighty barbarous nations.​

​In fact, the Darokininas have thrived over the years, establishing themselves as the undisputed masters of overland commerce. And, since dead neighbors make poor trading partners, they’ve become equally adept at diplomacy.​

Darokin Character Options

(R) Restricted, Needs GM Approval or Not available to players

  • Review Classes:
    • BarbarianPath of the Ancestors, Path of the Ancestral Guardian, Path of the Battlerager, Path of the Berserker, Path of the Harrier, Path of the Totem Warrior
    • Bard – College of Glamour, College of the Jester, College of Lore, College of Swords, College of Valour, College of Virtue
    • Cleric Domain of Air, Domain of Darkness, Domain of Earth, Domain of Fire, Domain of Water
    • Druid – Circle of Dreams, Circle of the Land (Mountain, Settlement), Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Shepherd
    • Fighter – Arcane Archer, Banneret, Battle Master, Cavalier, Champion, Eldritch Knight, Ghost Knight, Hospitaller, Knight Surgeon, Samurai, Shield Bearer, Sword Dancer, Woodland Cavalier
    • Monk – Way of the Cobalt Soul, Way of the Drunken Master, Way of the Elements (Air, Earth, Fire), Way of Iron, Way of the Kensai, Way of the Long Death, Way of the Open Hand
    • Paladin – Oath of the Ancients, Oath of the Ascetic, Oath of Battle, Oath of Conquest, Oath of the Crown, Oath of Devotion, Oath of the Giving Grave, Oath of Perfection, Oath of Radiance, Oath of Vengeance
    • Ranger – Beast Master, Explorer, Fey Hunter, Hunter, Monster Slayer, Vampire Slayer
    • Rogue – Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Duellist, Fixer, Inquisitive, Mastermind, Scout, Swashbuckler, Thief
    • Sorcerer – Divine Inspiration, Divine Soul, Draconic Bloodline (Green, Red, White), Dryad Bloodline, Elemental Essense (Air, Earth, Fire), Lycanthrope Bloodline, Pyromancer, Serophage Bloodline
    • Warlock – Pact of the Archfey, Pact of the Celestial, Pack of the Genie Lord (Air, Earth, Fire), Pact of the Undying
    • Wizard Elementalist (Air, Earth, Fire), Ring Warden, School of Blood Magic, School of Abjuration, School of Conjuration, School of Divination, School of Enchantment, School of Evocation, School of Illusion, School of Necromancy, War Mage

Darokin in the Known World

Darokin in the Known World (surrounds Alfhiem)

Darokin surround the nation of Alfheim, is to the north of Irenedi, The Five Shires and Karameikos and the Atruaghin Clans, to the west of Rockhome and Ylaruam, to the south of Ethengar, Glantri and the Broken Lands and the the east of Sind.

Races found in the nation:

Craftbound– Can be found here.
Hillbound (Stronghollow Clan) masterful repairers
Hillbound (Wyrearf Clan) produce experts.

Alasiyan – Human ethnic group from Ylaruam.
Ethengar – Human ethnic group from Ethengar.
Makistani – Human ethnic group from Ylaruam.
Thyatian – Human ethnic group from Thyatian via Ylaruam.
Traladaran – Human ethnic group from Traldar now Karameikos.

Locations of Note

Darokin City: Capital of the republic and on the river.
– Leosin Erlanthar (Elf Monk)
– Home to House Franich
– Elite First Army (Legion I) 1091 troops,
– Regular First Army (Legions III to V) 3480 troops
– Reserve First Army (Legions XXI to XXII) 1334 troops

– Home to House Umbath

– Home to House Toney

– Elite Third Army (Legion II) 1091 troops
– Regular Third Army (Legions XIII to XVI) 4640 troops
– Reserve Third Army (Legions XXVII) 667 troops

Fort Anselbury (Western Fort)
– Regular Fifth Army (Legions XII, XVII to XVIII) 3480 troops
– Reserve Fifth Army (Legions XXVIII to XXX) 2001 troops

Fort Cruth (Eastern Fort0
– (home of Legion X)

Fort Fletcher (Northern Fort)
– Regular Fourth Army (Legions VI, XI, XIX to XX) 4640 troops
– Reserve Fourth Army (Legions XXIII to XXIV) 1334 troops

Fort Hobart (Eastern Fort)
– (home of Legions VIII and IX)

Fort Lakeside (Western Fort)
– (home of Legion XVII)

Fort Marny (Western Fort)
– (home of Legion XXX legion of the damned)

Fort Nar (Western Fort)
– (home of Legion XVIII and XXIX)

Fort Nell (Northern Fort)
– (home of Legion XV and XVI)

Fort Runnels (Northern Fort)
– (home of Legion XIX, XX and XXIV)

Melepheggi Swamps
Dragon Excavation Site: Found in the Melepheggi Swamps in southern Darokin.

Selenica: A city at the crossroads between Karameikos and Ylaruam.
– Regular Second Army (Legions VII to X) 4640 troops
– Reserve Second Army (Legions XXV to XXVI) 1334 troops

The Republic of Darokin

Great Merchant Houses of Darokin

Al-Azrad – Established 853 AC dealing mainly with Ylaruam, seventh richest house in Darokin.

Corun – Established 300 AC, fourth richest house in Darokin.

Franich – Established 937 AC is the Eighth largest house, based in Darokin City. 

Hallonica – Is the third richest house in Darokin.

Linton – Second richest house in Darokin and the countries exclusive sea guild.

Mauntea – Richest house in Darokin, the standard by which all guilds are compared to.

Pennydown – The fifth richest house in Darokin, with shops and transport hubs all over the country.

Toney – This is the ninth richest house in Darokin based in Akorros and dealing in lake traffic as well as Glantrian wares.

Umbarth – The sixthed richest house in Darokin is based out of Akesoli.

Legions of Darokin

Reserve Legion
Commander: General (F5)
Deputy Commander: Colonel (F5)
Hero: Cleric 4
Regiment 1 (120 troops) F1 infantry, no armour, longsword, (3) Sergeants F2, (1) Captain F3
Regiment 2 (120 troops) F1 infantry, no armour, longsword, (3) Sergeants F2, (1) Captain F3
Regiment 3 (120 troops) F1 archers, no armour, shortbow, (3) Sergeants F2, (1) Captain F3
Regiment 4 (120 troops) F1 archers, no armour, shortbow, (3) Sergeants F2, (1) Captain F3
Regiment 5 (80 troops) F1 cavalry, leather armour, longsword, shortbow, warhorse, (3) Sergeants F2, (1) Captain F3
Regiment 6 (80 troops) F1 cavalry, leather armour, longsword, shortbow, warhorse, (3) Sergeants F2, (1) Captain F3

Section of Notes Still under Construction

Rakasta (use the Tabaxi race)
– The cat humanoids were from the degenerate version of their race, not the imperial or spacefaring groups.

– They are known to be in the mountains bordering the Dwarves of Rockhome.

– Not a common site outside of elven forests.

Aven – home of the kenku and ravenfolk.

Black – found near the Malpheggi Swamp.
Gold – found near the Amsorak Lake.
Green – found near the Canolbarth Forest.
Red – found north of the Canolbarth Forest.
Silver – found south of the Canolbarth Forest and north of Amsorak Lake.

Forest (Wood Elves) – Visitors from Alfheim.
Slyvan (Eladrin) – Visitors from Alfheim.
Sun (High Elves) – Visitors from Alfheim.

Earth – found among the Ethengar and Makistani.
Fire – found among the Traladaran people.

Sky – stops at the sky port.
Trade – found in Darokin City running their skyport and selling wares in the city markets.

Lightfoot – Cities and Towns.
Seacalled – Rivers, Lakes and Coast.
Stout – found in the farmlands.

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline

Phase One (Levels 1-5)

AC 1000 (Level 1)
  • TimelineAC 1000Darokin
  • Still to be Edited
    • <-> (GAZ11) Action on the Athenos. Guards of the river as part of national service.
    • Dragon Heist – A Friend in Need. Interesting events happening in Darokin City with an estate on offer for completion.
    • (dmt) Six Feet Under – a character is buried alive.
    • (dmt) Hobgoblin Lair – Raiders terrorising a trade route.
    • (dmt) The Rats of Verdant Reach – A follow on story from Six Feet Under.
AC 1001 (Level 2)
  • TimelineAC 1001Darokin
  • Still to be Edited
    • (B5) Horror on the Hill – A group of Hobgoblins are causing issues north of Fort Hobart.
    • Waterdeep – Dragon Heist – Trollskull Ally – The trials of owning an new estate and meeting the neighbours.
    • (dwt) Sanctuary of the Slaughtered – A lost shrine has been discovered.
    • Rise of the Drow – The Darkness Arrives
AC 1002 (Level 3)
  • TimelineAC 1002Darokin
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ11) The Wanderer’s Grave – A hidden treasure can be found by the light of the moon in the mountains bordering Darokin and the Five Shires.
    • Waterdeep Dragon Heist – Fireball – A fireball explodes in Trollskull Ally of Darokin City, setting off an investigation.
    • Waterdeep Dragon Heist – Dragon Season – A mysterious Vault of Dragons is rumoured to be uncovered.
    • (dwt) The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker – Local buyer of relics needs help.
    • (dwt) With a Candlestick – a murder investigation.
AC 1003 (Level 4)
  • TimelineAC 1003Darokin
    • Mystery of the Travelling Dragonborn – Part 1 – Travelling from Darokin City in three caravans. On headed North, though Ethengar and into the Heldannic Territories. One Headed South, into the Five Shires, through Karameikos, then Thyatis and up the coast of Ylaruam and the Northern Reaches before reaching the Norwold Region. The Last caravan headed east into Ylaruam, then up into Rockhome and out into the Northern Reaches before making it unto the Norwold Region.
  • Still to be Edited
    • <-> (B7) Rahasia – A merchant in Selenica needs to have a package delivered into the elven forest nearby.
    • Giant Migration – The giants are migrating to the eastern end of Darokin, southern and eastern Rockhome, western Northern Reaches, eastern Karameikos, and western Ylaruam. (rumour)
    • Waterdeep – Dragon Heist – Spring Madness/Hell of a Summer/Maestro’s Fall/Winter Wizardry – The mastermind behind the issues in Darokin is unmasked.
    • (dmt) Sanctuary of Exsanguination – A mayor is asking for help.
    • Eldritch Lairs – Pit of the Dust Goblins
AC 1004 (Level 5)
  • TimelineAC 1004Darokin
    • Mystery in the Silver Sierras – Jeddarian Corran has gained a deed to his family keep and needs some heroes to evict the current tenants and recover any relics of his family.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have discovered a lost dungeon and opened up a region they have called the Dungeon Level underneath Darokin City.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (mdt) Summoner’s Remorse – an abandoned temple is getting more interest.
    • Eldritch Lairs – Crypt of Green Shadows
Phase Two (Levels 6-10)
AC 1005 (Level 6)
  • TimelineAC 1005Darokin
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The start of this Tier of play, and how the characters can choose to take part in it. A new company hiring heroes to investigate the world situated at the Knight’s Rivett Inn on the North Side of Darokin City is Completed
    • Council of Darokin – Part 1 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for investigations.
    • Mystery in Aegos – A gathering of heroes under a new benefactor seeks to understand the madness gripping the world.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Arcane Chambers under Darokin City.
    • Mystery of the Giant Hunter – A Giant hunter friendly with Merchant princes of Selenica.
    • Mystery of the Hidden Kingdom of DragonsThe Dragon’s Cart. A mysterious cart, with a mysterious Dragonborn known as Drazzle.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ11) Works of Art – The Craftsman of Darokin celebrate the discovery a sculptor of amazing quality.
    • (B2) The Keep on the Borderlands – Joining the Army up near the border of Darokin and the Broken Lands.
    • (dmt) Chrome Devils from the Swamp – something is drying up the swamp.
    • (dmt) Home Fires  – A Castle has been offered to the new heroes.
    • Eldritch Lairs – Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth
AC 1006 (Level 7)
AC 1007 (Level 8)
  • TimelineAC 1007Darokin
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The Knight’s Rivett Inn expands out to Akesoli (Darokin), Glantri City (Glantri), Selenica (Darokin), Shireton (Five Shires) with services to its employees at each site.
    • Canyon of the Stone Giants – Talks with the Clans of Stone Giants located in Darokin.
    • Council of Darokin – Part 3 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for investigations.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Twisted Caverns and later in the year a region they have called Wyrllowwood both under Darokin City.
    • The Day Magic Died – The worst year in recorded history for the merchants of Darokin, blamed on the missing gods and their benefits.
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – The Master Seizes Sind – To the west of Darokin, news arrives of the kingdom of Sind has fallen to the Master of the Desert Nomads. (Event N – Spring 1005)
    • (GAZ11) Orclands – There is trouble stirring and groups are sent to investigate.
    • (X4) Master of the Desert Nomads – A quest to find the leader of an army massing on the edge of the western Darokin border is passed through the Darokin Diplomatic Corp.
    • (X9) Savage Coast – The Cartographer’s Guilds of Minrothad and Darokin have put together a join expedition for a new market and need seasoned explorers to visit this new region.
AC 1008 (Level 9)
  • TimelineAC 1008Darokin
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The Knight’s Rivett Inn expands out to Kelvin (Karameikos), Luln (Karameikos), Ylaruam City (Ylaruam), Ierendi City (Ierendi) with services to its employees at each site.
    • Council of Darokin – Part 4 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for investigations.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Lost Level and later Maddgoth’s Castle under Darokin City.
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event R – Winter 1005 – Nomads Invade Darokin – War comes to Darokin as invaders swarm in from the west and push the republic to the left side of the lake.
    • PC2 – Heart of Darkness – The Great Gnome Flying City of Serraine is in need of help. See the outpost at Darokin City for more information.
    • X5 – Temple of Death – A chance to stop the army before it destroys Darokin.
AC 1009 (Level 10)
  • TimelineAC 1009Darokin
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The Knight’s Rivett Inn expands out to Biazzan (Thyatis), Castellan (Northern Reaches), Minrothad City (Minrothad), Specularum (Karameikos) with services to its employees at each site.
    • Council of Darokin – Part 5 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for investigations.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Slitherswamp and later Dweomercore, under Darokin City.
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event U – Spring 1006 – The Master is Hammered – The forces of the Five Shires, Alfheim and Karameikos come to the aid of Darokin City.

Content Updates

  • 2021-10-25 – Added in AC 1009 and cleaned up timeline appearance.
  • 2021-08-17 – Update to associated classes.
  • 2021-08-15 – Added in AC 1008.
  • 2021-05-09 – Moved the notes of the min campaign to its own entry.
  • 2021-03-02 – Adding in the Gnomes of the nation.
  • 2021-02-28 – Adding in character options and links.
  • 2020-10-02 – Intro additions from Realm Works transfer.
  • 2020-08-23 – Timeline Cleanup.
  • 2020-08-06 – Added in Timeline for AC 1007.
  • 2020-07-30 – Mystery of the Melpheggy Swamps.
  • 2020-07-27 – Mystery of the Magic Mirror.
  • 2020-07-21 – Link to Rheddrian Investigation Bureau and Mystery in the Silver Sierras and Mystery in Aegos.
  • 2020-04-23 – Migration of content from my google site to here.
  • 2020-03-16 – Structure and moving Darokin Pantheon to Land Guilds Pantheon.
  • 2020-03-31 – Structure.
  • 2020-03-03 – Added in Timeline for AC 1006.
  • 2020-02-18 – Added in Timeline for AC 1005.
  • 2020-02-15 – Updating the structure of the document.
  • 2020-01-14 – Added in Timeline for AC 1004.
  • 2019-12-31 – Added in Timeline for AC 1003.
  • 2019-12-24 – Added in Timeline for AC 1002.
  • 2019-12-17 – Added in Timeline for AC 1001.
  • 2019-12-11 – Added Timeline for AC 1000.
  • 2019-11-28 – Races and religion modified and listed as I am working on them.
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