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Overview of the Hollow World

What is the Hollow World. It is a preserve of cultures from the outside world frozen in time. Details about this places is scare and more rumour than facts exist. Something about the information is illusive and seems to slip away over time.

This region is protected by the Immortals, and mortals are playing by different rules when they tread in the domains not their own.

There is a world within the world. The Sun never moves… Always up at the centre of the sky, colour of blood. Surrounded by floating islands (planetoids) which provide time calculations based on their orbit. (Currently beyond the characters adventuring here)

The planet of the Known World is not a solid ball like our Earth is. In fact, it’s hollow. A tiny sun hangs in the centre of the hollow, and vast polar openings permit travel between the inner and outer worlds. The interior landscape is called the “Hollow World,” a place of ancient mystery.

The polar openings leading into the Hollow World are so huge that their curvature is very, very gradual. That, combined with the fact that these regions are perpetually shrouded in fog, means that people can travel from the outer world to the inner (or vice-versa) without being aware of it.

The interior sun sheds daylight at all times in the Hollow World; night never falls, and creatures susceptible to sunlight (such as vampires) are rare indeed.

The interior world has long been hidden from the outer world-the few outer-world explorers who have found it have either died there, stayed there willingly, or returned without publicising their discovery. To this day, the existence of the Hollow World is not generally known in the outer world.

The Hollow World is home to monsters, animal species and cultures that have long vanished from the outer world. Every prehistoric animal species listed in the Monster Manual is common in the Hollow World. Here, too, are nations that are ancestors of many of the outer world’s cultures.

The Hollow World was set up by the Immortals of the Known World. Their influence has kept the cultures they have planted here virtually unchanged; each culture remains frozen at the cultural and technological level it had attained just prior to being brought here.

The map shows several nations of the Hollow World, all of which lie on the great continent of Icitia.

Important Note: On maps of the Hollow World, the directions of East and West are reversed, an effect of its unique configuration. Therefore, if North is at the top, then West is to the right and East is to the left in the Hollow World.

Hollow World has these continents:

And three large island chains:
Anathy Archipelago
Hagvar Islands
Wintlian Islands

The Anathy Archipelago contains:
Merry Pirates

The Iciria Continent Contains:
Blacklore Elves
Gentle Folk
Icevale Elves
Krugel Horde

Contains these Ocean Areas:
Aerimar Gauntlet
Antartic Ocean
Artic Ocean
Bay of Adoth
Bay of Gam
Bay of Lokam
Grey Sea
Gulf of Xateeba
Gulf of Xog
Mer of Utat
Mur Gulf
Northern Atlass Ocean
Sea of Eadh
Sea of Keleb
Sea of Rax
Sea of Yr
Southern Atlass Ocean
Tukluk Sea

Locations of Note

Antalian Wastes
Population: 100,000
Languages: Antalian, Neather
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Numerous autonomous villages ruled by chieftains
Industries: Agriculture, fishing, herding, leathercraft, piracy, and raiding

Azcan Nation – This nation has been sighted by the Tuesday group.
Population: 3,000,000
Languages: Oltec, Neather
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Theocracy
Industries: Agriculture

Beastmen Wastes
Population: 100,000
Languages: Beastmen (Gruuk), Neather
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Numerous autonomous villages ruled by chieftains
Industries: Agriculture, fishing, herding, leathercraft, piracy, and raiding


Brute-Men Territory
Population: 200,000
Languages: Brutish (ka-na-to), Neather
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Numerous clan groups, each led by a single strong chieftain supported by the clan shaman
Industries: None

Gentle Folk – This nation has been sighted by the Wednesday group.

Population: 100,000
Languages: Elvish (Icevale)
Coinage: Sol (gp), lun (sp), ston (cp)
Government Type: Monarchy
Industries: Fur and leather

Jennite Holdings
Population: 500,000
Languages: Jennite, Neathar
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Semi-independent clans ruled by chiefs
Industries: Cattle, horse-breeding, gold-smithing

Kogolor Dwarf-Lands
Population: 500,000
Languages: Kogolor Dwarvish
Coinage: Bifric (50 gp), gilder (gp), platen (sp), kupfen (cp)
Government Type: Monarchy
Industries: Timber, woodwork, beer, mead, ale, furs, leatherworks

Krugel Horde Territory
Population: 300,000
Languages: Orcish (Krugel Dialect)
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Military Dictatorship
Industries: Mercenary Warfare, some agriculture and horsebreeding


Malpheggi Swamps
Population: 10,000
Languages: Lizardfolk (Malpheggi dialect)
Coinage: None (Barter Only)
Government Type: Clans
Industries: Mercenary Warfare, scouting, hunting

Merry Pirates Seas
Population: 100,000
Languages: Traldar, Thyatian, Heldannic, Milenian
Coinage: The Eight (8 gp – round coin perforated so that it can easily be broken into eight equal pieces), the Triange (1 gp, one-eight of the Eight), the Tenth (sp), the Hundredth (cp)
Government Type: Anarchic plutocracy
Industries: Piracy, fishing, shipbuilding

Milenian Empire
Population: 3,000,000
Languages: Milenian
Coinage: “medallians” of various metals or “emperors” worth ten times that of a standard medallion
Government Type: Empire-Democracy
Industries: Agriculture, mining, horsebreeding, cattle, sheep, textile production, fishing, shipbuilding, Trade

Neathar Tribes – This nation has been sighted by the Wednesday group.
Population: 3,000,000
Languages: Neathar
Coinage: None (barter only)
Government Type: Tribal
Industries: None
Classes not Available – Bards, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Warlock, Wizards
Spellcasting Classes: require an attribute of 15 in the spellcasting ability to take this class
Proficiency not Available – Characters cannot learn: Weapons better than Simple, or Crossbow, Shortbow or Cestus. Armour other than Leather or Hide. Craft or Thieves tools

Population: 4,000,000
Languages: Nithian, Neathar
Coinage: Eye (gp), Hawk (sp), Beetle (cp)
Government Type: Monarchy
Industries: Agriculture, mining

Oltec Kingdom
Population: 500,000
Languages: Oltec, Neathar
Coinage: None (barter only)
Government Type: Monarchy
Industries: Agriculture, sheep, goats

House of Oostdok
Population: 21,000
Languages: Heldannic, Gnomish (Oostdock dialect), Neathar
Coinage: Gear (gp), Nut (sp), Pin (cp)
Government Type: Gnomish plutocracy
Industries: Creation of heavy machinery

Population: 600,000
Languages: Elvish (Schattenalf dialect)
Coinage: Mountain (gp), Pyramid (sp), Stone (cp)
Government Type: Monarchy
Industries: Mining

Kingdom of Shahjapur
Population: 2,500,000
Languages: Sindian
Coinage: Guru (pp worth 25 gp), Rupee (gp worth 5 gp), Bhani (ep worth 2 ep), Khundar (sp), Piaster (cp)
Government Type: Monarchy
Industries: Silk, tea, spices, teak, incense, mining



Magic is Different in the Hollow World

Effects on magic discovered to date:

  • Abjuration: The numerical effect appears to be doubled in examples used.
  • Conjuration: Summoning in creatures does not work. Dimensional movement and access does not work. Creating something from nothing does not work. Enhancing what is there appears to work.
  • Divination: Detection and Communication spells do not work. 
  • Enchantment: Charms, Compulsions and Holding spells do not work.
  • Evocation: energy attacks are unknown and require a skill check to cast. 
  • Illusion: Are only half as effecting, the DC to see through an illusion is halved, the numerical effects appear to be halved as well.
  • Necromancy: Unknown at this time.
  • Transmutation: Changing the shape of one thing to another does not work. Enhancing things have a limited effect. Returning things to their natural state seems to work.
  • Rituals: Mostly work with a limited version.

Skill checks to cast unknown spells: is DC 15 + Spell level with failure having the spell fail and disappear from your known spells, and a roll of 1 removes it from your spell list, spell book and ritual books.

  • Arcana check for Sorcerer’s and Wizards
  • Religion check for Clerics and Paladins
  • Nature check for Druids and Rangers
  • History check for Bards and Warlocks

You cannot learn a new spell unless it comes from a Spellbook, Prayerbook or Craftbook due to the nature of the setting you don’t receive any spell at new levels unless your teacher provides it.

Artefacts have different rules:

  • Channelling magic through an artefact using up some of its power, but also allows the subversion of certain types of magics. Spellcasting roll DC is 10 + level of spell being cast.
  • Enchantments seem to work with a spellcasting roll.

The Power of Culture Compels Us


  • Construction and items part of the culture of the lands will have their hardness doubled and don’t seem to see the ravages of time.
  • Construction and items not part of the culture of the lands are not structurally sound and has no hardness rating and seem to deteriorate at a rapid speed. (loose 5% of its hit points every 24 hrs)


  • A native always have advantage on rolls when dealing with another culture in their cultural territory.
  • Anyone not of the culture in the cultural lands have disadvantage against people of that culture.
  • Anyone wearing weapons, armour, gear or clothing of a culture other than their own or the local culture have disadvantage vs those of the culture while doing so.
  • Local people have resistance to all damage. This eventually upgrades to immunity to damage  and ageing depending on numerical chance of cultural survival.
  • A non-native feels restless and a need to travel if they stay more than a few days in any areas belonging to a native.
  • A native feels a need to settle and raise a family, can be content not to move beyond the sight of their homes.

Ritual of cleansing and connecting – There is a ritual to be accepted into the culture and become one with the people. Doing so removes all items, memories and skills from beyond the lands you have chosen as your own. Over time you become one of the natives.

Ritual of separation and leaving – This is a ritual of severing a individual from the lands. This is normally done to criminals, removing the protection of the lands for the duration of their penance, This can be done by request as some natives are at heart explorers and wish to see more than their home. You loose the connection to the culture and are no longer a native.

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline

Phase One (Levels 1-5)

AC 1000 (Tier 1 – Level 1)

TimelineAC 1000Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Life as we know it – Nothing really changes much, no matter how much one nation pushes into another, it always goes back to the way it was before the raid, battle or war.
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Joy of Extradimensional Spaces – A Book leads characters on a quest to find a missing sage.

AC 1001 (Tier 1 – Level 2)

TimelineAC 1001Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Visitors from another land – people from a word where the sun revolves around them, and not the other way around venture into the realm with screaming birds of prey – the signature flying machine of the Heldannic Knights.
Candlekeep Mysteries – Mazfroth’s Mighty Digressions – A monstrous revelation sheds light on a book merchant’s scam.

AC 1002 (Tier 1 – Level 3)

TimelineAC 1002Hollow World

Still to be Edited
The Gnomes are Conquered – The Heldannic Knights take over the lands of the Gnomes, they don’t change any of their culture or identity, but use them to provide a base of operations in the Hollow World.
Candlekeep Mysteries – Book of the Raven – A treasure map tucked inside a book beckons adventurers to a remote hilltop chalet occupied by a secret society that shuns visitors.

AC 1003 (Tier 1 – Level 4)

TimelineAC 1003Hollow World

Mystery in Aegos – Hollow World Incursion in the Neathar Lands, an Alphatian gnome digger pops out near the Azcan people.

Still to be Edited
Knights Above – The Heldannic Knights explore the Hollow World.
Candlekeep Mysteries – A Deep and Creeping Darkness – A book describing a mining disaster prompts adventurers to search for a missing town.
Candlekeep Mysteries – Shemshine’s Bedtime Rhyme – A catchy and contagious rhyme traces back to a sinister clockwork book.

AC 1004 (Tier 1 – Level 5)

TimelineAC 1004Hollow World

Mystery in Aegos – A Pile of Gnomes diggers enlarge a hole in the Neathar Lands and a small settlement starts to spring up around it. Mostly gnomes and dwarves. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase One)

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Price of Beauty – A book about beauty shows the way to a secluded temple where beauty is only skin deep.

Phase Two (Levels 6-10)

AC 1005 (Tier 2 – Level 6)

TimelineAC 1005Hollow World

Mystery in Aegos – A town expands in the Neather Lands, under the control of the Alphatian Empire. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Book of Cylinders – Engraved cylinders contained within a book tell a gripping and portentous tale when rolled across wet clay.

AC 1006 (Tier 2- Level 7)

TimelineAC 1006Hollow World

Rumour Only
Mystery in Aegos – The stranded Alphatian people are integrated into the lands around them after the loss of their town and way home. Most are killed when the town fell, the rest suffered from dinosaurs, azcan sacrifice and other dangers of the inner world. (Wrath of the Immortals – Phase Two)

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Sarah of Yellowcrest Manor – A haunted book points a ghostly finger at the perpetrators of an unsolved mass killing in Darokin City.

AC 1007 (Tier 2 – Level 8)
TimelineAC 1007Hollow World

Thanatos and the Azcans – The nation of the Azcan changes its belief structure. (Hollow World Adventures)Wed Group

Thanatos and the Milenians – The nation of the Milenians changes its belief structure and leaders. (Hollow World Adventures)Wed Group

Thanatos and the Nithians – The nation of the Nithians has changed its belief structure and political agenda’s. (Hollow World Adventures)Wed Group

Thanatos and the Shahjapurs – The nation of the Shahjapurs has changed its belief structure. (Hollow World Adventures)Wed Group

Rumour Only
The Day Magic Died
– The gods stop responding, the boundaries between nations start to blur, the forbidden becomes possible.

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Lore of the Lurue – Adventurers become immersed in a storybook conflict involving Lurue the Unicorn Queen and Malar the Beast Lord.

AC 1008 (Tier 2 – Level 9)
TimelineAC 1008Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Kandlekeep Dekonstruktion – A stolen book leads adventurers to a tower in Candlekeep that is more than what it seems.

AC 1009 (Tier 2 – Level 10)

TimelineAC 1009Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Zikran’s Zephyrean Tome – A djinni trapped in a book offers a wish spell to adventurers who find a way to release him.

Phase Three (Levels 11-15)

AC 1010 (Tier 3 – Level 11)

TimelineAC 1010Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Curious Tale of Wisteria Vale – A book holds the key to unlocking a bard’s prison.

AC 1011 (Tier 3 – Level 12)

TimelineAC 1011Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Book of Inner Alchemy – A search for the missing pages of a book puts adventurers in conflict with monks of the Immortal Lotus.

AC 1012 (Tier 3 – Level 13)

TimelineAC 1012Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Canopic Being – A book brings several puzzling organ transplants to light.

AC 1013 (Tier 3 – Level 14)

TimelineAC 1013Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – The Scrivener’s Tale
– A tome leaves its magical mark on the adventurers, dooming them unless they can find a way to remove it.

AC 1014 (Tier 3 – Level 15)

TimelineAC 1014Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Alkazaar’s Appendix
– A book chronicles an unsolved mystery about a wandering stone golem in the desert.

Phase Four (Levels 16-20)

AC 1015 (Tier 4 – Level 16)

TimelineAC 1016Hollow World

Still to be Edited
Candlekeep Mysteries – Xanthoria – A fell grimoire helps adventurers end a fungal plague.

AC 1016 (Tier 4 – Level 17)
AC 1017 (Tier 4 – Level 18)
AC 1018 (Tier 4 – Level 19)

TimelineAC 1018Hollow World


AC 1019 (Tier 4 – Level 20)

Phase Five (Levels 21-25)

AC 1020 (Tier 5 – Level 21)
  • TimelineAC 1020Hollow World
  • Still to be Edited
    • Alphatia is now a floating continent of the Hollow World, retaining some of the most interesting aspects of old Alphatia concentrated on a smaller land. Once Hollow World Alphatia adjusts to their new environment (especially to the changes in magic), they will begin exerting considerable influence there. The immortal Alphatia returns Empress Eriadna back to life, to rule over Hollow World.

Content Updates

  • 2022-01-15 – added in entries for AC 1010 to 1020.
  • 2021-10-25 – Added in entries for AC 1008 and 1009 and cleaned up timeline.
  • 2021-07-31 – Update and layout, with links.
  • 2020-08-23 – Timeline cleanup.
  • 2020-08-06 – Added in Timeline for AC 1007.
  • 2020-04-17 – Structure.
  • 2020-03-03 – Added in Timeline for AC 1006.
  • 2020-02-18 – Added in Timeline for AC 1005.
  • 2020-01-14 – Added in Timeline for AC 1004.
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