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PF2 TRD Part 06 Factions and PCs

Pathfinder 2 – Thassilonian Resurgence Design

Part 6 – Factions and Player Characters

There are various factions in the game world that are relevant to the ongoing storyline, as well as what player characters are part of each of the groups.

pf1-jr-b1 The Brinewall Legacy
pf1-jr-b1 The Brinewall Legacy

TRAP and the Jade Regent Adventure Path?

As with the other instalments I have also included details on another of the overall storyline expansions.

Jade Regent has a single book of the adventure path in the region, but would be a good addition to the storyline showing the world change over time, with many quests happening at once that the players can’t all be involved in.

Hopefully this helps make the setting feel more vibrant as characters they know head off on their own quests. This is also being used by my Tuesday Night group so including conversions from that game will just enhance the overall storyline.

What are the Factions of Golarion?

These factions are competing for resources, adventurers and political power in the Varisian region where the campaign is set. Player characters are associated with the Pathfinder Society, but awareness of the other factions is a plot point that will be used multiple times.

  • Arcanamirium
  • Aspis Consortium
  • Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye
  • Green Faith
  • Hellknights
  • Lantern Bearer
  • Ninth Battalion
  • Old Cults
  • Pathfinder Society
  • Red Mantis Assassins
  • Religious Factions
  • Varisian Wanderers
  • The Arcanamirium – This is the largest and oldest school of Absalom, and the most prestigious school of magic in the setting, Characters who are part of the Pathfinder Society can also be a part of this group.
  • Aspis Consortium – This is a trade organisation touching on each of the major ports of the setting. They have a regional headquarters based out of the Bronze House in Magnimar’s Vista District.
  • Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye – The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye (rarely known as the Eldritch Order of the Palatine Eye) is a very secretive organisation thought to be based in Ustalav. The organisation works against the Whispering Way.
  • Green Faith – Also known as the Old Faith, is a naturalistic philosophy based on the belief that natural forces are worthy of attention and respect.
  • Hellknights – They are a collection of knights interested in the promulgation of law and order at all costs. Order of the Nail operates out of Korvosa in Citadel Vriad.
  • Lantern Bearer – A secretive society of Elves wandering Varisia.
  • Ninth Battalion – A inter-clan group of dwarves dedicated to the preservation of the Sky Citadels.
  • Old Cults – These are groups of people who worship beings like the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones.
  • Pathfinder Society – This is a group people who document the hidden and lost corners of the world to help society understand their world and history better. Player characters are encouraged to trying out for membership as part of their background.
  • Red Mantis Assassin – A society of people who always seem to know when and where people need to be assassinated for a price.
  • Religious Factions – Each of the religions in the region will have its own active faction. This will include those that have been introduced as part of player character backstory and in game actions.
  • Varisian Wanderers – A group of travellers who gather once a year when the spring rains subside at Magnimar to celebrate their goddess Desna.

Who are the Characters

There are many characters in each game, some concepts have changed with time, and new characters have come and gone.

Note: This will be updated as players changes things.

With my three separate groups (one finishing an existing adventure path) I have the following:

Jade Regent AP Characters

This campaign has ended before completing book 5.

Tuesday (Jade Regent Players)

  • Annie – Orc Half-Hag Witch
  • Emrys – Dwarf Druid
  • Grace – Human Cleric
  • Jeremy – Elf Rogue
  • Mark – Human Fighter
  • Matt – Halfling Sorcerer
  • Richard – Halfling Summoner
  • Ross – Goblin Monk
Wednesday (Thassilonian Resurgence AP) Characters
  • Annie (picked up Nexa from Suzy)
    • Nexa of Andoran
      • Human Half-Orc (Korvosa)
  • David (Starting Player)
    • Belath of Cheliax
      • Human Sorcerer (Korvosa)
  • Ethan (Starting Player – No longer in campaign)
    • Dain of Lantern Lodge
      • Dwarf Ranger (Jangerhoff)
      • Killed in Godsmouth Ossuary early Year 1
  • Eve (New player early year 1 – No longer in campaign)
    • Flatface of TBA
      • Elven Half Goblin Sorcerer (Crying Leaf)
      • Character failed to become a pathfinder. (NPC)
  • Jeremy (Starting Player)
    • Kordar of Grand Lodge
      • Human Fighter (Sandpoint) –
  • Mark (Starting Player)
    • Pimwinkle Stout of Shadow Lodge
      • Halfling Rogue (Magnimar) –
      • Killed in Godsmouth Ossuary early year 1 – Resurrected
      • Killed in Burnt Offerings early year 2 – Resurrected
      • Joined the forces of Lamastu (NPC)
    • Sparky of
      • Dwarven Rogue (Janderhoff)
      • Joined Magnimar pathfinder Lodge early Year 2
  • Shadow (new player early year 1 – No longer in campaign)
    • Reep-a-skeep of Osirion
      • Ratfolk Rogue (Riddleport)
      • Killed in Godsmouth Ossuary early year 1
  • Stefan (Starting Player fill in from Friday Team)
    • Krol (from Friday)
  • Suzy (Starting Player – No Longer in Campaign)
    • Nexa of Andoran
      • Human Half Orc (Korvosa) –
  • Victor (Starting Player)
    • Cangaciero of Grand Lodge
      • Human Half-Elf Druid (Kaer Maga) –
      • Defected to work for the Runelords early Year 2 (NPC)
    • L of TBA
      • Human Shoanti Oracle of TBA
      • Joined magnimar pathfinder lodge early Year 2
Friday (TRAP)
  • Adam (Starting Player – No longer in campaign)
    • Sharp of Grand Lodge
      • Human (Shoanti) Half-Shadowkin Rogue (Kaer Maga)
      • Chose to serve the Runelords late Year 1 (NPC)
  • Ciara (Starting Player – No longer in campaign)
    • Figit of ?
      • Gnome Barbarian (Lurkwood Area)
      • Failed to become a pathfinder (NPC)
    • Margo of ?
      • Joined the Magnimar Pathfinder Lodge Early Year 1
      • Joined the Goblin forces late Year 1 (NPC)
  • Eme (Starting Player)
    • Duzah of Sczarni
      • Human (Shoanti) Half-Orc Ranger (Urglin)
  • Josh (Starting Player)
    • Parry Hotter of Cheliax
      • Elf Half-Dwarf Wizard – Cypermage (Riddleport)
  • Morgan (Starting Player)
    • Quest of ?
      • Orc Half-Goblin Bard (Roderic’s Cove)
  • Paul (Starting Player – no longer in the campaign)
    • Passim of
      • Human (Varisian) Bard (Magnimar)
      • Failed to become a pathfinder (NPC)
  • Peter (Starting Player)
    • Lady Dawn of
      • Dwarf Fighter (Janderhoff)
      • Failed to become a pathfinder. (NPC)
    • Willy of Cheliax/Shadow Lodge
      • Human Monk (homeland TBA)
      • Married late year 1 to – TBA
  • Stefan (Starting Player)
    • Krol of Shadow Lodge
      • Elf Half-Gnome Cleric of Eristil (Sipplerose)

Content Updates

  • 2021-07-29 – Structure cleanup and linking.
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  • 2020-06-15 – Structure.
  • 2020-03-24 – Structure.
  • 2019-12-13 – Details on why using factions.
  • 2019-12-06 – Updating the list of players in the games.
  • 2019-09-27 – Updating which PC options are planned for the campaign.
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