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Spell References – Evocation Spells

Evocation spells manipulate magical energy to produce a desired effect. Some call up blasts of fire or lightning. Others channel positive energy to heal wounds.

A list of all the available evocation spells in my game and where to find them for easy reference.

Evocation is associated with the colour red for spells and the Sphere of Energy.

Converted Spells

  • 5e-wiz-ph DnD Players Handbook
  • 5e-wiz-xge Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  • 5e-wiz-scag Sword Coast Adventurers Guide
  • 5e-fgg-bls Book of Lost Spells
  • 5e-grr-br The Book of the Righteous
  • 5e-kob-mhh midgard heroes handbook
  • 5e-kob-mwb pf1-kob-mwb Midgard Worldbook
  • 3e-mgp-ae08 mgp1008

Evocation Spells for all Classes via Secret Crafts

Evocation Cantrips
1st Level Evocation Spells
  • Acid Wind (bls10) – Earthologist
  • Caustic Spittle (bls28) – Earthologist
  • Chaos Bolt (xge151) – Chaosologist
  • Draconic Smite (mhh163) – Dragonologist
  • Earth Tremor (xge155) – Earthologist
  • Earthen Blast (bls49) – Earthologist
  • Fiery Grasp (bls57) – Fireologist
  • Fire Burst (bls58) – Fireologist
  • Flaming Bolts (bls59) – Fireologist
  • Frostfire (bls62) – Waterologist
  • Screaming Ray (mw433) – Devourologist, Mentologist
  • Shadow Hands (mhh191) – Darkologist, Starologist
  • Wind Tunnel (mhh203) – Airologist
  • With the Wind (bls129) – Airologist
2nd Level Evocation Spells
  • Aganazzar’s Scorcher (xge150) – Fireologist
  • Bead of Frost (bls18) – Waterologist
  • Charged Missile (bls29) – Airologist, Weaponologist
  • Darkbolt (mhh162) – Shadeologist
  • Doom of Consuming Fire (mwb425) – Shadeologist
  • Elemental Horns (mhh165) – Airologist, Darkologist, Earthologist, Elementologist, Fireologist, Mentoogist, Waterologist
  • Ethereal Strike (bls54) – Spiritologist
  • Gust of Wind (ph248) – Airologist
  • Fiery Shield (bls57) – Fireologist, Protectologist
  • Flame of Chaos (bls58) – Chaosologist
  • Flameswell (bls59) – Fireologist
  • Frenzied Bolt (mhh169) – Chaosologist
  • Frost Snap (bls62) – Waterologist
  • Ghostly Throttle (bls63) – Shadeologist
  • Grudge Match (mhh172) – Cryptologist
  • Ignite (bls74) – Fireologist
  • Ley Disruption (mhh179) – Dragonologist, Elvenologist
  • Reverberate (mhh188) – Airologist, Craftologist
  • Rolling Thunder (mhh189) – Airologst
  • Shared Sacrifice (mhh192) – Weaponologist
  • Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm (xge165) – Waterologist
  • Timely Distraction (mw435) – Chaosologist, Chronologist, Devourologist
  • Thunderous Stampede (mhh197) – Mentologist, Weaponologist
  • Trench (mhh199) – Weaponologist
  • Warding Wind (xge170) – Airologist, Preservologist
  • Wrestling Wind (mhh203) – Weaponologist
  • Wind Armour (mgp1008) – Airologist
3rd Level Evocation Spells
  • Arcane Spear (bls14) – Weaponologist
  • Bad Luck (bls16) – Chaosologist
  • Breath of the Dragon (bls26) – Dragonologist
  • Chaos Bolt (bls29) – Chaosologist
  • Electromagnetic Storm (bls50) – Airologist, Mechologist
  • Far Strike (bls56) – Fireologist, Skyologist
  • Frost Shards (bls62) – Waterologist
  • Greater Thunderclap (mhh197) – Airologist
  • Hard Water Blast (bls66) – Waterologist
  • Ley Energy Bolt (mhh179) – Dragonologist, Elvenologist
  • Melf’s Minute Meteors (xge161) – Fireologist, Starologist
  • Nightfall (mhh184) (ritual) – Weaponologist
  • Ooze Bolt (bls91) – Alchemologist, Earthologist
  • Perun’s Doom (mhh185, mwb432) – Airologist, Skaldologist
  • Steam Bolt (bls113) – Mechologist
  • Sudden Dawn (mhh196) – Starologist, Weaponologist
  • Thousand Darts (mhh197) – Mechologist
  • Thunderous Wave (mhh197) – Weaponologist
  • Wall of Water (xge170) – Waterologist
4th Level Evocation Spells
  • Desiccating Breath (mhh162) – Bloodologist, Darkologist, Devourologist, Skaldologist
  • Doom of the Earthen Maw (mw426) – Shadeologist
  • Fiery Blast (bls56) – Fireologist
  • Flame Spiral (bls59) – Fireologst
  • Flame Wave (mhh167) – Fireologist
  • Flames of Purification (bls59) – Fireologist
  • Grinding Gears (mhh172) – Mechologist
  • Negative Energy Aura (bls90) – Protectionologist, Spiritologst
  • Rainbow Spear (bls97) – Chaosologist
  • Shadowbind (bls104) – Darkologist, Shadeologist
  • Steam Blast (mhh196) – Mechologist
  • Steam Cloud (bls114) – Mechologist
  • Storm Sphere (xge166) – Airologist, Naturologist
  • Vitriolic Sphere (xge170) – Earthologist
5th Level Evocation Spells
  • Amplify Ley Field (mhh149) – Dragonologist, Elvenologist
  • Claws of the Earth Dragon (mhh158) – Dragonologist
  • Dark Curtain (bls39) Darkologist
  • Dragon Breath Greater (mhh164) – Dragonologist
  • Frostbite Greater (mhh169) – Waterologist
  • Holy Ground (mhh174) – Celestologist, Weaponologist
  • Immolation (xge158) – Fireologist
  • Inner Storm (bls76) – Airologist
  • Jolt (bls79) – Weaponologist
  • Maelstrom (xge160) – Sailologist, Waterologist
  • Prismatic Ray (mhh186) – Chaosoloist
  • Rainbow Staff (bls97) – Chaosologist
  • Wind Bindings (mgp1008) – Airologist
  • Wrath of Nature (xge171) – Naturologist, Spiritologist, Summonologist
6th Level Evocation Spells
7th Level Evocation Spells
  • Acid Storm (bls10) – Earthologist
  • Chain Enervation (bls28) – Devourologist, Fiendologist
  • Ebon Lightning (bls50) – Airologist, Shadeologist
  • Electrical Storm (bls50) – Airologist
  • Glacial Fog (mw428) – Waterologist
  • Liquid Fire (bls82) – Alchemologist, Fireologist
  • Scorching Air (bls103) – Fireologist
  • Symbol of Sorcery (mhh196) (ritual) – Cryptology, Skaldologist
  • Vacuum Slash (mgp1008) – Aurologist, Voidologist
  • Whirlwind (xge171) – Airologist
8th Level Evocation Spells
  • Costly Victory (mhh160) – Fireologist, Weaponologist
  • Disruptive Aura (mhh163) – Dragonologist, Elvenologist
  • Ebonflame (bls50) – Chaosologist
  • Glacial Cascade (mhh170) – Dragonologist, Waterologist
  • Ice Geyser (bls73) – Waterologist
  • Maddening Darkness (xge160) – Chaosologist, Darkologist, Mentologist
  • Power Word Restore (mhh186) – Ctypologist, Dragonologist, Mechologist
  • Steam Whistle (mhh196) – Mechologist
9th Level Evocation Spells
  • Circle of Devastation (mhh157) – Airologist, Craftologist, Darkologist, Earthologist, Fireologist, Waterologist
  • Conflagration (bls34) – Fireologist
  • Ley Surge (mhh180) – Dragonologist, Elvenologist
  • Pyroclasm (mhh187) – Fireologist
  • Rimeshatter (bls100) – Waterologist
  • Scintillating Doom (bls102) – Chaosologist
  • Storm of Vitriol (bls114) – Alchemologist, Earthologist

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