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A list of all the available generic aberrations in my game and where to find them for easy reference.

  • Aberration – are utterly alien beings. Many of them have innate magical abilities drawn from the creature’s alien mind rather than the mystical forces of the world.
  • Beholder – A beholder, sometimes called a sphere of many eyes or an eye tyrant, was a large aberration normally found in the Underdark. These large, orb-shaped beings had ten eyestalks and one central eye, each containing powerful magic. Powerful and intelligent, beholders were among the greatest threats to the world.
  • Blood Orchid – They are a type of aberration that resembles flowers with monstrous qualities.
  • Leng – Creature from a far away realm between the stars.
  • Mind Flayer – A group of telepathic brain devouring humanoids.
  • Neogi – A group of spiderlike creatures.
  • Nymph – Relatives of the fey creatures who strayed too far from home.
  • Shoth – The shoth are an aberrant race of oozing humanoids from outside the known planes. Their leader, and namesake, is a creature with god-like powers whose gelatinous body floats like a star in a distant galaxy. The shoth have no home world; instead, they wander the universe inside massive oozing vessels capable of interplanar travel. The largest of these vessels, the Dripping Palace, contains an avatar of Shoth itself.
  • Slaad – Slaadi (singular: slaad, pronounced: /slæd/ slæd or: /slɑːd/ slad) were bipedal, frog-like creatures native to Limbo and to the Supreme Throne.
  • Star Spawn – Starspawn is used as a new grouping for various Lovecraftian monsters, mostly edition upgrades of the Foulspawn and a handful of new faces, such as the D&D Worm That Walks.
  • Tindalos – A group of extra planar hunters.
  • Were-mist – A mist that causes Lycanthropy.
  • Yggdrasil – Creatures part of the world tree’s living sentience.
  • Yig – Servants of the Great Old One (serpent form Immortals)
  • Yothri – Servants of a Great Old One (alchemy and necromancy Immortals)
  • Zheenkeef – Servant of a Great Old One (immortals)
  • gos – Ghosts of Saltmarsh
  • oota – Out of the Abyss
  • typ – Tales of the Yawning Portal


CR 0

  • Zoog (cc396)

CR 1/8

  • Carbuncle (fef42)
  • Flumph (mm135)
  • Neogi, Hatchling (vg179)
  • Slaad, Tadpole (mm276)

CR 1/4

  • Gorbel (fef130)
  • Star Spawn, Grue (mtf234)
  • Volt (fef241)

CR 1/2

  • Beholder, Gazer (vg126)
  • Boot Grabber (cc56)
  • Ixitxachitl (oota225)
  • Nalusa Falaya (cc274)
  • Shoth, Sooze (cc334)

CR 1

  • Choker (mtf123, typ232)
  • Grindylow (cc210)

CR 2

  • Adherer (fef6)
  • Berbalang (mtf120)
  • Bone Cobbler (fef33)
  • Clamor (fef62)
  • Decapus (fef79)
  • Gibbering Mouther (mm147)
  • Intellect Devourer (mm191)
  • Ixitxachitl, Vampiric (oota226)
  • Nothic (mm236)
  • Star Spawn, Grue Type 2 (fef138)
  • Temporal Crawler (fef223)
  • Were-mist, Wererat (fef245)
  • Yaan-An-Oed (cc391)

CR 3

  • Ahu-Nixta (cc11)
  • Arboreal Grappler (tb25)
  • Astral Snapper (cc43)
  • Begiennik (tb31)
  • Beholder, Spectator (mm30)
  • Dust Digger (fef88)
  • Far Wanderer (cc151)
  • Grell (mm172)
  • Leng, Ghast of (cc168)
  • Neogi (vg180)
  • Were-mist, Werewolves (fef245)

CR 4

  • Bonesucker (fef35)
  • Chuul (mm40)
  • Dorreq (tb124)
  • Mngwa (tb293)
  • Neogi, Master (vg180)
  • Oculo Swarm (tb309)
  • Psilian – Encephalohn Gorger (fef94)
  • Tusked Skyfish (tb391)
  • Were-mist, Wereboar (fef245)
  • Yig, Servant of (cc325)

CR 5

  • Asanbosam (tb27)
  • Blood Orchid (fef28)
  • Cerebal Stalker (fef53)
  • Leng, Denizen of (fef83)
  • Mindwithness (vg176)
  • Otyugh (mm248)
  • Rift Swine (tb326)
  • Shoth, Oth (cc333)
  • Skum (gos254)
  • Slaad, Red (mm276)
  • Star Spawn, Mangler (mtf236)
  • Yothri, Artificer of (fef15)

CR 6

  • Beholder, Gauth (vg125)
  • Brume (fef38)
  • Fate Eater (tb180)
  • Leng Spider (fef162)
  • Mamura (tb284)
  • Yggdrasil, Child of (cc61)

CR 7

  • Blood Orchid, Savant (fef 28)
  • Chelicerae (tb54)
  • Crismon Mist (fef71)
  • Leng, Spider of (tb365)
  • Mind Flayer (mm222)
  • Ningyo (cc278)
  • Slaad, Blue (mm276)
  • Xenabsorber (cc387)

CR 8

  • Cloaker (mm41)
  • Gohl – Hydra Cloud (fef124)
  • Mind Flayer, Psion (vg71)
  • Nymph, Moon (cc269)
  • Qwyllion (tb316)
  • Slaad, Green (mm277)
  • Tindalos, Hound of (cc221)
  • Xhkarsh (tb412)
  • Ziphius (cc392)

CR 9

  • Blood Orchid, Grand Savant (fef29)
  • Eater of Dust (tb164)
  • Flame-Scourged Scion (cc159)
  • Mind Flayer, Ulitharid (vg175)
  • Slaad, Gray (mm277)
  • Zheenkeef, Handmaid of (br214)

CR 10

  • Beholder, Death Kiss (vg124)
  • Nightgaunt (cc277)
  • Slaad, Death (mm278)
  • Star Spawn, Hulk (mtf234)

CR 11

  • Balhannoth (mtf119)
  • Flying Polyp (cc162)
  • Frogemoth (fef107)
  • Morkoth (vg177)
  • Tentacled Horror (fef255)
  • Voidling (tb4040)

CR 12

  • Aboleth (mm13)
  • Shoth, Droth (cc332)

CR 13

  • Beholder (mm28)
  • Neothelid (vg181)
  • Star Spawn, Seer (mtf236)

CR 14

  • Mind Flayer, Elder Brain (vg173)

CR 15

  • Modrant Snare (tb296)
  • Whisper in Darkness (cc378)

CR 16

  • Star Spawn, Larva Mage (mtf235)

CR 17

  • Urochar – Strangling Watcher (tb393)

CR 19

  • Shoggoth (tb347)

CR 21

  • Shoth, Avatar of (cc332)

Types of Aberrations


Beholder (CR 13 mm28)
Death Kiss (CR 10 vg124)
Gauth (CR 6 vg125)
Gazer (CR 1/2 vg126)
Spectator (CR 3 mm30)

Blood Orchid

Blood Orchid (CR 5 fef 28)
Grand Savant (CR 9 fef29)
Savant (CR 7 fef28)


Denizen of Leng (CR 5 fef83)
Ghast of Leng (CR 3 cc168)
Leng Spider (CR 6 fef162)
Spider of Leng (CR 7 tb365)

Mind Flayer

Elder Brain (CR 14 vg173)
Mind Flayer (CR 7 mm222)
Psion (CR 8 vg71)
Ulitharid (CR 9 vg175)


Hatchling (CR 1/8, vg179)
Master (CR 4 vg180)
Neogi (CR 3 vg180)


Moon (CR 8 cc269)


Avatar of Shoth (CR 21 cc332)
Droth (CR 12 cc332)
Oth (CR 5 cc333)
Sooze (CR 1/2 cc334)


Blue (CR 7 mm276)
Death (CR 10 mm278)
Gray (CR 9 mm277)
Green (CR 8 mm277)
Red (CR 5 mm276)
Tadpole (CR 1/8 mm276)

Star Spawn

Grue (CR 1/4 mtf234)
Grue Type 2 (CR 2 fef138)
Hulk (CR 10 mtf234)
Larva Mage (CR 16 mtf235)
Mangler (CR 5 mtf236)
Seer (CR 13 mtf236)


Hound of Tindalos (CR 8 cc221)


Wereboar (CR 4 fef245)
Wererat (CR 2 fef245)
Werewolves (CR 3 fef245)


Child of Yggdrasil (CR 6 cc61)


Servant of Yig (CR 4 cc325)


Artificer of Yothri (CR 5 fef15)


Handmaid of Zheenkeef (CR 9 br214)

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