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Alderaan (CW)

Alderaan was one of the original worlds of the Republic, a home to early colonists. An influential player in galactic politics. Alderaan was a world of high culture for centuries.

Alderaan, located in the Core Worlds, was the second planet in the Alderaan system, and the home of many famous heroes, including Leia Organa Solo, Bail Organa, and Ulic Qel-Droma. Renowned galaxy-wide for their planet’s unspoiled beauty, refined culture, and commitment to peace, Alderaanians worked with and around the land to preserve as much of the natural surroundings as they could.

Originally the home of the Killiks, Alderaan was later conquered by Humans. Despite a battle during the Great Galactic War and a civil war during the subsequent Cold War, Alderaan remained peaceful during much of galactic history.

Rebellion Era Only: It became pacifist following the brutal Clone Wars, but overtly and secretly opposed the Emperor. Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star in an attempt to both intimidate the galactic citizenry into submission before the Empire, and to wrest the location of a secret Rebel base from Leia Organa. The rocky, shattered remains of Alderaan are called the Graveyard.

Asteroid 7785 – The Royal Palace of Alderaan – The Rebels should feel a fair amount of skepticism about the possible survival of the Royal Palace on Alderaan. Afterall, how could anything have withstood the devastating power of the Death Star’s superlaser?

In fact, the portion of the palace that survived was little more than a fragment, and a predominantly underground portion besides. During the rise of Palpatine, and the period in which Bail Organa opposed the Emperor’s ascendance to power, the Alderaanian government realized that they were open to reprisals from the Imperial Navy; a Star Destroyer would make short work of the palace, and there was little that planetary security forces could do to stop such an attack.

As a result, Bail Organa’s security experts began shielding various underground sections of the palace with mono-molecular material – tightly bonded at a nearly subatomic level – that is nearly impervious to harm. The underground chambers in the palace were equipped with this shielding, but since the process is extremely expensive (and highly regulated) only a small portion of the palace could be protected. To armour large portions of the palace would have called official Imperial attention to the operation, inviting a preemptive strike. It is these small, underground chambers that have survived the destruction of Alderaan, and several of the sealed systems used to maintain independent power and life support in an emergency remained active, albeit barely.

As tough as mono-molecular shielding is, it has still been subjected to a super-weapon of immense power, however. Several of the shielding plates have buckled or cracked, and the ruins of the underground chambers are merely marking time before they collapse and vent the last scraps of atmosphere into the cold vacuum of space.​

Caamas to Alderaan
  • Hyperlane Minor Commenor Run
  • Coordinates 13.1 9.9 to 13.3 10.1
  • Map M9 (CW) to M10 (CW)
  • Distance 0.4
  • Time 9 hrs 36 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (-)
Alderaan to Kattada
  • Hyperlane Minor Commenor Run
  • Coordinates 13.3 10.1 to 13.9 10.3
  • Map M10 (CW) to M10 (C)
  • Distance 0.8
  • Time 19 hrs 12 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (1)

Balmorra (C)

In Progress

  • tba, The Colonies
  • Coordinates – tba (N10)
  • Hyperlanes:

Located at the very edge between the Colonies and the Core Worlds, Balmorra is a heavily industrialized world. Known for producing arms for the Imperial Army, Balmorra is one of the primary manufacturing locations for the AT-ST walker.

Demophon (CW NS)

Demophon was a planet in the Core Worlds, the primary planet of the Demophon system. The planet had two continents, Junno and Klis, which were surrounded by a vast ocean. It was named for Alres Demophon, one of the founders of the Republic Scout Service.

Fedalle (CW)

Fedalle is a wealthy and industrious world of the Core.

Skako to Fedalle
  • Hyperlane Major H5 Hydian Way
  • Coordinates 12.7 9.9 to 13.4 10.6
  • Map L9 (CW) to M10 (CW)
  • Distance 1.4
  • Time 16 hrs 48 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (-)
Fedalle to Bellassa
  • Hyperlane Major H5 Hydian Way
  • Coordinates 13.4 10.6 to 13.8 11.5
  • Map M10 (CW) to M11 (CW)
  • Distance 1.3
  • Time 15 hrs 36 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (-)
Fedalle to Trellen
  • Hyperlane Major H5 Hydian Way (not shown)
  • Coordinates 13.4 10.6 to 13.7 11.0
  • Map M10 (CW) to M11 (CW NS)
  • Distance 0.7
  • Time 8 hrs 24 min
  • Check Easy – Upgrade (1) Setback (-)
Fedalle to Kuat
  • Hyperlane Minor Fedalle-Kuat hyperlane
  • Coordinates 13.4 10.6 to 13.8 10.6
  • Map M10 (CW) to M10 (CW)
  • Distance 0.4
  • Time 9 hrs 36 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (-)

Kattada (C)

The planet was a terrestrial planet with a tropical climate. It was well known for its beautiful beaches. The city of Haleoda was the capital and the planet’s main spaceport.

Alderaan to Kattada
  • Hyperlane Minor Commenor Run
  • Coordinates 13.3 10.1 to 13.9 10.3
  • Map M10 (CW) to M10 (C)
  • Distance 0.8
  • Time 19 hrs 12 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (1)
Kattada to Commenor
  • Hyperlane Minor Commenor Run
  • Coordinates 13.9 10.3 to 14.4 10.9
  • Map M10 (C) to N10 (C)
  • Distance 1.1
  • Time 1 day 2 hrs 24 min
  • Check Hard – Upgrade (-) Setback (2)

Kuat (CW)

Kuat is home to the legendary Kuat Drive Yards, responsible for manufacturing starships throughout the history of the Republic, the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Empire. Completely ringed by an orbital stardock for starship manufacturing, Kuat produces thousands of ships a year, including the iconic Imperial Star Destroyer. Hundreds of millions of workers inhabit the orbital ring. Given the system’s great strategic importance, the Empire maintains a massive presence in-system and around the region. Access to the system is highly controlled.

Kuat was the fourth planet from the star Kuat, located in the Kuat system of the Kuat sector in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. Situated on a hyperlane that connected it to Raxxa and Balmorra and less than six parsecs away from Neimoidia, it was a green terrestrial world orbited by two moons named Bador and Ronay. A day on Kuat was 20 standard hours in length, and a year lasted 322 local days. Kuat had standard gravity and a breathable atmosphere, and at 10,000 kilometers in diameter, it was considered a small planet.

The surface of Kuat featured three continents and scattered islands, and most of the world’s terrain consisted of lush forests, rolling green plains, and carefully-groomed gardens. The planet had a temperate climate with a cool, wet winter and a warm, dry summer. Hostile animal life was nonexistent on Kuat, as terraformers had stocked the planet with inoffensive herbivores such as drebin, which provided compost for the world’s gardens. The introduced species did not overrun the planet due to short life spans and the presence of predators.

An industrial world and center of manufacturing that played a significant role in galactic shipbuilding, Kuat was the home of Kuat Drive Yards, whose shipyards and construction facilities were the most prominent feature of Kuat, encircling the planet in the shape of a large ring. Kuat was considered one of the most efficient shipyards in the galaxy, and its defenses were formidable, with protection provided by the Kuati Sector Forces and designs used for self-defense by Kuat Drive Yards. Kuat had an aristocratic government and exported luxury goods, alcohol, art, and food while importing electronics, machinery, and raw materials

Fedalle to Kuat
  • Hyperlane Minor Fedalle-Kuat hyperlane
  • Coordinates 13.4 10.6 to 13.8 10.6
  • Map M10 (CW) to M10 (CW)
  • Distance 0.4
  • Time 9 hrs 36 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (-)
Kuat to Commenor
  • Hyperlane Minor Kuat-Commenor hyperlane
  • Coordinates 14.4 10.9
  • Map M10 (CW) to N10 (C)
  • Distance 0.9
  • Time 21 hrs 36 min
  • Check Average – Upgrade (-) Setback (1)

Mowgle (CW NS)

  • Mowgle System, Demophan Sector, Core Worlds
  • Coordinates – tba
  • Hyprelanes:

Mowgle was a low-tech agriworld in the Core Worlds, one day and three hours from Demophon with a Class 1 hyperdrive. It was responsible for much of the consumables produced for Demophon during the Galactic Civil War. Thadius Black arranged for political prisoners from Demophon to be smuggled here as cargo soon before the Demophon system was destroyed in a supernova.

Neimoidia (C)

In Progress

  • tba, The Colonies
  • Coordinates – tba (N10)
  • Hyperlanes:

This is the Neimoidian homeworld, originally colonized by the Duros. The world is regularly overlooked or upstaged by the nearby Core Worlds, much to the Neimoidian’s disdain.

Refgar (CW NS)

  • Refgar System, Demophan Sector, Core Worlds
  • Coordinates – tba
  • Hyprelanes:

Refgar was a planet located within the Refgar system of the Core Worlds.

Sarapin (CW)

Sarapin was a volcanic world in the Sarapin system, between Neimoidia and the Treskov system. It had ashy soil and streams of lava flowing across its surface.

Content Updates

  • 2022-01-07 – New entries for Demophon, Mowgle and Refgar. Added link to Kuat Systems Engineering and TransGalMeg Industries.
  • 2021-12-30 – Added in Kuat Drive Yards.
  • 2020-12-15 – Hyperlane cleanup.
  • 2020-10-22 – Hyperlane cleanup.
  • 2020-10-05 – Hyperlane links and cleanup
  • 2020-07-06 – Changed hyperspace time calculator to base 24 instead of base 16.
Galaxy Map

Row V: (WIP V8)

Row U: (WIP U6, U7, U8, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16)

Row T: (WIP T5, T6, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16)

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Row K: (WIP K3, K4, K5, K6, K7, K8, K9, K10, K11, K12, K13, K16, K17, K18, K19, K20, K21)

Row J: (WIP J4, J5, J6, J7, J8, J12, J13, J14, J15, J16, J17, J18, J19, J20, J21)

Row I: (WIP I5, I6, I7, I8, I12, I13, I16, I17, I18, I19)

Row H: (WIP H7, H10, H15, H16, H19, H20)

Row G: (WIP G7, G11, G16, G21)

Row F: (WIP F8)

Row C: (WIP C16)

Regions: The Deep Core, The Core Worlds, The Colonies, The Inner Rim, The Expansion Region, The Mid Rim, The Outer Rim, The Unknown Region

Special Region: Tingel Arm, Wild Space

Sectors: Anoat, Corellian, Elrood, Seswenna

WIP – Work in Progress

Trade Route

Major: H1 – Perlemian Trade Route, H2 – Corellian Run, H3 – Corellian Trade Spine, H4 – Rimma Trade Route, H5 – Hydian Way

Medium: Ado Spine, Annaj-Houche Run, Anturi Reach, Axxila-Tangrene Run, Belsavis Run, Bothan Run, Braxant Run, Byss Run, Cadinth Run, Celenon Spur, Cerean Reach, Commenor Run, Coruscant-N’Zoth hyperlane, D’Aelgoth Trade Route, Dubrillion-Bescane hyperlane, Duros Space Run, Enarc Run, Entralla Route, Fedalle-Kuat hyperlane, Five Veils Route, Gamor Run, Garqi-Borosk hyperlane, Giju Run, Great Gran Run, Great Kashyyyk Branch, Harrin Trade Corridor, Hollastin Run, Kaaga Run, Koda Spur, Kuat Run, Lesser Lantillian Route, Lipsec Run, Listehol Run, Llanic Spice Run, Lutrillian Cross, Manda Merchant Route, Manda-Leritor Route, Metellos Trade Route, Mon Gazza-Lannik Route, Murgo Choke, Namadii Corridor, Nanth’ri Route, Nothoiin Corridor, Ootmian Pabol, Overic Griplink, Orvise Reach, Pabol Hutta, Pabol Sleheyron, Quellor Run, Rago Run, Randon Run, Reena Trade Route, Salin Corridor, Sanrafsix Corridor, Senex Trace, Senex-Juvex Loop, Seswenna Expansion, Shag Pabol, Shaltin Tunnels, Shapani Bypass, Sharlissian Trade Corridor, Shipwights’ Trace, Shiritoku Way, Shwuy Exchange, Spar Trade Route, Trax Tube, Trellen Trade Route, Triellus Trade Route, Trition Trade Route, Vaathkree Trade Corridor, Veragi Trade Route, Yankirk Route

Segment Coyn Route,

Minor: Bakura Trace, Burke’s Trailing Carbonite Run Coruscant-Dantooine hyperlane, Hidakai Pool, Ison Corridor, Manda-Roon Route, Minntooine Spur, Myto’s Arrow, Relgim Run, Prously’s Rim Run, Seswenna Expansion, Shapani Bypass, Tidal Circuit

Secret: Daragon Trail, Koros Trunk Line, Mandalorian Road, Metellos-Ilum hyperlane

Sector: Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route, Kidron-Dega Run

SW Planets

Core Worlds: Corellia, Phemis

Outer Rim: Bespin, Coyn, Elrood, Eriadu

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References: for Characters, for GMs, Dice, Items (Lightsabers, Modifying, Purchasing, Qualities), Knight Level Play, Mechanics (Awareness, Duty, Morality, Obligation), Movement (Personal, Planetary, Vehicles), Roles (Bounty Hunting, Investigations), Secrets (Empire, Jedi, Mandalorians, Rebels, Sith)

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