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Secret Craft of the Master of Witchcraft

aka Witchcraft Masters, Witchologist, Witches and Masters of Witchcraft

The Mistresses of Witchcraft Secret Craft in Glantri. Another part of the Traladaran culture mixed with those of the Alpahtians and brought together in the Great School of Magic in Glantri.

  • Activation Costs: 1 point per circle for Manifestation, Power and Downtime Activity unless otherwise specified.
  • Source Material: This secret craft was built from material gained from various editions of the game. Source Material from GAZ3 (Principalities of Glantri), MGP1010 (Encyclopaedia Arcane – Enchantment – Fire in the Mind), MGP1016 (Encyclopaedia Arcane – Conjuration – By Bell, Book and Candle), Ultimate Prestige Classes Vol 2 (Bokor, Soothsayer)

List of Witchologists

  • Initiate
  • 1st Circle – Dona Yolanda de Belcadiz (Satolas, Glantri)
  • 2nd Circle – Dona Carmina de Belcadiz (Glantri), Victoria de Belcadiz (Glantri)
  • 3rd Circle – Lady Szasza Markovitch (Vladimirov, Glantri)
  • 5th Circle – Dona Carnelia de Belcadiz (Glantri)

Witchologist Craft Locations

Characters in these locations can activate a secret craft without expending points on a success or failure, but still suffer the full effects of a critical failure. In some instances, a critical success enhancement has become permanent.

Good Magic LocationsMisthaven (Alfheim(6,7)),

Craft Magical Items – Witchologist

Ranks of the Witchologist

Witchologist Initiate

To become an initiate, one must find a connection to a god of the stars. Found in Glantri (Great School of Magic), Karameikos (Traladaran)

Secret Craft – Witchologist – Initiate

  • Craft Bonus = Proficiency + Cha + circle +2 (Dark aspected, Traladaran and Elven characters)
  • Craft DC: The Base DC of a secret craft abilities is: Base Craft DC = 8 + Prof + Cha mod + circle achieved +2 (Dark aspected, Traladaran and Elven characters).
  • Bonus Language – Traladaran or Elven
  • Associated Sphere – Usually a Immortal of Traldaran or Elven Pantheon, of Thought or Entropy, or any Immortal who is a Patron of the Charms, Curses or Witches is valid.
  • Expanded Magic: Characters gain extra spells to their spell list from this secret craft. A prepared caster gains them as spells in their spellbook, a spontaneous caster can swap out the spells with their known spells during craft downtime.
  • Artefacts of Witchcraft (Witches) You can make a craft check to use a artefact of Witchcraft without expending the items power by paying for it with your own life force instead. This avoids the chance of a penalty being activated. You can also steal power from an artefact to heal your soul burn. If you are attuned to the artefact, you can use its power to activate your secret craft features without a chance of a penalty being activated. Witchcraft attuned racial magical items allow you to pinch their charges for the day using 1 charge to replace 1 soul burn, and for each level or rarity above common the magical item can replace an additional point.

Witchologist Additional Crit Effects

  • Witchologist Additional Craft Mishap: In addition to the base base critical failure effect you are wreathed in your spiritual energy which causes the irreducible damage (from the standard mishap) as a punishment from your mentor, this hit point damage also affects everyone in your manifestation. You are cursed for the duration of the manifestation, and if a curse you created is also within your manifestation, it is negated.
  • Witchologist Additional Craft Boon: In addition to the base critical failure effect you are wreathed spiritual energy but feel invigorated by the effect (from the standard boon), this hit point healing also affects everyone in your manifestation. Someone chosen by you is cursed within your manifestation, or has a curse removed from them.

Associated Classes:

  • Barbarian
  • Bard – College of Glamour (xge14)
  • Cleric – Beauty Domain (br185), Lust Domain (mw404)
  • Druid
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard – School of Enchantment (ph117)

Spell ListSecret CraftWitchologist (Witch)
(Affliction, Charms, Compulsion, Curses and Psychic based spells)

Cantrip Chill Touch (ph222), Friends (ph245), Pepper’s Purpose (bls93)

1st Level SpellsAnimal Friendship (ph213), Bane (ph217), Bewitch (bls19), Command (ph223), Compelled Duel (ph225), Debilitate (bls41), Farsighted (bls56), Hex (ph252), Hideous Laughter (ph281), Hives (bls71), Know the Mark (bls79), Loki’s Gift (mhh181), Nearsighted (bls89), Pilfer Sleep (bls93), Putrefy Food and Drink (bls95), Sleep (ph277), Twitch (bls119), Witch Bolt (ph290), Wolfsong (mhh203), Wrathful Smite (ph290),

2nd Level SpellsBleeding Wound (ea02-21), Blindfold (bls22), Blindness/Deafness (ph220), Burn the Sight (bls27), Crown of Madness (ph230), Enlarge/ReduceR (ph238), Enthrall (ph239), Heat Metal (ph251), Helpless Grief (bls69), Hold Person (ph252), Insomnia (bls76), Pain of Giving (bls92), Phantasmal Force (ph265), Snowblind Stare (mhh193), SuggestionR (ph280), Unluck on That (mhh201), Vomit Swam (pcc48), Zone of TruthR (ph290),

3rd Level Spells – Babel’s Curse (bls16), Bestow Curse (ph219), Catnap (xge151), Curse of Horror (bls37), Enemies Abound (xge151), Exile from Nature (bls54), Link Perception (bls82), Magic CircleRO (ph257), Throes of Ecstasy (mwb435)

4th Level Spells – Bait (bls16), Banishment (ph218), Charm Monster (xge151), Compulsion (ph225), Confusion (ph225), Corpulent Bloat (bls35), Dominate Beast (ph235), Fumble (bls62), Infirmity (bls75), Lovesick (mwb431), Megalomania (bls86), Mind Carve (bls87), Phantasmal Killer (ph266), Polymorph (ph267), Purifying Bath (bls95), Null the Soothing Touch (bls90), Shadow of Doubt (fkcc23), Staggering Smite (ph322), Stupefy (bls115), Twig Torture (bls119)

5th Level Spells – Bone Blight (bls25), Contagion (ph228), Divine Burden (bls46), Dominate Person (see Dominate Beast), DreamRO (ph237), Euphoric Ecstasy (bls54), GeasRO (ph245), Hold Monster (see Hold Person), Mantle of Dread (bls85), Spirit Doll (bls113)

  • 6th Level – Black Exhalation (bls20), Blight Fog (bls22), Chilling Gaze (bls31), Curse of Infirmity (bls37), Death Gaze (bls40), Death’s Imposition (bls41), Lost Wanderer (bls83), Mental Prison (xge161)
  • 7th Level – Grim Harvest (bls66), Interdiction (bls76)
  • 8th Level – Deny Succour (bls42), Destined Doom (bls43), Greater Curse (bls65), Imbue Passion (bls74), Xenophobic Rage (bls130)
  • 9th Level – Disable (bls45), Eternal Sleep (bls54), Wrack the Mind (bls130)

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, mhh, ph, xge

Witchologist 1st Circle (Apprentice)

Secret Crafts – Witchologist – 1st Circle

Secret Crafts – Manifestations (Replaces other active secret craft manifestation when activated) Each Manifestation uses a light colour based on the Sphere it is being drawn from Energy (red), Entropy (black), Matter (green), Thought (white), Time (Blue). Each manifestation lasts until the end of your next long rest, and you can spend 1 soul burn to keep it active until the next long rest without rolling or you dismiss it.

Witchologist Apprentice (Manifestation SB 1 DC 16): When you activate this manifestation, you radiate a light aura 10ft radius. Saving throws vs your charms or enhancements are at disadvantage when within your aura.

Witchologist Apprentice Enhancements and Powers (Requires Witchologist Apprentice to be active)

  • Book of Shadows (Enhancement SB 1 DC 16) As bonus action, a witch can connect with their spellbooks. When connected a witch can cast any spell from their open book of spells as well as their known (or prepared) spells for the day. The book automatically opens to the spell they are casting and rises before them.
  • Silver Tongue (Enhancement SB 1 DC 16) As a bonus action, the witch learns to persuade others that their words are reasonable if they understand the language and the request is plausible. Social checks always have advantage unless the affected target makes a wisdom saving throw.
  • Soothsayer (Power SB1 DC 16) As an Action you can sacrifice a small animal or bird to activate this power and you can provide a personal divination for another character where they pick one day in the next seven to have a +1 bonus to all d20 rolls, and another in the next week to have a -1 to all d20 rolls. The target must provide permission for this to work.
  • Witchcraft Specialisation (Enhancement SB 1 DC 16) Activate as part of a short rest. You can prepare one spell from the craft list as a known spell. You can reactivate this power to replace the known spell. Non-spellcasters can use this to gain a cantrip if listed. You can have active as many spells as circles you have achieved circles in the craft
  • Witches Enchanting Touch (Power SB 1 DC 16) You can cast enchantment spells through a doll you have created to the subject who it represents as if you could touch or see them using the doll as a valid target.

Downtime Activities: can require 1 or more soul burn points to activate and maintain. You do not require you to have the manifestation active to use. Use of downtime abilities cannot be offset by magical items or artefacts.

  • Brews and Philtres (SB 1) Over a week you create 4d6 items of your choice, with min of on type of potion per day, and with common potions taking up one item, uncommon potion two items, rare potion four items, very rare eight items and legendary 16 items. They have to come from known recipes, and last for one day per circle obtained, multiplied by character level.
  • Witch Craft Specialisation (SB 1+) You gain a known or prepared spell from the list of spells in this craft for each level you can cast. If you know more than one craft you can only have this available for one. Repeat activations changes the these slots to the activating craft. Costs 1 point per level of the spell. This loss is permanent while you have access to these spells. Unlike regular spells, Cantrips cost 1 point per character level.
  • Witchcraft Doll (gp cost) you can create a doll to represent someone else requiring a piece of the person, such as hair or nails and costs 1,000 gp per level of the person represented. This lasts 10 uses and can be fully recharged with another piece of the person and 500 gp.
  • Witchcraft Recipe (1 SB) the witch learns to craft poisons, drugs, or charms affecting the drinker such as philtres of love. This takes one week per rarity of the item and is entered in a recipe book, with common items taking 1 week. Each circle obtained reduces the time by 1 week (min 1 week). The cost can be increased which also reducing down the time by a week (min 1 week).
  • Witchcraft Familiar (SB 1+) You spend a week to training a familiar to be one with witchcraft. This provides tba. This will cost you 1 soul burn per character level (or 1 point if you have the familiar class feature or follow the Elven pantheon). You cannot recover the soul burn while you retain the familiar.
  • Witchcraft Companion (SB 1+) You spend a week to training a companion to be one with witchcraft. This provides tba. This will cost you 1 soul burn per character level (or 1 point if you have the companion class feature or follow the Elven pantheon). You cannot recover the soul burn while you retain the companion.
  • Witchcraft Mount (SB 1+) You spend a week to training a mount to be one with witchcraft. This provides tba. This will cost you 1 soul burn per character level (or 1 point if you have the mount class feature or follow the Elven pantheon). You cannot recover the soul burn while you retain the mount.
  • Witchcraft Scroll (SB 1+) You can spend a week scribing any spell from this secret crafts list onto a scroll, with the craft DC equal to 10 + spell level. Success causes SB equal to the spell level, which remains until the scroll is used. Unlike other scrolls, this scroll requires no check to activate and always succeeds at being cast. The soul burn spent on the scroll returns once the scroll is used.
Witchologist 2nd Circle (Journeyman)
Work in Progress
  • Secret Crafts – Witchologist – 2nd Circle
Witchologist 3rd Circle (Adept)
Work in Progress
  • Secret Crafts – Witchologist – 3rd Circle
Witchologist 4th Circle (Master)
Work in Progress
  • Secret Crafts – Witchologist – 4th Circle
Witchologist 5th Circle (Grand Master)
Work in Progress
  • Secret Crafts – Witchologist – 5th Circle

Secret Craft References

  • Activation Costs: 1 SB point per circle for Manifestation, Enhancement, Power and Downtime Activity unless otherwise specified.
  • Secret Craft Attempt = d20 + Prof + Abi mod + circle achieved.
  • Craft Check: The craft check is a d20 plus your proficiency and the associated attribute modifier. This craft check must use the language associated with the craft as part of the check. You add your circle level to the roll with Initiates being +0. For every 5 points you exceed the target number you reduce the Soul Burn cost by 1. For every point you fail the roll by, you can choose to succeed by adding those point to the soul burn cost as long as it was not a critical failure.
    • Base Critical Failure: A roll of a 1 on the craft check is a curse from your patron, and you suffer a mishap. The standard thing that happens is that you increase your soul burn by the Crit Effect Modifier, then it reduces your hit point maximum by the Crit Effect Modifier, and lastly it causes hit point damage equal to the Crit Effect Modifier. Check each of the crafts for what additional effect happen during a mishap.
    • Base Critical Success: A roll of a 20 on this check is a blessing from your patron, and you are granted a boon. The standard thing is that you reduce your Soul Burn by the Crit Effect Modifier, then it can restore damage to your maximum hit points by the Crit Effect Modifier, and lastly it refreshes you repairing hit points equal to the Crit Effect Modifier . Check each of the crafts for what happens during a boon.
    • Crit Effect Modifier: This is 1 + circle ability level + character level.
      • So a 8th level character using a 2nd circle ability would have a crit effect modifier of 11.
      • A 4th level character with a 1st circle ability would have a modifier of 6.
      • A 12th level character with s 3rd circle ability would have a modifier of 16.
      • A 16th level character with a 4th circle ability would have a modifier of 21.
      • A 20th level character with a 5th circle ability would have a modifier of 25.
  • Craft DC: The Base DC of a secret craft abilities is: Base Craft DC = 8 + Prof + Ability mod + circle achieved.
  • Manifestation – Lasts until the end of a long rest, you expend it, or you dismiss it as a free action. You can extend a craft manifestation for 1 soul burn after a long rest to last until your next long rest without the need for a craft check. Manifestations gives you access to Manifestation Aspects, Enhancements and Powers.
  • Manifestation Aspect – Selected as the version of the manifestation used when you activate the Manifestation.
  • Enhancement – Lasts as long as the manifestation is active.
  • Power – Has a limited duration, but needs the manifestation active to use.
  • SB – Soul Burn. Each point of Soul Burn is a reduction to your maximum hit points. If your Soul Burn ever reduces your hit point total to zero your character is destroyed based in the craft and sponsor. Soul Burn can be recovered via downtime or other methods all with GM approval.

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Secret Crafts

Overview, Downtime: Secret Crafts, Spellcasters

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Racial Crafts: (38) Alchem, Beast, Bureau, Celest, Chaos, Chrono, Craft, Crypt, Diplomat, Diviner, Dragon, Elven, Entertain, Fiend, Heal, Mech, Mental, Merch, Music, Nature, Portal, Preserve, Protect, Rad, Sail, Shape, Skald, Sky, Spirit, Spy, Star, Sumon, Tech, Void, Wagon, War, Weapon, Witch

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