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Secret Craft of the Gravemaster

aka Gravemaster, Graveologist, or Master of Grafting

They are known as a Graveologist in the library of the Great School of Glantri. They started out (and can still be found) as the Master of Grafting or Gravemaster of the Traladaran of Darokin, Glantri and Karameikos. This is an expansion of the Secret Crafts inspired by Gazetteer 3.

Mystara Content

This secret craft was developed by those who have a deep connection with necromancy and the element of fire. These are abilities granted by the grace of the patrons of the necromancy. Their magic concentrates on dealing with the enhancement of undeath, grafting from a fallen foe or constructs.

Source Material: This secret craft was built from material gained from various editions of the game. Principalities of Glantri (GAZ3), Deep Magic – Blood and Doom (DM12), Encyclopaedia Arcane – Necromancy (Beyond the Grave – MGP1005), Ultimate Prestige Classes (Crypt Lord).

List of Practitioners of the Graveologists

  • Initiate
  • 1st Circle

Craft Magical Items – Graveologist

Ranks of the Graveologist Secret Craft

Graveologist – Initiate

To become an initiate, one must be part of either “The Great School of Magic” in Glantri City or in good standing with fire aspect necromancers.

Craft Traits:

  • Craft Skill: You gain proficiency with this secret craft and use Charisma as your ability score.
  • Racial Bonus: descendants of elemental fire have a +2 to the craft skill.
  • Patron: A patron of from the Sphere of Entropy or Energy.
  • Additional Craft Mishap: In addition to the base critical failure, you take irreducible necrotic damage (from the standard mishap) as a punishment from your mentor, this also reduces your Charisma by 1.
  • Additional Craft Boon: In addition to the base critical success, your muscles are wreathed in power and you gain a point of Charisma.
  • Bonus Language: Traldara
  • Expanded Magic: Characters gain extra spells to their spell list from this secret craft. You can do this once at initiation or advancement of the craft gaining a spell within your capabilities. You may gain this option again during other secret craft downtime subject to Dungeon Master approval. A prepared caster gains them as spells to be learned in their spellbook, a spontaneous caster can swap out the spells with their known spells during craft downtime.
  • Laboratory: A Graveologist must create a laboratory to use their abilities in at the cost of 5,000 gp per circle they have obtained.
    • Once they have a laboratory, they can build a field kit that costs 3,000 gp per circle and allows experiments but has twice the failure rate. This can be used ten times before it runs out of components. It costs 300 gp per use being refreshed, if it is exhausted, then it must be rebuilt from scratch. Using a field kit doubles the laboratory burn percentage.
    • Experiments cost 1,000 gp of components, take d6 hours per circle of ability used and gain a 5% additional failure chance for each interruption.
    • Finding components takes a week per 1,000 gp of items in Glantri City, or twice that in another capital, or three to four times depending on the country.
    • They require a formula book (use a blank spellbook) to write down all the details of what they can create with their lab or field kits.

Associated Classes:

  • Fighter – Clacking Mercenary (mhh35)
  • Monk – Way of the Long Death (scag130)
  • Paladin – Oath of the Giving Grave (mw403)
  • Warlock: Pact of the Undying (scag139)
  • Wizard: School of Artifice (br202), School of Necromancy (ph118)

Available Feats: tba.

  • Graveologist Spell List:
    • Cantrip
    • 1st Level – Dead Man’s Hands (bls40), Detect Dead – R *, Grave-Touched Weapon (bls65), Hone Blade (mwb429), Restore Corpse (pcc42), Strike Barren (below), Writhing Arms (mwb437)
    • 2nd Level – As You Were (mwb421), Augment Skeleton (bls16), Bones of Steel – R *, Charnel Stench (bls30), Decompose Corpse (pcc37), Doom of the Slippery Rogue (mwb427), Glowing Bones (bls64), Sensory Link – R *, Speed Undead (bls111), Undead Alteration (bls120), Voice of Deathly Whispers – R *
    • 3rd Level – Bone Trap (bls25), Corpse Armour (bls34), Finger Missile (bls58), Gloomwrought Barrier (mhh170), Heat Flesh (bls69), Infuse Weapon (bls76), Invigorate Zombies – R *, Restore the Undead (bls99), Silver Bones (bls106), Strength of the Underworld (mwb435), Undead Conduit *
    • 4th Level – Blood and Steel (mwb421), Graft Weapon*, Iron Bones (bls77), Zombify Self (bls131)
    • 5th Level – Blade of Bone (bls21), Create Homunculus (xge152), Heat Bone (bls69), Mark of Fire (bls85), Mark of Ice (bls85), Mark of Ooze (bls85), Resist Channelling (bls99), Skull Bomb (bls106)
    • 6th Level – Adamantine Bones (bls11), Ebon Water (bls50), Longevity – R *
    • 7th Level
    • 8th Level – Malevolent Waves (mhh181)
    • 9th Level

* details to come. (R) are for ritual spells.

Graveologist – 1st Circle (Apprentice)
  • Attribute – Secret Craft – Graveologist – 1st Circle
    • Graveologist Apprentice (Manifestation SB 1 DC 16) When you activate this manifestation, you dim light within a 5 ft radius. All undead and flesh-based constructs in the radius gain 1 point of health at the end of your turn. Lasts until the end of your next long rest, and you can spend 1 soul burn to keep it active until the next long rest without rolling or you dismiss it.
      • Extended Necromancy (power) You can prepare transmutation spells as a necromancy spells relating to modification of the body. The results give an appearance of undeath to the subjects they are cast upon.
      • Necromancy Specialisation (power) Activate as part of a short rest and stays active if your manifestation is active. You can prepare one spell from the craft list as a known spell. You can reactivate this power to replace the known spell. Non-spellcasters can use this to gain a cantrip if listed.
      • Renew Undeath (power) As an action, grant 1d8 plus your level in healing to an undead or flesh-based construct. You can increase this by a dice for every extra point of soul burn you add to the power.
      • Transfer Active Magic (power) As an action, you can transfer an active magical effect from you to a controlled or willing Undead creature or flesh-based construct even if those creatures are not considered a valid target. This costs 1 soul burn per spell effect level.
    • Downtime Activities: require 1 or more points to activate and maintain. You do not require you to have the manifestation active to use.
      • Basic Grafting: As a downtime activity taking a week, you can graft one body part to another creature (or yourself) granting abilities of that body part and loosing abilities associated with what was lost or removed. The grafting lasts for 1 week/level and will cease to function halfway through that time, a drop off at the end of that time (grafting to yourself does not have this issue).
      • Craft Specialisation (SB 1+): You gain a known or prepared spell from the list of spells in this craft for each level you can cast. If you know more than one craft you can only have this available for one. Repeat activations changes the these slots to the activating craft. Costs 1 point per level of the spell. This loss is permanent while you have access to these spells.
      • Transfer Common Power: As a downtime activity taking a week, you can transfer the magic from a common magical item to a undead or construct you control. This destroys the magical item in the process.
2nd Circle (and beyond)

These will be expanded when a player unlocks more in the game.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-05 – Updated the layout and content.
  • 2021-07-21 – Added in section on magical items.
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