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Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara Secret Crafts

Secret Craft of the Soulreavers

aka Master of the Soul, Shadeologist, Soulreaver

They are known as a Shadeologist in the library of the Great School of Glantri. They started out (and can still be found) as the Master of the Soul or Soulreaver of the Traladaran of Darokin, Glantri and Karameikos. This is an expansion of the Secret Crafts inspired by Gazetteer 3.

Mystara Content

This secret craft was developed by those who have a deep connection with necromancy and the element of darkness. These are abilities granted by the grace of the patrons of the necromancy. Their magic concentrates on dealing with the darkness and souls of the underworld.

Activation Costs: 1 point per circle for Manifestation, Power and Downtime Activity unless otherwise specified.
Source Material: This secret craft was built from material gained from various editions of the game. Principalities of Glantri (GAZ3), Deep Magic – Shadow Magic (DM10), Encyclopaedia Arcane – Necromancy (Beyond the Grave – MGP1005), Encyclopaedia Arcane – Drow Magic (Sorcery of Endless Night – MGP1025), Ultimate Prestige Classes (Penumbral Lord, Shadow Tiger).

List of Practitioners of the Shadeologists

  • Initiate
  • 1st Circle

Craft Magical Items – Shadeologist

Ranks of the Shadeologist Secret Craft


To become an initiate, one must be part of either “The Great School of Magic” in Glantri City or in good standing with darkness aspect necromancers.

Craft Traits:

  • Craft Skill: You gain proficiency with this secret craft and use Charisma as your ability score.
  • Racial Bonus: descendants of elemental darkness have a +2 to the craft skill.
  • Patron: A patron of from the Sphere of Entropy.
  • Additional Craft Mishap: In addition to the base critical failure, you take irreducible necrotic damage (from the standard mishap) as a punishment from your mentor, this also reduces your Charisma by 1.
  • Additional Craft Boon: In addition to the base critical success, your muscles are wreathed in power and you gain a point of Charisma.
  • Bonus Language: Undercommon
  • Expanded Magic: Characters gain extra spells to their spell list from this secret craft. You can do this once at initiation or advancement of the craft gaining a spell within your capabilities. You may gain this option again during other secret craft downtime subject to Dungeon Master approval. A prepared caster gains them as spells to be learned in their spellbook, a spontaneous caster can swap out the spells with their known spells during craft downtime.

Associated Classes:

  • Barbarian: Path of the Ancestors (mhh33), Path of the Totem Warrior (ph50)
  • Bard: College of Whispers (xge16)
  • Druid: Circle of the Land (shadowlands) (ph68), Circle of Shapeless and Primal Terror (fkcc6), Circle of the Stones (mhh67)
  • Fighter – Ghost Knight (mhh36)
  • Monk – Way of the Long Death (scag130), Way of Shadow (ph80)
  • Paladin – Oath of the Giving Grave (mw403)
  • Ranger: Gloom Stalker (xge41)
  • Rogue: Assassin (ph97), Whisper (mhh46)
  • Sorcerer: Shadow Bloodline (mhh72), Shadow Magic (xge50)
  • Warlock: Pact of the Hexblade (xge55), Pact of the Light Eater (mhh75)
  • Wizard: School of Void Magic (mw405)

Available Feats: tba.

  • Spell List – Secret CraftShadeologist
    • Cantrip Claws of Darkness (mhh157), Douse Light (mhh163), Shiver (mwb434)
    • 1st Level – Black Ribbons (mhh151), Cloak of Shadow (mhh158), Memento Mori (mwb432), Protection from the Void (mwb432), Shadow Armour (mhh190)
    • 2nd Level – Dark Path (mhh162), Darkbolt (mhh162), Doom of Consuming Fire (mwb425), Ghostly Howl (bls63), Ghostly Throttle (bls63), Maddening Whispers (mwb431), Negative Image (mhh184), Shadow Puppets (mhh191)
    • 3rd Level – Call Shadow Mastiff (mhh155), Conjure Undead (mwb423), Doom of Caelmarath (mwb425), Doom of Disenchantment(mwb426), Legion (mhh178), St. Blusen’s Reaver Spirit (mwb434), Umbral Touch (bls120), Void Strike (mwb436)
    • 4th Level – Doom of the Earthen Maw (mwb426), Hirvsth’s Call (mwb429), Lovesick (mwb431), Nether Weapon (mwb432), Shadow Barbs (fkcc22), Shadow of Moil (xge164), Shadow Monsters (mhh191), Shadowbind (bls104), St. Parvalas’s Risen Road (mwb434), Visage of Madness (mwb435)
    • 5th Level – Essence Instability (mwb427), Kiss of the Succubus (mwb430), Living Shadows (mwb430), Shadow Realm Gateway – R (mhh191), Soul Shatter (bls110), Umbral Weapon (bls120), Wail of Fate (bls124)
    • 6th Level – Become Nightwing (mhh150), Negative Energy Mantle (bls90), Shade Swarm (bls104), Soul Cage (xge165), Umbral Transformation (bls120)
    • 7th Level – Conjure Shadow Titan (mhh159), Ebon Lightning (bls50), Obliterate Soul (bls90)
    • 8th Level – Dark Geyser (bls39), Death Bringer (bls40), Illusory Dragon (xge157), Malevolent Waves (mhh181)
    • 9th Level – Annihilate Soul (bls13), Umbral Storm (mhh200), Void Rift (mwb436)

* Details to come. R – Ritual Spells.

1st Circle (Apprentice)
  • Attribute – Secret Craft – Shadeologist – 1st Circle
    • Shadeologist Apprentice (Manifestation) When you activate this manifestation, you dim light within a 5 ft radius. In the dim light you extend, you can use any point of it as a source to see or listen from. Lasts until the end of your next long rest, and you can spend 1 soul burn to keep it active until the next long rest without rolling or you dismiss it.
      • Lesser Shadow Magic (Power SB 1 DC 16) When casting an Illusion spell, you can instead infuse it with the power of darkness and instead of using a spell slot, use one point of soul burn per level of spell slot it would have taken. This increases any DC’s of the spell by 2.
      • Gliding Shadows (Enhancement SB 1 DC 16) As a bonus action, you can move within your manifestation radius without provoking an attack of opportunity, and without being noticed.
      • Necromancy Specialisation (Enhancement SB 1 DC 16) Activate as part of a short rest and stays active if your manifestation is active. You can prepare one spell from the craft list as a known spell. You can reactivate this power to replace the known spell. Non-spellcasters can use this to gain a cantrip if listed.
      • Shadowcat Form (Power SB 1 DC 16) Turn into a house cat made from shadow and lasts for 1 minute per level. It takes an action to switch forms during this time.
      • Vision of Night (Enhancement SB 1 DC 16) As a action, you increase (or give yourself) darkvision equal to your manifestation radius. This lasts while your manifestation is active.
    • Downtime Activities: require 1 or more points to activate and maintain. You do not require you to have the manifestation active to use.
      • Craft Specialisation (SB 1+): You gain a known or prepared spell from the list of spells in this craft for each level you can cast. If you know more than one craft you can only have this available for one. Repeat activations changes the these slots to the activating craft. Costs 1 point per level of the spell. This loss is permanent while you have access to these spells.
      • Enhance Familiar: When summoning your familiar, you can choose to make it a tiny shadow instead. This will require a week of downtime and will cost you 1 soul burn per character level as well as 1 point per hit dice of the creature. This loss is permanent while you have the familiar.
      • Enhance Companion: When summoning a beast as a companion and your patron comes from the Sphere of Entropy, you can give it the traits of a an shadow creature. This will require a week of downtime and will cost you 1 soul burn per character level as well as 1 point per hit dice of the creature. This loss is permanent while you have the companion.
2nd Circle (and beyond)

These will be expanded when a player unlocks more in the game.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-05 – Updated the downtime details.
  • 2021-07-21 – Added in section on Magical Items.
Secret Crafts

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