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Elementalism – The Primordial Force

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition

  • Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
  • Rules: Dungeon & Dragons 3rd Edition
  • Series: Encyclopedia Arcane (mgp1008)
  • Author: Alejandro Melchor
  • Content Updates
3e-mgp-ae08 mgp1008
3e-mgp-ae08 mgp1008 – Elementalist – The Primordial Force

Common arcane lore divides physical existence in four basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. By manipulating these elements, arcane spellcasters create some of the most spectacular effects of magic, raising walls of stone around them or raining fiery death upon their enemies. Unlike druids, who control nature’s resources out of a pact of mutual respect, wizards and sorcerers master the raw elemental forces without permission and, most of the times, even without acknowledgement.

By blowing creatures away or breathing underwater, all arcane spellcasters are elementalists in a way. Their knowledge, however, is limited to the strictly defined effects of spells they learn from the eight schools of magic. Beyond that basic knowledge, there are those who dare to further their understanding of elemental forces, eschewing their progress in the general arcane arts to walk the Four Elemental Ways and gaining power over the building blocks of the universe.

New Cantrip Spells converted to 5E

New Level 2 Spells converted to 5E

New Level 3 Spells converted to 5E

New Level 4 Spells converted to 5E

  • Erode (p41)
  • Siphon Elemental Lifeforce (p43)

New Level 5 Spells converted to 5E

  • Magic Circle against Elements (p41)
  • Wind Bindings (p44)

New Level 6 Spells converted to 5E

  • Elemental Fabrication (p39)
  • Suffocate (p43)

New Level 7 Spells converted to 5E

  • Vacuum Slash (p43)

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