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Midgard Heroes Handbook

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

  • Publisher: Kobold Press
  • Rules: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • Developer: Dan Dillon, Richard Green and Chris Harris
  • Reference: KP-MHH-5E
  • Content Updates
5e-kob-mhh midgard heroes handbook
5e-kob-mhh – Midgard Heroes Handbook 5E

The Flame of Heroes Must Light a Dark World!

Welcome to a world of dark roads and deep magic, where you can match wits with Baba Yaga, set sail for uncharted islands with minotaur corsairs, and face the fury of the giants in the icy north!

The Midgard Heroes Handbook for 5th Edition has everything you need to create a character for a 5th edition Midgard campaign, including full details on 11 new races and 4 variants on standard races. Roll up a trollkin barbarian, a ravenfolk fighter, a kobold rogue, and more.

You also get:

  • more than 48 new class options, including new bard colleges and paladin oaths
  • martial, ranger, and rogue archetypes—and new weapons and gear
  • a new druid circle and a dozen new cleric domains including Beer, Justice, and Moon domains
  • sorcerous bloodlines, new warlock pacts, and strange arcane traditions
  • 20 backgrounds from the Southlands to the distant North,
  • And nearly 300 new spells from the fan-favorite Deep Magic series, including shadow magic, clockwork magic, battle magic, rune magic and more!

The shadow roads are open, and the World Serpent stirs in its sleep. Adventure awaits the bold!

Expanded Races

  • Bearfolk (mhh10)
  • Centaurs (mhh12)
  • Dhampir (mhh13)
  • Dwarves (mhh15)
  • Elves (mhh16)
  • Gearforged (mhh17)
  • Gnolls (mhh19)
  • Human – Elfmarked (mhh21)
  • Human – Kariv Wanderers (mhh22)
  • Kobold – Midgard (mhh22)
  • Minotaurs (mhh24)
  • Ratfolk (mhh25)
  • Ravenfolk (mhh26)
  • Shadow Fey (mhh28)
  • Trolkin (mhh29)
  • Winterfolk Halfling (mhh31)

Expanded Classes

  • Barbarian Paths
  • Bardic Colleges
    • Entropy (mhh33)
    • Greenleaf (mhh34)
  • Clerical Domains
    • Apocalypse (mhh55)
    • Beer (mhh55)
    • Cat (mhh58)
    • Clockwork (mhh58)
    • Darkness (mhh59)
    • Dragon (mhh60)
    • Hunger (mhh60)
    • Justice (mhh61)
    • Labyrinth (mhh62)
    • Moon (mhh63)
    • Mountain (mhh64)
    • Oceans (mhh64)
    • Prophecy (mhh65)
    • Speed (Mhh65)
    • Travel (mhh66)
    • Void Domain (mhh66)
  • Druid Circles
    • the Stones (mhh67)
  • Fighter Archetypes
    • Clanking Mercenary (mhh35)
    • Edjet (mhh36)
    • Ghost Knight (mhh36)
    • Griffin Knight (mhh37)
    • Shieldbearer (mhh38)
    • Sword-Dancer (mhh39)
  • Paladin Oaths
  • Ranger Archetypes
    • Vampire Slayer (mhh42)
    • Zobecker Scout (mhh43)
  • Rogue Archetypes
    • Duelist (mhh44)
    • Fixer (mhh45)
    • Whisper (mhh46)
  • Sorcerer Origins
    • Mazeborn (mhh71)
    • Shadow (mhh72)
  • Warlock Pacts
    • The Genie Lord (mhh72)
    • The Great Machine (mhh74)
    • The Light Eater (mhh75)
  • Wizard Traditions
    • Angelic Scribe (mhh76)
    • Clockwork (mhh78)
    • Doom Croaker (mhh79)
    • Dragon Masks (mhh80)
    • Elementalist (mhh82)
    • Elven High Magic (mhh84)
    • Entropy (mhh85)
    • Geomancy (mhh88)
    • Illumination (mhh88)
    • Necrophagy (mhh90)
    • Ring Warden (mhh90)

New Monsters (mhh204)

New Backgrounds (mhh98)

  • Amazon of Perunalia (mhh98)
  • Arbonesse Exile (mhh99)
  • Bemmean Scholar (mhh100)
  • Blood Sister (mhh102)
  • Dancing Bear Guide (mhh103)
  • Dhampir of Morgau (mhh105)
  • Exile of the Black City (mhh106)
  • Ghost Knight (mhh107)
  • Gnoll Varavan Raider (mhh108)
  • Guild Artisan
    • Tinker (mhh124)
  • Haunted Villager (mhh109)
  • Krakovan Rebel (mhh111)
  • Mharoti Emissary (mhh112)
  • Miner (mhh113)
  • Mountain Witness (mhh115)
  • Mystic of Baba Yaga (mhh116)
  • Neimheim Gnome (mhh118)
  • Northlands Reaver (mhh119)
  • Nurian Theurge (mhh120)
  • Prophet (mmh122)
  • Seer (mhh123)
  • Urchin
    • Beggar (mhh125)

New Rules

  • Ley Lines and Geomancy (mhh127)
  • Pantheon Priests (mhh68)
  • Ring Magic (mhh130)
  • Rune Magic (mhh69, mhh92, mhh131)
    • Algiz (mhh131)
    • Ansuz (mhh132)
    • Berkanan (mhh132)
    • Dagaz (mhh132)
    • Ehwaz (mhh132)
    • Eiwaz (mhh132)
    • Fehu (mhh133)
    • Gebu (mhh133)
    • Hagalaz (mhh133)
    • Ingwaz (mhh133)
    • Isaz (mhh133)
    • Jera (mhh134)
    • Kaunen (mhh134)
    • Laukaz (mhh134)
    • Mannaz (mhh134)
    • Naudiz (mhh135)
    • Nykoping (mhh135)
    • Otalan (mhh135)
    • Perto (mhh135)
    • Raido (mhh136)
    • Sowilo (mhh136)
    • Tewaz (mhh136)
    • Turisaz (mhh136)
    • Uruz (mhh136)
    • Wunjo (mhh137)
  • Conditions (mhh211)
  • Weapons Options (mhh46) see Weapons Mastery

New Feats (mhh94)

  • Careful Dragon Mask (mhh95)
  • Circle Spellcaster (mhh97)
  • Dragonrider (mhh95)
  • Dragonsmith (mhh95)
  • Dual Dragon Aspect (mhh96)
  • Fearsome Dragon Mask (mhh96)
  • Find the Titan’s Weakness (mhh96)
  • Fortifying Healer (mhh96)
  • Ley Initiate (mhh97)
  • Ley-Bound (mhh97)
  • Negotiator (mhh96)
  • Radiant Dragon Heart (mhh96)
  • Ring-Bound (mhh97)
  • Rune Knowledge (mhh98)
  • Rune Mastery (mhh98)
  • Star and Shadow Casting (mhh97)
  • Survivor (mhh96)
  • Unthreatening (mhh96)

New Rituals Spells

  • Calling to the Vaettir (mhh137)
  • Create Tupilak (mhh138)
  • Curse of teh Wild Moon (mhh138)
  • Scourge of Hateful Nettles (mhh138)
  • Tyr’s Peace (mhh139)

New Cantrip Spells

  • Benediction (mhh151)
  • Bless the Dead (mhh153)
  • Claws of Darkness (mhh157)
  • Douse Light (mhh163)
  • Dragon Roar (mhh164)
  • Encrypt/Decrypt (mhh165)
  • Fist of Iron (mhh167)
  • Hoarfrost (mhh174)
  • Misstep (mhh182)
  • Puff of Smoke (mhh187)
  • Pummelstone (mhh187)
  • Scribe (mhh190)
  • Shadow Bite (mhh190)
  • Shadow Blindness (mhh191)
  • Silhouette (mhh193)
  • Starburst (mhh195)
  • Thunder Bolt (mhh197)
  • Tick Stop (mhh198)
  • Wind Lash (mhh202)

New Level 1 Spells

  • Adjust Positioning (mhh148)
  • Analyse Device (mhh149)
  • Angelic Guardian (mhh149)
  • Animate Construct (mhh149)
  • Armoured Heart (mhh149)
  • Armoured Shell (mhh150)
  • Auspicious Warning (mhh150)
  • Beguiling Gift (mhh151)
  • Black Ribbons (mhh151)
  • Broken Charge (mhh155)
  • Circle of Wind (mhh157)
  • Cloak of Shadow (mhh158)
  • Cloying Darkness (mhh158)
  • Converse with Dragon (mhh159)
  • Deep Breath (mhh162)
  • Draconic Smite (mhh163)
  • Extract Foyson (mhh166)
  • Find the Flaw (mhh167)
  • Find Kin (mhh167)
  • Fire Under the Tongue (mhh167)
  • Flurry (mhh168)
  • Freeze Potion (mhh169)
  • Gear Shield (mhh170)
  • Gliding Step (mhh170)
  • Goat’s Hoof Charm (mhh170)
  • Guest of Honour (mhh172)
  • Guiding Star (mhh172)
  • Hearth Charm (mhh173)
  • Hobble Mount (mhh174)
  • Ill-Fated Word (mhh175)
  • Kobold’s Fury (mhh177)
  • Land Bond (mhh178)
  • Loki’s Gift (mhh181)
  • Machine’s Load (mhh181)
  • Machine Speech (mhh181)
  • Mosquito Bane (mhh183)
  • Pedulum (mhh185)
  • Poisoned Volley (mhh186)
  • Power Word Kneel
  • Ringstrike (mhh188)
  • Shadow Armour (mhh190)
  • Shadow Hands (mhh191)
  • Speak with Inanimate Object (mhh194)
  • Sput Mount (mhh194)
  • Thunderous Charge (mhh197)
  • Tidal Barrier (mhh198)
  • Tireless (mhh198)
  • Trick Question (mhh199)
  • Undermine Armour (mhh201)
  • Waft (mhh201)
  • Wind Tunnel (mhh203)
  • Wolfsong (mhh203)

New Level 2 Spells

  • Bad Timing (mhh150)
  • Bitter Chains (mhh151)
  • Black Swan Storm (mhh152)
  • Blessed Halo (mhh153)
  • Boiling Oil (mhh154)
  • Boreas’s Breath (mhh154)
  • By the Light of the Moon (mhh155)
  • Chaotic Vitality (mhh157)
  • Clearing the Field (mhh158)
  • Conjure Scarab Swarm (mhh159)
  • Crushing Trample (mhh160)
  • Dark Path (mhh162)
  • Darkbolt (mhh162)
  • Detect Dragons (mhh163)
  • Elemental Horns (mhh164)
  • Enhanced Greed (mhh165)
  • Frenzied Bolt (mhh169)
  • Furious Hooves (mhh170)
  • Grudge Match (mhh172)
  • Heartache (mhh172)
  • Heartstop (mhh173)
  • Lair Sense (mhh178)
  • Ley Disruption (mhh179)
  • Lock Armour (mhh180)
  • Mass Blade Ward (mhh182)
  • Negative Image (mhh184)
  • Orb of Light (mhh184)
  • Repair Metal (mhh188)
  • Reverberate (mhh188)
  • Rolling Thunder (mhh189)
  • Shade (mhh190)
  • Shadow Puppets (mhh191)
  • Shadows Brought to Light (mhh192)
  • Shared Sacrifice (mhh192)
  • Shifting the Odds (mhh192)
  • Slither (mhh193)
  • Snowblind Stare (mhh193)
  • Spin (mhh194)
  • Spire of Stone (mhh194)
  • Thunderous Stampede (mhh197)
  • Treasure Chasm (mhh199)
  • Trench (mhh199)
  • Unluck of That (mhh201)
  • Vine Trestle (mhh201)
  • Warning Shot (mhh202)
  • Winding Key (mhh203)
  • Wotan’s Rede (mhh203)
  • Wresting Wind (mhh203)

New Level 3 Spells

  • Blade of Wrath (mhh153)
  • Call Shadow Mastiff (mhh155)
  • Calm of the Storm (mhh155)
  • Catch the Breath (mhh156)
  • Compelling Fate (mhh159)
  • Confound Senses (mhh159)
  • Curse of Incompetence (mhh161)
  • Dimensional Shove (mhh163)
  • Entropic Damage Field (mhh166)
  • Freezing Fog (mhh169)
  • Frozen Razors (mhh169)
  • Gear Barrage (mhh170)
  • Gloomwrought Barrier (mhh170)
  • Hero’s Steel (mhh173)
  • Innocuous Aspect (mhh175)
  • Ire of the Mountain (mhh176)
  • Jeweled Fissure (mhh177)
  • Legion (mhh178)
  • Ley Energy Bolt (mhh179)
  • Ley Sense (mhh179)
  • Mass Hobble Mount (mhh182)
  • Maze Lesser (mhh182)
  • Mire (mhh183)
  • Nightfall (mhh184)
  • Outflanking Boon (mhh184)
  • Overclock (mhh185)
  • Perun’s Doom (mhh185)
  • Phantom Dragon (mhh185)
  • Potency of the Pack (mhh186)
  • Rain of Blades (mhh188)
  • Riptide (mhh189)
  • Shadow Trove (mhh191)
  • Shield of Star and Shadow (mhh192)
  • Song of the Forest (mhh193)
  • Spiteful Weapon (mhh194)
  • Sudden Dawn (mhh196)
  • Surge Dampener (mhh196)
  • Thousand Darts (mhh196)
  • Thunderclap (mhh197) as Greater Thunderclap
  • Thunderous Wave (mhh197)

New Level 4 Spells

  • Absolute Command (mhh148)
  • Binding Oath (mhh151)
  • Black Hand (mhh151)
  • Blade of My Brother (mhh152)
  • Brittling (mhh154)
  • By the Light of the Watchful Moon (mhh155)
  • Chaotic Form (mhh156)
  • Cursed Gift (mhh161)
  • Desiccating Breath (mhh162)
  • Deva’s Wings (mhh163)
  • Earthskimmer (mhh164)
  • Flame Wave (mhh167)
  • Flickering Fate (mhh167)
  • Fluctuating Alignment (mhh168)
  • Gremlins (mhh171)
  • Grinding Gears (mhh172)
  • Hirvsth’s Call (mhh174)
  • Inspiring Speech (mhh175)
  • Instant Fortification (mhh176)
  • Jotun’s Jest (mhh177)
  • Labytinth Mastery (mhh177)
  • Moon Trap (mhh183)
  • Night Terrors (mhh184)
  • Power Word Pain (mhh186)
  • Raid the Lair (mhh187)
  • Ray of Life Suppression (mhh188)
  • Read Memory (mhh188)
  • Reposition (mhh188)
  • Scale Rot (mhh189)
  • Shadow Monsters (mhh191)
  • Shadow Retribution (mhh192)
  • Snow Boulder (mhh193)
  • Spinning Axes (mhh194)
  • Steam Blast (mhh196)
  • Torrent of Fire (mhh199)
  • Wild Shield (mhh202)
  • Write Memory (mhh203)

New Level 5 Spells

  • Acid Rain (mhh148)
  • Amplify Ley Field (mhh149)
  • Blazing Chariot (mhh153)
  • Chains of the Goddess (mhh156)
  • Claws of teh Earth Dragon (mhh158)
  • Curse Ring (mhh161)
  • Dark Dementing (mhh161)
  • Dragon Breath (mhh164)
  • Eidetic Memory (mhh164)
  • Energy Absorption (mhh165)
  • Ensanguinate (mhh166)
  • Frostbite (mhh169)
  • Grasp of the Tupilak (mhh171)
  • Hod’s Gift (mhh174)
  • Holy Ground (mhh174)
  • Imbue Spell (mhh175)
  • Instant Siege Weapon (mhh176)
  • Labyrinthine Howl (mhh177)
  • Lesser Ley Pulse (mhh178)
  • Ley Leech (mhh179)
  • Mass Repair Metal (mhh182)
  • Mass Surge Dampener (mhh182)
  • Mechanical Union (mhh182)
  • Not This Day! (mhh184)
  • Primsatic Ray (mhh186)
  • Shadow Realm Gateway (mhh191)
  • Starfall (mhh195)
  • Thunderstorm (mhh198)
  • Tongue Tied (mhh199)

New Level 6 Spells

  • Banshee Wail (mhh150)
  • Become Nightwing (mhh150)
  • Black Well (mhh152)
  • Catapult (mhh155)
  • Chaotic World (mhh157)
  • Curse of Boreas (mhh160)
  • Drown (mhh164)
  • Enchant Ring (mhh165)
  • Encroaching Shadows (mh165)
  • Entomb (mhh166)
  • Extract Knowledge (mhh166)
  • Fault Line (mhh167)
  • Heavenly Crown (mhh173)
  • Icy Manipulation (mhh175)
  • Ley Whip (mhh180)
  • Robe of Shards (mhh189)
  • Walk the Twisted Path (mhh201)

New Level 7 Spells

  • Aspect of the Dragon (mhh150)
  • Blizzard (mhh153)
  • Celebration (mhh156)
  • Conjure Shadow Titan (mhh159)
  • Curse of Dust (mhh161)
  • Greater Ley Pulse (mhh171)
  • Hellforging (mhh173)
  • Icy Grasp of the Void (mhh175)
  • Last Rays of the Dying Sun (mhh178)
  • Legend Killer (mhh178)
  • Ringward (mhh189)
  • Seal of Sanctuary (mhh190)
  • Starry Vision (mhh196)
  • Symbol of Sorcery (mhh196)
  • Timeless Engine (mhh198)
  • Thiumph of Ice (mhh199)
  • Uncontrollable Transformation (mhh200)
  • Volley Shield (mhh201)
  • Walking Wall (mhh202)

New Level 8 Spells

  • Arcane Sight (mhh149)
  • Bloom (mhh154)
  • Caustic Torrent (mhh156)
  • Costly Victory (mhh160)
  • Create Ring Servant (mhh160)
  • Dark Sting (mhh162)
  • Desolation (mhh162)
  • Disruptive Aura (mhh163)
  • Glacial Cascade (mhh170)
  • Harsh Light of Summer’s Glare (mhh172)
  • Machine Sacrifice (mhh181)
  • Malevolent Waves (mhh181)
  • Move the Cosmic Wheel (mhh183)
  • Paragon of Chaos (mhh185)
  • Power Word Restore (mhh186)
  • Quintessence (mhh187)
  • Steam Whistle (mhh196)
  • Summon Star (mhh196)
  • Time Jump (mhh198)

New Level 9 Spells

  • Afflict Line (mhh148)
  • Circle of Devastation (mhh157)
  • Cosmic Alignment (mhh160)
  • Form of the Gods (mhh168)
  • Greater Seal of Sanctuary (mhh171)
  • Ley Storm (mhh180)
  • Ley Surge (mhh180)
  • Mammon’s Due (mhh181)
  • Maze Greater (mhh182)
  • Pyroclasm (mhh187)
  • Star’s Heart (mhh195)
  • Time in a Bottle (mhh198)
  • Umbral Storm (mhh200)

New Magic Items (mhh204)

Common Potion

  • Alchemist’s Smoke (mhh21)

Common Wondrous Item

  • Clockwork Caltrops (mhh210)

Rare Wands

  • Elk Horn Rod (mhh210)

Rare Wondrous Items

  • Nithing Pole (mhh210)

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It is intended as a reference section for personal use, any other use is just a bonus.

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AP07 – Serpent’s Skull (pf1-ser): b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, map, pg
AP08 – Carrion Crown (pf1-cc): b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, map, pg
AP09 – Jade Regent (pf1-jr): b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, map, pg
AP10 – Skull and Shackles (pf1-sku): b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, pg
AP11 – Shattered Star (pf1-ss): b1, b2

Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Core Rules (pf2-rb): apg, b1, b2, cr, gg
Adventures (pf2-mod): dd
Lost Omens (pf2-lo): cg, gm, leg, psg, wg

Babylon 5:
1st Ed Rules (br-mgp-1cr): rpg, pe
1st Ed Adventure (b5-mgp-1ad): as, ft, ic
2nd Ed Adventure (b5-mgp-2ad): ffs
1st Ed Fact Books (b5-mgp-1fb): cr, ea, lnaw, mf, nr, tm, vs
1st Ed Source Book (b5-mgp-1sb): ef, fm, gg, mtr, pc, ra, zo
2nd Ed Source Book (b5-mgp-2sb): dr, ipx, lgfs, lgg, lgp, lgt, rim, sbm, sg
1st Ed Time Line (b5-mgp-1tl): s2, s3, s4, s5, s6
2nd Ed Time Line (b5-mgp-2tl): lr
2nd Ed Ship Plans (b5-mgp-2sp): v3

Super Heroes:
Sentinels Comics (hs-sc): cr, sk

Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games
Beginner (sw-ffg-b): ar, ee, fa, fd
Age of Rebellion (sw-ffg-ar): cr, cm, da, fb, fo, ft, gmk, le, oa, sr, st
Edge of the Empire (sw-ffg-ee): cr, br, bcr, dc, eu, fc, fh, gmk, jy, ln, mp, nd, sm, sf
Force and Destiny (sw-ffg-fd): cr, cg, dh, ev, gh, gmk, kf, kp, np, ss, up
Setting (sw-ffg-s): aa, cr, dr, gg, rs, ss

Online Resources (web): dWiki, pWiki, sWiki, vop

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  • 2020-12-17 – Added in description and changed title from mhh to 5e-kob-mhh.
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