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Edge of the Empire

Crates of Krayts

Adventure Information

The character have to take a young krayt dragon to a Hutt from Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa, and as expected, nothing seems to be straight forward. Highlights of the adventure was attempted podracing with a cargo skiff vs tusken raider snipers, lullabies being sung to a baby dragon, fear of force use,  poor landing choices, and Hutts always getting the best of the deal…

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (2 pages)
  • Vapor Station (2 pages) – Ambush
  • Nar Shaddaa (4 pages) – Exploration and investigations
  • Techtank (4.5 pages) – Bounty Hunters
  • Epilogue (0.5 pages) – Did not follow the XP options

Tatooine Content

Set on Tatooine (R-16), you get to meet the following characters in the adventure:

Background OnlySinasu the Hutt (see Nar Shaddaa)

Stat BlocksHutt Agent Jora (Rival, ee-bcr-210), Tuskan Raider Reaver (Minion, ee-bcr-210), Tuskan Raider Snipers (Minion, ee-bcr-210), Vapor Station Inhabitant (Minion, ee-bcr-210)

Nar Shaddaa Content

Set on Nar Shaddaa (S-12), you get to meet the following characters in the adventure:

Stat BlocksCordol’s Chain Apprentices (Minion, ee-bcr-217), Cordol’s Chain Journeyman (Rival, ee-bcr-217), Impact (Rival, ee-bcr-211), Lanni – Mon Calamari Dockworker (Rival, ee-bcr-213), Master Hunter, Tor Cordol (Nemesis, ee-bcr-217), Pilots (Minion, ee-bcr-218), Pon – Rodian Lieutenant (Rival, ee-bcr-217), Sinasu the Hutt (Nemesis, ee-bcr-218), TechTank Techs (Minion, ee-bcr-217), Tennon – TechTank Leader (Rival, ee-bcr-217), TT-3PO (Rival, ee-bcr-214), Young Krayt Dragon (Rival, ee-bcr-219),

New or Changed Content

Weapons: Light Concussion Missile Launcher (Missile Tube, ee-bcr-217)

Vehicles: Blackmist (CR90 Corvette, ee-bcr-212), T-16M Skyhopper (T-16 Skyhopper, ee-bcr-218), Cloakshape Starfighter (Stock)

Concluding Thoughts

Of Note: This uses Henchmen instead of Rival in the adventure, I like the name change to rival as it seems less sinister a title.

I ran this adventure for 1 session on the 21st October 2016.

This adventure gave me a good starting point, with six characters having to work together to deal with the poor lie choices of the two Fringe characters who are dealing with the Obligation mechanic of the setting. I was able to entice more obligation out characters to get more equipment.

This is a simple deal, with a few plot twists that should keep the characters busy and give them a chance to talk to Hutts and other aspects of the criminal underworld. I used the ship map from the Beginner Games as the players starting ship. This would fit into any campaign as a side job to get a favour from a Hutt.

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