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Protocol Droid

Models Include

  • J9-B8 (Default model)
  • TT-3PO (Default model)
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core EotE
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core Edge of the Empire

Droids – Mechanical life, despite being something of a contradiction in terms, is common throughout the galaxy. Droids have been utilized by countless planets and civilizations for centuries, perhaps longer, in order to make life easier. From simple labor droids that do little more than move cargo around to advanced medical droids that diagnose and treat the most serious injuries and diseases, the variety of droids in the galaxy is almost as diverse as the organic lifeforms they serve. Invariably, droids have found themselves involved on both sides of the Galactic Civil War in a number of different capacities.

The majority of droid models lack the capacity for independent thought. Only the most advanced models can achieve true sentience, and then only if their cerebral circuitry is allowed to develop for long periods of time without regular memory wipes. Droids are also divided by class, depending on their function. Class One droids are intended for medical use, and as such have extremely advanced brains. They are capable of quickly developing self-awareness if regular memory wipes are not employed. Class Two droids are intended for engineering and maintenance, and rarely have the capacity for meaningful communication with organic beings. These droids include the ubiquitous astromech droids popularized by the enormously successful R2 series. Class Three droids are designed primarily for interaction with organic beings, acting as servants, translators, or caregivers. Like Class One droids, they are quick to develop self-awareness. Class Four droids are designed for combat. As such, they are tightly restricted in terms of both creation and use. Class Five droids are the simplest droids of all, designed for physical labor in a number of different environments.

From Age of Rebellion

The purpose of a protocol droid is to facilitate the interaction of organic beings in a galaxy that has literally thousands upon thousands of unique cultures and civilizations, many of them with conflicting or otherwise exclusive customs and beliefs. Protocol droids were created to prevent offense between different cultures. The advent of the Galactic Empire has lessened the value of protocol droids, since the Empire cares nothing for the culture of its member worlds, but the Alliance has found great use in them to help bridge the gap between the many races that have banded together in hopes of overthrowing the Emperor and his oppressive regime.

From Edge of the Empire

With hundreds or thousands of intelligent races scattered across millions of planets throughout the galaxy, communication can be a significant problem when diplomacy is required. Protocol droids are designed to solve this problem, with the advanced computer brains of these automatons retaining literally millions of languages at a time. As the name indicates, the droids are not only translators but also serve to prevent misunderstandings by ensuring cultural problems do not arise. It is for this reason that, if these droids are left without a memory wipe and begin to develop a personality, they tend to be highly anxious and nervous.

Story Examples
Fantasy Flight Rules – Protocol Droid [Rival]
  • Source: Age of Rebellion – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ar-cr-429), Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr-412), Beta Rules (sw-ffg-ee-bcr-216)
  • Astromech DroidPrice: 8,000 cr, Rarity: 4

Protocol Droid [Rival]

Brawn 1 – Agility 1 – Intellect 3 – Cunning 1 – Willpower 1 – Presence 2
Soak Value 3 – Wound Threshold 10 – Melee/Ranged Defence 0/0

  • Skills: Charm 2 (Pr), Knowledge – Education 3 (Int), Knowledge – Xenology 3 (Int), Negotiation 2 (Pr), Perception 1 (Cun)
  • Talents: None.
  • Abilities:
    • Droid – does not need to breathe, eat, or drink and can survive in vacuum and underwater; immune to poisons and toxins.
    • Etiquette and Protocol – protocol droids allow allies to add one Boost (Blue) dice to any Negotiation checks, or other checks made to negotiate or mediate.
  • Equipment: None.

Content Updates

  • 2022-03-26 – Updated from content in Age of Rebellion.
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