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Star Wars – Beginner Set

Adventure – Overall Review

  • sw-ffg-b-ee Edge of the Empire
  • sw-ffg-b-ar Age of Rebellion
  • sw-ffg-b-fd Force and Destiny
  • sw-ffg-b-fa Force Awakend

Review of all Beginner Games

Here is a review of how my groups worked with the beginner games, while I may have been the Games Master for these games, finding players willing to play required some concessions that I was not happy with at the time and in the end split the group loosing half the players. This will be discussed why during Age of Rebellion.

So back to the game, the first thing to understand as the differences between the beginner games and the amalgamation of the three core rules are the skills.

  • Coerce is changed to Coercion
  • Deceit is changed to Deception
  • Knowledge is expanded to the following: Core Worlds, Education, Lore, Outer Rim, Underworld, Warfare, Xenology
  • Negotiate is changed to Negotiation
  • Pilot is expanded to Piloting in the following: Planetary. Space
  • A new skill is also added called Lightsaber

The second difference to understand is that the pre-generated characters each represent one career in each book and have only one specialisation tree combining elements from the three they come from and limited to Tier 3 talents. So if you are looking to learn how to play the game, these sets give you a very good grounding in how the system works so when you build your first character you have some idea of what you want and why.

The third difference is critical injuries, the basic game has limited injuries based on how many you have taken, the next one is a step worse up to incapacitation. In the full game it is a chart that goes from inconsequential to instant death.

The fourth and last difference is that there is a mechanic for each Rules set. Obligation for Edge of the Empire, Duty for Age of Rebellion and Morality for Force and Destiny. I will go into those more in another blog.

Concluding Thoughts

If you have not played with the rules, and want to run the game, choose the beginner games for the rules set you want to play.

I recommend using the pre-generated characters, to do otherwise means you lose aspects of the training written into the modules to help teach you how to play and integrate the special rules of Morality, Duty and Obligation into the storyline.

While my players cried foul and insisted on playing their own character created by them, I don’t believe this is a good choice and should be avoided by those wanting to get the most out of these modules.

If you want to play all the rules, do all the sets. The odd one out is The Force Awakens as is the only produce set after the fall of the empire.

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