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The Droid Tech

sw-ffg-ee-sm Special Modifications
sw-ffg-ee-sm swe14 Special Modifications

This specialisation can be found as part of the following careers: Technician.

Droids are prevalent across the galaxy. from the shining spheres of the Core to dingy backwater worlds far from the center’s light To most inhabitants of the galaxy. droids are little more than particularly complex tools. However, some organic sentients find a kinship with these mechanical beings, seeing a spark of life in them beyond their shells and circuitry Whether or not they treat the droids around them as mere objects or as sentient beings. Droid Techs possess an unparalleled skill at inventing, repairing, and dealing with droids.

Technicians who become Droid Techs gain access to a wealth of abilities that make them better at creating, repairing. and directing droids. On the edges of society. droids often constitute much of the labor force due to their low cost-and for the same reason, these droids are often poorly maintained. A Droid Tecti can keep droids functional and organized better than anyone else. whether this means meticulously performing upgrades and customizations on a trusted droid partner or keeping a team of pit droids working at maximum efficiency. Far from official factories and even from well-stocked garages where replacement parts can be found, a Droid Tech can be incredibly valuable.

Some Droid Techs are not satisfied to merely main tain mechanical beings, but actually want to create new. unique droids with unprecedented abilities and features. Custom-built droids are not as common as standard models, but they are not especially rare, either The most skilled Droid Techs can bring extremely complex creations to life, building droids that perform a single task with mechanical precision or versatile models capable of handling any situation the galaxy throws at them. The deep philosophical and ethical ramifications of creating sentient beings for a purpose weighs heavily on the minds of a few, of course, but most citizens of the galaxy do not dwell too long on such matters.

In addition to having abilities that facilitate building and repairing droids, Droid Techs are gifted with a knack for convincing droids to actually do things for them. While some droids are well mannered and helpful, others can be ill-tempered. capricious, or even downright cruel-but also too useful to dispense with entirely. Getting difficult droids to work toward the group’s common good can be quite a task, but a skilled Droid Tech is better equipped for this task than anyone else. To this end, in addition to benefiting from a high Intellect, Droid Techs might also find a high Presence characteristic and ranks in the Leadership skill useful. These have has the added benefit of making it easier to deal with organic beings-though if some Droid Techs prefer to avoid dealing with organics entirely.

Talent Tree – Droid Tech

Completing each tier earns the title for the character.

  • Droid Tech Tier 2 (Requires a link back to a Tier 1 talent)

P – Passive Talent / A – Active Talent / R – Ranked Talent (connections)

Upon Completing the Specialisation Tree – gain the Dedication talent.

Fantasy Flight Games Rules

SpecialisationDroid Tech (Crafting)

Edge of the Empire Special Modifications (sw-ffg-ee-sm-30)

(A) Active Talent (P) Passive Talent (R) Ranked Talent

House Rule Changes

Made Dedication the reward for completing a Specialisation Tree instead of a Tier 5 Item. Replaced Dedication with a 5th Tier Deft Maker in fitting with the Droid Tech.

I have also moved Supreme Speaks Binary to Tier 4, swapping it with speaks Binary.

Content Updates

  • 2022-06-27 – Created a sharable tree to use in other pages.
  • 2022-04-03 – Completing the table and providing some text on how the specialisation works.
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