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The Operator

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This specialisation can be found as part of the following careers: Bounty Hunter (ee-cr)

To catch a target, a Bounty Hunter must be fast, and even the swiftest sentient being cannot hope to outrace a speeder or starship on foot. An Operator prefers to undertake all pursuits from within a vehicle or spacecraft, keeping the target in sight with deft maneuvering and on the run with withering firepower. In a high-speed chase, few characters can match an Operator’s expertise, and fewer still are prepared for the arsenal of daring moves and dirty tricks they can unleash.

A high Agility rating always benefits an Operator especially when paired with a solid investment in Gunnery and Piloting – Planetary or Piliting – Space, depending on the Operator’s prefered vehicle. An Operator also benefits from an investment in Intellect, as this characteristic is used for both the Astrogation skill – critical in tracking quarry across the galaxy – and for the Mechanics skill.

Even if the Operator is not the group’s main technical expert, having a strong intellect and a rank or two in Mechanics means that the Operator can make repairs on the fly. After all, most Operators put their craft through its paces (and even push beyond its limits from time to time). knowing how to fix an overtaxed engine can be the difference between staying on the trail and drifting for weeks, waiting for a repair team to arrive. Any Bounty Hunter who has spent time adrift in space knows full well the value of being able to perform one’s own repairs.

Operators are sometimes lone wolves, chasing their targets across the gulfs between the stars with no company but a trusty ship. However, many Operators are part of teams of bounty hunters, conveying their comrades on to the location of their foes and running starship interference while they capture targets on the ground. Some such Operators are loathe to leave their ships entirely, though disembarking from time to time is usually unavoidable on the hunt.

Unlike many other specialisations focused on piloting, Operators need to disable enemy ships rather than just destroy them. The Operator specialisation gives a character access to numerous talents that help bring targets to a halt, including Debilitating Shot, Hindering Shot, Overwhelm Defenses, and Offensive Driving. All of these abilities are useful for taking down fleeing starships – or, in a pinch, disabling the vessels of rival bounty hunters pursuing the same quarry.

Talent Tree – Operator

Completing each tier earns the title for the character.

  • Operator Tier 1 (Does not require another talent to purchase)
  • Operator Tier 4 (Requires a link back to a Tier 1 talent)

P – Passive Talent / A – Active Talent / R – Ranked Talent (connections)

Upon Completing the Specialisation Tree – gain the Dedication talent.

Fantasy Flight Games Rules

  • Specialisation Operator
    • Career Skills – Astrogation (Int), Gunnery (Ag), Piloting – Planetary (Ag), Piloting – Space (Ag)
    • Starting Character gains one rank in two career skills of their choice.
    • These skills become additional Career skills.

House Rule Changes

Made Dedication the reward for completing a Specialisation Tree instead of a Tier 5 Item. Replaced Dedication with a 5th Tier Shortcut in fitting with the Operator.

Content Updates

  • 2022-05-21 – Adding in more links to talents.
  • 2022-04-03 – Updated the description and completed the table of talents.
  • 2021-04-13 – Added in attributes to the skills.
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