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Star Wars – Talents of the Galaxy

Passive Talent – Dedication

Source: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook (sw-ffg-ee-cr-132)

Gain +1 to a single characteristic. This cannot bring a characteristic above 6.

sw-ffg-ee-cr Core EotE
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core Edge of the Empire


You can only take this talent once per completion of a specialisation tree.

  • Available for completion of Specialisation tree of the following
    • Assassin (C5) no further expansion
    • Bodyguard (A5) no further expansion
    • Doctor (C5) expands to Master Doctor (B5)
    • Fringer (A5) expands to Toughened (B5)
    • Gadgeteer (B5) expands to Intimidating (A5) and Improved Armour Master (C5)
    • Marauder (D5) no further expansion
    • Mechanic (C5) no further expansion
    • Mercenary Soldier (C5) expands to True Aim (B5) and True Aim (D5)
    • Outlaw Tech (C5) no further expansion
    • Pilot (B5) expands to Master Pilot (A5) and Toughened (C5)
    • Politico (B5) expands to Steely Nerves (A5) and Natural Charmer (C5)
    • Scholar (C5) expands to Mental Fortress (B5) and Toughened (D5)
    • Scoundrel (A5) expands to Natural Charmer (B5)
    • Scout (B5) expands to Utility Belt (A5) and Stalker (C5)
    • Slicer (D5) expands to Mental Fortress (C5)
    • Survivalist (B5) expands to Enduring (A5) and Grit (C5)
    • Thief (D5) no further expansion
    • Trader (C5) expands to Natural Negotiator (B5) and Master Merchant (D5)

Fantasy Flight Games Rules

  • Attributes – Talent – Dedication – 0 XP
    • Activation – Passive
    • Ranked – Yes
    • Trees Assassin, Bodyguard, Doctor, Force Sensitive Exile, Fringer, Gadgeteer, Marauder, Mechanic, Outlaw Tech, Pilot, Politico, Scholar, Scoundrel, Scout, Slicer, Mercenary Soldier, Survivalist, Thief, Trader
    • Each rank permanently increases a single characteristic of the player’s choice by one point. This cannot bring a characteristic above six.

Genesys Rules

Dedication in the Genesys system becomes a Tier 6 talent. It can be taken as a talent anytime the character can take a tier 6 talent.

  • Attributes – Talent Tier 6 – Dedication – 30 XP
    • Activation – Passive
    • Ranked – Yes
    • Each rank permanently increases a single characteristic of the player’s choice by one point. This cannot bring a characteristic above six.

Content Updates

  • 2021-11-30 – Updated the tables to show it can be taken free on completion of a specialisation tree or in genesys as the only tier 6 talent which can be purchased multiple times at tier 6.
SW Talents

Tier 1Adversary (R), Brace, (R) Dodge (R), Grit (R), Iron Body (R), Lethal Blows (R), Parry (R), Precision Strike, Stalker (R), Toughened

Tier 2Jump Up, Martial Grace, Precise Aim (R), Quick Draw, Quick Strike (R),

Tier 3Anatomy Lessons, Enduring (R), Grapple, Improved Precision Strike, Sniper Shot (R), Targeted Blow, Unarmed Parry

Tier 4Deadly Accuracy (R), Mind Over Matter, Overbalance

Tier 5Coordination Dodge, Master of Shadows, Natural Brawler, Supreme Precision Strike

FreeDedication (R)

R – Ranked

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