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Star Wars – Career Specialisations of the Galaxy

The Gadgeteer

sw-ffg-ee-cr Core EotE
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core Edge of the Empire

This specialisation can be found as part of the following careers: Bounty Hunter (ee-cr)

Considering how often a single Bounty Hunter finds themselves faced with terrible odds (more often than not an acquisition has friends or employees who work hard to protect them), it’s not surprising how many specialise in high-tech gear and weapons. The Gadgeteer excels at presenting themselves as a one person battleforce, at least for a short time. Using both the latest tech and their own personally-modified gear, a Bounty Hunter with this specialisation can be hard to stop.

Gadgeteers add the skills to their repertoire, making them ranged combat experts, effective technicians and masters of surveillance. Gadgeteer talens lean heavily towards gear use, taking down targets, and adapting to tough situations.

Gadgeteer-specialisated Bounty Hunters are in many ways the ultimate hybrid of tech expert and combatant, for the smaller groups, this may be a perfect choice. Gadgeteers – especially those who are operating as Independent Bounty Hunters – have little trouble signing for nearly any job. After all, the credits they need for that next nift piece of tech have to come from somewhere.

Talent Tree – Gadgeteer

Completing each tier earns the title for the character.

  • Gadgeteer Tier 1 (Does not require another talent to purchase)
  • Gadgeteer Tier 2 (Requires a link back to a Tier 1 talent)

P – Passive Talent / A – Active Talent / R – Ranked Talent (connections)

Upon Completing the Specialisation Tree – gain the Dedication talent.

Fantasy Flight Games Rules

  • Specialisation Gadgeteer
    • Career Skills – Brawl (Br), Coercion (Will), Mechanics (Int), Ranged – Light (Ag)
    • Starting Character gains one rank in two career skills of their choice.
    • These skills become additional Career skills.

House Rule Changes

Made Dedication the reward for completing a Specialisation Tree instead of a Tier 5 Item. Replaced Dedication with a 5th Tier Tinkere in fitting with the Gadgeteer.

Content Updates

  • 2022-05-24 – Completed linking in all the talents.
  • 2022-04-03 – Completed the table and updated the layout with extra information.
  • 2021-04-08 – Updated the skills to reflect the associated attributes.
  • 2021-04-06 – Added in Toughened links.
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