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Primal Path – Juggernaut

Path of the Juggernaut

5e-grr-tcs D&D 5E Tal'Dorei Cmapaign Setting
5e-grr-tcs D&D 5E Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

Juggernaut Overview

When the Herd of Storms led their terrible raids across the continent under the leadership of Kevdak, tales spread of their bloodlust, brutality, and nigh unstoppable strength. Walls crumbled and legions fell to but a handful of fearsome warriors as they cut a path for the herd to charge in and take what they wished before vanishing back into the Dividing Plains. These fearsome barbarians that would break through the shields and towers of nearby townships became known as the Juggernauts.

While the Herd of Storms is no more, the lineage of trained juggernauts that survived to join the Rivermaw still teach the ways of their unbreakable rage. Honed to assault the lairs of powerful threats to their way of life, or defend against armed hordes of snarling goblinoids, the juggernauts represent the finest of frontline destroyers within the primal lands of Tal’Dorei and beyond.

Juggernaut Features

  • (3rd) Thunderous Blows – Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, your rage instills you with the strength to batter around your foes, making any battlefield your domain. Once per turn while raging, when you damage a creature with a melee attack, you can force the target to make a Strength saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength modifier). On a failure, you push the target 5 feet away from you, and you can choose to immediately move 5 feet into the target’s previous position.
  • (3rd) Stance of the Mountain – You harness your fury to anchor your feet to the earth, shrugging off the blows of those who wish to topple you. Upon choosing this path at 3rd level, you cannot be knocked prone while raging unless you become unconscious.
  • (6th) Demolishing Might – Beginning at 6th level, you can muster destructive force with your assault, shaking the core of even the strongest structures. All of your melee attacks gain the siege property (your attacks deal double damage to objects and structures). Your melee attacks against creatures of the construct type deal an additional 1d8 weapon damage.
  • (10th) Overwhelming Cleave – Upon reaching 10th level, you wade into armies of foes, great swings of your weapon striking many who threaten you. When you make a weapon attack while raging, you can make another attack as a bonus action with the same weapon against a different creature that is within 5 feet of the original target and within range of your weapon.
  • (14th) Unstoppable – Starting at 14th level, you can become “unstoppable” when you rage. If you do so, for the duration of the rage your speed cannot be reduced, and you are immune to the frightened, paralyzed, and stunned conditions. If you are frightened, paralyzed, or stunned, you can still take your bonus action to enter your rage and suspend the effects for the duration of the rage. When your rage ends, you suffer one level of exhaustion (as described in appendix A, PHB).

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Mystara 5E Classes

Overview, Downtime for Gaining Level

Barbarian: Ancestors, Ancestral Guardian, Battlerager, Berserker, Harrier, Juggernaut, Storm Herald, Totem Warrior, Zealot

Bard: Entropy, Fey Magic, Glamour, Greenleaf, the Jester, Lore, Swords, Valour, Virtue, Whispers

Cleric: Air, Ambition, Apocalypse, Arcana, Balance, Beauty, Beer, Blood, Cats, Clockwork, Corruption, Creation, Darkness, Death, Dragon, Earth, Fire, Forge, Grave, Hunger, Hunt, Hunting, Justice, Knowledge, Labyrinth, Life, Light, Lust, Madness, Moon, Mountain, Nature, Oceans, Order, Prophecy, Repose, Solidarity, Speed, Strength, Tempest, Time, Travel, Trickery, Tyranny, Void, War, Water, Zeal

Druid: Dreams, Feyfriend, the Forest Kingdom, the Land, the Moon, the Shapeless and Prime Terror, the Shepherd, the Stones, the Tree of Life

Fighter: Arcane Archer, Banneret, Battle Master, Cavalier, Champion, Clacking Mercenary, Edjet, Eldritch Knight, Ghost Knight, Griffon Knight, Hospitaller, Knight Surgeon, Samurai, Shield Bearer, Sword Dancer, Weapons Master, Woodlands Cavalier

Monk: the Cobalt Soul, the Drunken Master, the Elements, Iron, the Kensai, the Long Death, the Open Hand, Shadow, the Sun Soul

Paladin: the Ancients, the Ascetic, Battle, Conquest, the Crown, Devotion, the Eagle, the Giving Grave, Mercy, Perfection, the Radiance, Redepmtion, Thunder, Vengeance. Special – Oathbreaker

Ranger: Beast Master, Explorer, Fey Hunter, Gloom Stalker, Hidden Guardian, Horizon Walker, Hunter, Monster Slayer, Unicorn Charger, Vampire Slayer, Zobecker Scout

Rogue: Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Duelist, Fixer, Inquisitive, Mastermind, Scout, Swashbuckler, Thief, Whisper

Sorcerer: Bloodlines (Draconic, Dryad, Lycanthrope, Mazeborn, Nerid, Norn, Nymph, Satyr, Serophage, Shadow), Divine Inspiration, Divine Soul, Elemental Essence, Pyromancer, Runechild, Shadow Magic, Storm Sorcery, Wild Magic

Warlock: Archfey, Black Woods, Celestial, Fiend, Genie Lord, Great Machine, Great Old One, Hexblade, Light Eater, Oracle, Undying

Wizard: Angelic Scribe, Bladesinger, Doom Croaker, Dragon Masks, Elementalist, Geomancy, Necrophagy, Ring Warden, Schools (Abjuration, Artifice, Blood Magic, Clockwork, Conjuration, Divination, Elven High Magic, Enchantment, Entropy, Evocation, Illumination, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, Void Magic), Timekeeper, War Mage

D&D 5E in Mystara

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Class Builds – Barbarian – Totem Warrior (Ethegnarian), Totem Warrior (Heldannic), Bard – College of Valour (Sunfey), Druid – Circle of Dreams (Woodfey), Fighter – Battlemaster (Seashire), Eldritch Knight (Kerendan), Weapons Master (Makai), Weapons Master (Stonebound), Monk – Way of the Elements (Waterchild), Paladin – Oath of Radiance (Sunfey), Oath of Vengeance (Firechild), Sorcerer – Wild Magic (Shadowfey), Warlock – Celestial (Sunfey), Wizard – Bladesinger (Seasonfey), Dragon – White. Multiclass – Cleric/Wizard (Ethengarian), Rogue/Cleric (Atruaghin), Rogue/Sorcerer (Seashire), Wizard/Rogue (Traladaran)


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