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Campaign – Zon-Kuthon

Thassilonian Resurgence

Zon-Kuthon Overview – The Midnight Lord, The Dark Prince

  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Envy, Pain, Darkness, Loss
  • Realm: Xovaikain (the Shadow Plane)
  • Allies Urgathoa
  • Enemies: Desna, Rovagug, Shelyn, Sivanah
  • Relationships: Shelyn (sister)
  • Temples: abandoned graveyards, cathedrals, caverns, haunted woodland clearings, laboratories, ruined city squares, torture chambers
  • Worshipers: Those who punish, the desperate, sadists, shadow cultists, torturers, velstracs
  • Sacred Animal: bat
  • Sacred Colours: dark gray and red
  • Divine Ability: Constitution or Wisdom
  • Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law
  • Alternate Domains: Void
  • Favoured Weapon: Spiked Chain

Zon-Kuthon (pronounced ZONN-koo-THON) possesses one of the most twisted and evil minds in the multiverse. His position as god of pain is well earned, and he has been the root of countless tortures, murders and worse throughout time.

As Dou-Bral, Zon-Kuthon was known for his beauty, but his body now resembles a work of art crafted by a madman whose only belief is that pain and torture are the pinnacles of existence. Pale, gaunt, and often hairless, Zon-Kuthon is often depicted wearing skin-tight leather clothing, positioned to highlight his many open wounds and body modifications. His lips have been removed, giving him a bloody, macabre grin, and hooks and piercings contort his face into foul, twisted expressions. His gruesome visage is further marred by the crystal which rests in the cavity where his left eye once sat. Atop his scalp, a vertical crown of spikes pulls his skin into a disturbing sunburst, and the back of his skull is completely gone, revealing his brain. His hands ends in long, knife-like fingernails.


The following phrases are common among the cult of Zon-Kuthon.

  • Never a rusty blade: Wounds are no rarity to a worshipper of the Midnight Lord, but the faithful know the importance of using properly cleaned and sharpened tools, as well as keeping wounds clean, lest disease cut short the suffering. A secondary reading serves as an admonition against letting too much time pass between practicing the faith’s physical sacraments – letting a blade rust from disuse.
  • Grasp the chain: A true follower of Zon-Kuthon may experience torments, but they are neither victim nor prisoner within the faith. On the surface, these words remind a worshipper that they are active participants even in their own torture. On a deeper level, this phrase embodies the power inherent in embracing pain and turning it into a weapon – willingly grasping the god’s favored weapon despite the vicious spikes along its length.

Servants of Zon-Kuthon

  • Prince in Chains – A lasting reminder of Zon-Kuthon’s decadence, the god’s herald is a tormented remnant of the spirit-wolf who sired Dou-Bral and Shelyn.
  • Vreet-Hall – This chain devil is covered in wounds, which it inflicts upon itself, and which transform into other organs, each performing their normal function.
  • Dominik the Unquenchable – Dominik is a vampire who was tortured and mutilated by Kuthites who is plagued with the inability to quench his undying thirst due to a permanent wound which removed his digestive organs.

Church of Zon-Kuthon

There is no centralized church of Zon-Kuthon, and independent churches are content to cause and revel in the small bit of pain and misery they are able to inflict upon their corner of Golarion. As a lawful faith, however, each sect has a clearly defined hierarchy, based on physical power, endurance, willingness and ability to endure pain, and similar elements related to church practices.

Holy Texts:

  • The Umbral Leaves – The tenets of Zon-Kuthon’s faith are detailed in this grisly book, written in blood on pages of flayed skin.


  • The Joymaking – In an effort to concentrate the sensation of pain, this practice allows the wealthiest and luckiest of Kuthites to have their limbs and non-vital organs amputated so that they remain a helpless head and torso, destined to live the rest of their lives as the subjects of limitless torture.
  • The Eternal Kiss – This annual sacrifice lasts eleven days and often involves using the victim’s entrails or cries of pain as soothsaying tools.

Pathfinder D&D 3.5

  • Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law (3.5)​

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